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The Current Situation of Agriculture Talents’ Training and the Research of the Strategy in Chongming County

Nine consecutive years from2004to2012issued a central file, whichtook seriously on the three farming problems. Especially in2012, the centralfile emphasizes on “putting the Agricultural, science and technology in moreprominent place”, the file points out clearly, to continue to increaseinvestment in agriculture, to ensure the increase of increment and the ratio.The fourth major point emphasizes on” strengthen […]

The Structure of Low Carbon Economy Audit System in China

Recent years,as the global situation of environmental problem became worse andworse, low carbon economy has become the hot point as a new economy developmentpattern to solve the climate problem. Low carbon economy development pattern is toarrange economic activities with low carbon economy theory, based on low cost, lowpollution, low emission and high efficiency and high […]

The CBM Industry Pricing Mechanism China

China is rich in coal and is a coal production country. There is a current situation of overdependence in China, because of rapid growth in economy and petroleum and gas resources in short. Development of coal-bed methane resources in China is to optimize the energy structure, ensure the sustained, rapid development of strategic choice. Development […]

Development Strategies of Apple Industry in Baoji City

Baoji is located in the west of the Central Shaanxi Plain of Shaanxi province. Due to theplentiful sunshine, hot rainy season, mild climate, fertile soil and few natural disasters, IT is anoptimum core production area of apples throughout the whole country or even the world.After nearly50years of development, the apple industry has gained the rapid […]

The Current Situation and Government Counter-Measures in the Development of Culture Industry in Ordos

Culture industry has played a more and more significant role in urban and even national development since1950s, and academia and community started to pay more attention to culture industry. Many countries and regions draw up various culture industry development strategies and development plans in light of their own characteristics. The study on current situation and […]

Research on Internal Control of Chinese Commercial Banks

The financial turmoil caused by U.S. subprime mortgage crisis is graduallydispersed, and the world economy is moving toward recovery. The origin of thefinancial crisis originated from banking deregulation, and increased holdings ofsubprime loans, which led to the crisis from spreading to the world, causing the globalfinancial tsunami. With the continuous development of the world economy,globalization, […]

The Current Situation of Ping Yao Lacquerware Industrialization

Ping Yao Polished Lacquerware is famous for its palm polishing and the golden-tracedcolour painting artistry.IT had ascended into “the Four Great Lacquerware of China” since QingDynasty. After the founding of People’s Republic of China,Ping Yao Polished Lacquerwarestepped into the golden times of mass production on the encouragement of national policy,duringwhich IT produced plenty of exquisite […]

China’s Agricultural Land Reform of Property Rights

At present, China’s implementation of urban land is owned by the state, ruralland is owned by collectives, farmers enjoy the contract and management rights ofthe land. With the accelerating of the urbanization and the process ofindustrialization, excessive population growth and resources are suppliedinsufficient, this contradiction is constantly deepened. on the one hand, IT resultsthe growing […]

Culture Creative Industry Park Development Model Research

The prosperity of contemporary cultural creative industry source was presentedthe concept of creative industry. Britain is the world’s first through the governmentto promote the development of creative industries, to achieve the national. Around2000, the industry has been considerable development in the world, some countriesin Europe, America and Japan as the representative, vigorously develop the culturaland […]

Forestry Enterprise Financing Behavior Research

Along with market competition intensifying, and the Chinese enterprise property rights system reform further deepening, especially after the eighteenth big Agricultural industrialization policy implement gradually, Chinese Agricultural enterprise will also greatly increased the number of mergers and acquisitions and scale, this will inevitably require diversified financing tools for their cooperation. Expect through the financing theory […]