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A Performance Study of Chengdu’s Aquaculture Development Plan

Aquaculture is an important industry, which can solve farmers’employment and help them to attain prosperity; IT plays an important role in providing protein for people, abounding the vegetable-basket and adjusting people’s diet structure. With the development of economy and society and improvement of living standard, the demand for aquatic products boosts gradually; therefore, promoting and […]

Credit Risk Analysis and Empirical Study during Developing Village Banks

The gap between the supply and the demand of China’s rural financial market is enormous. In orderto increase the supply ability of rural finance, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued aseries of policies and measures to encourage the development of new-type rural financial institutions,which is mainly in the form of village banks. The village bank […]

An Empirical Study on the Relationship between China’s Macroeconomic Factors and the Opearating Performance of Listed Company

The management of the enterprise performance has already becomea very hot Social issue in the current society,especially the listedcompanies operating performance.The combination of interior andexterior factors has made our country’s listed companies operatingperformance on the whole not ideal. In2008, a serious financial crisislighting-fast spread to the whole world. Although Chinese economy isstably developing in a […]

A Study of Customer Satisfaction of Hongjun4S Automobile Shop

Automobile service has become one of important pillar of nationaleconomy, China’s car sales market competition intensifies,4S marketingmodel as the main mode of car sales, has been fully embodies itsadvantage, however, in face of the powerful producers, increasinglymature consumer and more and more industry competitors,4S Cardealership IT adopted various strategies to get more survival and the […]

An Empirical Study of the Impactof the Housing Prices on Consumption

Housing prices continuing to be volatile, the consumpation is obviously insufficient, and there is a sharp increase in real estate investors.In this context, the real estate as residents’ holdings varieties, the fluctuations of itsprices are more frequent.Whether the price volatility has an impact on consumptionhas drawn increasing attention of the relevant departments.Therefore, this topic of […]

Study on the Empirical Correlation between Accounting Firm’s Size and Audit Quality from the Perspective of Audit Opinion

The correlation between the scale of accounting firm and audit quality hasalways been a hot topic in the theoretical and practical field. The modern auditingtheory thinks that: accounting firms with larger scale can guarantee to providehigh-quality audit services, and the scale of accounting firm has become ahigh-quality signal mechanism and credit guarantee mechanism, the development […]

Influential Factors on Top Executive Compensation:empirical Evidence from China’s State-owned Holding Listing Corporation

In recent years, the state-owned listing Corporation executives’ wages have beenconcerned widely in the community, also become the focus of academic research, and thegovernment has also issued a series of restrictions on executive compensation of state-ownedenterprises pay the limit. Whether the limit of the pay can control the executives ofstate-owned enterprises excessively high salary or […]

Empirical Study of Online Shopping Express’s Customers Satisfaction Degree Based on Service Encounter

In recent years, along with the widespread application of informationtechnology, online retail market is developing rapidly. IT promotes theexpress service’s growth. Express service has become the key factor andimportant basis of promoting the online retail market’s development. Butcustomer satisfaction of express service is very low in our country, thereare many prominent problems that raised many […]

The Empirical Study on the Impact of Corporate Research and Development Team Members Diversification on Team Performance

Along with the accelerating process of economic globalization, thecompetition between enterprises is increasingly growing.In order toquickly adjust the strategy and organization structure, and improve theability to adapt to the environment, companies have adopted the way ofteam work. But in gender, age, education level, length of service,professional knowledge and values, the team members show thediversification problem […]

An Empirical Study of Corporate Governance Structure and Corporate Social Responsibility

Since Dodd and Berle began to discuss the question that whom the company should be responsible in1924, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) theory was born in the academia, to develop and mature.”Whether the companies should undertake their Social responsibilities or not” and “why they should commit to the CSR” are two core problems which lead to […]