A Study of Lin Shu’s Translation Thoughts

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Lin Shu, one of the most famous translators in late Qing Dynasty, is one of the forerunners of the translation of Western literary works. He absorbs the new ideas of Western literature、literary concept、style and writing skills to initiate the translation of modern literary. Although he is ignorant of foreign language, with the help of partner’s interpreting, he’s translated foreign literary works nearly two hundred from 1890 to 1919. He broadens our view, promotes the development of literature and left us a lot of translated novels, essays fiction, poetry, painting and other rich cultural heritage.”Lin Shu’s Translated Novels” possess large quantity, high quality and noticeable-impact, but everyone differs on its evaluation. Many translators and scholars have written many articles to review Lin Shu and his translations, but they mostly comment from the traditional linguistic angle. From a Social and cultural point, based on Lin Shu’s translation theories and motives, this thesis analyses the specialty and progress of “Lin Shu’s Translated Novels”, and summarize concisely his thoughts in the translation experience; Secondly, combining the life in the era of Lin Shu, literary and political background and personal experiences, thoughts conditions and other factors, this thesis analyses his translation motivation, the target text and translation thoughts and skills. From the comparative study of version Thief Story and the original Oliver Twist , the author selects certain different instances of translation strategies which reflect the polish, addition, abridged, adapted translation to presents his translation achievements in language、artistic glamour and technique, in order to explore his own translation thought, literature ideas and writing techniques. Finally, the thesis explores the status and contributions of “Lin Shu’s Translated Novels” in the history of Chinese literature, especially for the elementary Education of modern writers, the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western literature and promotion of the role of language change of Chinese literature.The accomplishments and limitations of a translator are inseparable from himself, especially from the Social and cultural environment he lives in. For only with the fully integrate his life and values in different stages of change can we make objective and fair evaluation of “Lin Shu’s Translated Novels”, then the study of Lin Shu’s translation studies will be further.


Comparative Study on the Political Reform of the Contemporary Socialist States

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This thesis believes that there is great theoretical and practical value in comparing parties in contemporary socialist countries in their ways to prevent governance crisis. After Drastic Change in former Soviet Union countries and with the trend of globalization, contemporary socialist countries face more and more challenges and governance crisis. The most crucial one is political crisis. This is partly because of the color crisis and peaceful evolution from western countries. Also because of the process of political reform is far behind economy reform. There is no Democracy and the rule of law as well as political stability, which is the seed of crisis. Therefore, stimulating the process of construction of socialist democratic rule of law and political system reform is of great importance to solve the crisis in contemporary socialist countries. Research on comparative study of different socialist countries in preventing governance crisis will be of great significance in prompting the democratization. Also it will be helpful in constructing the political identity of the party.This thesis compares the political reforms of preventing the governance crisis in different socialist countries in three levels:Firstly is to analyze the crisis and problems of such countries. Also communist party’s status in the constitution and its relationship with governance will be referred from the level of construction of political system. Secondly is to analyze the problems in the process of democratization of socialist countries and their countermeasures from the level of instruction of political system. Thirdly is to do some research on how to prevent the mass emergency, eliminate corruption. All of the research are based on the comparison of different socialist countries in their ways of preventing governance crisis on the level of political crisis Management.The highlight of this thesis is analyzing political reform in three levels in the scope of preventing governance crisis. However, due to the magnificent of this thesis, materials from some countries are quite insufficient. Also due to the knowledge of mine is quite limit, there is still a lot to improve in my thesis.


Comparative Study of Chinese-Thai Animals Idioms

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Vocabulary,which is one of the three elements of language, is the constructional materials for language.Furthermore,idioms are the most special aspect in the system of vocabulary.Zodiac idioms in both Thai and Chinese are based on the two people’s long production and life, they are relevant to their history and culture.The research of animal idioms includes the interrelationship between humans and animals,humans and environment,so that we can deeply understand that there is intimate relation between human society and environment,so is the human language and living.Because the animals idioms are widely existed and used in Thai and Chinese,and they have complicated meaning and cultural implications,I choose the animal idioms as our researching object.By means of comparison of Thai and Chinese.we can infer the difference and similarity and reveal the cultural character and value.It can also help thai people in understanding and applying the Chinese animals idioms correctly,and giving some teaching methods.There are six parts in the thesis:The first part is the introduction,which emphasizes the present research situation and the intention,value,object and researching methods of this thesis.The second part is to Chinese-Thai animals idioms as many as possible.The third part is the constituent of the idioms in Thai and Chinese,in which we discuss the definition,character constituent,and the grammar structure and usage of the idioms in Thai and Chinese.The fourth part is the comparison of the cultural implication of idioms,which includes Chinese animal idioms about “mouse”,”dragon”,”horse”and “pig” and their culture connotation.The fifth part is about the methods in teaching the Chinese idioms, it discussed the important status of teaching idioms in teaching Chinese vocabulary to foreigners and some methods to teach idioms which include animal words.The last part is the conclusion.


A Comparative Study on the Thoughts of Industrial Education between Chang Chih-tung’s and Inoue Kowashi’s

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As an early form of the vocational Education,the industrial Education has much more huge affects not onlyon the development of the industry but also on the destiny of a nation. Both Chang Chih-tung and InoueKowashi have played important part in the modern history of vocational education in their own nation. Theirthoughts of industrial education will be analyzed by the comparative way in the background of the “EasternSpread of Western Civilization” and the invasion from the western colonizer.The study is very valuable. It’s helpful for us to make a thorough inquiry to the reason of rising anddeclining of both the China and the Japan. In addition,we will attain inspiration with special visual angle anddiversified gradation when we carry out the reforming on the vocational education and even the whole education.In other word,we will get enlightenment from the comparative study,when we want to get the foreignexperience. The enlightenment we get can be useful for us to know the way of how refrain from copying andshallow absorbing.The dissertation mainly consists of following parts: Firstly,the concepts which are concerning on industrialeducation will be distinguished and defined. Secondly,both the development of the thoughts of industrialeducation Chang Chih-tung’s and Inoue Kowashi’s will be elaborated. Thirdly,both the similarities and thedifferences will be summarized. Fourthly,the reason of identical and difference will be researched. Finally,thelessons and experience of promotion which the thoughts of industrial education of Chang Chih-tung’s and InoueKowashi’s emerged in the development of the Chinese and the Japanese industrial education will be induced.The similarities include:Both of them advocate integrating the theory with the practice;Both of themmaintain in learning from the foreign advanced experience;Both of them persist in Basic tradition of theirhomeland agriculture and education;Both of them think highly of the cultivation of the industrial educationalteachers. The differences include:The origin of their industrial educational thoughts is different;The attitude toconstructing the system of industrial educational founds is distinct;The effects of their industrial educationalthoughts is not alike.It is very complicated for us to comprehend the coexistence of similarities and differences. There areseveral reasons,which involve the political,the Economic,the Agricultural,the educational,the individual andso on.In a word,we should have an positive and rational attitude to the learning from the foreign advancedexperience. We should centre on the establishing and consummating of legal system in the reforming of thevocational education. And we should integrate the theory with the practice much more well.


A Comparative Study on the Versions of Chapter Titles in Shui Hu Zhuan

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This thesis on the translation of chapter titles in Shui Hu Zhuan aims to carry out a comparative study on the two versions rendered by Pearl S. Buck with the title of All Men Are Brothers and Sydney Shapiro with the title of Outlaws of the Marsh. Chapter titles as a distinctive literary style are unique to Chinese language in that they are in the form of couplets, namely two antithetical lines generalizing the plot of each chapter, functioning as guides to the stories. Therefore, chapter titles are supposed to be exquisitely translated in order to arouse readers’interest and then to usher them to the plot-loaded content.In the thesis, Peter Newmark’s theory, communicative translation and semantic translation is employed as the theoretical basis. Evidence shows that Pearl S. Buck’s version is dominated by semantic translation while Sydney Shapiro’s version is partial to communicative translation. Comparisons are made to reveal the differences between the two versions of chapter titles in Shui Hu Zhuan from several aspects, such as the lexical level, the syntactical level and the reproduction of cultural images.Then, characteristics of the two versions are clearly presented, reflecting the different intentions of the two translators and the corresponding strategies they adopt. By adopting the approach of semantic translation, Pearl S. Buck preserved a large quantity of information that abounds with Chinese elements. Such a version, though sometimes regarded as weird or even redundant, tallies well with her original intention that strong flavor of Chinese characteristics should be retained in the version. In contrast, Sydney Shapiro adopted the approach of communicative translation in order to produce a version that is idiomatic and readable. He stated that excessive preservation of Chinese features would surely affect the smoothness of the version and could become obstacles to readers who are not acquainted with Chinese culture.Apart from the contrastive analysis, this thesis also delves into the factors and causes conspiring to hinder the translation of chapter titles, namely linguistic constraints and cultural constraints. These constraints are unavoidable in the process of translation, since they are resulted from the giant gap–distinctiveness of different languages and different cultures. Hence, to bridge the gap by rendering versions that are as effective and readable as the original is a demanding task all translators are faced with.Since Shui Hu Zhuan is one of the four great classical novels in China, the study on its translation may serve as a typical model representing the research on translation of Chinese classics. This thesis attempting to probe into the translation of chapter titles in Shui Hu Zhuan is limited in that it involves only one aspect concerning the translation of this great novel. Nevertheless, as a study focusing on translation, it is of great significance to apply translation theories to practice, to some extent validate the translation theories.


The Oralimage of Jesus from Christians in Luocheng Mulamautonomous County

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This thesis focuses on the oral image of Jesus from Christians in Luocheng Mulam (Mulao) Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. So, an introduction to such a study will be wrote. In chapter one, the historical process of belief in Jesus in Luocheng county is introduced. In chapter two, first-hand information about Jesus’ image told by Christians in Luocheng is collected through my survey and interview. To know whether Jesus’ image has been changed in Luocheng county, it is necessary to know Jesus in New Testament of the Bible. Therefore, chapter three discuss Jesus’ image in the four gospels. In chapter four, Jesus’ image told by Christians in Luocheng county is compared with the Jesus in the four gospels of the New Testament of the Bible, aiming at exploring the similarities and differences. Through comparison, the conclusion is made as follows: there are more similarities than differences between the oral image of Jesus in Luocheng county and the Jesus image in the Bible. Obviously, this result is different from surveys conducted by other scholars. Previous researchers hold that owing to cultural differences, life situations, Chinese Christians emphasize realistic aspects of Jesus and in most cases fail to understand Jesus’ spiritual aspect. However, this paper analyzes and points out that a full image of Jesus can be understood by Christians in Luocheng county. The paper list several reasons why Christians in Luocheng county are able to perceive Jesus’image fully: cultural communication goes deeper, national religious policies are relatively loose, and rural living standards are improved.


A Comparative Study Towards the Development Strategy of E-learning between China and America

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Since the information industry shows a rapid trend development, E-learning is the following requirement and the inevitable result of the Education development under the information society. It is the current world’s developing trend of Education, as well as the aims of educational reform among many different nations and regions. E-learning has profound significance for changing educational idea and notion, deepen educational reform, improve education quality and efficiency and cultivate innovative talents. It is the inevitable choice for the leaping development of education.E-learning projects began in the1980s in China. The State adheres to major projects as its guiding principle and demonstrations and experiments as assistants. In the following20years, with huge investments and some active participation of Social forces, E-learning has made obvious progress. At the same time, with the intensification of the process of globalization, it is inevitable for E-learning to adapting itself to internationalization. As a super power, America has been walking in front of the world for its E-learning application and research, which leads E-learning developing trend of the whole world. Therefore, it is necessary to review American’s E-learning development strategy.On the one hand, it will promote the development of educational technology. On the other hand, we can use other countries’E-learning development of successful experiences and lessons so as to offer valuable reference for the related strategy making, and implementing in China.This paper combines the historical research with the contrastive studies. On the historical research aspect, it tries to review and conclude the E-learning development history of American and China in different periods and under different background, which include1996、2000、2004and2010versions of background, aims, measures, characteristics and impact of American Educational Technology Planning and both national and local level on E-learning development of E-learning strategy development history in China. On the contrastive studies aspect, SWOT matrix are utilized to compare development strategy between American and China and describe the opportunities and threatens they faces, and strength and weakness they bears.This paper adopts historical study, comparative analysis and SWOT model. By adopting the methods of historical study, this dissertation, reviews the progress of backgrounds, contents, characteristics and impacts of four different versions of American E-learning development. In the historical perspective, laws and regulations are drawn from the studies and experiences. By adopting the methods of comparative analysis, this dissertation, describe the opportunities and threatens they faces, and strength and weakness they bears andcompare E-learning construction between American and China. Ultimately, SWOT model are used to make E-learning development decision.From what has been discussed above, we may finally get some Enlightenment. Firstly, E-learning development strategies are established under the background of past situations. Secondly, E-learning development strategies are established according to different stages. Thirdly, E-learning developments are escorted by relevant laws and regulations set up by governments. Fourth, the development of educational technology needs full attention from departments at all levels. Fifth, Attention should be paid to the inferior group and promote impartial education. Sixth, it is important to value students’ current situation and improve teachers’information literature. It is of benefit to the advancement of new education models with educational technology.


A Comparative Study of European, American, Australian and Chinese Language Proficiency Scales

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Under the global background of Economic globalization and multiculturalism,western countries especially Europe, North America and Australia pay much moreattention to foreign language Education, due to which governments established newstandards after entering the new century. On the contrary, research on languageproficiency standards in China starts relatively late. The Office of Chinese LanguageCouncil International in2007launched authoritative Chinese proficiency standards. Inthis paper, four representatively well-structured foreign language proficiency standardsare introduced and analyzed with details: Common European Framework of Referencefor Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR); American Council for theTeaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL); International Second Language ProficiencyRatings (ISLPR); Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of OtherLanguages (the Scales) for the purpose of providing an overall outlook of currentlanguage proficiency standards and digging deep into the newest values of foreignlanguage Education so as to explore the tendency of language proficiency stand ardsconstruction to further enrich and develop Chinese language proficiency standards.Through detailed analysis and comparison, this paper points out the similaritiesand differences among the four standards in terms of language proficiency,communicative competence, division of communicative competence, cultivationobjectives, and cultivation measures,etc. It finds the communicative language abilitymode, on which the description of language competence is based, contributes to thetheoretical foundation of the four scales. They all highlight the importance ofcommunicative competence. In addition, based on the analysis and comparison, thispaper puts forward some practical suggestions and advice for the future developmentof Chinese language proficiency standards from the aspects of description ofclassification of task-oriented communicative language ability in Chinese, declarativeknowledge, strategic competence, and affective factors. For instance, in terms ofdeclarative knowledge, the description of classification of declarative knowledge couldbe included in Chinese language proficiency standards. Finally, this paper proposessuggestions on lifelong Chinese learning. In accordance with the comparison andanalysis, this paper has carried out a thorough analysis to the world representativelanguage proficiency standards, providing feasible suggestions for the futuredevelopment and improvement of Chinese proficiency standards.


A Comparative Research on Different Locus of Controls and Time Management Disposition of Undergraduates’ Academic Procrastination

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Academic procrastination is one of the hot issues studied in the field of educational psychology in recent years. Especially, there are many related research on the influence factors and measuring tools of academic procrastination. However, the comparative study on different types of academic procrastination are rarely seen. The methods of Chu and Choi’s(2005) are used to classify academic procrastination into active procrastination and passive procrastination in this thesis, from the angle of influence of procrastination and the individual subjective wishes. The active procrastinators are different from the passive ones, whoes behavior of procrastination is a kind of adaptive learning method to some extent.Based on the questionnaire and interviewing method, the following issues are discussed in this thesis:first, the differences in terms of locus of controls, time Management disposition and the extent of academic procrastination between the two kinds of procrastinators; second, the relationship between the types of academic procrastination and locus of controls or time Management disposition; third, the predicting effect of locus of controls and time management disposition on the two types of academic procrastination.The conclusions below are reached by means of quantitative statistic analysis and interview research:1. Nowadays, academic procrastination is a very common phenomenon among college students, and the proportions of active procrastination and passive procrastination in the procrastinators are different under different learning task situations.2. There are no significant differences between the active procrastinators and passive procrastinators in terms of the college students’genders, branches of knowledge and the extent of academic procrastination.3. In the circumstance of preparing for exams, there are significant differences between the active procrastinators and passive procrastinators in terms of locus of controls(including the dimensions of internality and powerful others), the total points of time management disposition (including the sense of time value, the sence of control, and the sense of efficacy). Nevertheless, the two types of procrastinators are almost the same in the sense of time value and the extent of academic procrastination.4. In the circumstance of finishing course assignments, there are significant differences between the active procrastinators and passive procrastinators in the respects of locus of control (including the dimensions of internality, chance and powerful others), the total points of time management disposition (including the sense of time value, the sence of control, and the sense of efficacy), and the extent of academic procrastination.5. Active procrastinators belong to the type of internal control in the sense of locus of control, who are good at time managing. On the contrary, passive procrastinators belong to the type of being controled by powerful others, who are poor in time managing.6. In the circumstance of preparing for exams, the active procrastination can be predicted by interality and the sense of time value, while the passive procrastination can be predicted by powerful others, the sense of time efficacy and the sense of time control. In the circumstance of finishing course assignments, the active procrastination can be predicted by interality, while the passive procrastination can be predicted by powerful others and the sense of time control.


A Comparative Study of the Country Wife and Tess of the D’Urbervilles from a Psychological Perspective

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This thesis attempts to make a comparative study of the Country Wife,the popular novella of the contemporary Chinese writer Jia Pingwa and Tess of the D’Urbervilles,the most varied and rewarding novel of the British novelist Thomas Hardy from a psychological perspective by using Freudian Psychoanalysis.The two heroines share a lot of similarities, especially, their choices of lives and fate. Tess in Tess of the D’Urbervilles is one of the most controversial figures that Hardy has ever created. Both Tess and Darky have suffered from feelings of failure, however, when they encountered true love, they made very different choices which led to totally different fates. There has been plenty of criticism on Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and most of them focus on the natural feature of his work. However, a comparative study of the Country Wife and Tess of the D’Urbervilles from a psychological perspective is rare.Sigmund Freud defines id, ego, and super-ego as the three parts of the psychic apparatus. Freudian Psychoanalysis provides a radically new insight to the analysis of human beings’ psychological activities. By using this method, this thesis explains the behavior of protagonists and reveals the purpose behind their behavior from the aspect of psychological.