Title Study on Strategic Planning of Development about ZHENG FANG Agriculture & Herding Company Limited Liability in Jilin Province

【Abstract】 Corporate strategy can be described as recognition of organizational objectives, and develop plans and actions to achieve this goal. Corporate strategy has two main elements of composition: company-level strategic and business strategy level.Strategic planning is the development of the company through corporate Analysis and Forecast of the external environment and internal resources and capacity analysis – SWOT analysis, the strategic use of appropriate analytical tools to enable organizations with the resources to match the external environment, a more rational more effective and better corporate strategy is conducive to the effective organization of corporate strategy implementation, the company formed to sustainable competitive advantage will be more conducive to the value of value-added companies.ZHENG FANG agriculture and herding Inc in JI LIN. strategic planning through the development of industry and the company’s analysis of the external environment, mainly through macroeconomic environment, population and cultural impact of the key success factors and industry analysis, we found that the industry and the key factors affecting the company, use strategic planning tool — External factors evaluation matrix (EFEM), the discrimination faced by the main opportunities and threats; and through the company now has the resources and capacity of using strategic planning tool – and internal factors evaluation matrix (IFEM), the company has found the advantages and disadvantages exist, then use IE tools strategic choice SWOT matrix and strategic choice. Specific process can be described as the following:Present paper altogether four chapters, through four chapter of elaboration square company strategic decision process. Chapter 1: briefly introduced square farmers and herdsmen Company Profiles and development process. Square Co., Ltd. was established in farming and animal husbandry in 2000, located in the JI LIN Province Meihekou city registered capital of 28 million Yuan, including, the amount of natural persons holding 27.41 million Yuan, Kong Mining Group holdings amount of 590,000 Yuan. After eight years of development, the company has become China’s determination of the leading enterprises in agriculture and animal husbandry. The company’s main business– goose fat liver and fat liver sauce at the market share of the top three industries. Through business in the market, the analysis of financial indicators found in Enterprise Management problem – lack of scientific Management of enterprises of strategic ambiguity.Chapter II: Environmental impact analysis. Analysis of major macroeconomic environment analysis of the international Economic environment, the domestic Economic and political environment, industry environment and market analysis of the environment; use internal factors evaluation matrix (external factor evaluation matrix – EFEM) Summary and evaluation of the company in which the external environment – Economic, cultural, , population, technology and competition of information to the face or companies found to be the main opportunities and threats. 2007-2008, the world economic slow-down, sub-loans crisis in the United States, the United States arising from the financial market turmoil, the United States arising from economic recession, but the recovery of the Asian economy in the Japanese economy, the continuing development of South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore economy, India and the steady development of China’s economy and promote the rapid development of China’s economy in particular the rapid and healthy development of stable, GDP reached 246,619 billion, grew by 11.4% in 2008 to 2010 China’s economy will continue to steadily development, the Chinese Government’s preferential Agricultural policies to support agriculture, farmers and herdsmen to the square, Inc. provides a greater opportunity for development.Chapter III: internal resources and capacity analysis. Analysis of internal resources and capacity mainly through internal survey depth interviews with the company’s resources, the search for human resources, financial resources and material resources of the advantages and disadvantages of using internal factors evaluation matrix (internal factor evaluation matrix — IFEM) summary and evaluation of various functional areas of strengths and weaknesses, and designed to take advantage of strengths, avoid companies disadvantage.Chapter IV: corporate strategy. In the company and the external environment on the basis of the analysis, explained the company’s strategy to identify the company’s vision, mission, mission and values and long-term development goals. Corporate strategy based on levels, and use of IEM SWOTM Environmental and resource matching, enacted in the next 3-5 years in the medium-term development strategy to take the competition – the market penetration strategy, product development strategy, market development and corporate functions — strategic marketing strategy, human resources strategy, financial strategy, optimization of business, the company functions synergies, improve the company’s cost-effective, sustainable competitive advantage, companies realize the value of the value.Finally, concluded:According to square the company’s internal and external environment analysis and SWOT analysis of the results of the use of IEFM, and SWOTM EFEM and IEM, the company strategic planning is as follows:Zheng Fang is the company’s vision of excellence in Agricultural and pastoral products.Zheng Fang’s mission is to human Health services.Zheng Fang’s task is to cherish the Health of the people of the world to provide nutrient-rich deep green poultry and processed foods, food-loving person in the world to provide high-quality food for the people in the cold to provide exquisite warm clothing.Zheng Fang Company’s goal is to create “a goose-based industry, green food production Enterprise groups multicultural” business goals. Strive to be constructed within three years many geese industry base in Northeast joined goose Group.Company’s competitive strategy:Implementation of market penetration strategy, market development and product development strategies, integration strategy, when the company’s main business is developing and consolidating, and accumulation can sustain the cash flow required for diversification strategy, diversification strategy can be related to the implementation of the company should be considered Blue Ocean implementation of the strategy, creating Blue Ocean, and the enterprises from small to large, from excellent to outstanding, Everlasting.

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Subject Competitive Strategy, Corporate strategy, Enterprise vision, Environmental& resources analysis, IEM, IFEM, mission and mandate, SWOT analysis, SWOTM EFEM, The success factors of industry analysis,
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