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Research on the Foreign Trade Sustainable Development of Lvliang City Based on Low-carbon Economy Condition

As the world economic development has been relying on industrilization, the global environmental and ecological system is heavily damaged. Low-carbon economy is surely to be good choice. Shanxi, a province in central China, is rich in energy. She has been constantly providing coal energy to the whole country, which made her ecological system badly damaged. […]

The Comparative Analysis of the Foreign Trade between Yanbian and Honghe

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture was bordered the North Korea and Russian Far East, and the regional advantage of border trade is obvious. After30years of reform and opening-up, the Yanbian region has made remarkable achievements. Opening-up efforts have been strengthened further on the economic construction, to lay a solid foundation for the well-off society.The paper topic […]

Research on Foreign Trade in Yanbian

Along with the Jilin province opening to the outside world gradually, the Yanbian foreign trade continued to expand in size, which not only promoted the rapid development of Yanbian economy, but also to promote the Yanbian region of investment, the introduction of advanced technology and the development of tourism. The Yanbian region occupies a be […]

Strategic Research on China Tobacco Yunnan Import and Export Co.,Ltd under Strategic Vision of “Going Global”

As a state-owned enterprise, China tobacco has made outstanding contributions to national and local economy. Its import and export businesses also have been carried out for many years. Although IT has obtained some achievements, the extent of participation in international market competition is still at a low level. Yunnan provides great amount of raw material […]

The Empirical Study on the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment to Economic in Shanxi Province

Foreign direct investment (FDI) as the product of one of China’s reform andopening up has made a significant contribution for the last three decades of economicdevelopment in China. In theory, FDI not only has to make up for insufficient funds,and FDI from developed countries plays an important role in technology transfer,enhancing human capital, promoting institutional […]

The Research about the Development of Foreign Trade in the Underdeveloped Areas in China

Reform and opening up for more than30years, our country’s economic construction has made great achievements, but appears the problems of imbalance in the development of the regional economy at the same time.To solve the problem of the widening gap between less developed areas and developed areas,in resent years,Our country Vigorously implements the coordinated development strategy […]

Research on the Supporting Role of Foreign Trade for the County Economy’s Development

The world is an organic whole, interrelated and influence each other. The county economy as the Basic elements of the national economy, its development must also be closely related with the international market.34years since reform and opening up,foreign trade as an important content of opening up has made a contribution to the development of county […]

Comparative Study of Foreign Trade Development of the Central Plains Economic Zone and Other Economic Zone in China

China’s foreign trade development in the trend of economic globalization and regional economicintegration, won the world’s total foreign trade is a good result. With the continuous increase of the degreeof reform and opening up, China’s economic growth, foreign investment, foreign trade dependence andother data on various aspects, the role of international trade to enhance economic […]

The Influence of Foreign Trade on Income Gap in Jiangsu

China’s economy development has achieved a great deal since the Opening policy more than30years ago, but at the same time the problem of income inequality has become more obvious. The current income inequality mainly displays in1, urban and rural income inequality, city residents’income are higher than rural residents, and enjoy better Social welfare and Social […]

Research on Different Contribution of FDI to the Regional Foreign Trade in China

The current gradual expansion of the world economy, China’s foreign trade realized rapidgrowth, further optimization of structure. The sustained growth in trade surplus and foreignexchange reserves are big problems for China’s economy. FDI is the key point in China’strade surplus, so what do we need to solve is how we could use FDI more efficiently […]