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The Empirical Study on the Influence to the Quality of Information Disclosure by Corporate Governance Mechanism in Chinese Listed Banks

The problems of corporate governance and information disclosure are veryimportant in the modern enterprise and academic research. There are lots of researchabout the problem of corporate governance and information disclosure separately indomestic and in abroad, but there are less studies about combining them and making theexploration of the interaction relationship between them. Speaking of the […]

AH Shares Cross-listed on Empirical Research on the Impact of Corporate Governance and Firm Value

With the development of financial globalization, more and more Chinese companiesto enter the international equity markets for financing. At the same time, China’s rapideconomic development and the rapid expansion of the mainland stock market in recentyears has attracted many overseas listed Chinese companies return to the domestic market,cross-listing as an increasingly important corporate strategies have […]

Research on the Correlation of Institutional Investors and Research and Development of Listed Companies

With the rise of the stake of institutional investors, the relaxation of governmentcontrol and actively promoting, the institutional investors of the United States, Britainand other western countries have gradually given up the past and passive means of”vote with their feet”, beginning to use the positive mode of “voting with the hand”.The rising of shareholder activism […]

Empirical Study on QFⅡ and Corporate Performance of the Listed Companies in China

With the developing of economic globalization, opening the capital markets has become aninevitable trend. As a limited control of opening the domestic capital markets to foreign investors,the QFⅡ system not only can avoid the loss of the opportunity to attract international capital dueto the closure of the domestic capital markets, but also can increase the […]

In the Perspective of Corporate Governance of Listed Company Inner Control System

CITIC Securities company limited as one of the large-scale comprehensive typeof securities companies, the company has been in the area of internal control haveachieved good results, but from a realistic point of the company is still there weresome inadequacies.Analysis of the internal control through this article on CITIC Securities, had anin-depth discussion on the theory […]

A Study on the Influence of Corporate Governance in Chinese Listed Companies on Earnings Management

Earnings management is behavior of corporate to increase or reduce the accounting earnings within the framework of generally accepted accounting principles, but this behavior which the manager made the adjustment to the financial data based on their own interests or the corporate value maximization. IT is obviously contrary to the neutrality and fairness of the […]

Studies on the Inequality Income in State-owned Monopoly Enterprises

After China’s reform and opening up more than30years, the per capita income of the residents in our country increases dramatically and living standards have improved significantly. However, with the growth of the national economy, unfair wealth distribution in different Social groups gradually highlights, which has become the focus of attention, especially the day price salary […]

Impact of Corporate Governance on Commercial Banks’ Risk-taking in China

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Administration Commission has issued more than one paper to emphasize on the importance of sound corporate governance mechanism for enhancing the ability of commercial banks to guard against risk; the role of sound corporate governance to reduce commercial banks’risk is also reflected in “Basel Ⅱ”; the subprime mortgage crisis […]

Research on the Relationship between External Governance Environment and Earnings Management of Listed Companies

Accounting information of listed companies is an important basis for investor, the quality of accounting information disclosure determines whether the capital market development is healthy. Chinese capital market is in a special period which called “emerging and transition”, the external governance environment is not very perfect. In recent years, the earnings management is come out […]

The Research of Internal Control on the Basis of Corporate Governance

Internal control is one of the most important mechanisms of delivering accountability on fulfilling effective corporate governance. All organizations need a sound and effective system of internal control. However, recently occurred big corporate scandals like Enron, Guangxia and even Olympus which concealed its huge financial losses for nearly twenty years all suggest a breakdown in […]