Title RMB Internationalization

【Abstract】 China’s economy has grown quickly in recent years. The whole power of economy amplifies and the exchange rate of RMB stabilizes consistently. Particularly, Chinese government showed strong responsibility in Financial Crisis in Asia, which has enhanced the international prestige of RMB greatly. As a result, more and more people in neighboring countries and peripheral regions have come to agree and accept RMB as the way to transact money and international accounting. A lot of RMB circulates aboard. The tendency of RMB internationalization has appeared.The issue of RMB internationalization has given rise to the accounts of Chinese officials and in and aboard academic cycles. Therefore, probing this issue has much realistic sense.This article starts from the status quo of RMB circulation in peripheral countries and regions. On this basis, the author sets up the currency internationalization index, and states the fact that although RMB has become more and more popular in peripheral countries and regions, it is still non-international currency. Then, on the basis of current research results regarding the conditions of international currency, the article analyzes strengthens、weaknesses、opportunities and threats faced by Chinese government during RMB internationalized process, and concludes that the path will be lengthy and twisted. Besides, it has made up an empirical framework to forecast measurable Economic earnings from RMB regionalization in ten years (from 2011 to 2010). The findings show that the government will benefit about ten trillion RMB from it. At last, this article compares different internationalization paths of three major currencies and puts forward the unique mode of RMB internationalization. At the same time, it advises to promote internationalization of RMB from the view of marketing, and discusses why and how the government pushes internationalization of RMB forward.

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