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On the Human Resources Support from Henan to Xinjiang during the Elementary Period of the Founding of China

During the elementary period of the founding of China,along with the socialstability and national economy restores gradually,population increaseddramatically,coupled with the development of industrialization, backward agriculturecannot provide enough food,industry which was restricted by agriculture also cannotprovide enough jobs,China faced enormous food and employment pressure.Under theinfluence of youth Agricultural reclamation movement of the Soviet Union,in orderto solve […]

The Research on the Selection of Strategic Emerging Industries in Henan Province

After China clearly put forward to develop strategic emerging industries in2009, Provinces and cities respond to the national call actively, and take action in succession to select and cultivate the region’s strategic emerging industries. However, due to the “emerging strategic industries” is a new thing, the study on IT is still at the exploratory stage. […]

Study on the Branding of Tourism Produ<it Development

With the rapid development of economy, tourism has become a modern industry.While IT is serious that tourism product is single and homogenized and does not have thecharacteristics, the problem that development is not systematic and thoroughly began tobe noticed. As a major tourism province, Henan has abundant tourism resources, wherestill exist such problems. This paper […]

Present Situation and Development Suggestions of Peanut Export Trade in Henan Province

Peanuts are an important oil and cash crop. China is the largest country for peanut production,consumption and export trade with strategic importance in the development of agriculture and nationaleconomy. Peanuts have the great significance to our country agriculture and the development of nationaleconomy. Peanuts are the first economic and oil crop in Henan province. Henan’s […]

Research on the Tourism Marketing in Henan Province

【Abstract】 Henan province locates in the Central plains of china, is the Place of origin of the Chinese nation, long river of boundless history not only had built the museum of an extensive history real object in Henan ground, but also made the nature landscape beautiful and splendid. As a big province with all kinds […]

The Relational Research of Henan’s Human Capital and Economic Growth

【Abstract】 The economic growth of past 24 years or so in Henan province is a very important history and IT is the research object of the article. The article does some authentic analysis for the influence of human capital on economic growth. On base of reviewing the formation and development of economic growth theory and […]

The Cluster Analysis of Different Social Development Levels in He’nan Province

【Abstract】 Since China’s reform and opening up, this country and each province saw a different development speed. Therefore, the development gap among different areas become wider and wider. How to ensure “rich people help poor” and achieve “all rich” is on the top agenda in all levels of government. However, this issue can’t be resolved […]

Study on the Human Resources Development in the Henan Coal Industry

【Abstract】 Of all the entire coal industry in China, the Henan’s plays a big part which needsto be develop well by means of spurring human resources power in technology andmanagement. This paper, according to China’s energy strategy, investigates the statusof the talents in technology and management in Henan coal industry, then probes itscase-effect, and consequently […]

Analysis on Tourism Market Potential of Henan Province and Strategies

【Abstract】 With the development of the world’s tourism, the affection of the tourism to the economy development is becoming more and more important. In order to improve the development of tourism, many researchers in every field and every department are devoting themselves into the research of tourism. Now, the research of tourism is referring to […]

A Study on the Problems for Developing Circular Economy in Henan Province

【Abstract】 The development of human society and the incessant progress of productivity have brought enormous destruction for the natural ecological environment. And the environment, the resources and the human sustainable development has also been restricted seriously. The circular economy is that the humanity rationally ponders about the development, and is the best way to realize […]