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The Effect of Directness in Communication, in an International Team, on Advice Giving and Taking Process

Nowadays, most of the important decisions are not made alone. People areinteracting with each other, giving and receiving recommendations, in order to maketimely and well-considered decisions. Moreover, due to the globalization which hasgathered momentum during the last decades, great deals of political or economicissues are now discussed by multicultural persons. However, when people withdifferent cultural […]

A Study of Human Resource Management Conflicts in Sino-US Joint Ventures

With the acceleration of globalization, the economic communication andcooperation between China and foreign countries are more and more frequent. Therapid growth of China s economy is attracting more and more foreign companies andinvestment, among which American multinationals undoubtedly take the lead. SinceChina and the U.S. officially established diplomatic relations, their cooperation invarious fields has shown […]

Study of Cross-Culture Motivation Mechanism about Human Resource

【Abstract】 With the growing integration of the world economy, the international management of enterprise has already become an unavoidable tendency. The utilization of the global resources, especially the Human Resources has become the guarantee that keeps each enterprise successful. How to motivate effectively the talent from different cultures and bring their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity […]

Research on Cross-culture Team Management of Internationalizing Enterprises

【Abstract】 Cross-culture team management is widely noticed and emphasized in the international academe. IT is an important factor that impact innovation ability, competition ability and continuous development of enterprises.After China join the WTO, more and more enterprises expand to the international market gradually. Accompany with the internationalization of the enterprises and the change of the […]

Research on Foreign Capital Enterprises’ Cross-culture Management Communication

【Abstract】 IT’s very complicated that we communicate effective information. IT’s a great issue that how to transfer information effectively and timely to the final aim and if we encounter the different organizations’ culture background and in the important period of innovation, communication is more difficult. This thesis starts from management communication’s Basic theory and then […]

The Cross-culture Study of Global Brand

【Abstract】 In 1990s, Multinational Companies came into an era of global brands competition. Brand turns into the most obvious competition form. At the same time multinational companies came into a time of cross-culture management. With the deep development of global brands, more and more companies find that the most difficulty in brand globalization is different […]

A Focus on Human Resource Integration in Cross-border M&A

【Abstract】 Cross-border M&A is very popular in the world in recent years. The amount and the value of Cross-border M&A are always in a high level. People not only focus on the amount of the M&A, but also the quality of the M&A. Whether cross-border M&A can achieve anticipation decides on the management integration after […]

Will the Corporate Culture Surmount National Culture?

【Abstract】 This article consists of “theoretical examination” and “a proof study”. For Chapter 2″cross-cultural management theory”, I examine a theory from each genre to be related to the cross-cultural management that has been developed in conventional international business administration and clarify IT about a background of switch of the theory.In this chapter, I begin with […]

International Marketing of Cross-culture Communication

【Abstract】 This dissertation presents an exploratory study of Chinese brand globalization (CBG) among foreigners in China .CBG consists two perspectives: on one hand, Chinese brand globalization in foreign marketing; on the other hand, Chinese brand globalization in domestic marketing. With China entry into WTO and progress, more and more foreigners will come to China for […]

Chinese Employees’ Time Orientations in American Multinationals in China

【Abstract】 Attracted by its rapid economic development and huge market, hundreds of Americanmultinational companies have swarmed into China. Because of the cultural differencesbetween China and United States, Chinese employees in American multinationals in Chinaare subject to frequent conflicts caused by different time orientations with their Americancolleagues. In order to avoid such cultural conflicts and misunderstandings […]