Title A Research on the Testing and Improving of Customer Satisfaction of FuZhou Unicom

【Abstract】 With the Economic globalization , Chinese telecommunication operating enterprises grow vigorously. Especially after China entered the WTO ,telecommunication operating enterprises develop rapidly and vigorously with strong increasing trend, competition on the telecommunication market is gradually vigorous ,the customer is placed in the more and more predominant position in the telecommunication market.It is more and more significant to improve customer satisfaction, acquire customer loyalty for telecommunication enterprises.This thesis combines the theories research and the evidence research. The main contents includes three aspects: The customer satisfaction related theory research , the customer satisfaction testing system of Fuzhou Unicom setting up and analyzation , how to improve the customer satisfaction. Through research and calculation, Fuzhou Unicom’s customer satisfaction index number is 7.57.Suggesting the telecommunication operating enterprises establish the perfect customer satisfaction index measurement system, makes use of their own customer’s resources, proceed measuring the customer satisfaction degree at any time, serve for the customer better, strengthen the Enterprise core competencies.

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