Title Comparative Research on Secondary Vocational Education between Developed County and Undeveloped County in Shandong Province

【Abstract】 In the course of the reformation and the development of vocational Education at the present time, a focus, and a most concern as well, is to improve greatly the level of secondary vocational Education, which meets the needs of the times and accords with the level of Economic and Social development. However, due to the interplay of many factors, a series of problems lie in the secondary vocational Education in our country. For instance, there is an increasingly big difference in different areas on the levels of the development of the secondary vocational education, the levels of school running, and the educational qualities and effects. A bigger difference can be seen apparently comparing the secondary vocational education in Zoucheng County with that in Yutai County, which will lead to a polarization. In Zoucheng County, where there is a relatively prosperous economy, a system of Management and school running has been established with respect to the secondary vocational education. The success on secondary vocational education in Zoucheng County will offer a fine reference to the development and the improvement of secondary vocational education, which is the intention of this research.In Part Two, the author analyzes the difference lying between the secondary vocational education in Yutai County and that in Zoucheng County, and then affirms that the two counties are comparable in their secondary vocational education, after a brief introduction of Environmental, Economic, Social and cultural backgrounds of the two counties. Then, the author draws the conclusions as follow. In the education administrational system, Yutai County emphasizes the people’s government to the secondary vocational education overall plan, but Zoucheng County then emphasized under the government overall plan the business agency school, the educational department synthesize the Management; In the school system, Yutai County school main body is unitary, Zoucheng County school main body gradually diversifies, school business jointly to deep level, multi-angles development; In the direction and the appraisal mechanism, Yutai County stresses the macroscopic level appraisal, but Zoucheng County stresses macroscopic and the microscopic level appearance union overall assessment; In educational structure, Yutai County proportion serious unbalanced, Zoucheng County Rate of regular education in comparison with vocational education structure is reasonable; In the teacher, the curriculum and the specialized establishment,Yutai County not only the teacher structure is unreasonable, more over curriculum and specialized establishment ossification sole, serious unsuitable labor market demand changing, Zoucheng County then the teacher structure reasonable, the specialized establishment form is diverse, the curriculum content science, compared with conforms to the place social economy need to develop.The third part is the comparison simple summary and formation of two counties at present situation difference the reason analyze. The article finally are partial, attempts in to two counties secondary vocational education characteristic research foundation in, further discussed the government macroeconomic regulation and control, the school form multiplication, the educational structure optimized, the specialty and the curriculum, and so on teacher troop construction, for conformed to Yutai County sentiment medium vocational education development to provide the valuable reference.

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