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Research on the Inheritance and Development of Dangyangyu MarbldWare

Dangyangyu MarbledWare with its unique production process and from the inside and carcass decorative effect is so famous, IT will be of practical aesthetics in one set, the shape and decoration combined altitude, from technique to artistic attainments and from forms to the cultural connotation has a unique side. In the modern Social and cultural […]

Government’s Role in the Development of China’s Family Service Problems and Countermeasures

Nanny, hourly employee, cleaner, Month sister-in-law, Nursing, workers, private teacher,Family doctor, nutritionists, Plastic body fitness guidance division, Condiment tasting division, Family financial adviser……These professional name all belong to a common “home”–Family services. Family services for all kinds of family is provide a variety of services to meet the needs of the industry life households. The […]

Jiangxi Y International Freight Transportation Agent Limited Company Developmental Strategy Research

Along with our country to further promote foreign opening, China has become an international trading power, and as an international trade-international freight forwarders necessary means the industry has developed rapidly, and a large number of international freight forwarding enterprise was born, so competition is so fierce, with the2008global economic crisis began, in addition the yuan […]

Research on Development of Agricultural Science&Technology in Shaanxi since1949

Science and technology is the first productivity. The development of agriculture andrural economy´╝îthe great improvement of the land utilization rate´╝îlabor productivity andcommodity rate´╝îand the improvement of integral beneficial result´╝îmust rely on science andtechnology progress. On2005´╝î Premier Wen Jiabao has noted´╝î”development agriculture torely on policy´╝îrely on investment´╝îin the final analysis should rely on science andtechnology.”Shaanxi is […]

The Comparative Research about the National Defense Industry Development between China and India after the New China Was Founded

China was liberated in1949, China’s industrial production accounted for only the twenty-sixth in theworld, the backward economic strength made the Chinese were unable to establish sufficient to protect thesecurity of the state and the people’s national defense industry. Therefore, China’s defense industry startedfrom scratch relying on the assistance of the Soviet Union. After the development […]

The Study on Small Town Development of Yingshan under New Rural Construction Background

The small town is the bridge between city and rural, and its development is important to promote rapid economic progress of urban and rural, lower employment pressures and shorten the income gap between urban and rural areas. Especially, under new rural construction background, IT is particularly important because IT is the Basic task of new […]

Research on the Development of Farmers’s Specialized Cooperatives

Farmer Specialty Cooperatives is a very important power to the modern agriculture construction. The developing of the farmer specialty cooperatives has great realistic meaning for solving the contradiction between the peasant economy and large market, increasing farmers’income, promoting the industrialization of agriculture, improving Agricultural comprehensive competitiveness and accelerating the socialist new rural construction. Farmer Specialty […]

Study on the Coordination Mechanism of Tanboocel Union

In the rapid development of global economic integration era, management guruPeter F Drucker said:” the competition among the enterprises is the product ofcompetition but the business model competition”. People’s idea, Social environment, theshortage of resources, ecological change…… Alliance does well resource integrationbusiness model. At present domestic and foreign research but the actual operation is notmuch, […]

Development Measurements on Industrial Concentrated Area in Songyuan City

Modern industrial park can reflect local economic development and socialprosperity,IT is the forerunner of modern new industrial development, demonstrationof investmentenvironment, and Concentration areas of science and technologyinnovation in a place,more and more governments and society take their focus andattention on this area, andconstructing economic development platform of industrypark was mentioned in theimportant agenda of economic […]

The Research of Dalian Municipal Government Support SME Development Countermeasure

With the reform and opening up30years, Small and medium-sized enterprises in Dalian experienced the magnificent course of development. As an important industrial base in north China, Dalian gathered a large number of small-and medium-sized enterprises. At present, There are more than100,000small and medium enterprises in our city, Accounting for over99%of the total. SME is an […]