Title Research of Changsha College Students’ Leisure Behavior

【Abstract】 Since the 21st century, the international society has marched into the populace leisure time, the leisure is a resource, a kind of wealth, just like work and study. Nowadays, leisure has been one of the most important characteristics of the epoch, and one of the most important parts of peoples’ daily life, as well as the symbol of the Social civilization’s advancement. As our country’s Economic development, people has more and more leisure time. For college students, the curriculum arranged now is much looser than in the high school, in addition the winter and summer vacation, the college students nearly half the time spend in leisure every year. Leisure has become an important part of the essential in college students’ life. How to arrange the leisure time, how to choose the leisure activities and so on a range of issues have become the focus of various countries’ scholars attention. College student as country, the nation’s hope and future, their leisure way whether healthy, their leisure time arranges whether reasonably, will affect their ideologies、habits、psychological qualities and even moral training formations.Based on the investigation of the location, economy and culture of Changsha,the study analyzes five key questions of companions selecting, ways selecting, place selecting, time distributing and organizational forms in leisure activities and analyzes in normal times, weekends and holidays.At the same time, the study also compares and analyzes the leisure behaviors of different college student groups and has a deep discussion about the relevant influence factors, through which the study discloses the general characteristics of the Changsha college students and further puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions to promote the quality of the Changsha college students’leisure behaviors and accelerate the development of leisure life of college students.Through in-depth investigation and analysis,the study found that the college students generally face their own leisure life positively and progressively, they are full of vigor and vitality in study and leisure to search the meaning and values of the life.And survey data shows that college students in Changsha City achieve their leisure life Basic satisfaction with the 50 percent or more.Nevertheless, college students’ leisure behavior actually still has the level and the quality not high, the leisure structure is incompatible, the leisure motive not to be clear,the leisure non-rational and so on a series of questions.This requires us to help the college students establish the correct leisure life values, nurture their elegant leisure life and raises their civilized, Health, and scientific leisure lifestyle, to encourage college students to relate the self-development and Social responsibility together. We can develop the leisure Education in effective way to promote the quality and level of the college students’leisure life, which has vital significance to promotes the full development of college students’ quality and ability.

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Subject College students' leisure, leisure behavior, Leisure education, Leisure group difference,
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