Title Research on Planning of Shenzhen Ping Hu Logistic Base

【Abstract】 The thesis of this paper is the planning of regional logistic base. The development of logistic base is still in the infant stage in China. The research on the planning of logistic base is of significant meanings in both theoretical and practical aspects for the regional industry restructuring and upgrade, and to facilitate the integration of regional economy and modernization of Chinese logistic industry. This paper solves the issues of how to planning and developing logistic base in a city through the research over the planning of Ping Hu Logistic Base. This paper consists of seven parts with main contents as follows:Part I – Environmental analysis, focusing on the study and analysis of Ping Hu Logistic Base’s internal and external environment, including Shenzhen City and its peripheral area’s industry structure and logistic infrastructure, and Shenzhen City’s overall logistic planning, and the characteristics of Ping Hu Logistic Base.Part II – through the analysis of internal and external environment, the market opportunity, and the characteristics of Ping Hu Logistic Base, it is concluded that Ping Hu Logistic Base should be Shenzhen City’s logistic center, and should be consisted of four core functional sections to target its functional positioning, including transport pivot, international transfer, regional distribution, and commodity trading.Part III – based on the positioning of Basic functions, the paper details the functional design of the four core sections, such as the requirement of land area. Lands are allocated to these four core sections in accordance with certain principles based on current land resources.Part IV – The design of information system, which will provide a platform for the projects in these four core sections and the enterprises in the Ping Hu Logistic Base to exchange information, thus it will improve the overall competitiveness of the <WP=5>Logistic Base.Part V – The functional positioning of the Ping Hu Logistic Base developer in different development stages.Part VI – financial analysis.Part VII – Investment promotion strategy, which decides the cooperation strategy, means, and methods for each of the four core sections based on the calculated direct and indirect returns in these sections.

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