DengXiaoping as the stylist of Chinese reformation and modernization…

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DengXiaoping as the stylist of Chinese reformation and modernization, use for reference of experience and theory of the world modernization, he is established in practical the situation of our country, and band the development theory of Marxism with the present situation of China for together, summarize the experience of modern time, post the essence and rule of the construction of socialistic modernization. He answer the question of that how to implement the socialistic modernization in our country, and achieve to the wealthy, welfare for people and national renascent. He form the theory of modernization for China. DengXiaoping’ s theory of modernization is the development theory of Marxism in present China.The article strive a series of expatiate in the Basic thinkings of DengXiaoping, from the its history condition and thinking source to dredge up and tease the primary content of the modernization theory of DengXiaoping, explain its logic structure, worth meaning and the innovation of angle, consequently, we post the the modernization theory of DengXiaoping to direct significance for the construction of Well-off Society.


Deng’s Theoretical Contribution to Marxism Since the Reform and Opening Up Started

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Since she was born90years ago, China Communist Party has led Chinese peopleto attain great achievements on revolution, construction and reform. The fundamentalreason for those achievements is that CPC always adheres to the Masses View and themass line. Under the specific historical condition of China’s Social development, asthe key person of the second generation of collective leadership and the founder ofsystem of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Deng Xiaoping not only carries onthe Masses View by Marx and Mao, but also develops it and innovates. The MassesView goes through the whole Deng Xiaoping Theory.Based on the practice in the reform and opening-up and Socialist ModernizationDrive, Deng further expounds the Masses View of Marxism. He sets up criteria forevery work, i.e., the people’s opinions and three favorables. The Masses View byDeng forms and develops on the bases of the pros and cons of China‘s socialconstruction, lessons of other nations’ failure and success and the thinking ofdifficulties and problems. He integrates the Masses View, the idelogiical line of CPC,the essence and Basic task of socialism, reform and opening-up and Party building,and combines the Masses View with the theory of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics, thus enrich the contents of the Masses View, bring into it clear-cutfeatures of the era.Maintaining and practicing the Masses View of Deng is the NecessaryRequisition of constructing the core value system of socialism, the intrinsic need ofbuilding Harmonious Society and the essential guarantee to realize a Fairly Well-offSociety. In new era, we should take Deng’s Masses View as a guideline to study newsituations, to solve new problems, to maintain ties with the masses, to protect themasses’ Basic interest, to favor the grass-roots units and to resolve the contradiction atthe grass-roots level and in the bud. When practice the Masses View we should becautious to use the correct scientific methods. First, we should energeticallystrengthen Party Building, exert power for the people, think with them and makeinterest for them. Second, we should maintain and improve the Masses line andmaintain close relationship between Party and Masses. Last but not least, we shouldstudy and investigate the core and central issue concerning the Masses’ interest andpay attention to livelihood and opinions of the Masses.


Research on Agricultural Modernization Thinking of Deng Xiaoing

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Agricultural modernization thinking of Deng Xiaoping is a in heritageand development of Marx’s Agricultural modernization thinking and MaoZedong`s. It is a modern Marxism with the practice of agriculturalmodernization, a significant thinking basis of making agriculturaldevelopment strategy of our party and a strong and powerful thinking toolfor leading modern agricultural and rural work.Deng Xiaoping’s agricultural modernization thinking develops on thebackground of changes over the world. It absorbs the successful lessons ofdeveloped countries, meanwhile, Mao Zedong`s agricultural modernizationthinking provides a solid theoretical basis for it. The experience and lessonsof development of agriculture after the establishment of new China providea consultant, and a practical basis is supplied by the new situation after thereform and opening up. It is regarded that Deng Xiaoping’s agriculturalmodernization thinking is an in heritage, enrichment and development ofMarxism and Mao Zedong`s theory, which is set on the basis of successfulexperience of agricultural modernization in and out of China.DengXiaoping’s agricultural modernization thinking develops and enriches alongwith the core line of the thinking that relations of production adaptsproductivity and changes with the national situation of China, aims atenhancing the development of national economy and is highly with Chinesecharacteristics.This thesis consists of three parts. Part one introduces thebackground as well as the reasons and conditions of the formation of DengXiaoping’s agricultural modernization thinking. Part two discusses thedetailed content of the thinking. It is hold that the thinking is along anecessary way of Chinese agricultural development, the twice rapiddevelopment and science as the first productivity, the three core lines. Thesignificance of this thinking is also discussed in this part. Part three mainly introduces the characteristics and practical guiding significance of thethinking. The thinking is rich in content and the solutions to solve problemrelated to rural area, farmers and rural residents make agriculture a basis ofthe economy development.The thinking points out that agricultural modernization is essential forChina’s agriculture development. During the agricultural modernization, theadvanced science and technology should be the basis; developingproductivity should be the aim. Only developing from the practice andinsisting on a scientific development, can a new socialist countryside withChinese characteristic be established.


A Comparative Analysis on Strategic Developement Thoughts between Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping

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【Abstract】 The imbalance of regional economy’s development is the problem every country faces. In order to bring it into a line, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping carried forward the ideas of the development of regional economy with their own characteristics under the background and the conditions they faced at that time. By the means that combines history with logic, this essay scans from historical point the inheritance and change of their socialism strategies of regional economy beyond time and place, and analyses the difference, the commonplace, the inner relation and various features, and the reasons of the two strategies from their forming conditions, their policies and effect on economy, their developing features and their meaning. Based on that, the essay analyses the reasonability and limitation of the two strategies with considerate thinking, which draws a conclusion that they can be traced to the same origin, and Deng’s imbalance development is the inheritance and a creation of Mao’s balance development of the regional economy. Sticking to the scientific opinion of development and carrying forward the strategy of the imbalanced and coordinated development is a reasonable choice for the strategy of China’s regional Economic development.


Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin’s Employment Theory and the Countermeasure Analysis of Solving the Current Employment Problem

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【Abstract】 Employment is an important factor that influence the Economic development in an all-round way and the achievements of reform and opening-up. It is also a big Social problem which concerns hundreds of millions of people’s vital interests and the political stabilization. Creating employment has become one of the greatest tasks for the global development. As an Economic phenomenon, unemployment is an unavoidable result when the productivity develops into a certain stage. It has nothing to do with the Social system. Unemployment is a complicated Social phenomenon and it results from many aspects such as economy, politics, history and culture. The employment is an economic problem as well as a sensitive social concern.. Whether China’s reform will finally succeed and the society will keep steady or not depends on the employment of our country to much degree.Since the foundation of the state, leaders of the country and the Party have paid much attention to the employment problem. As the general designer of reform and opening-up and the core of the second generation of leading collective, Deng Xiaoping paid much attention to solving the employment problem of our country. During the process of guiding socialist revolution and construction, he pointed out thedirection and road to solve the employment problem under the conditions of market economy, carried on a series of reforms to the employment system and put forward a lot of new thoughts. Since the fourth plenary session of the 13th Central Committee of the Party, the third generation of central leading collective taking Jiang Zemin as the core, persist in solving the employment problem with the reform spirit, have made great contributions and developments to Deng Xiaoping’s employment theory, have created a lot of employment thoughts which are more scientific and practical and have pointed out the road and direction to solve our country’s present employment problem.At present, in our country, there are many labour forces and the employment pressure is great. What is more, the funds and resources are relatively insufficient and the economic development level is low. Facing the serious employment problem, according to Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin’s employment theories, we must draw the successful experience of solving the employment problem home and abroad and take a series of measures suiting China’s concrete national conditions


Deng Xiaoping’s Technology and Economy Combination of Thought Research

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【Abstract】 Deng Xiaoping’s technology and economy combination of the thought is a theoretical and important contents in Deng Xiaoping.This thought is under the new ages term, becoming gradually with develop something to get up in developments had the fulfillment of the Chinese characteristic socialism.Deng Xiaoping concerning science technique is distributed with the thought that economy combination in Deng Xiaoping’s many conversations with in the report, study this a thought, benefit to complete, comprehend accurately with full with confidence the spirit substance of this thought, guide our fulfillment more aware of self. This thesis is divided into five chapters totally:The first part analyzed primarily Deng Xiaoping’s technology joins together with economy the international local background that thought become, the international background express primarily in the aspects of threely, the booming rise in revolution in technology in history, third time of the international community the rise and fall alive or dead changes direction the peace with the ages topic and development.The local background includes primarily the humiliation history, Cultural Revolution that modern age China fall behind suffers beating the precept that result in important losing with traditional system technology and the irregularity that economy become disjointed.The second part analyzes primarily Deng Xiaoping’s technology joins together with economy the theories foundation of the thought formation, including the technology view that mark think with Deng Xiaoping’s comrade” the science technique is the first productivity” of technology the theory breaks.The third part main analysis realize this a four Basic paths that thought:The economy development turns the point , the important parts,having yourself status and so on. The four-partcent clarified practical this a the thought should have the good system guarantees, primarily is to request to be deep to turn the technology system reformation.This four-part cent is a point that this text discuss.The last part primarily is complement analyzes Deng Xiaoping’s technology joins together with economy to thought at leads newly collective descend of spread to accept with develop.

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Marx’s Human Resource Theory and Its Significance in the Present Age

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【Abstract】 In the Marx’s classical works, Marx has showed the rich and profound human resources theory. These points of view are mainly in the person of the explanation and usage of the concept of “labor force”, such as the usage in his value of labor theory ,surplus value theory ,educational theory and the Philosophy thoughts . It shows the characters that the human-oriented Economic thoughts respect to the laboring and the laborers. Deng XiaoPing’s human resources theory is developed in the course of exploring the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and searching the economy intrinsic motive power, and is formed and developed in the study and research of the Marx’s classical labor doctrines. It is the inheritance and development of the thoughts of the Marx’s human resources, and also the important component parts of the thoughts of the Marx’s human resources.In the age of the knowledge economy, high-quality human resources are the important resources to decide the development of the economy. At present, the present development situations of human resources in China seriously restrict the development of economy: the limitation of the traditional theories results in neglecting the development of the human resources, the phenomenon of Surplus labor resources and excess scarce of the talents resources are simultaneous existence, and the conflicts between the Investment and efficiency of the human resources and so on. Therefore, we must take the relative policies, and construct the new development system of the human resources fitting to the situation of our country, and receive the challenge of the knowledge economy, however, it needs a scientific theory as the guide. Therefore, the Marx’s human resources theory will guide the great practice of the construction of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, and promote the development and construction of the human resources .

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Deng Xiaoping’s Thinking on People’s Livelihood and New Rural Construction

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【Abstract】 Construction of new countryside has made tremendous achievements in rural areas, but the urgent need to improve people’s livelihood. Livelihood issues are important to quality of life of ordinary people. Marxist classical writers on the development of people’s livelihood laid an important foundation to the livelihood of the ideological thinking of Deng Xiaoping. “The development of production, affluent life, civilization, clean village, and democratic Management” are the new five rural development objectives. Specifically: the construction of new rural general requirements are: to promote modern agriculture, to consolidate the achievements of Agricultural development; to promote and keep rural incomes, to improve their living standards; to strengthen infrastructure construction, to protect ecological environment in rural areas; to develop rural Social undertakings, to train new farmers ; to strengthen democracy, to improve the farmers and political participation. In addition, the new rural construction can strengthen agriculture as the foundation , ensure the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, cultivate farmers ecological awareness and increase their overall quality, then to achieve a harmonious socialist society.People’s livelihood and career development is the fundamental task of new rural construction and the ultimate goal. Deng Xiaoping’s thinking of extremely rich people’s livelihood, including: to stabilize food production and ensure that the people live; to listen to people’s needs and actively arrange the people’s livelihood; to care for people and resolve livelihood issues; to develop a diversified economy and improve the standard of living; to improve the living conditions and improve the quality of people’s livelihood ; to develop township enterprises and increase their income. Deng Xiaoping’s thinking on people’s livelihood and the Basic features are: the development of Social productive forces is the fundamental task of building the people’s livelihood; “two civilizations” is the Basic form to improve people’s livelihood; “three benefits” is the overall standard of the people’s livelihood; common prosperity are essential to the development of goal of the people’s livelihood.Deng Xiaoping’s thinking on the livelihood has some theoretical and practical significance to the new rural construction. Stable development of grain production is the production of top priority; increasing the income of peasants is the basic of material basis of life; spiritual civilization is the moral guarantee of Rural Civilization; hearing their voices is the key to democratic Management. Therefore, we should stabilize grain production and production, increase farmers income and affluent rural civilization and spiritual civilization, hear their voices and Management perspective of democracy, and promote a new socialist countryside construction as the guide of the people’s livelihood of Deng Xiaoping.