Title Research on the Developing Strategy for Container Transportation of Dalian Freight Shipping

【Abstract】 Central government decides to build Northeast China with more advantage policy and more Investment. During the course, Liaoning Province is the important point, and moreover Dalian City is the key factor. So COSCO Freight in Dalian should master the chance, which benefits the company greatly. The company should expand its business network for international container shipping, meanwhile enhance the development of container freight and therefore satisfy the demand of human resource for container shipping after China WTO entry. The company regards the market as the core factor, which are interactive to outsides conditions. It is important to develop the domestic and foreign business as well as empty and heavy TEU in order to promote market proportion, which refers to three indexes, the number of containers, freight revenue and freight, returns. The company must expand its service field and increase the ways of revenue during the course of creation of business and market. The final goal is to promote the general status in Northeast China, namely the infrastructure of One Zone, Two Site, and Three Ports.

Category Transportation
Subject container shipping, Developing Strategy, International Shipping Center in Northeast Asia, Shipping Market,
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