The Statistical Research on Asset-Liability of Commercial Banks in Our Country

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【Abstract】 Asset-Liability Management which comes into being at the later stage of 70 decade of 20th century because of the impact of the world financial free tide is a modern Management method of commercial bank, and occupied the main status in 90 decade. This thesis is taking the commercial bank’s Asset-Liability Management as research object, and analyzes the developing trends of commercial bank’s assets and liabilities in our country with a great number of statistical data and statistical methods. And also the thesis tries to evaluate the commercial banks’ profit abilities and the risks faced. It discusses the reasons for the produced results and puts forward some suggestions to raise the profit abilities and reduce the risks of the commercial banks in our country. Its major content is as follows:First of all, the thesis analyzes the development tendency of the commercial banks in our country of last years from the two aspects of loan asset and deposit liability, and calculates the rate that they contribute to the development of national economy of our country by regression method. After analyzing, it is easy to find that the national economy and the commercial banks’ assets and liabilities almost have had the same develop speed since 1993. Meanwhile what the credit assets contribute to the development of primary industry of our country is a little small, and can’t guarantee the primary industry develop healthy. There is also a “paradox” that the deposit rate reduces year by year but the saving deposits still increase with a high speed. And the monetary policy cannot play its role efficiently.Secondly, the thesis appraises and reorders the profit ability of 9 commercial banks in our country and 4 foreign banks in 2002 by factor analyses method and renames the components. According to the result of appraisement, it analyzes the cause of present situation of the commercial banks’ profit ability in our country.Thirdly, we discuss the phenomenon of the commercial banks’ risks and establish an index system to assess the risks that are faced by the commercial banks’ assets and liabilities in our country by reference to Basel Capital Accord and 16 indexes set by the central bank. The thesis appraises and reorders the risk faced by the 5 commercial banks’ assets and liabilities in our country in 2002 by factor analyses and renames the components, too. And it discusses the present situation and the cause of the commercial banks’ risks in our country.nIn the end, the thesis researches the relation between profit abilities and risks that the commercial banks in our country faced. And we put forward some related policy suggestions to reduce the commercial banks’ risks and raise their profit ability.


Research on the Important Question of Forecasting the Thuoughput of Airport in China

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【Abstract】 With the development of innovation, air transportation has been a important part of passenger and fright transportation. At the same time, the constructions of china’s airports don’t fit the development of air transportation. Many airports’ size is too big, it brings lots of difficulty to the Management of airports. The throughput of airport determines the size of airport, so we must do more work on the forecasting. After lots of investigate, I found the key problem of forecast is standardization the flow and making certain the aviation share ratio. There are two parts in this article. In the first part, I bring forward the shortcoming of forecasting based on analyses of the condition of forecast the throughput of airport, and standardize the flow. In the second part, Analyses the application and shortcoming of the method to choose a best transport mode, then apply measure Economic mode to settle the problem by analyses the macro-factors and using the statistics way to dispose the data. Then I set up regressing modes. At the same time, I forecast the share ratio of all transport modes. At last apply the research in the airport construction feasibility research and forecast the throughput of airport.


Analysis of the Influence Factors of China Real Estate Economic Cycle Fluctuation

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【Abstract】 The experiences of Economic growth and development in many countries indicate that Economic fluctuation is a concomitant phenomenon of economic growth. Real estate as a pillar industry of China’s national economy, it has become a new growth point of China’s economic development. If the real estate market can be developed reasonable to coordinate the overall growth of the national economy and the reform process, then it will be able to drive the development of the entire national economy. Conversely, if the real estate industry grows slow and laggard, it will become a heavy burden and “bottleneck” restrictions of the development of the national economy; And if the development of the real estate industry is too rapid, and divorcing from the reality of effective demand, then not only the development of the real estate industry itself will be affected, but also the coordinated development of the entire socio-economic will be impacted. Therefore, to study the real estate market periodic fluctuations laws, and judge the market scientific will have very important guiding significance to lead the industry’s persistent, stable and healthy development.China’s real estate market so far has not been a scientific, objective and authoritative evaluation system. Only some obtained data are basically a reflection of one aspect, and many data sources also exist problems. People cite favorable data to their own study, and these data have focused on different statistical caliber, which inevitably led to a different conclusion. The disorder and chaos of the index system


The Location Choice of China Enterprises’ Foreign Direct Investment

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【Abstract】 Based on other scholars’ research, in this paper, the author analyses the factors determining the location choice of China enterprises’ foreign direct Investment (FDI). Using a panel data covering seventeen sample countries (region) from 1995 to 2003, with a Linear Regression method, the author finds that the location choice decision was affected by the advantages of the host country, including the opening degree of the host country’s economy, country type, the trade scale between the host country and China, and the similar culture background. The above four factors had a positive effect on the location choice of China enterprises’ FDI. Opposite to the theoretic anticipation, the infrastructure development level had a negative effect on the location choice of China enterprises’ FDI, the author makes an explanation about this case. Other factors including the labor cost and the market scale also affected the location choice of China enterprises’ FDI, but not statistically significant.Following the above Regression Analyses, the author uses a Factor Analyses method for the purpose of evaluating the Investment environment of the sample countries and studying its inner structure as a deeper research. The Factor Analyses result suggests that, the investment environment of each country was stable and the gap between these countries was not widened. The countries with higher Economic development level had a better investment environment. By studying the inner structure of the investment environment, the author finds that when China enterprises make an investment overseas, different main factors were taken into account according to different host country.


Statistical Research on Chinese Real Estate Cycle Fluctuation

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【Abstract】 As a guiding and the foundational industry, the real estate industry has been gradually developing along with the market-based reform of our national economy. After more than 20 years’ development, it has already become the backbone industry of Chinese national economy. But its development certainly is not just a plain sailing, and actually it suffered many fluctuations, and its development also shows a phenomenon of periodic fluctuation. The real estate industry is widely correlative and strongly influencing, and the oversized undulation will make entire national economy in crisis. Therefore, research on real estate cycle fluctuation not only has the theoretically significance, also is helpful to instruct the real estate industry in the Health development.This article mainly revolves three aspects: the influence factors of real estate cycle fluctuation, the impact-conduct model of real estate cycle fluctuation and the application of time series analysis and all-around PCA in the Chinese real estate cycle fluctuation.The article uses theorical and practical research. The theorical research is composed of first four chapters.The first chapter mainly introduces the research background, the significance and the research content; In the second chapter, the author summarizes the real estate fluctuational literature, and introduces several Basic concepts; The third chapter introduces the elementary theory of real estate cycle fluctuation, and explains the efluctuation model; In the fourth chapter of real estate cycle qualitative analysis, the author uses hierarchy analytic method to explain the influence factors of real estate cycle fluctuation, in order to drew out the process of real estate cycle fluctuation. The factors could be divided into three part:core supply-demand relation, industrial market factor and society macroeconomic factor. This is the core idea of the article, and it can explain the function process of the impact-conduct model in a more logical and systematic way.The fifth chapter makes the practical research. The author uses the time series analysis and all-around PCA in the Chinese real estate cycle fluctuation of the yeea 1998 – 2005. Through simplificating 12 targets, the author finally uses a synthesis index to describe the path of the real estate economical system . From the diagram, we see, the real estate economical level tumbles the valley in 1999, rises the wave in 2004. The paper research shows, there are five factors influence the development of our real estate economy. They are disposable personal income, the real estate Investment, the GDP rate of increment and national loan proportion. At the same time, Chinese real estate cycle influctuation is mainly effected by the macroscopic economical factors and the industrial market factors. And the former influence function occupies the dominant position. Among the industrial market fators, the supplies and the demand still are the most direct and decisive ones.Study from the Basic theory to the practice analysis, the article uses the qualitative analysis and the quantitative analysis for the research of real estate cycle fluctuation. The application of time series analysis and all-around PCA in the Chinese real estate cycle fluctuation got a well result, and it is of important indicating significance for macroeconomic policy.


The Research on Analyze and Tactics of Logistics Enterprise’s Competitiveness of Our Country

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【Abstract】 This paper expatiates upon the present situation of the logistics Enterprise in china and how to improve the competition of it via theoretical analysis. Along with the growing rapidly of china economy, logistics becomes more and more important and it have account for a key position in china’s development as a hot spot in market. But since logistics Enterprise is in the full flush of youth at the moment, there is some trouble with it. Accordingly, this papers research into these relative literatures on the competition of materials circulation enterprise in china above all analyzing the difference character between the competition of general enterprise and materials circulation enterprise. And then analyses the logistics enterprise’s generation, the process of development, and present situation., and point out the trend of the logistics enterprise development .according this trend ,this paper analyses the influences to logistics enterprise from inner and outside aspect .In respect of outside, deeply analyses the environment china logistics enterprise face and the character it bear, In respect of inner, analyses the competing power of it in china at the first ,and then introduce how to identify the competing power of it, at the last, come up with the strategic direction and policy which could help improve the competing power of it on the base of comprehensive analyzing the competing power of it in china and relative rule .Thereby it is a innovate in this paper how to improve the competing power of logistics enterprise in china. And it is be of strongly means on the aspect of theory and practice.


Analyses on Evolution of the Competitive Power of the City of Central Plain City Cluster

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【Abstract】 The city competition has affected the global flat roof.The economy development and promotion of city will lie on the competition ability of the city in various areas.The intercommunity of the choice makes to become necessity that all cities complete with each other for homology resource which is thin.Urban system is an advanced space organize form,increasingly become leading force and aggiornamento level’s importance sign during the economy and society’s development of the areas,and gradually become important contents of state Urbanization stratagem,it’s an important problem how improve “urban system” competitive power,to achieve this aim,it’s necessary to constitute area’s cooperation and division and labor.Then,all areas form contact,finally, it has come true to improvement of urban system’s competitive powerOur country put forward “the rise of central part of china” in 2004,the Central Plain city cluster become a important flat roof which implement our country’s he rise of central part of china.It’s a practical problem that how to translate the Central Plain city cluster from an incompact‘layout cluster’ to exact content‘the city cluster’.This article make the city cluster to be a research angle of view,based to ensure concept of the competitive power of the city,set up score model of then,example for nine cities of the Central Plain city cluster,review infection factors of the competitive power of the city and time-space evolution law of every city.Then,this article summarize time-space evolution law of our country’s the competitive power of the city.Finally,this paper advise the coordinated development and improvement for the Central Plain city cluster and the others and every city.Results state that Zhen Zhou and Luo Yang that are the core cities of the Central Plain city cluster are persistent first and second for their the competitive power of the city from 1978 to 2006.KaiFeng competitive power of the city descend obviously.XinXiang,JiaoZuo,XuChang,PingDingShan’s competitive power of the city are wholly steady despite for some fluctuation.To special distributing of the competitive power of the city,the middle and west part of the Central Plain city cluster’s the competitive power of the city is strong,and the east part is thin;to spacal effect,ZhengZhou is a obvious core of the competitive power,there is a obvious‘hump’ between ZhengZhou and LuoYang,and JiYuan,KaiFeng,LuoHe become‘billabong’.To determinative factors that infect the competitive power,it’s translation from local market capability,local GDP etc which are relatively single factor to economy scale,economy structure,finance strength,the power of science and technology,government efficiency and environment quality and so on.According to the analysis result,basing to improve the competitive power of the city,this article think that all sorts of limited resource should not use to improve every city competitive power,should base on the whole competitive power of the city,based on space adjacency and production factors that are complementarities each other,design such as‘industry hallway between ZhengZhou and LuoYang,development triangle between LuoHe,PingDingShan and XuChang,development quadrangle between ZhengZhou,XinXiang,KaiFeng and JiaoZuo and so on.These small area should assort with each other,all development networks should emphasize particularly on different development aspects and present well complementarities each other.Through this development model bringing along the development of the Central Plain city cluster.