Title Investigation of Strategic Planning and Performance Appraisal System of Qing Dao Construction Group

【Abstract】 Qingdao Construction Corporation were founded in 1952, after Qingdao Construction Company, Qingdao City construction Authority, Qingdao City construction and installation works Corporation, in October 1994 Qingdao Construction Corporation are finally founded . It is the SASAC supervision of one of the large state-owned enterprises, in 2006 ,it re-enter one of the 10 major groups in Qingdao.It will complete the restructuring of state-owned enterprises work in 2007. It is the first Housing Construction Contract premium quality enterprises in Shandong Province.Today’s enterprises have entered the era of strategic competition, the competition among enterprises in a considerable extent, the strategy of the business concept, strategic positioning and strategic implementation of the competition. Development and implementation of viable strategies become an important success factor.Construction Corporation to general contracting and real estate development as the two main industry. Turn over from 500 million yuan in 1994 to 8.2 billion in 2006, the Group turnover growth is 16 times in just 12 years. 1994 -2001 there is an increase of 4 times than before; 2001 — 2006 after five years and increase four times again . During the rapid development of our group , we also have to have a sober understanding of the situation facing and the problems that exist. With WTO accession our countries’construction industry and the protection of the three-year transitional period ends, the construction industry will face the global competition and challenges; Meanwhile the construction industry products homogenization trend is strengthening, making price competition become a major means. Strengthening and expanding the corporation achieve rapid development by leaps and bounds imperative need to develop a new strategy for development.This paper will be mainly based on this idea, according to the Qingdao Construction Corporation Status, the environment, resources and the capability to conduct analysis on the basis of qualitative and quantitative analysis of a combination of methods, Porter’s five forces model, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, BSC. KPI system, and other theoretical tools for strategic analysis. Analyse the company’s near, medium and long-term strategic objectives, a clear focus on the future business development and implementation plan, a system to achieve the strategic goal of the protection measures and performance evaluation.

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Subject construction, Performance evaluation, Qingdao Construction Group, strategy development,
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