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Study on the Pricing Model of Power Generation Capital Costs

Cost of capital plays a very key role in the enterprise financial management anddecision-making. Its essence is an attitude which the investors anticipate theenterprise financial risk. Enterprises’risk determines the size of the cost ratio ofcapital. Common capital cost pricing model only definites and calculates interestsfrom liabilities and owner rights. IT is not a full summary […]

Study on the Relationship between Information Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Cost of Capital

Most of the listing corporations in our country have equity financing as the mainchannel for funds, but the cost of equity financing is generally greater than the debtfinancing cost, so the enterprises hope that their capital cost can be kept in the ideal levelso as to reduce the financial burden. Empirical studies have confirmed that […]

Research on Performance Measurement Based-on EVA Concerning the Listed Company

【Abstract】 The ultimate goal of listed companies is to achieve maximum shareholders’ wealth, this required that the enterprises’performance measurement system must reflect this concept. The traditional performance measurement systems can not measure shareholder value accurately because they do not consider the cost of equity capital. EVA performance measurement system overcomes traditional shortcoming, considering the opportunity […]

Research on the EVA Evaluation Index

【Abstract】 After China joined WTO, the liquidity of capital increase continually with the development of capital market .The investors are all eager to get higher return on capital. which call for corporation (especially for those come into the market)to manage in a high standard. Currently, how to deal with the puzzle with the relation of […]

Research on the Net Present Value Rule in Corperate Investment Desicion

【Abstract】 The paper is devoted to the research on the net present value rule in which the option is considered in corperate investment decision. There are two problems to be solved in the traditional net present value rule. The first is predicting cash flow. The second is estimating the discount rate. Estimating discount rate is […]

The Analysis on Financing Environment and Methods of Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co.,Ltd.

【Abstract】 Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd. (TBI), founded in January 1999, is the first listed company in China’s media industry, which came into capital market. TBI’s successful initial public offering (IPO) and rapid capital expansion played an exemplary role in capital operation and management of China’s media industry. Meanwhile, in the post-IPO period, […]

The Analysis on Financing Decision of China MinSheng Banking Corp.,LTD. Issuing Convertible Bonds

【Abstract】 As an exterior method of raising funds, convertible bonds contain the characteristics of stocks, bonds and options. IT is a popular method for enterprise’s raising funds. Convertible funds issued by many corporations could be converted into their common stocks. Therefore, we can take IT as a method of deferred stocks.After China’s entry to WTO, […]

Research on Capital Structure of Listed Corporation in China

【Abstract】 Capital structure influences corporate governance and enterprise behavior, which is a centralized reflection of interest group’s rights, and rational capital structure conduces to realize maximum of enterprise value and minimum of capital cost. Therefore, capital structure and its optimization are important contents on theoretics and practice of corporate financial management.In this paper, theoretics of […]

Research on China State-Owned Enterprises’ Capital Strucure Optimization

【Abstract】 Capital structure theory is one of chrematistics’s fundamental theories. Chinese enterprises’ development shows their problems both in capital quantity and capital structure. If limited capital can be utilized for structure adjustment, and capital course and utility structure can get constantly optimized, the capital utility efficiency of the enterprises in our country will be successively […]

The Application and Revision of EVA Used in Chinese Stock Market

【Abstract】 Economic Value Added (EVA) is one of measures to evaluate the operational performance of enterprises, which has been paid close attention since 1990s. Because EVA considers the equity capital cost of enterprises, dispels the accountant distortedly and reduces the chance to manipulate the surplus, IT can reflect enterprise’s performance more truly, thus IT is […]