An Analysis of Byatt’s Inheritance and Development of Woolf’s Feministic Thinking from Possession

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Generally acknowledged as an important precursor of modern feminist literary criticism, Virginia Woolf has showed her concerns with such issues as female identity and literary creations in many of her works; meanwhile, A.S. Byatt, hailed as “one of the most imaginative and intelligent writers of English today”, has, in her works, attentively concentrated on multiple aspects like female visions, arts and thoughts. Possession:A Romance (1990), as the zenith of Byatt’s literary creations, is filled with the author’s feministic thinking and shows striking parallels with that of Woolf in many aspects like themes, content, characterization, and narration. However, as a woman writer at the end of the20th century and the beginning of the21st century, Byatt has also exhibited many differences with Woolf in those aspects.This thesis tries to make a comparison between the feministic thinking of Woolf and Byatt by juxtaposing several of Woolf’s works and Byatt’s Possession, and probes into Byatt’s inheritance and development of Woolf from four aspects. First, both writers have focused on writing about women’s marginalized existential predicaments in history as well as in reality in their works, while Byatt puts more emphasis on depicting women’s situations in contemporary British academia. Then, both writers have strived to remold the distorted and alienated female images under the influence of the signalized male-dominated visions and discourse, and have established some new images of women. Yet, Byatt has made certain breakthroughs towards those new images characterized by Woolf. What’s more, both writers have actively competed for the rights of women voicing themselves in their creations. Compared with Woolf who has laid more emphasis on calling upon women writers, Byatt has made those diversified female images under her pen become the fictional representation of a larger female group. Lastly, Woolf encourages all women to pursue a writing career boldly and promotes some innovative ideas on women’s writing in some of her works. Directed by those ideas, Woolf is actively engaged in inventing distinctive styles of female language and structure and practicing diversified forms of literature and narrative strategies. Byatt strikes a chord with Woolf in Possession on the concept of androgyny promoted in A Room of One’s Own. At the same time, since Possession is celebrated for its interlaced literature forms and breakage of the narrative limitations in the traditional novels, it demonstrates Byatt’s resonance with Woolf on her promotion of creating distinctive female discourse and narrative mode.Through a detailed analysis of some of Woolf s works and Possession, the thesis has endeavored to further unearth the commonality and continuity of Woolf and Byatt in aspects embracing female thoughts and creations in order to track the historical memory of women’s literary creations.


Physiological Regulation Mechanisms of the Cooperation of SeNPV and Microplitis Pallidipes Szepligeti on the Spodoptera Exigua

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Both Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) and Microplitis pallidipes Szepligeti arethe important regulators to the beet armyworm, S. exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) inthe fields, which paly a key role in sustainable control of S. exigua. In this study wetook the dominant species M. pallidipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and SeNPV as objects,and S. exigua as a target. Meanwhile, the combined effect of SeNPV and M.pallidipes on host growth development, immunodepression and physiologicalmetabolism was summarized as follows:1. The infected larvae grow more slowly, prolonged their4th instar duration, and1.8days were delayed than nonparasitized host larvae; the length of body, width ofbody and width of the head capsule all significantly shortened, and the weight of bodysignificantly decreased; the length of body, width of body, width of the head capsuleand the weight of body of all treatment combinations gradually increased with theprolong of the virus inoculation.2. Biochemical mechanism of S. exigua was affected by the combination ofSeNPV and M. Pallidipes. SeNPV affected the synthesis of protein in the hemolymphin which the content of total protein was just1.95mg/ml at first day after virusinoculation, while up to12.17mg/ml at the fifth day after virus inoculation; the proteincontents of the larvae which were firstly infected and then were parasitized, were allhigher than that of CK during the inoculation time except the first day after virusinoculation; the lowest total carbohydrate content in the hemolymph is just0.14mg/mat the first day after the larvae is parasitized, the total carbohydrate contents in thehemolymph for treatments of parasitization after virus inoculation and inoculationafter parasitization, were all lower than CK except the second day after virusinoculation when the total carbohydrate content was slightly higher than CK. The lipidcontents of treatments of parasitization after virus inoculation and inoculation afterparasitization at the first day after virus inoculation were all lower than CK, but thelipid content of treatment of only virus inoculation has no significantly difference than that of CK.3. Through observation of phase contrast microscopy, five types of hemocyteswere determined in the hemolymph of S. exigua larvae, namely Granulocytes,Plasmatocytes, Oenocytoids, Prohemocytes and Coagulocytes. When Sephadex G-50beads were injected into the larvae, they were soon encapsulated by the hemocytes, thecyst rate of later5th instar was93.3%,4th instar was90%, early5th instar was80%.67%of the beads were encapsulated at the1sthours after injection, the cyst rateincreased gradually with the prolong of injection time, up to97%at the9th hours afterinjection.The total hemocytes of the treatment group were increased first and thendecreased and subsequently increased compared with the control. The Number ofGranulocytes and Plasmatocytes involved in immune response have also changed.4. Humoral immunity in S. exigua is affected by the combination of SeNPV and M.pallidipes. The melanization reaction of the host was inhibited in each group. ThePhenoloxidase activity and LSZ activity of the infected group was decreased first andthen increased and subsequently decreased. The Phenoloxidase activity of treatmentsof parasitization after virus inoculation and inoculation after parasitization maintain alower level, which indicated that the Phenoloxidase activity is inhibited. The LSZactivities of treatment of parasitization after virus inoculation were all lower than thatof CK, but slightly higher than that of CK at the4th day after virus inoculation, andthere were significant difference at the2nd and4th day.5. The host protective enzymes were affected by virus inoculation. The value ofSOD activity of the infected larvae was up to the highest1,2.39U/mg, whereasgradually declined at the2nd day after virus inoculation. This indicated that theincrease of O2consumption led to the substantial increase of O2-and HO· in larvaebody, and further led to the obvious increases of SOD activity, so as to removeextensive free radicals. The CAT activity of the infected group was up to the largest16.78U/mg at the1st day after virus inoculation, whereas next gradually decreased.The POD activity of the infected group was significantly higher than that of CK at the1st and2nd day after virus inoculation. This indicated that virus infection led to theincrease of POD activity as well.


Cangzhou City Sports Tourism Present Situation Investigation and Development Countermeasure Research

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Sports tourism industry with the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standard and the development of emerging sunrise industry, sports tourism industry theory is the theoretical study of hot point, after the2008Olympic Games in Beijing, the domestic sports tourism and set off a round of upsurge, but on the whole, our country the development of sports tourism is still in primary stage. Sports tourism as an emerging industry and tourism, not only for the physical education and the development of sports industry development space, but also provided tourism industry sustainable use of tourism resources and development power, thus sports tourism has become a tourism product as an important branch of the tourism products and the future construction of a main di rection.In this paper, using the method of literature, questionnaire, interview, on-the-spot investigation, logical analysis, mathematical statistics and other research methods in Cangzhou city sports traveling present situation investigation and study. In the course of the study, to the current domestic and international sports tourism development status and research trends are reviewed, pointing out that the development of sports tourism possibilities, secondly, to the economic society of Cangzhou city development present situation as well as the sports tourism development scale, infrastructure and resource development were investigated and analyzed, the development of sports tourism in Cangzhou city Cangzhou city to accelerate economic and social development and meet the people’s growing demand for sports culture; at the same time, Cangzhou City, rich human resources in tourism and sports tourism resources, the regional superior location, convenient traffic conditions, the government attaches great importance to such conditions, not only for the development of sports tourism activities to create a good environment, but also for the the realization of sports tourism industry span type development has injected new vitality. In the present study also found that the masses of Cangzhou city sports tourism problems, and according to the problems found in the corresponding development countermeasure. Hope that through this study, can not only promote the Cangzhou City Sports Industry and tourism industry sustainable, rapid and healthy development, but also for further research on sports tourism theoretical reference, for administration and management departments to develop policies and the development of the market and provide a theoretical basis.


The Research of Protection and Development of Ancient Village

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According to the data survey of2011,There are many ancient vemacular villages inHebei Province.For example,WangNao vemacular villages,Ju Xian vemacular village,WangGu vemacular village.Historical and cultural heritage have a large of value. However,Due tothe system of legal protections are not perfect, The backward measures of protection,and theweak awareness of civil protection. A large number of historical and cultural heritage haveeverely damaged and dispearing in our world.Because of characteristics of disrepair,Theyneed to rescue! Expaning the special study of the ancient vemacular village and thedevelopment of conservation planning are the willingness of local vemacular villagers.At thesame time, Helping integrate ancient vemacular villages which have not apply for historicaland cultural heritage into the scope of protection. Improvement the protected content ofhistorical and cultural heritage.Continuing the local culture and Enhancing the spirit ofeducational attainments of the masses.According to the survey research, Wang Nao vemacular village has rich naturallandscape, such as maple hill, govt mountain and Beacon Hill. The second,Vemacular villagecontains a large number of human landscape. The vemacular village is built close to themountains, The spatial scale is2:1, The colour of building materials is green, The streetsalong the undulating terrain, turning the trend. Traditional architecture style blend of Northand South. Southern characteristic including dry stone wall, lime pointing, carved wall, ridgedtile-buckled type roof. Northern characteristic including the clear of vemacular village areaand the hierarchical structure of the courtyard. Foor ridge of the penthouse is circular arc. Thesoutheast corner of Avenue housing wall miss a corner。Vemacular village have the hugeamount of red ruins, such as the county government sites, south temple rock anti-japanesesite,the lives of zhu de, liu po-cheng, deng xiaoping, LiDeSheng, patriotic educationsignificance is extremely strong. At the same time,There are a lot of the religious temples,forexample,three Xiao grandma temple, Wenwu Temple. The third,rich atmosphere of vemacularvillage human environment.Including the traditional festivals of the grandmother Temple”Three vegetarian” section, flat tone, lazi,Jing knitting, weaving and four Zeng cloth,WangshuTang, Wang Shunan celebrity rank things. In response to these rich historicalvalue,we shoud establish evaluation index system, confirme that Wang Nao vemacular villagealready has the qualifications declared national historical and cultural heritage, shouldimmediately to protect. But village protection faces many problems.China’s ancientvemacular villages have no clear definition and protection rulesl. Vemacular villagers have understands insufficiency of traditional architectural conservation valueand,they arepursuiting of modern life.All of those make them give up traditional residential architecture ormake only”superficial changes”on the traditional architecture or build new houses.And thesame time, The fund of protect the vemacular village has shortage, All of those make theprotion difficult.For this,vemacular village development should keep the original and thecontinuity principle, display and publicity principle, hierarchical protection principle, theprinciple of capital; According to the specific situation of vemacular village, Make culturalheritage to drive the vemacular village development, enhance the vemacular village economicdevelopment.Propaganda North-South style of traditional history culture and build study tour,ecological tour. According to Wang Naocun this protected objects, determine two protectedcontent:the material and non material legacy Assessment of the existing building value, todetermine the historic buildings and record them. According to the historical buildingdistribution, determining the scope of protection, put forward including the construction ofprotection, the historical streets, Historic environment elements and other aspects of thehistorical building protection measures, According to the strong desire of ancient vemacularvillages, improving infrastructure, enhance the people’s protection consciousness, andestablish a reasonable vemacular village.The protection of historical and cultural heritage is not only inherits the local culture,promote the harmony of human and nature, but also promote the socialist spiritualcivilization.All of those has history, modern, future significance.


Since the Reform and Opening Up China’s Migrant Workers Policy Evolution and Development

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Along with the contemporary China modernization process unfolds, Chinesemigrant workers boarded the stage of history. Since the reform and open policy, ourcountry gradually realize the transition of the economic system, but the division ofurban and rural household registration system and the household registration systemunder dependent on welfare and public service system reforms serious lag, and thusproduce a series of the problems of rural migrant workers. Migrant workers problemcan be solved, has become our country’s economic and social harmoniousdevelopment of important factors, and the problems of rural migrant workers can fair,reasonably solved largely and China’s migrant workers policy related. So, researchsince the reform and opening up policy evolution and development of migrantworkers for China’s migrant workers policy reasonable design and scientificformulation of learning and reference, and better safeguard the legitimate rights andinterests of migrant workers in the city, change of migrant workers in city in thedisadvantaged status.Starting from the systematic reviews in China since the reform and open policyevolution of migrant workers, the migrant workers policy evolution on the nationaldevelopment strategy, the stages to generalize, summarize the various stages of thecontent of the policy implication and features, and based on the analysis of currentmigrant workers policy problems and the reason; at the conclusion of the historicalexperience of migrant workers policy evolution, further exploration of migrantworkers policy thinking of development in future.


Research on the Denelopment of Logistics Industry in Yanbian Area

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The material is the first necessity of man, this needs in social and economic activities in the various items in the use of multiple channels to demand their hands, so logistics occupies in the modern economic activity in the important position. China’s real appearance of modern logistics for shorter periods of time, both in the academic profession in the social relations of production, still be in budding phase. Compared with developed countries, China’s logistics industry because of the international logistics needs, always in a passive position.With the rapid development of economy, the modern logistics industry in the economic development of the elements and industrial process link plays an irreplaceable role in the service, its degree of development can be a measure of a country and an important indicator of the level of regional development. Enter since twenty-first Century, central to speed up the development of modern logistics industry pays close attention to very much, the central economic and Trade Ministry of transport, the Ministry of foreign trade, the General Administration of Civil Aviation Department, put forward to accelerate the development of modern logistics in China eight opinions. In09years the State Council issued” the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan”, and puts forward the development of modern logistics industry overall demand, recently, the Jilin provincial government has issued a series of measures and development planning, for logistics industry development offerred favorable ambient conditions. Tumen River regional economic development planning and the actual construction process, Yanbian is located in the irreplaceable location, Yanbian logistics to the regional economy development the important role.Based on the development of logistics in Yanbian actual, promote the development of thought appropriate, to logistics development planning for a long time to guide the city logistics development. In this paper, in the course of the study mainly by the method of literature research, quantitative research methods, survey research methods. First of all, by the method of literature research, the meaning and function of logistics, modern logistics industry and the definition of content, as well as domestic and international logistics industry development status and role are described; then using quantitative research methods and research methods on the development of logistics industry in Yanbian status are analyzed, according to the recent years Yanbian logistics infrastructure, policy environment, commerce and trade circulation industry logistics present situation analysis, transportation, telecommunications, consumer goods, foreign trade transportation, agricultural logistics carrier development changes, were collected, and these data are preliminary qualitative analysis, it pointed out that the current state of Yanbian logistics industry development and the problems and difficulties; and, also take the macro and micro research, qualitative research and quantitative research of comprehensive research method combining, pointed out that the optimization of manufacturing enterprise logistics operation mode, third party logistics development, and vigorously promote the logistics distribution business, accelerate the development of international logistics and bonded logistics, speeding up service industry logistics system construction, improve agricultural logistics system construction and other effective measures, strive for in the basic situation and materials Bank on the basis of carding, extracted with some theoretical analysis conclusion.

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Study on the Countermeasure of the Modern Jujube Industry Development in Hebei Province

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Hebei province is big province in the national jujube producing, regardless of production or cultivation area, ranking first in the country. At present, the jujube cultivation in Hebei Province has formed Huanghua-based of winter jujube more favorable areas, Cangxian etc 12 cities of the golden silk jujube more favorable areas, as well as Fuping, Zanhuang etc, eight county-based of the big jujube more favorable areas, with the population of 30 million in the jujube production and cultivation area. Therefore,it has a very important practical significance to strengthen the jujube industry in Hebei province.In consulting a large number of domestic and foreign relevant literature, and based on the investigation, this paper in-depth analyses the current situation of the development of hebei province, analyse the jujube industry the current situation and problems of the development ,and finally puts forward suggestions. First and foremost, this paper objective describes the jujube industry in Hebei Province, including the nutrition of the jujube, cultivated area, production, sales, pollution-free place of origin and jujube industry output etc.. Next, Hebei Province is the second in other provinces in china, through the grey comprehensive evaluation method with setting up some jujubes industry index, then this paper analyses ranking of favorable factors, as well as other limiting factors. There are seven favorable factors in the jujube industry in Hebei Province,:the advantages of natural areas, unique varieties of resource advantages, unique the jujube traditional cultural advantages, processing and market dominance, technology and personnel, production cost advantages and scale advantages. There are seven limiting factors in the jujube industry of Hebei Province:lack of jujube farmers the jujube management techniques, the jujube product competitiveness is not strong, pest and disease-prone, low value-added jujube products, the production of low degree of organization, the leading enterprises of the scale of a small number of weak affects the ability of processing capacity and underdeveloped infrastructure. Besides, development forms in the future of the jujube industry of Hebei Province are analyzed.this paper analyzes the advantages, weaknesses of the jujube industry in Hebei province. It faces the opportunity of strong domestic and international market demand, the attention of jujube farms a highly positive and the provincial government in Hebei Province jujube industry; while faces the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, the jujube product industry chain uneven distribution of benefits and export profits reduced. Last but not least, gives some development countermeasures based on the above analysis forward to promote the countermeasures of development of modern jujube industry have: foster disease-resistant varieties, seed regionalization and large-scale cultivation; improve the degree of institutionalization of the jujube farmer; improve of the quality of the jujube farmer; the government make feasible support policies; construct and regulate professional market; encourage and strengthen the construction of the leading enterprises; construct the marketing system of the jujube products; Improve the agricultural insurance system.This study is based on the points tracking survey in the golden silk jujube、winter jujube、big jujube concentrated production areas, based on the data is reliable and can be fully and truly reflect the actual problem. Through to the problem for a detailed analysis, put forward to promote the development of Hebei province jujube industry countermeasures. Because of the authenticity of the information, referred to the point of view has targeted, to the point. The application of the results will promote the healthy development of the jujube industry in Hebei Province.


The Hunchun Tourism Resource Evaluation and Development

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Today, a pillar industry of the tourism industry has become global. China’s reform and opening up30years ago, the tourism industry also has a sunrise industry developed into the sun industry. Hunchun is located in Russia and Korea, the intersection point, geographical position is superior, ecological kept a full and rich, cultural history, climate Wenrun Yi people, the vast mountains of the sea, and convenient transportation. Batch of countries have set up in Hunchun Border Economic Cooperation Zone, the demonstration area of Sino-Russian trade zones, export processing zones and the Tumen River area of international cooperation and national sanitation city, garden city, forest city and provincial civilized city a number of honorary titles, its special strategic position and rich and high-grade tourism resources, for Hunchun tourism development to create unparalleled conditions. Hunchun as the Nagayoshi Figure pilot area, as well as the Tumen River Area Development window the city, the development of the tourism industry will become the dominant economy. Hunchun rich tourism resources, and broad development prospects. However, the Hunchun all kinds of tourism resources, tourism products and market the lack of systematic evaluation of the analysis and theoretical research, theory and practice is difficult to co-ordinating role to hinder the scientific and rational development of the Hunchun tourism industry. Hunchun tourism resources for scientific and rational evaluation, to lay a solid foundation for the tourism industry in Hunchun, has a very important practical and long-term significance on the Hunchun economic construction and social development. Start from the definition of tourism resources, the concept of classification and evaluation of tourism resources, to the current tourism resources evaluation principles, methods are summarized. On this basis, select the representation of the anti-Chuan scenic attractions and outside attractions for the specific object of study, investigation, analysis and evaluation of tourism resources in Hunchun. Theory with practice, to make reasonable suggestions, provide a basis for decision making for local governments in the development of the tourism economy.


The Research of Chinese Current Low-carbon Economy Development

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The use of fossil energy, wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen energy, geothermalenergy, nuclear energy, and so on, makes human across the primitive civilization andagricultural civilization into modern industrial civilization period; while the size ofpopulation’s expansion and social economy’s development has also brought thedestruction of the ecological environment, photochemical smog, acid rain, ozonedepletion etc. has a serious impact on the people’s life quality, coal and other energyresources are depleted, which also makes a hidden danger in our country ‘s energysecurity,The global warming cause by the increasing carbon dioxide and othergreenhouse gases in the air makes people’s living environment become morethreatened, therefore, a series of new concepts and new policies such as” carbonfootprint”,” low carbon economy”,” low carbon technology “,” low carbondevelopment”,” low carbon lifestyle”,” low carbon society”,” low carbon city “and soon emerge as the times require. The development of low carbon economy in majordeveloped countries of the world likes a rising wind and scudding clouds, China asthe largest developing country in the world, the development of low carbon economyis its obligatory responsibility.This article is in view of the current international and domestic situation ofenvironmental protection, sets about Chinese condition, uses literature researchmethod, collects, induces and clears up a large number of literature, by means of theliterature research, forms a systematic recognize on low carbon economy, and makes apreliminary card of the current domestic and international low carbon economyresearch situation, analyzes the connotation and theory basis of low carbon economyintensively and meticulously; uses content analysis method, through the quantitativeanalysis of literature, to obtain the recognize about the current development oflow-carbon economy in China and the international experience of the low carboneconomy, offers the practical basis for the solution of the problem; a combination ofquantitative and qualitative analyses realized the grasping of low carbon economy’ssubstance. From the national level, enterprise level, the public level three angleproposed some suggestions and countermeasures to our country‘s developingdirection of low carbon economy at the present stage, we should regard thedevelopment of low carbon economy as a great project, mobilizing all social forces,forming the good situation of government as the leading, enterprises as the main force,the broad participation of the public, and promoting the development of low carboneconomy jointly. In addition, this paper also uses some other specific methods such ascomparative study, case analysis and other methods apply integratedly, ensures theauthenticity, comprehensiveness and times of the data, to provide a basis for proposing the countermeasures of solving the problem.Paper is divided into six parts, There is a brief overview about the background of theselected topic and the proposing of the question,the current situation of internationaland domestic research, research ideas, theoretical innovation and research methods inthe first part; the second part elaborates the connotation and theory basis of lowcarbon economy; the third part mainly analyzes the present situation of our country’slow carbon economy development, summarizes the achievements and the existingproblems and obstacles in Chinese low carbon economy development, and pointes outthe necessity and possibility of our country to develop low carbon economy; thefourth part summarizes the basic experience of low carbon economy development inoverseas; the fifth part puts forward the countermeasures of developing low carboneconomy in our country at the present stage; the sixth part is the summary andprospect.The innovation of this paper lies in: through the study and understanding of relateddata, contacts the development of low-carbon economy in China’s actual situation, todefine the connotation, characteristics and elements of low carbon economy; on thebasis of grasping the information I mastered entirely, some misunderstandings aboutlow carbon economy are clarified; formed systematic summary and elaboration aboutthe low carbon economy. The majority of scholars’ research about low carboneconomy lacks a solid theoretical foundation to fit into the Development Economics,on the basis of taking example by others’ research results in this article, the lowcarbon economy theory becomes more clear and perfect to show in front of everyone.


The Countryside Anti Poverty Based on the Perspective of Social Engineering

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Poverty is not only a simple problem of economics, but also a inevitable result ofproductivity and relations of production when social development to a certainstage.Anti poverty, there is no distinction between wealth and poverty is created,accumulated to a certain degree of qualitative change, shall establish and perfect thesocial engineering social science philosophy and thought as the instruction, to thenational strategy as the basis, to impoverished population, area as the main body ofthe national guiding mechanism.Anti poverty is another way of expression, is to thehuman survival in the future are reasonable, effective design.Poverty is not terrible, but from poverty brings a series of social contradictions,social problems intensified is worth us thoughtful.Therefore, to establish” Chinesecharacteristics of anti poverty system” the social engineering is very important.Howto control the poverty, became the various countries in the world, differentnationalities, different societies, different cultural background in the fight againstpoverty, especially in countryside production as the mainstay of the developingcountry poverty phenomenon is obvious.The Marxism and social engineering theory as the” Chinese characteristics ofanti poverty system” provides a good theoretical basis.” Chinese characteristics ofanti poverty system” is a social engineering.It is aimed at Chinese countrysidepoverty to construct an innovative Chinese countryside turns over impoverishedmode.To establish” Chinese characteristics of anti poverty system”, it is agriculture isdeveloped in the development of China’s countryside poverty a razor, in the socialengineering system,” Chinese characteristic ” anti-poverty in Chinese countrysideproduction and construction, development will play an important role.As a result of the social ideology, social value orientation and social change,labor force gradually deficient trend, therefore, the state must assume correspondingresponsibility and obligation, to establish” the government rescue mechanism” and”take the government as the leading economic, social management mechanism,namely” national policy” social engineering”. When the” social engineering” implemented into an active state, I think, the stateshould gradually withdraw from the” social engineering” management, law, morality,society should be replaced the supervisory responsibilities, play the role of the marketeconomy, to play a ” social organization”,” social system” and so on, up to a certain”social cognition”,” social purpose”.In the framework of social engineering,establish” Chinese characteristic ” anti-poverty system, is one of the effective methodsto solve the problem of poverty.So, we have to establish” Chinese characteristic “anti-poverty premise and essence of inquiry.In the framework of social engineering, establish” Chinese characteristic “anti-poverty system, is one of the effective methods to solve the problem ofpoverty.So, we have to establish” Chinese characteristic ” anti-poverty premise andessence of inquiry.Then, on the” Chinese characteristics ” anti-poverty systemexploring the essence, we should first behoove to” impoverished” the essence of thequestion.The essence of poverty, that is the root of social contradictions.If theessence of poverty to the amount of resources as the standard, regardless of theincome, social status and other conditions, so, in a sense, poverty is the minimumliving needs.Although poverty is often in the form of money measure, but poorappearance and not the essence of poverty, it also includes the spiritual, cultural andother aspects of the poor.Therefore, the essence of poverty, is to create a reasonablematerial, living way of the spirit, to improve human living environment and quality.