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The Statistical Research on Asset-Liability of Commercial Banks in Our Country

【Abstract】 Asset-Liability Management which comes into being at the later stage of 70 decade of 20th century because of the impact of the world financial free tide is a modern management method of commercial bank, and occupied the main status in 90 decade. This thesis is taking the commercial bank’s Asset-Liability Management as research object, […]

Research on the Important Question of Forecasting the Thuoughput of Airport in China

【Abstract】 With the development of innovation, air transportation has been a important part of passenger and fright transportation. At the same time, the constructions of china’s airports don’t fit the development of air transportation. Many airports’ size is too big, IT brings lots of difficulty to the management of airports. The throughput of airport determines […]

Analysis of the Influence Factors of China Real Estate Economic Cycle Fluctuation

【Abstract】 The experiences of economic growth and development in many countries indicate that economic fluctuation is a concomitant phenomenon of economic growth. Real estate as a pillar industry of China’s national economy, IT has become a new growth point of China’s economic development. If the real estate market can be developed reasonable to coordinate the […]

The Location Choice of China Enterprises’ Foreign Direct Investment

【Abstract】 Based on other scholars’ research, in this paper, the author analyses the factors determining the location choice of China enterprises’ foreign direct investment (FDI). Using a panel data covering seventeen sample countries (region) from 1995 to 2003, with a Linear Regression method, the author finds that the location choice decision was affected by the […]

Statistical Research on Chinese Real Estate Cycle Fluctuation

【Abstract】 As a guiding and the foundational industry, the real estate industry has been gradually developing along with the market-based reform of our national economy. After more than 20 years’ development, IT has already become the backbone industry of Chinese national economy. But its development certainly is not just a plain sailing, and actually IT […]

The Research on Analyze and Tactics of Logistics Enterprise’s Competitiveness of Our Country

【Abstract】 This paper expatiates upon the present situation of the logistics enterprise in china and how to improve the competition of IT via theoretical analysis. Along with the growing rapidly of china economy, logistics becomes more and more important and IT have account for a key position in china’s development as a hot spot in […]

Analyses on Evolution of the Competitive Power of the City of Central Plain City Cluster

【Abstract】 The city competition has affected the global flat roof.The economy development and promotion of city will lie on the competition ability of the city in various areas.The intercommunity of the choice makes to become necessity that all cities complete with each other for homology resource which is thin.Urban system is an advanced space organize […]