Research on Function Play of Tianqiao Federation of Industry and Commerce in Jinan

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With the steadily improving of China’s socialism market economy system and fast development of economical globalization, the non-public sector of the economy has been the important part of socialism market economy system. The Federation of Industry and Commerce (also known as FIC), as a communication channel between the government and the non-public economy and an assistant of the government in managing and servicing the non-public economy, has been playing an active role around its “United front, Economic, non-governmental” characteristics.Since1991,the FIC has undertook the responsibilities to promote healthy development of non-public-owned economy representatives and non-public-owned economy. In recent years, due to an increasingly important role in Economic and Social development and the special position of the new class of non-public ownership economy, the Mission of the Federation is becoming even heavier. In fact, The Federation of Industry and Commerce have some positive effect around the missions of “three characteristics”.However, because of the history and particularities of the political and Economic system, on the whole, the function of federations of organizations has been far behind the development of non-public sectors of the economy. Due to the incorrect location, the “three characteristics” appear the imbalance phenomenon, for example, the inadequate service for the members, the less cohesive force, the less representativeness, the less construction force, because of these factors, they cannot be suitable to the current situation of non-public economy system, which has become the essential problem of the normal operation.Since the foundation of the federation of industry and commerce in Tianqiao District, it is serving as the channels, and leading the non-public members to take part in the political activities, work better in the party construction, improve the service, represent the interests of the members and make good effect in working. With the non-public economy development, the FIC also obtains development. This paper, taking Tianqiao Federation of Industry and Commerce for an typical example, is written in view of finding the problems of development, the key of the road of the FIC development as well as the current situation and potential problems of the FIC. Furthermore, the paper has made some suggestions of solving the problem of suiting the socialism market economy system and the reality of Jinan, aiming to make the best use of the FIC in advancing the local economy development and popular chamber and commerce development, and realize that the development both The FIC and non-public economy.


Shangqiu Tourism Human Resources Development

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Tourism as a sunrise industry, has become the world’s largest industry. China’s tourism industry in the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 World Expo and the Asian Games and other large gathering of success, access to an unprecedented opportunity for development, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. In recent years, the tourism industry on the demand trend of increasing year by year, but the supply and training of tourism personnel is relatively slow, travel professionals how to effectively solve the supply and demand market, a top priority.Shangqiu tourism sector in national policies to develop the tertiary industry under the guidance of the Henan provincial government to actively implement the Tourism Development Strategy, that “tourism Province ” strategy, policy background, is Shangqiu municipal government As the city’s important Economic pillars and new Economic growth point to nurture. In the party committee and government promotion efforts, tourism development has intensified, tourism development, improving the environment, tourism and Investment is growing, tourism practitioners has expanded steadily, the overall image of the more distinctive tourism, tourist number and tourism revenue is growing, tourism industry The contribution of Social and economic development has been increasing. With the continuous development and expansion of the tourism industry, tourism, human resource development in the existing contradictions gradually revealed.This paper Shangqiu travel through the structure of human resources analysis, detection and resolution of tourism personnel structure and human resource Management problems and put forward opinions and suggestions and strive to solve the lack of tourism professionals, the lack of new form of personnel, employees Low quality, lack of systemic issues such as personnel training. Meanwhile, tourism human resources Shangqiu survey, analyzed the city’s tourism human resources development of the characteristics and laws, and accurate positioning human needs, human resources for the city’s future tourism development and tourism administration department decisions.This paper surveys and statistics, tourism human resources Shangqiu analysis of the status and found that the existing personnel system and human concept, tourism human resources development, utilization, there are some problems, such as tour operators and the Basic quality of Education, Low technical level, age structure is low, lack of experience; tourism personnel instability, mobility; Tourism Talent Education is not strong, lack of tourism professionals, the new format shortage of talent; tourism Management, research, services, etc. Institutions incomplete; the introduction of mechanisms for failure of high-quality personnel training; inadequate Management services department. Through the talents of various kinds of tourism volume, structure and quality of the State of the analysis, the need to strengthen leadership, develop policies to speed up tourism personnel training; integration of resources, building the city’s tourism education and training system; focus, speed up the training needed personnel; Strengthen the Investment, building information networks and some tourism training programs and targeted measures.

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The Design and Manufacture of Multimedia Network Courseware on Teenager Physical Exercise

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Multimedia network courseware is making multimedia website as thefoundation, using a variety of modern media way, including images, video,music, network animation and so on, thus completing the learners to bring allkinds of information resources and knowledge of the science learning platform.This topic using network technology and Computer software, develop a set ofteaching, training, practice, discussion, the answer is a multimedia networkcourseware, hope to develop the perfect function, interactive performance isgood, can solve the problems of the youth physical stamina training, and alsoto the sports field after of multimedia courseware development, multimedianetwork courseware of research and development to provide certain referenceand help. This topic research results will be all for capital physicaleducation college professor of LiHongJiang hosted the national Social sciencefund key projects “national fitness service system innovation theory anddevelopment strategy research” subject service, for young people’s physicalexercise contribute, and for the nationwide fitness campaign do a littleshould to do work.This subject mainly adopts the method of literature review of theliterature about multimedia network courseware summarized and classification,in a large number of documents about the subject to find out the literature,and using data statistics will be involved in the literature data forconsolidation, and use of courseware manufacture method on the Swiss ballphysical stamina training multimedia network courseware, including hundredsof many photo of shooting, professional video of shear, a variety of musicof the synthesis and cooperate, dozens of the writing of the script,50isthe web page design, the use of the form, and finally achieve a complete networkcourseware, generating a complete static and dynamic web site, from the simplePPT format CAI, and realizing the use of the Internet and Computer operationon the network of the use function, but also realize the online interactionof function, these realized in multimedia network courseware making theinnovation and the ascension, and draw the following conclusion:1, Swiss ball network courseware with advanced equipment and means ofphysical training, have much discipline theory for support, combined with theSwiss ball training its characteristics and laws, according to the websiteof the type used to make the design of principle, this is consistent with the modern Education idea and thought.2, use Swiss ball this training equipment to as the courseware trainingtools, can arouse the enthusiasm of the training and learners, the trainingand development of the thinking in the training and innovation ability.Three, use Swiss ball as physical stamina training tools to makingmultimedia network courseware, help in the training set up their own physicalstamina training the appearance of technical movements, can quick time todifferent parts of the body training methods and skills, improve their ownyouth physical exercise level.Suggestions in the sports teaching process using multimedia networkcourseware, increase of multimedia network courseware development.


Research on the Exploitation and Employment of Female Human Resource in Our Nation

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In the 30 years of the reformation and openness, the economy of our country makes a quick development, and the female human resource plays a important role ,it can not be replaced .it is no doubt that the female human resource is very important for the development. Under the present situation, our country is still very urgent to get the talented person. As the development of the globalization, the competition of the talent becomes more and more heat. In our country, the number of female approximately accounts for fifty percent. Besides the particular role of the female, they are the mover for the development of Social. And they also decide the quality of the people who will be born in the future years. But the portion of the talent female in our country is not high. They are excessively concentrating some tradition industry, it is not only wasted the human resource, but also made effect on the development of some industry.The essay from side of the exploration and employment of female human resources gives the new concept of the human female talent resource under the new situation, and makes a description in detail on the present conditions of female talent resources development and utilization in China, and analyzes the deep reasons why female human talent resources have not been fully developed and utilized. There are several conclusions about this researching. First, the female talent resources are these women who have special skills or knowledge, and it is not different from educational background and status and business line. Second, the percentage of the female human resources is high, but the portion of female talent resources is low, so we must transfer the female human resources to the female talent resources. Lastly, the utilization of female talent resources is not enough, the government and the Enterprise and the female themselves are the main reason caused the phenomenon.


It is a significant theoretical and practical question how CPC under…

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It is a significant theoretical and practical question how CPC understand and deal with the development Problem, To this question study: On the one hand, it is advantageous to opening up the Communist party history study field of vision, providing the important reference for constructing the Chinese characteristic development theory. On the other hand, Study will provide important reference to China society in 21st century through to the scientific summary and study on the successful experience. It can make us set up and implement the Scientific Development View. Simultaneously, it will also provide the precious reference to the future development of the developing country. In this thesis writing, I utilize the method of applying theory to reality, the combination of history and treatment, the synthetic study method of the politics, history and sociology.The thesis is formed by four parts. First ,based on the review of the progress of development view, the thesis makes the contemporary explanation to the development essence and connotation;Second, according to understanding difference of the development connotation, unifying the development advancement of Chinese society. I carry on the explicit stage division and the proof of the party’s development idea after the founding of the PRC. The key part of thesis is the third part, the thesis carries on the comprehensive systematical summary and explanation from the different angle of view and the stratification plane to the party. Namely: The development must have the scientific idea, must choose the correct development path, must formulate and implement the scientific developmental strategy, must hold the historical opportunity, must persist in the system, innovation, must take the economical development as the basis, must advance the politics development and culture development, the development must take person’s development as the center and realize person’s full scale development. Finally, this thesis points out the development problem is connected with the socialism fate, we must implement the Scientific Development View and impel contemporary China’s development practice.


The Development of Chinese Political Culture and Construction of a Harmonious Socialism Society in the Contemporary

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The political culture roles as the foundation and predetermination in setting up the harmonious socialism society. Political culture is the inner dynamic to propel the development of political civilization, which will directly affect political stability of a country, validity of political system and Social and Economic development. We must adapt to the variety of our society and the request with situation, actually strengthen the construction of the socialistic political culture, which will push forward construction of harmonious society, promote society of overall development and progress. The targets of constructing political culture are construction of the advanced political culture, the development socialism political civilization with Chinese special features, changing the Chinese traditional political culture into modernistic political culture. It is an urgent theories and realistic task to meet the new challenge, strengthen the construction of Chinese political culture, construct harmonious society of socialism, propel the development of political civilization and political democratization, modernization and the rule of law. On the analysis and comparison of research products of political culture from home to abroad, a fundamental path to propel the modernization of political culture is put forward by the writer, which is to develop the material civilization, cultivate consciousness of citizenship, innovate the political cultural. Among them, developing productivity is the precondition, cultivating consciousness of citizenship is the key factor, modernizing the traditional political culture is important contents, innovating the political cultural is inevitability trend in the construction of political culture.


Research on the Morphological Structure and Development of Spodoptera litura Prothoracic Glands and Gonads

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Spodoptera litura, also known as Prodenia litura, belonged to Lepidoptera,Noctuidae. Spodoptera litura was a worldwide omnivorous Agricultural pest and itoutbroke frequently in China in recent years, damaging the field crops and vegetables.Now in China, the major control to S.litura was chemical pesticide. However, theabuse of chemical pesticide damaged the environment and led that the S.lituradeveloped strong drug resistance. Therefore, we need to do more research onphysiological function of the S.litura to find efficient method to control the S.litura.Prothoracic glands and gonads (spermaries and ovaries) were importantendocrine organs in insects. The functions of prothoracic glands were synthesizingand secreting ecdysone, which controlled insects’ growth, development and ecdysis.Gonads produced sperms and ova to multiply insect population. These two glandsplayed an important part in insect developing and breeding. The S.litura’sdevelopment and growth law were studied to find ways of weakening and blockingtheir functions, which would provide the S.litura control with new way.This paper focused on prothoracic glands and gonads and applied artificial rearing, microanatomy, protein electrophoresis method to observe and study themorphological structure and growth of prothoracic glands and gonads. This wouldprovide new efficient way of controlling the S.litura with experiment basis and theoryguidance.The prothoracic glands of S.litura were in pair with Y-type, consisted of53roundor oval cells and surrounded with transparent vaginal tunica. From4thinstar larvae topupa, the number of prothoracic gland cells had no significant difference and nomitosis, so we inferred prothoracic gland cells had no cell division. We found thediameter of S.litura prothoracic glands and the weight and length of S.litura hadsignificant relevance by correlate analysis. The diameter of prothoracic gland cellsand weight of larvae fitting curve equation: Y=82.1X0.263. The diameter ofprothoracic gland cells and length of larvae fitting curve equation: Y=e(4.781-1.863/Z).We cultured120prothoracic gland cells in29℃Grace’s culture solution for6hours and made cell homogenate and culture solution sample implement SDS-PAGEelectrophoresis. The result showed there was no significant prothoracic gland culturesolution band.The spermaries of S.litura were located between the second and third proleg nearthe back, parallel and kidney-shaped. They fused together into globosity structure inpupa. The long axis of spermaries increased from462.28±12.17μm at the1stday of4thinstar to2130.77±73.41μm at the4thday of6thinstar and decreased to1900.98±47.06μm in prepupa stage. The minor axis of spermaries was266.89±6.94μm at the1stday of4thinstar, It increased to1345.04±53.38μm at the3thday of6thinstar andmaintained at1300μm from the end of6thinstar to prepupa stage. After the twospermaries fused, the diameter of spermaries increased steadily in pupa and decreasedin adult until the S.litura died. We found the long axis length of S.litura spermariesand the weight and length of S.litura had significant relevance in larval stage bycorrelate analysis. We also found the minor axis length of S.litura spermaries and theweight of S.litura in larval stage had significant relevance. However, the minor axislength of S.litura spermaries had no significant relevance with the length of S.litura.In larval stage, ovaries were translucent opalescent, oval and surrounded with transparent membrane. In adult, ovaries differentiated8ovarioles. Ovariole was longand transparent with ovum arranging densely. We divided5stages by ovariesmorphological characteristics, and they were transparent opalescent stage, yolkdeposition stage, premature stage, mature and oviposition stage, post-ovipositionstage. The long axis of ovaries was143.31±12.96μm at the1stday of4thinstar andincreased to591.55±86.24μm on the2ndday in prepupa stage. The minor axis ofovaries increased from110.1±12.56μm at the1stday of4thinstar to315.1±43.61μmat the3rdday of6thinstar and maintained at310μm from the end of6thinstar toprepupa stage. The length of variole increased in pupa and decreased in adult until theS.litura died. We found the long axis length of S.litura ovaries and the weight andlength of S.litura in larval stage had significant relevance by correlate analysis.However, the minor axis length of S.litura ovaries had no significant relevance withthe weight or length of S.litura.


The Overseas Chinese Communities in Zhongshan City during the Time of Republic of China and “Overseas Comrade Community”

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In overseas Chinese long history, community culture is a very important component, but the study of it is relatively weak. In Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, which is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, there was a organization called “Zhongshan overseas comrade community “. It was created under Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s personal instruction, having comparatively large impact among dozens of mass organizations created by the overseas Chinese who were born in Zhongshan. It also has existed for quite a long time. This paper based on records, and other relevant documentation, will do a preliminary study of the ups and downs about the “Comrade community “,and make the suitable appraisal to its characteristic, the function and the main figures on the foundation for clearing of its history. Also I will attempt to take ” Comrade community ” as a case, reviewing the overseas Chinese communities in Zhongshan city during the time of republic of china, in order to make a foundation for further study.


Researches on the Development and Design of Tourist Souvenir of Xiaoxiang Eight Views

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Eight Views of Xiaoxiang as the crown of the natural landscape of Hunan province, have been the favorite destinations for travellers, poets and painting artists. A multitude of literary and artistic works were created as a result and have casted a lasting influence upon a huge population. As a value-added industry, the making of tourist souvenirs have drawn greater attention from more and more countries, governments at all levels and scenic spots. Developing the souvenirs is for better protection, inheritance and enrichment of the cultural spirits emanating from Eight Views of Xiaoxiang.The thesis adopts a historical and cultural approach, employs multiple research methods (analytical research, comparative summary, and combination of practice and theory), analyses from diverse perspectives the strategy and thinking for developing and designing the souvenirs. It takes one of the sceneries, Evening Snow on the River, as a practical case for designing purpose. The thesis consists of five chapters laid out in logical order Research Introduction, Theoretical Interpretation, On-site Investigation, Development Approach and Designing Practice.First of all, the thesis encompasses domestic and foreign researches, defines certain concepts related to Eight Views of Xiaoxiang and tourist souvenirs, analyses the brilliant cultural legacy of the sights concerning literary figures, landscape wonders, and hermit traditions. Also, the author explores the meaning and characteristics of the souvenirs. Basing on these efforts, the author discusses the value of developing the souvenirs in terms of Economic growth, cultural legacy protection and promotion.Secondly, the thesis focuses on tapping the cultural and geographical resources of Eight Views of Xiaoxiangs, proposes from different aspects strategies for developing tourist souvenirs. These strategies can be summarized as accentuating reginal culture according to market demands, building cultural brand centered around historical and cultural values and emphasizing individual difference guided by the entirety of style. A whole series of principles are indespensible to souvenir designing, i.e., humanity, artistic orientation, and inter-connection. The cultural meanings, i.e., literary traditions, landscape wonders, regional culture, hermit traditions and Zen culture, are expressed in elements of visual delivery designs such as graphics, appearances, material and colors.Finally, the thesis takes Evening Snow on the River as an example. The author analyses local features of the scenery, collects the results of tourist questionnaire on the scenery, and adopts a scientific approach to understand tourist demands for souvenir design. Combining both efforts, the author conceives the approach to designing the souvenirs, and produces tentative works such as stamps, T-shirts with cultural themes, umbrellas, and postcards.


With the development of the educational technology,the aptitude of t…

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With the development of the educational technology,the aptitude of the educational technology has played an essential role in teachers’ teaching abilities.As an important means of improving teachers’ educational technology,the educational technology training has been gradually spread throughout the country.With the deepening of training,the traditional face-to-face training mode can not meet the practical requirements,because it has some shortages:training period is short,the cost is high,ineffectiveness,lack of autonomy.The training based on E-learning sovles the problems in some extent.Although the educational technology training mainly provides training sources in China,including BBS,Blog,WIKI, Chatting Room etc.,short of efficient organization and design,its Social function cannot be used in the educational technology trainingAs for the questions above,our study will bring the theory of Networked Learning Community into the design and development of the educational technology training,combining the relevant teaching software to design theories and methods on the basis of improving the training qualities and effects of the educational technology training in virtue of the teachers’ educational technology training from the theory of Networked Learning Community.This paper firstly reviews the suggestion of the study,the recent study,the meaning of study and the main methods,and deeply analyzes the theories of Networked Learning Community,the study characteristics of the teachers’ group,the teachers’ educational technology training and the meaning towards this study.Then,the paper designs the teachers’ educational technology training process on the basis of Networked Learning Community.Based on these,this article has designed in detail in the functional structure and database of the platform with regard to the theory of teaching software improvement,and as a blueprint,it develops teachers’ educational technology training platform on the basis of Networked Learning Community.After the complete development,the platform is put into practice for a trial.And by investigation,some data feedback and results of evaluation are obtained,which means a lot to the development of the whole platform.It is not hard to know,by researching and practicing,the teachers’ educational technology training platform on the basis of Networked Learning Community is an effective training platform.In order to gain better communication,cooperation and discussion,both trainers and trainees can use the platform to construct Networked Learning Community,which help trainee to promotion the aptitude of the educational technology.Of course,it is just the beginning.Many problems on it still need to be faced in future.