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China’s Industry Association Performance Evaluation

With the continuing Social and economic development of China, the NGO has, especially after the Chinese accession in WTO in 2001, played a very important role in field of politicsŃÇüeconomyŃÇüculture and society. As a vital part of the NGO, the industry associations, in terms of quantity or scale, are growing rapidly. In some eastern coastal […]

Intensive Assessment of the Land-Use in Development Area

The thought of sustainable development is has already become the most populartopic. And sustainable development of the most essential problem is the intensive useof land resources. As the natural ecological resources the pillars of the land resources,plays a very important role. For the sustainable land utilization, the global scholarsmade a lot of analysis and research, […]

Study on Evaluation of Science and Technology Human Resource in High-tech Enterprise

In the knowledge economy times, high-tech enterprise is more and more important toeconomy development. As the carrier of knowledge and the main part of technology innovation,science and technology human resource plays a critical role in high-tech enterprise developmentand the emergence of competitive advantages. So IT is very important to enhance the level ofhuman resource of […]

Research on Enterprise Informationization Level Based on ANN

Modern enterprise is the main force to promote modern economic and technological progress. Business management effectiveness significantly influences productivity of enterprise and determines the competitiveness ability to survive. Infomationization is an important means of modern enterprise management. Whether the enterprise advanced or not can look at the level of development of infomationization. There are two […]

The Evaluation and Promotion Strategy of Organizational Learning Capability in New Venture Based on LOWA Operator

The organizational learning theory that is put forward by Argyris and Schon in1970s is considered to be a great revolution in management theory and arouses strongresponse in western management field. New ventures lake resources and capabilitythanks to liability of newness (Vanden Vrande et al.,2009) so that these enterprisescan not create enough conditions to carry out […]

Evaluation of the Competitiveness of China’s B2C E-commerce Website

While Electronic Commerce is changing consumer habits in the age of the Internet, IT has a great effect on traditional enterprises. Traditional enterprises begin to develop electronic commerce in a large scale, and participate in the competition of B2C market. In China B2C e-commerce develops rapidly and the competition is getting tougher recently. On the […]

Construction of Internal Control Evaluation System

This paper referenced the research of internal control evaluation at home andabroad´╝îbased on this´╝îcombined with the current situation and needs of ourcountry’s enterprise about internal control evaluation´╝îanalyzed and discussed therelated theory of enterprise internal control evaluation. This paper made theconstruction of internal control evaluation system as the main line´╝îat first´╝îintroduced the development history´╝îcontents´╝îfunctionsof internal controlevaluation; […]

Migrant Workers Return Home Entrepreneurial Environment Comparative Study of Shanxi and Sichun

Any entrepreneurial activity revises out in a certain environment. Excellententrepreneurial environment can promote entrepreneurial activity; on the contrary, hinder theprocess of entrepreneurial activities. In recent years, a large number of migrant workers returnhome, because of the support of the western building, and industrial structure from coastalareas to inland. From the urban-rural dual economic structure to […]

Evaluation on the Overall Efficiency of the Modes of Recycling Development in Xixiang County’s Agriculture

The sustainable and stable development of agriculture, the protection of rural ecologicalenvironment and the maintenance of ecological balance of agriculture have became thecurrent important problem of agriculture development, rural construction and ruralenvironmental protection in our country. Therefore, exploring the developing modes ofcircular agriculture is effective to solve the contradiction between the economic and socialdevelopment and […]

The Study on Investment Efficiency Evaluation and Influencing Factors of the Real Estate Company

Company value depends fundamentally on their investment behavior, whether theinvestment behavior has efficiency or not directly affect maximization of company value.With the development of the real estate industry, real estate listed company become more andmore, industry competition is intense with each passing day. The real estate companies has toface the changing market and the macro-control […]