Title Guangzhou Mak Company’s Purchasing Management Based on the Supply Chain Model

【Abstract】 With the continuous application of the Automation and information technology in manufacturing enterprises since 90 eras. The production rate has already been improved in very high degree. The manufacturing process and the technical method’s potentials to the improvement of the products competition begin to be less than before. In order to mine the potentials of reducing products cost and satisfy customer’s demands, people transferred their focus to the product life cycle’s supply phase and the total supply chain system from the company’s internal Management. How to use the Management process to improve purchasing phase and make the purchasing functions become the value-added phase is very important content related to one company’s survival and development. The conventional purchasing Management method focus on the single company’s purchasing decision problem. But one of the major problem of bad purchasing management is the uncertainty of the supply chain. So the company in the supply chain should stand on the supply chain management’s point to consider about the purchasing management problems. They should master supply chain management’s related technology to improve the operation performance. To explore the effective path of manufacturing company’s purchasing management, the paper set the Guangzhou Mak Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd as an example to do the investigation. The article presents the supply chain’s current problem at first. The major problem include the concept problems ,methods problems, time problem and information problem of purchasing management. Aimed at the

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Subject inventory, Purchasing, supplier, Supply chain,
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