Current Situation and Development Trend of Chinese Life Education

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” Life as thin as cicada’s wings, there should be satisfied “. Life for each person isonly once. No one can hurt the lives of others and ourselves; The existence of life isthe basis of all Everyone should be in awe, respect yourself and others. Life educationis intended to help people to better treat life and make life more valuable, it isextremely important for the individuals and society. However, because of the lifeeducation in our country is still in its infancy, it exists ignored problems withachieving considerable success. It is a positive meaning to recognize the problemscorrectly, dissect the reasons behind, seek for the ways and recognize the trend ofdevelopment for our life Education.It is a simple combing from two aspects of theory and practice for the course ofdevelopment of western and our life Education. Firstly, clarify the thinking andpractice of Western life Education, and draw inspiration beneficial to the developmentof China’s life education. Secondly, back to the development of the life education inour country, based on affirming the achievements, and found that life education at thepresent stage exist in the allocation of education resources, education methods andcontents, and then from the traditional concept, the external environment, educationand the educated themselves in four aspects of the causes of the problems areanalyzed, and propose practical way to resolve. Finally, on the basis of the existingresearch, the development trend of the life education of rational expectation, it ispointed out that the development of life education in our country will be more normal,scientific, systematic and life-long, and multi-party cooperation.


Arts Grading Test from today the introduction of China to an unprece…

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Arts Grading Test from today the introduction of China to an unprecedented scale, after 20 years. “Contention” should be artistic upsurge Grading Test the outbreak. Theorists of “contention” is a summary of twenty years of artistic Grading Test and reflection, but also a Grading Test for the future development of Chinese art and find a way forward. In short, content and form of change is the “contention” the focal point of concern. In the content, theorists strongly urged, get rid “utilitarian” theory bound, the core of the arts Grading Test transferred to the “people” in the field, that is, comprehensively enhance “the quality of people.” In form, the existing approach is increasingly Grading Test to meet growing market demand, people cast their eyes to seek ways of breaking Grading Test and innovation. Thus, the pursuit of the ideal state of Humanities, to explore new art forms Grading Test, in the form of rich content and innovative to find a balance scale of the current art of Grading Test is an important issue of concern.This article based on the current situation in Yunnan Art Grading Test, using survey and literature research methods, trying to dig “Art Grading Test hot” and the impact of the underlying causes behind, and thus make the future development of arts Grading Test is not conclusive thought. Through a case study in Yunnan, China’s current artistic Grading Test pry the overall state of reflection is the focus of this article.


Analysis and Countermeasures of the Party Construction in Higher Educational Institutions in the New Situation

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The higher educational institution is a cradle of the constructor and successor of the socialism cause, a place where the intellectuals converge and a source of new concepts. The Party’s construction work in higher educational institutions is in relation to the leadership of the Party in higher educational institutions, the implementation of the Party’s educational guideline and policy and the socialist direction of running schools. With the development of the society and the deepening reform of higher Education, the Party’s construction in higher educational institutions is faced with new situations, new problems and new challenges. This research is to find out the problems in the Party’s construction work in higher educational work, analyze its cause and explore the solutions. This paper is divided into three parts:The first part makes a brief introduction on the importance of the Party’s construction in higher educational institutions. Comrade Xi Jinping, vice president of China, pointed out in the 16th session of national Party’s construction work in higher educational institutions,”the higher educational institutions assume the important task of cultivating talents, innovating knowledge and serving the society and the Party’s construction work plays a crucial role in the scientific development of higher Education.”Hence, the Party’s construction work is of great significance, which is in relation to the leadership of the Party in higher educational institutions, the implementation of the Party’s educational guideline and policy, the socialist direction of running schools, the quality of the talents cultivated in the higher educational institutions and the sustainable and healthy development of the higher educational institutions.The second part is to summarize the main experiences of the Party’s construction work accumulated since the establishment of China, find out problems in the current Party’s construction work and analyze the causes. Since the establishment of China, the Party’s construction work achieved a lot and accumulated precious experiences for the current work. However, there are some weak points in current situations.Take, the recruitment of student party members, for an instance. Students, especially, ordinary students don’t have much initiative for joining the Party. They think only student cadres who gain college counselor’s appreciation can join the Party while those ordinary students can’t get the chance to be recruited even if they apply for it and work hard. Hence, their initiative in joining the Party is seriously hurt and they stay away for the Party organization further and further. In turn, the motives of some students who apply for the membership of the Party, though some are upright, are to find a good job, or to get a necessary condition of a public servant. Most of them just take joining the Party a means of seeking employment.And furthermore, the singularity, low quality and efficiency of the Party organization in the grass roots of the college have some bad effect on the magnetic force of the Party. Some young intellectuals and backbone teachers are lack of recognition of the Party and show less interest in the Party. Even some young party members are unwilling to join the Party’s activities and indifferent to the development and construction of the Party.All the above problems may do harm to the work of higher educational institutes in a direct or indirect way.After analyzing these problems, some causes can be found, such as, some Party members’impure motives in joining the party, lack of long-term mechanism of education of the Party members, low quality of Party affair staff and Social environment.The third part is to explore the solutions of the Party’s construction in higher educational institutions in the new situation, such as carrying out scientific outlook on development, enhancing the awareness of the Party’s construction, establishing a healthy developing mechanism in the Party’s construction, strengthening the education of the Party affair staff and optimizing the outer environment of the Party’s construction in higher educational institutions.In a nutshell, after reading some scholars’articles and practicing in work, I am deeply inspired. This article combines the new situation and others’viewpoints to explore a new way to promote the Party’s construction in higher educational institutions.


The Current Situation、Problem and Countermeasures Research of Community Health Services in the City of Xiangtan

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Urban community Health services are an important part of Health work. Urban public Health and Basic Medical service system basis.Is to achieve universal access to primary health care goals for the link, but also promote Social equity, maintaining Social stability and an important content of building a harmonious society. Great efforts to develop community health services, build community-based health services, community health services and preventive health care institutions and Medical services division of labor is reasonable, in close collaboration with a new urban health service system, for the implementation of prevention first, combining prevention with control approach, optimization of health service structure, and facilitate the people’s health care, reduce the cost burden to establish a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients to alleviate the medical care difficult and expensive issues are of great significance.Xiangtan City Community Health Services After nearly a decade of development, has made great progress, in order to improve people’s health played an important role. But the community health service functions is not fully developed, community health services in urban health work in the “net at the end of role has not really materialized.The main purpose of this study:summary analysis of Xiangtan City,2005-2009 health reform and urban community health services to carry out the status quo, the actual results and problems to explore the urban community health services to carry out the feasibility of carrying out the process to identify the constraints that exist in,combined with a new round of health care reform goals and the current medical insurance system to explore the effective promotion of community health services in Xiangtan City, the healthy development of countermeasures.This study used cluster sampling and purposive sampling method of combining of Xiangtan City,18 community health service centers, three community health service stations, 50 health service centers (stations) staff,697 local residents and 15 community health service Management personnel research. Data collection, qualitative data and quantitative data using a combination of methods, quantitative data analysis is mainly used descriptive statistical methods for processing.The study found:Xiangtan City, community health service network has basically taken shape; community health service institutions an obvious improvement in the infrastructure; the training of community health service personnel have achieved good results;community health service institutions in the service mode and service content has basically achieved from the traditional medical model to change the way community health services; preventive health care and public health services has also been made to carry out major breakthrough. However, the launching of community health services, there are some problems:an integrated community health service agencies service capacity is not strong, with six large gap between the requirements of integration; community health service coverage is low; the service technical level is not high, the residents recognized low; practitioners low quality of personnel; the service function and practice of the need to be further improved and standardized; scientific performance appraisal system and incentive mechanisms are not yet established. Because of these problems:The absence of public health Management functions;community health service system standards are not perfect; service quality is low, general shortage of medical personnel; the community’s first diagnosis and two-way referral system were not implemented.Suggestion:Stick to the government-led, promoting community health service system; optimize the operating mechanism, to improve service efficiency, build service networks;to raise funds to expand community health service channels, improve the compensation mechanisms; improve two-way referral and counterpart support work to improve health resources utilization efficiency; to strengthen community health service team building; to strengthen supervision and management of community health services;improve the medical insurance system; universal access to information management, improve the health files; improve performance evaluation index system.


Study Upon the Current Social Situation of Horchin Mongol Society from the View of Building the New Socialist Countryside

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The building of the new socialist countryside is an issue concerned with all aspects of the natianal development. Every districts have their own distinctive natural environment, humanistic features and Economic conditions. Therefore, the building of a new socialist countryside suitable for the local place is the issue paid special attention by the governmental departments and the academic circles. In order to see big things through small ones and seek truth from facts, this dessertation is about to conduct a conscientious survey and study upon the current situation of the building of the new socialist contryside in the North Orbog village, Horchin left middle banner, a very common element in the Agricultural society of the Mongol nationality in the Horchin district.The dissertation is composed of seven sections, including the introduction, first section:the current Social situation of North Orbog village, second section:the current Economic condition of North Orbog village, conclusion, annotation, bibliography and appendix.


The Current Situation of Agriculture Talents’ Training and the Research of the Strategy in Chongming County

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Nine consecutive years from2004to2012issued a central file, whichtook seriously on the three farming problems. Especially in2012, the centralfile emphasizes on “putting the Agricultural, science and technology in moreprominent place”, the file points out clearly, to continue to increaseinvestment in agriculture, to ensure the increase of increment and the ratio.The fourth major point emphasizes on” strengthen training of science andtechnology Education and new rural Agricultural talent team”.Talent is thekey; Education is a foundation. A large-scale of Agricultural talents withreasonable structure and excellent quality can be brought up only bydeveloping agricultural training. Chongming is a large agricultural countyin Shanghai. In recent years, agriculture department in Chongming County tookadvantage of island’s environment and resource; vigorously promote moderngreen agriculture development.At present, according to the actual situation of modern ecologicalagriculture development, combining area agricultural characteristic, ourcounty make efforts to develop agricultural training based on practicaltechnology and to develop new agricultural production and agriculturaltechnology promotion team, which gained a great success. But there still existmany problems, which mainly exist in relatively single mode of agriculturaltalents, overall quality of agricultural personnel, the lack of effectivesupervision and guarantee in training agricultural talent and etc… Thecauses of these problems are different. Some are historical reasons, somecaused by new situation of talent training mechanism, more problems in effective supervision and guarantee of training in various departments.Therefore, the thesis combines the research of the current situationanalysis of rural labor structure, agricultural talents training pattern,agricultural talent for all types of training needs and differences, traininginstitutions and training projects with sustainability issues in ChongmingCounty. At the same time, providing a reference to improve agricultural talenttraining quality, training efficiency, then explore a targeted agriculturaltalents training mode in Chongming County.


The Structure of Low Carbon Economy Audit System in China

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Recent years,as the global situation of Environmental problem became worse andworse, low carbon economy has become the hot point as a new economy developmentpattern to solve the climate problem. Low carbon economy development pattern is toarrange Economic activities with low carbon economy theory, based on low cost, lowpollution, low emission and high efficiency and high benefit, with a method of energysaving and emission reduction. Not only energy Industry, but also building trade, chemicalengineering and manufacturing business hand for green economy development of lowcarbon or carbon-free. Facing up the reality needs of the country economy development,our government brought up the target of17.3%reduction of unit GDP in “the twelfth fiveyears planning”. As the supervisor, audit should play a significant role in the developmentof low carbon economy and the realization of the energy saving and emission reductiontarget, and low carbon economy audit is very significant.This article researches on low carbon economy audit in China, which uses normativeresearch and case study. It takes examples of America, Denmark, Britain and Hong Kongin China, according that, we discusses the frame work of low carbon economy audit inChina. And also, we take the example of cement industry as a case study. Finally, weanalyses the current situation of low carbon economy audit in China and the difficulties wefaced, and also gives some suggestion in hope to offer some helps.


The CBM Industry Pricing Mechanism China

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China is rich in coal and is a coal production country. There is a current situation of overdependence in China, because of rapid growth in economy and petroleum and gas resources in short. Development of coal-bed methane resources in China is to optimize the energy structure, ensure the sustained, rapid development of strategic choice. Development of coal-bed methane is both a national energy security needs; in order to reduce the gas disaster, to protect the survival of natural environment. China has introduced tax breaks and financial subsidies and other preferential policies, especially financial subsidy policy in2007, improve the enthusiasm of the enterprises to invest in coal-bed methane industry, to promote the development of coal-bed methane industry, the coal-bed methane industry in China after years of wandering into the initial stage. Based on the Basic theory of the market economy and academia on the development of coal-bed methane industry analysis, the CBM pricing is very important for the development of coal-bed methane industry.In view of this, after extensive research and analysis, a certain understanding of the current development of the coal-bed methane industry, this article attempts to multi-disciplinary knowledge of the existing Economics, Management, marketing, operations research, mathematics, theoretical combination of the application, according to China’s CBM industry in the development process:commentary by status and domestic and international pricing of current research and theoretical literature on the coal-bed methane industry at home and abroad; analyze overview of the development of the CBM industry in the country, introduced the development situation of China’s CBM industry, and learn from the experience of the great powers; CBM own characteristics, analysis of the influencing factors of coal-bed methane pricing from the micro environment, macro environment, and natural gas prices. And coal-bed methane natural monopoly nature, analysis of price regulation on the CBM pricing, including the Basic Connotation of introduced price regulation system of reference to the need for price regulation system of and the implementation of price regulation system of the protection mechanism; the final analysis of the development of rational pricing mechanism will be the difficulties encountered in accordance with the pricing process, pricing objectives and pricing principles established under the premise that circumvent the problems of natural gas pricing mechanism, pricing mechanism of the middle and lower reaches of China’s coal-bed methane, and Jin Cheng Anthracite Mining Group as an example to verify that the downstream stage as city gas, industrial gas, gas, power generation and chemical raw materials pricing methods.


Development Strategies of Apple Industry in Baoji City

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Baoji is located in the west of the Central Shaanxi Plain of Shaanxi province. Due to theplentiful sunshine, hot rainy season, mild climate, fertile soil and few natural disasters, it is anoptimum core production area of apples throughout the whole country or even the world.After nearly50years of development, the apple industry has gained the rapid expansion inscale, remarkable increase of standardization, the gradual improvement of industrial structure,and steady development of Economic benefits, which plays a significant role in promotingfarmers’ income and the new rural reconstruction, thus becoming a superior characteristicindustry for Agricultural economy development in Baoji. However, with the progress ofsociety, the apple industry in Baoji has exposed more and more problems. At present, there isstill lacking of systematic study on the existing problems of industrialized development forapples. On the base of the theory of industrialized system, information gathering, as well asthe method combining investigation and visit, this paper carefully analyzes the factors thatinfluence the industrialized development for apple in Baoji, finds out major existing problems,and puts forward development thinking, as well as practical and feasible developmentstrategies for the industrialized development of apple in Baoji in accordance with the actualsituation. The paper is intended to provide a theory basis for the upgrading of appleindustrialization in Baoji, and practical guidance significance for enhancing thecompetitiveness of apples in Baoji.1. The major problems existing in industrialized development of apple in Baoji(1) Production: the total area is small and the yield per unit is low; the lagged improvedvariety and the unreasonable breed structure; insufficient large-scale production and acutecontradiction between small production and big market;low popularization speed of standardtechnology, and low level of the overall Management.(2) Enterprise: the leading enterprises don’t possess enough scale and strong drivencapacity; there are not sufficient fruit post-processing and high industrialization; there don’texist good connection and a shared mechanism between the enterprises and the orchard workers.(3) Cooperated organization: the low marketing starting point and the narrow scope ofservices; lacking of professionals and the poor operations; the defective distribution systemcannot effectively protect the benefits of orchard workers.(4) Marketing: the lagged information construction leads to the ineffective marketingexploration; the lagged brand cultivation results in the poor competitiveness.(5) Technology promotion: Lacking of professionals, the structure of the expandingteam is unreasonable; Because of the low quality of the rural labor, it is difficult to expand theplanting technology.2. The strategy for industrial development for apple in Baoji(1) Adjust the breed structure and expand the scale of planting base.(2) Vigorously promote the short anvil intensive planting pattern to improve the level ofindustrialization.(3) Support the leading Enterprise to promote the process of apple industrialization.(4) Carry out the brand driven strategy and open up the markets at home and aboard.(5) Enhance the building of talent resources to strengthen the support of industrialtechnology.(6) Optimize the policy environment to form a resultant forces used to accelerate the fruitdevelopment.


The Current Situation and Government Counter-Measures in the Development of Culture Industry in Ordos

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Culture industry has played a more and more significant role in urban and even national development since1950s, and academia and community started to pay more attention to culture industry. Many countries and regions draw up various culture industry development strategies and development plans in light of their own characteristics. The study on current situation and development approach of culture industry in Ordos not only has theoretical significance but also practical significance.This paper precedes research on Ordos culture industry, analyzes current situation and probes train of thought and approach of culture industry in Ordos to propose feasibility countermeasures for Ordos culture industry, using Management, Economic theory and methods and drawing on experience of domestic and foreign countries and regions, within the framework of government making great efforts to develop culture industry.First, illuminate Basic concepts of culture and culture industry, expound the characteristics and classification of culture industry; and then introduce the Basic situation of Ordos and its culture industry, and analyze current situation and restricting factors; and then propose the overall train of thought and development target for Ordos culture industry; At last, to provide constructive suggestions for the development of culture industry in Ordos.

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