Title FDI Technology Spillover Effect on the Automobile Industry of China

【Abstract】 Technology spillover effect is one of the most important way to get income from FDI (foreign direct industry)for a country. The entry of multinational direct Investment effectively regulate the competition of the automobile industry market, improved industrial structure, but TNCs, with the advantages of monetary capital, production technology, Management experience may have a negative impact on the industry of host country.So in this situation can China’s automobile enterprises nurture independent innovation ability? Whether the industry becomes more dependent on the foreign technology? Whether the technology spillover effect takes effort or not? The article will research on the issues.The paper takes both theoretical and empirical perspective on the issues.Theoretically, this paper established a model to study the Mechanism of the technology spillover effect. The result shows that the technology spillover effect is related with the learning ability of china automobile industry. It also has close ties with the Market risk, technology gap between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises and so on.Empirically the context, based on the endogenous Economic growth theory, constructed the Basic model of FDI technology spillovers and absorptive capacity model. The paper uses 13 years of China’s automobile industry sequence panel data in empirical research. The results show that the spillover effects of FDI in China auto industry are positive, to some certain extent, contributed to the improvement of TFP.Meanwhile, the paper also takes an example of Shanghai Volkswagen to study the micro-level mechanism and effect of foreign technology spillovers.Finally, the paper proposes the following policy recommendations:Chinese enterprises should strengthen their independent research and development ability, emphasize on staff training, and create their own brands.

Category Management
Subject Absorption Capacity, automotive industry, Foreign Direct Investment, Technology spillover,
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