Title Study on Knowledge Innovation for Knowledge Transfer in Knowledge Alliance

【Abstract】 Knowledge has been the critical resource for competition in the era of knowledge economy. Continuous innovation is the Basic rule for enterprises keeping competitive strength in an unstable environment. Whether to effectively create new knowledge has been the vital factor of influencing the competitive power of enterprises. As the foundation of innovation, knowledge cannot definitely develop itself in the Enterprise on its own. Under the demand of continuous innovation, knowledge alliance has become an essential strategy of acquiring knowledge, integrating and applying knowledge and innovating for a change. In the knowledge alliance, knowledge transfer and innovation cannot be parted, then the process of knowledge transfer is the process of dynamic knowledge innovation.The effectiveness of knowledge transfer directly affects the ability and effect of enterprises’knowledge innovation. Knowledge alliance brings new opportunities for knowledge transfer and innovation and the complexity as well. However, the previous study has rarely concerned the correlation of inner knowledge transfer and innovation, and the new process of knowledge innovation based on knowledge transfer in the knowledge alliance. Hence, based on analyzing the factors of structuring knowledge alliance, the author is carrying out a systematic research on knowledge transfer in knowledge alliance. After that, the interactive relations between knowledge transfer and innovation is discussed to construct knowledge innovation process mode based on knowledge transfer. The approaches of combining theory research and case study are adopted.The main tasks include: (1) based on the conclusion of connotation, characteristics and functions of knowledge alliance, deeply and profoundly analyzing factors of structuring knowledge alliance from such different theoretical angles as trade cost, resources, dynamic competence and knowledge foundation; (2) discussing the theory of knowledge transfer from the angle of knowledge power contrast and knowledge flow; researching on factors affecting knowledge transfer such as knowledge resource, knowledge acceptor, knowledge itself and features of knowledge alliance; analyzing the major and minor factors of knowledge transfer in knowledge alliance; (3) simply introducing the features of knowledge innovation; deeply researching on the logic relations, interactive mechanism and functions between knowledge transfer, knowledge innovation and competitive advantage of enterprises; based on the integration and extension of the existed theories like SECI knowledge innovation mode, combining the development of knowledge alliance, constructing a knowledge innovation mode for knowledge transfer in knowledge alliance; (4) proposing related strategies for the planning of vital competitive power of enterprises, establishment and Management of knowledge alliance, cultivation of voluntary innovation ability of allied enterprises; (5) interviewing, researching and information collecting on related enterprises in”C3G”knowledge alliance; studying the cases for further interpreting related theories.

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Subject Knowledge Alliance, knowledge innovation, knowledge transfer,
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