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Research on Foreign Direct Investment Risk of China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

With the increase of foreign exchange reserves, the Chinese government established the China Investment Corporation (CIC) in September 2007, to explore the channels and ways of using its massive foreign exchange reserves and to improve the efficiency of management and profitability. However, there are many problems in risk management of CIC with lack of investment […]

The Research on Marketing Strategy of China’s Sport Lottery

There are two major systems on the lottery market in our country, sports lottery and welfare lottery. Both of them make great contribution to the development of Social public welfare, but that on the lottery market they had the homogeneous competition against the further development of the lottery market. Under the new situation that the […]

Empirical Research between Corporate Performance and Equity Incentive Based on SME Board Listed Company

2011 is the stock market downturn, but the enthusiasm of the equity incentives of listed companies is very high. To reduce the incentive costs or equity incentive can stimulate the company’s performance to struggle with the global crisis? On the one hand, the SME board listed companies are scrambling to launch equity incentive program, the […]

The Effect of Government S & T Policy on the L&M-sized Industrial Enterprises’ R&D Investment of Zhejiang Province

With the development of science and technology, their importance in the development of economic is increasing. In order to occupy the commanding role in the innovation revolution, governments of most countries strengthen their technology spending and improve the management of science and technology. Based on the background of the world economies’depression and socio-economic transition period […]

The Research on the Internal Control Construction of Administrative Institutions in China

Internal control plays an important role in the management work of administrative institutions. Due to the particularity of administrative institutions, the complexity of domestic internal control, as well as the lack of awareness of the importance of internal control in both theory and practice, the construction of internal control in administrative institutions of China has […]

Annuity Payment Models of Reverse Mortgage Loan Pricing

As China gradually entered into the aged society, IT faces growing pension pressure.Housing reverse mortgage loan as a financial product which couldenhance self-protection ability of the retired elderly provides a solution to this problem.Pricing is the core problem when developing the housing reverse mortgage loan. in this paper,we use some developed countries(like America) experiences of […]

The Effects of Real Estate Taxes on Housing Price

The real estate industry is the Basic industry of national economy and national economy can not develop without the development of the real estate market. In recent years, China’s real estate market develops very fast and the housing price continues to rise, even become the exuberance phenomenon of the real estate. In case of the […]

The Study of Overseas M&A of Bank in China

In 2006, with the end of the WTO transition period, China announced to grant national treatment to foreign banks. Foreign banks could compete full equally with domestic commercial banks by establishing subsidiary banks in China. This means that the foreign banks, especially multinational banks like Citibank, Standard Chartered have become strong competitors of Chinese commercial […]

The Internal Control Research of Chinese Financial Enterprises Refinancing Risk

With the world economy continued to improve, the global financial and economic integration has been further strengthened, each country closer cooperation in finance, and coordinate the development, interaction constraints are also more prominent global financial and economic integration has apparently become the subject of the world’s economic development has become the common trend of development […]

Study on Rural Financial Development in Poverty Areas of Western

Finance is the core of modern economy,the financial deepening and economicdevelopment,complementary and mutually reinforcing and inseparable. Building anew socialist countryside,urban and rural development, to break the urban-rural dualeconomic structure,promoting the “three rural” Sustainable development can not beseparated from the strong support of the rural financial services. The rural financialreform and development is the premise of […]