An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Knowledge Transfer Performance in It Outsourcing Based on Hangzhou Region

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Nowadays,the global information has become the major trend of the developmentof human society. With the development of information level, IT outsourcing as theresource strategy boosts increasingly at the aspects of enterprise informationconstruction. IT outsourcing will reduce the cost and improve the core competence.Twenty-first Century is the era of knowledge economy. Knowledge has been graduallyreplacing traditional factors of production such as capital, labor and land to be the chiefresource. Obtaining and using knowledge is one of the ways to gain and keepcompetitive advantages.In information age and knowledge-driven society today, IT outsourcing andknowledge transfer are the hot topics. IT outsourcing industry is knowledge-intensiveindustry, successful knowledge transfer in the IT outsourcing process is one of the keyfactors affecting outsourcing success. How to conduct effective knowledge transfer hasbecome a research focus in IT outsourcing. Consequently, the article is based on the IToutsourcing industry. We try to identify the factors that influence the knowledge transferbetween the contractors and supply the theoretic support for the domestic IToutsourcing companies to acquire knowledge in the developed countries. Based ontheory of IT outsourcing and knowledge method, this thesis makes deep research onknowledge transfer efficiency in IT outsourcing. The contents of this article mainlyinclude: Firstly, This article starts with review of abundant literature. It reviews IToutsourcing, knowledge transfer and knowledge transfer in IT outsourcing, summarizesthe concepts, motivation and significance of research of IT outsourcing. It alsosummarizes the concepts, type, models,performance indexes and the factors affectingthe effectiveness of knowledge transfer performance of knowledge transfer, the contentand the domestic and foreign research of knowledge transfer in IT outsourcing, thenpoints out the deficiency of previous researches according to the status quo of previousresearches.Secondly, On the basis of theoretical analysis, the article combines with thecharacteristics of knowledge transfer in IT outsourcing and according toCummings&Teng model and the factors affecting the effectiveness of knowledgetransfer performance theory research to determine the influence factors of knowledgetransfer in IT outsourcing. They are knowledge characteristics, IT contracteecharacteristics, IT contractor characteristics and situational factors. The knowledgecharacteristics include tacit, ambiguity and complexity; IT contractee characteristicsinclude transfer capability, reliability and transfer intent; IT contractor characteristicsinclude learning intent, absorptive motivation and absorptive capability; Situationalfactors include organizational support and environmental support. Then it joins the scaleof staff and assets as control variables to study. Finally we draw the research model andhypotheses.Thirdly, According to the research model and hypotheses,the article designs questionnaire and uses questionnaire method to investigate within Hangzhou range.Based on168valid samples, the paper takes an analysis on data by using the statisticalanalysis software SPSS17.0which in details included descriptive statistics reliabilityand validity analysis, factor analysis, correlation and regression analysis.According to the result of questionnaire survey and data analysis, several importantresearch results are drawn and the model and hypotheses are adjusted. The researchresults and previously assumed hypotheses is basically the same, but there are also somesmall change.Firstly,the same is:both ambiguity and tacit are significantly negative correlationwith transfer performance; transfer capability, reliability and transfer intent aresignificantly positive correlation with transfer performance; learning intent, absorptivemotivation and absorptive capability are significantly positive correlation with transferperformance; both organizational support and environmental support are significantlypositive correlation with transfer performance.Secondly,the change is:there is no significantly correlation between complexityand transfer performance; there is no notable affecting relation between scale of staffand transfer performance.In addition, according to the conclusion of the research, combined with IToutsourcing business practice, the article provides advices for improving knowledgetransfer performance. Finally the paper summarizes the deficiency of the research andthe prospect.


Comparative Analysis on the Macro Performance of the “Brics”‘s Foreign Direct Investment

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The five countries are the rapid economic growth in emerging countries.and the total land area being nearly30%of the world land.population being42%of the world population.In2010,the GDP accounted for about18%of the world.and the total volume of trade accounted for15%of world.The five countries in the world economy plays an increasingly important role.also will become the world’s economic indicator.In the the global economy recovery process,the five countries played a role which can not be ignored.At present,many scholars study shows.the foreign direct investment has a closely relationship in economic development with host countries, such as in improving the industrial structure.the investment environment and other aspects.The “brics” is a popular choice for international capital and the future development is inseparable from the support of international capital.So the research that comparative analysis of the “brics” using FDI to improve national macroeconomic performance has the extremely important practical significance.This article mainly starts from a comparative study of using of FDI scale, potential.performance empirical analysis.policy and other aspects.The study found that:in Russian,the most prominent advantages mainly lies in investment fast growth, great potential,good environment; Chinese investment is relatively stable.scale is large, fluctuation is small.and the Investment area is relatively concentration:India’s attraction of investment grows rapidly.but fluctuates greatly.though it is less competitive,but the quality of investment is good.It has a big space to rise in the future. Brazil has the largest investmenl,and rule of law is perfect, but the growth rate is low, and the fluctuation is more intense;South Africa’s attraction of investment is the smallest,and the fluctuation is strong,but investment environment and policies are perfect.Overall.five countries in investment environment.policy,laws and regulations and other aspects have the gap with the developed countries.therefore, in education, technology.public facilities and other aspects needed to be further strengthened. Among five countries,India’s and Russia’s national condition is relatively close with China,and the Brazil has the advantage of backwardness.Thus,in order to enable China in a new round of competition learn from each other,to improve the overall quality and ability to attract FDI.this article uses the performance index and potential indexto analysis difference in “brics”.Also this article have used empirical data from research,policies and regulations,industry distribution,regional distribution of FDI comparison of five aspects.hoping that China will further improve the utilization and quality of foreign direct investment efficiency.


Empirical Study on Related Party Transactions and the Motives in Chinese Listed Companies

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In our country the earnings management behavior of listed companies has the universal existence, by whitewashing accounting information earnings management, accounting information can not really reflect the financial position and operating results of enterprises. Serious distortion of accounting information, damage the interests of users of accounting information, to optimize the allocation of social resources is not conducive to effect also exist, including the related party transaction because of the unique concealment, which makes it become the main tool of earnings management, based on this, this article on related party transactions of listed companies and earnings management relationship between research.This article from the theory of related parties and related earnings management are studied, that related party transaction is a special trade form, which has obvious bidirectional characteristic, from the positive point of view, because the associated party is built on mutual trust and relational view, the transaction can reduce information cost and management cost, to achieve the maximization of enterprise value is advantageous. On the negative side, the related party transaction although as allowed by the law, but through the control rights between related parties may influence, and transactions in the establishment of a fair basis. At the same time on the listed companies in China the use of related party transactions earnings management motivation and means are analyzed.This paper selects756A shares of Listed Companies in2010was issued the standard opinion of listed companies as samples, combined with the related party transactions of listed companies earnings management motivation, means, the related party transactions of listed companies earnings management empirical analysis, from the different motivation of earnings management on the related party transaction monitor, improve the related party transactions related accounting standards, the listed companies improve internal governance mechanism, strengthen the intermediaries and the management to strengthen the accountant occupation morals system construction and puts forward countermeasure to think.


A Performance Study of Chengdu’s Aquaculture Development Plan

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Aquaculture is an important industry, which can solve farmers’employment and help them to attain prosperity; it plays an important role in providing protein for people, abounding the vegetable-basket and adjusting people’s diet structure. With the development of economy and society and improvement of living standard, the demand for aquatic products boosts gradually; therefore, promoting and accelerating the development of aquaculture is becoming more urgent.This paper takes the implement of Chengdu’s aquaculture development plan from2005to2007as example, it introduces the background, issuance, and implement of the aquaculture development plan and the supporting measures in the course of implement, also describes the result of the plan. By analyzing the role three years development plan played in the development of Chengdu’s aquaculture, it evaluates the actual result of the three years aquaculture development; and combining the advantages and the bottleneck of Chengdu’s aquaculture development, it based on the analysis, concludes and sorts out the countermeasures and advices for making the aquaculture development plan of Chengdu in the future.


Credit Risk Analysis and Empirical Study during Developing Village Banks

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The gap between the supply and the demand of China’s rural financial market is enormous. In orderto increase the supply ability of rural finance, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued aseries of policies and measures to encourage the development of new-type rural financial institutions,which is mainly in the form of village banks. The village bank Implement modern enterprisemanagement mode, focus on the “agriculture, rural areas and peasantry” personal and Enterprise.Compared with other large commercial banks, the village banks suffer more prominent credit risks dueto their small scales which result in the high cost of operating, difficulty of controlling the use of theloans and etc. The purpose of this study is to research how to prevent and control risks, and how toachieve sustainable development, to provide feasible proposals for the village banks’ credit risksprevention.The research is carried out based on the theme of village bank development and credit risksresearch, which includes:1. Characteristics, current status and problems of village banks;2. Villagebank’s credit risks and cause analysis;3. Measurement of village bank’s credit risks;4. An empiricalstudy of the village bank’s risks measurement using the micro-enterprises’ loan data from the Samplebank during2010-2011.The research lead to the conclusions:1. The imbalance between the supply and the demand in ruralfinancial market is the root cause of village banks’ emerging, and the village bank is a viable method todeal with the contradiction between the supply and the demand of rural finance and a valid extension ofthe commercial banks in rural markets.2. Credit risks is the most severe problem in the sustainabledevelopment of village bank. Lack of collateral, the characteristics of high risk, information asymmetryand moral hazard problem are the causes of the credit risks of the village banks.3. CreditRisk+is themost suitable models for rural banks’ credit risks measurement, considering the availability ofagricultural loan data and capacity to meet the model assumptions.4.Empirical studies have shown thatoverall development trend of rural banks is good and the means of risk control referred tonon-agricultural and part of the agriculture-related loans is very effective. Only part of theagriculture-related lending, especially the lending aiming to support and benefit agriculture, rural areasand peasantry need to enhance their ability of risk control.Based on the above research, policy recommendations are:1. It contributes to long-termdevelopment of rural banks to promote rural financial reform and to improve rural financial status quo.2. Establish a sound scientific credit record and evaluation system in the rural areas in a timely manner.3. In some conventional projects, the village banks need to operate it with the real attitude of enterprisesand less government intervention.4. In the project about supporting and benefiting agriculture issues,the authorities should increase subsidies of the agricultural loan and therefore reduce the bank risks.


An Empirical Study on the Relationship between China’s Macroeconomic Factors and the Opearating Performance of Listed Company

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The management of the enterprise performance has already becomea very hot social issue in the current society,especially the listedcompanies operating performance.The combination of interior andexterior factors has made our country’s listed companies operatingperformance on the whole not ideal. In2008, a serious financial crisislighting-fast spread to the whole world. Although Chinese economy isstably developing in a high space, the financial crisis still had a negativeeffect on Chinese macro economy development, After financial crisis,The Chinese government implemented an active fiscal policy and anaccommodative monetary policy, BY doing this, Chinese economicsituation recovered from the crisis quickly. But excess release of liquidityand inflation caused by high prices pushed China’s economy into another”mire”.During2001-2011, China Economy experienced the period ofrecession overheating, recession, rebound and downside. Marco Economyis repeatedly experiencing recovery upsurge, recession to depression, all the enterprises operating performance will inevitably suffer the effect ofmacro economic fluctuation. This paper analysed the relationshipbetween the enterprise operating performance and macroeconomic(including GDP, inflation and urban unemployment rate) and itsmacroeconomic factors (including GDP, inflation, real loan interest rate,money supply and exchange rate) by adopting the macroeconomic datafrom2001to2011, related theories and empirical research. Based on theback ground of post-crisis period, uncertainly and complexity ofdevelopment of macro economy will be analyzed in detail. As aconsequent, enterprises will realize the macro-economic situation hasconcrete implication on enterprise operating performance in thepost-crisis period. Besides, the paper will give viable solution andsuggestions on enterprise operating performance for Chinese listedcompanies.The main conclusions and Policy Suggestions of the dissertation areas follows:Firstly, the conclusions drawn from the theoretical and empirical analysis presented in this paper are: Through the Johansen co-integrationrelationship test shows that the companies operating performance andmacro economic fluctuation variables exist so long term balancedrelationship. Through the Granger causality test show that the macroeconomic fluctuation variable is the performance of the Granger reason, itshows the gross domestic product, the consumer price index and theinfluence of urban unemployment rate have an effect on the companyperformance. Through the impulse response function and variancedecomposition analysis show that the macro economic fluctuationvariable impact on the operating performance of the company after theimpact of is a negative Particularly, macro economic fluctuation variablesaffect the overall performance of listed companies current and futurevalue. The performance of the company in addition to the influence of thefluctuation by its own outside, with the passage of time, but also by thegross domestic product, the consumer price index and the influence ofurban unemployment rate, and the gross domestic product and theconsumer price index is more important than the influence of urban unemployment rate.Secondly, the result of the Regression model showed that theenterprises operating performance is positively related to GDP, consumerprice index (CPI) and currency supply, and negatively related to loaninterest rate. But exchange rate is not the key factor to influenceenterprise operating performance. Enterprise operating performance ismainly influenced by the fluctuations of their past performance influence,it shows that company’s manage performance has a certain memory.Further, Industry factor has an important effect on enterprise operatingperformance.Thirdly, government should be comprehensive use of variousmonetary policy tools combination, improve macro prudent policyframework, further optimize the credit structure adjust to maintainingreasonable social financing scale. To keep the RMB exchange rate at areasonable equilibrium level stably, We need to further improve the RMBexchange rate formation mechanism. When government makemacroeconomic policy, they should pay attention to price increases, intends to promote the price increases within the scope of certain, then ithas certain positive role on he enterprise performance. At present,the external demand relative weak, domestic economic growth modeand factor structure need change, the top priority is that keep economicmoderate growth steady.


A Study of Customer Satisfaction of Hongjun4S Automobile Shop

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Automobile service has become one of important pillar of nationaleconomy, China’s car sales market competition intensifies,4S marketingmodel as the main mode of car sales, has been fully embodies itsadvantage, however, in face of the powerful producers, increasinglymature consumer and more and more industry competitors,4S Cardealership it adopted various strategies to get more survival and the profitspace, which is one of the strategies of improving customer satisfaction.Although the automobile industry customer satisfaction research hasreceived considerable attention, but the automobile marketing enterprise’scustomer satisfaction study less. As the automobile marketing company,to provide customers with satisfactory service, we must understand thecustomer; strengthen the service customer satisfaction and loyaltyresearch. Through service enterprise from the unique perspective ofcustomer satisfaction research is very necessary, therefore, the automobilemarketing enterprises as the object of research, customer satisfactionresearch.In this paper, the customer satisfaction research model based onintegrated marketing, automobile industry characteristics, using equationbuild4Sautomobile marketing enterprise customer satisfaction researchmodel to achieve the4Sautomobile marketing enterprises service quality evaluation, through the construction of customer satisfaction evaluationsystem. The enterprise can use the model for evaluation of customersatisfaction, find out the problems in the enterprise management, businessstrategy based on.


An Empirical Study of the Impactof the Housing Prices on Consumption

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Housing prices continuing to be volatile, the consumpation is obviously insufficient, and there is a sharp increase in real estate investors.In this context, the real estate as residents’ holdings varieties, the fluctuations of itsprices are more frequent.Whether the price volatility has an impact on consumptionhas drawn increasing attention of the relevant departments.Therefore, this topic of real estate price fluctuations on household consumption has important theoretical background and practical background.This paper summarizes and combs theoriesof price fluctuations affecting consumption,then base on the method of stationary test, differential, cointegration test, Granger test,the regression model, and error correction model, use three kinds of data (the national time series, city panel data, cross-section) to study the impact of price fluctuations on household consumption. Empirical evidence shows that:price fluctuations can cause changes in the consumer spending in the national territory; term city real estate wealth effect is positive, but the short term is negative; decline in housing prices have a negative impact on the consumption,and the contraction from the decline in housing prices is less than the promotionfrom the rising housing prices. Next, the paper explores the reasons behind the phenomenon, that the wealth effect of conduction mechanisms and constraints. Summarized by theory and empirical research, the transmission mechanisms ofwealth effect inChina’s real estate marketsare two ways:consumer confidence effect and the leverage effect of real estate bank credit.By contrast with the findings in developed countries, the wealth effect in China has not given full play. There are many factors affecting the real estate wealth effect. However, the primary reasons for restricting the real estate wealth effect in the present stage is that the fast rising house prices, lack of purchasing power of demand autonomy, differences in consumer credit constraints and cultural habits, frequent regulated currency policy and the imperfect financial instruments.


Study on the Empirical Correlation between Accounting Firm’s Size and Audit Quality from the Perspective of Audit Opinion

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The correlation between the scale of accounting firm and audit quality hasalways been a hot topic in the theoretical and practical field. The modern auditingtheory thinks that: accounting firms with larger scale can guarantee to providehigh-quality audit services, and the scale of accounting firm has become ahigh-quality signal mechanism and credit guarantee mechanism, the development ofaccounting firms’ scale can bring economic effect for their own. In order to seek alarger development space in the fierce market competition, in reality there are manyfirms which expand its scale through joint and merger in recent years. After thedevelopment of scales in recent years, now we are desperately need to verify the scaleeconomy effect of the local accounting firm, and study the audit quality differencesamong the different scales of accounting firms.Through the empirical analysis, this article shows that whether there is andiseconomies phenomenon exists in the process of the development of China’s currentscale of accounting firm, whether there is a positive correlation between theaccounting firm scale and its audit quality, and whether there is a significantdifference among the different scales of accounting firms. This paper selects a total of115listed companies’ data as samples from Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share in2011which exists financial fraud, using logistic regression models to analysis thecorrelation between accounting firm scale and audit quality, conclude that the largerthe scale of China’s CPA, the higher the quality of the audit conclusions, and finallyidentify the factors that affect the improvement of audit quality in the scale of thedevelopment of China’s accounting firm Scale, and put forward some relevantrecommendations for the scale development of Chinese accounting firm road from theaspects followed by the scales of accounting firms、CPA brand culture constructionand the quality of CPA itself.


Influential Factors on Top Executive Compensation:empirical Evidence from China’s State-owned Holding Listing Corporation

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In recent years, the state-owned listing Corporation executives’ wages have beenconcerned widely in the community, also become the focus of academic research, and thegovernment has also issued a series of restrictions on executive compensation of state-ownedenterprises pay the limit. Whether the limit of the pay can control the executives ofstate-owned enterprises excessively high salary or not, whether the executive compensation isreally linked to enterprise performance, this is the practical significance of the research.Meanwhile, this paper also enriches the theory research on executive compensation, and italso provides the theoretical and practical basis so as to improve the executive compensationincentive effect.In this paper, the salary limit promulgated background, has analyzed the research statusof domestic and foreign scholars on executive pay with principal-agent theory, corporategovernance theory, managerial power theory, human capital theory. First of all,with themethod of descriptive statistics analysis of state-owned listing Corporation executives salarypresent situation, analysis results show that: there are obvious differences between differentregions, different industries and different scale state-owned listing Corporation executivecompensation, executive compensation generally it is increasing, but the maximum isdecreasing year by year, therefore it confirms that the salary limit order has a significantinfluence on the limit of their high salary. The empirical analysis of the main factors inaffecting the state-owned listing Corporation executive compensation, selection of operatingperformance, firm size, capital structure, the size of the board of directors, the locationof thecompany in economic development and the executive power of six indicators as influentialreasons, and the high tube power index is being improved, tenure, equity in selectingexecutives scattered degree, the board chairman and the general manager is two duty syncreticbases, combining with the special nature of the entrusted agency chain is long state-ownedenterprises, joined the index to control the state-owned Pyramid chain depth, thecomprehensive index four index analysis method for the synthesis of executive power byprincipal component in order to more accurately measure the size of the power of executives of state-owned enterprises. The six indexes above are put forward six hypothesis, selected635state-controlled listing Corporation2009-2011three years data, carries on the real diagnosisanalysis, comes to the following conclusion: executive compensation and corporateperformance, company size, area developed degree, executive power significantly positivecorrelation, negative effect on capital structure, and the board of directors is not associatedwith scale. From the empirical results, we can see that in the salary limit order promulgatedbackground, executive compensation and corporate performance has achieved the true senseof the hook. Finally, according to the problems and the results found in the research process,researchers put forward four proposals to enhance executive compensation of state-ownedenterprises incentive effect: improve the salary structure, increase the long-term incentive;improve the appointment system, strengthen the market mechanism; strengthen the boardaccountability, improve enterprise internal control; to improve the disclosure of information,increase the salary transparency.This paper has two innovations: firstly, promulgated the salary limit order backgroundanalysis of influencing factors of executive compensation of state-owned enterprises in thecountry, the research perspective is relatively new; secondly, the improvement in the selectedindicators on the executive power, adding this index to control the state-owned Pyramid chaindepth, so that it can have a better measure of state-owned listing Corporation executivepower.Study on the influencing factor of state-owned listing Corporation executivecompensation, the future research needs to be further improved. It can join the long-termincentive compensation, and consider some standards difficult to quantify but have importanteffects on the salary index, making the research results more accurate.