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Inventory Control for Alternative Materials

With the rapid development of the global economy, manufacturing industry is facingdouble competition pressure both at home and abroad. In the fierce competitiveenvironment, reducing the inventory cost is always one of the important goals in themanufacturing enterprises. On the one hand, hoding too much inventory will cause stocksluggish and increase inventory holding cost; on the […]

The Research of SR Logistics Company’s ERP System Construction and Implementation Based on BPR

The professional third-party logistics of production provides resources integration,efficiency and quality service, and IT is growing with the continuous development of themanufacturing production, but problems followed by complex business processes, chaoticmanagement and operating inefficiencies. To enhance the management level of thethird-party production logistics companies, the introduction of the ERP system isimperative, however, experience has shown […]

Study on Design Change Management Procedure by BPR

Jiangling Motor Co., Ltd (JMC) is a holding subsidiary company of JianglingMotor Company Group (JMCG) and IT was set up in Nov.1993. IT appeared in AStock Market in Dec1993and B Stock Market in1995, and made cooperationrelationship with strategic partner Ford Motor Company. Along with the fast growingof JMC and deep-cooperation with Ford, especially the Product […]

Case Study of MI Group Financial Management Based on ERP System

With the rising tide of the economic globalization, more and more enterprises prone to merge with other entities to enhance core competitiveness. A great number of companies implement ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system due to below reasons:Financial management, the core of enterprise management, has to be updated and upgraded along with application of new ERP […]

The Innovation Based on Process Reengineering of Textile Enterprises in Post-Crisis Era

The theories of economic cycle were taken attention by people since the industrial revolution, and they are always the hot topics by economists. In the middle of the nineteenth century, people started to explore capitalist economic crisis and the recession. After200years of development, western economists put forward nearly a hundred kinds of theory. The American […]

Study on BPI of the SG Group’s Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Plant

Since the21st century,the process management is more and more critical for theenterprise. Excellent processes become the watershed between the successfulenterprise and other competitors. Facing the constantly changing and increasinglyfierce market environment and challenges, enterprises which establish a competitivesystem of business process can achieve competitive advantage in increasing marketcompetitiveness.BPR is referred to as “the third management […]

BRP and Information System Optimization for a Logistics Company

Since entering the new century, the logistics industry, driven by globalization and information technology has made rapid development. In many cities and regions in the world, modern logistics has become a major industry and even pillar industries. In recent years, with the Chinese economy’s rapid development, the logistics industry is gradually moving towards the road […]

Analysis and Research of Logistics Information System Based on WEB

【Abstract】 Studying and discussing modern logistics management, supply chain management and business reengineering and other relevant theories and methods, combining closely the concrete situations of the TAioYang Construction Mechanism Corporation, China YITUO Group Corporation Limited, aiming at the problems in logistics system, this paper applies the modern science management theories and methods and IT information […]

Logistics Project Design of Enterprise H

【Abstract】 In the increasingly competed market , logistics, as the third profit resource, is emphasized by more enterprises. The H. corp. is not exception. The writer has been practiced in HT. corp. , which is a third-party-logistics enterprise and design logistics project and operate for H. corp. . The writer has taker part in designing […]

Application and Research of the EAI Based of BPR and Virtual Component Technology

【Abstract】 Nowadays Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is one of the most important problems in the development of enterprise informationization. Many large IT enterprises have put forward the solutions to related business enterprises, and EAI is now becoming the hot spot. This thesis treats the application of current enterprise in the condition of the electronic commerce […]