Recently years,the use of soft power of China has aroused widespread…

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Recently years,the use of soft power of China has aroused widespread attentions in the academia. Soft power plays a crucial role in china’s foreign relations, image building etc. and it has been recognized as an important component of China’s comprehensive national strength.China’s peaceful development requires a positive and stable surrounding environment.China and its neighboring countries and regions, especially in exchanges and cooperation in Southeast Asia, not only for domestic Economic development and expansion space, but also help enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust, and build regional security and a stable environment. Southeast Asia and China has a special relationship in history,culture and geography. China can not develop without cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. However, ASEAN countries feel alert to China. How to use soft power to enhance the impact of the Southeast Asian region, and promote bilateral exchanges becomes very important.This article is from the application of Chinese soft power in Southeast Asia, attempts to analyze the implementation of Chinese soft power of the ASEAN region, exploring the current problems, and seek appropriate solutions. Such as Continuously improve the level of cultural industries; strengthening of East Asian regional mechanism for building; improvement of the socialist core value system; according to audience characteristics, changing modes of communication to broaden channels of communication.Make recommendations from the perspective of soft power to upgrade China’s soft power and the China – ASEAN relations.

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This paper makes comparison and analysis on implementation of integr…

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This paper makes comparison and analysis on implementation of integrated Medical curricula in USA. Five universities were selected as representatives:the Western Reserve University, the Harvard University, the University of California San Francisco, the John Hopkins University, and the Illinois University. The paper summarizes their general procedures for Medical curriculum integration and supportive measures, looks for typical problems encountered during implementation, analyzes causes that affect current implementation of integrated curriculum in medical Education, and discusses potential solutions to facilitate the implementation and improvement of such curricula.There are4parts in this paper.The first part is brief introduction, which introduces the ideas, content and method of this research, defines the relevant concepts of curriculum integration and implementation, and reviews the reform process of medical curriculum in American since1900.From the perspective of the goals of reform, the core content, the main procedure and the reform effect as well as impact, the second part makes a brief introduction of aforementioned five schools’reform processes for integrating curriculum in medical sciences respectively in hope of getting an overall grasp of their reform processes.The third part carries out multi-dimensional analysis and comparisons of above five schools’reform of curriculum integration from the perspective of initial phase, design stage, implementation stage and maintenance stage. At the initial phase, it mainly analyzes the background of reform in different schools; At the phase of design, comparisons are made in terms of the goals of reform, the design process as well as the content of the integrated curriculum; At the phase of execution, comparisons are also carried out concerning the capital, infrastructure and the participation of teachers. At the phase of maintenance, curriculum appraisal and continuous improvement are analyzed; through which, the difficulties confronted during implementing different modes of integrated curriculum as well as the similarities and differences of solutions could be located.The fourth part makes a conclusion. Taking into account the current reality of China, it compares American medical schools’reform and implementation of integrated curricula to learn experiences and experiences from them in order to propose suggestions and countermeasures for major problems met during current domestic reform of integrated curriculum.


The Practical Research of Regional Implementation of Integrated Practice Activity Curriculum

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Integrated Practice Activity Curriculum is a compulsory course in our country. It is a curriculum set by our country, guided by local governments and implemented by schools. It is a brand-new form of curriculum and it is also a practical course cored by the experience of students and the life. It is based on the students’ direct experience and ties up students’ own lives and Social life.During the execution of Integrated Practice Activity Curriculum, we meet a number of problems. E.g.: Without unified teaching materials and standard, our teachers will feel out of order; without reference mode, students are out of order; without the professional teachers who have educational theory, there will be no one to carry it into execution.In order to effectively respond to the needs of the New Curriculum Reform, and strengthen the guidance practically, as a researcher of Integrated Practice Activity Curriculum in Suzhou, the author did some research on the specific ways of operation in Suzhou area. By researching documents, author tries to master the accurate content and character. Based on actual research in Suzhou area, this research focuses on the basis of the curriculum implementation and resources to explore and guide the schools and teachers to ensure a standardized, normal and long-term implementation of integration practical activity to promote all-round development of students, and summarize implementation experience in Suzhou area by refining.In this study, Environmental construction, Management strategies, teaching design, teacher training, and the establishment of teaching materials have formed and strengthened the role the department of teaching science played in certain commitment of scientific curriculum guidance and effective Management responsibilities. The results of the study can be commonly consulted and have a higher application value.


Empirical Research of Enterprise Institution and Its Characteristics under Refinement Vision

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Comparative analysis of the fine level of the Enterprise system, from one side tounderstand the degree of refinement of the state system. In China’s reform and opening up andmodernization, rationalization and construction of the system is an important part of thedevelopment of Social refinement, and of the fine development of the Enterprise system basedon the premise of the fine development of the society as a whole. Not only is the systemrequirements and refinement of the text is more important is the refinement of the process ofimplementation and enforcement of the fine system is a fine organization and socialmanagement performance.Fine Social scientific knowledge and technology to streamline and rational, efficientprinciple, with the occupation and division of labor, production, Management, social servicesdepartments, each valid link in the field of human and social Health of the comprehensivedevelopment social status. The fine construction of the system constitute an important part ofthe fine social construction, the so-called fine system is the instigation of the human, financial,material and other organizations or community resources to the effective allocation andrational utilization of, and peer responsibilities, rights and facilitate the implementation of theorganization to run the whole the process of organizational system type. Meticulousmanagement is carried out with the fine system Management, and meticulous Management isthe organic combination of the incentive management, scientific management and humanemanagement and unified.In this study, starting from the system of business organization, concise analysis of thefine level of the enterprise system framework, select a good representative of fourtechnology-intensive enterprise, and its system as the inspection object, the understanding ofthe business organization of the system and its operation to understand the characteristics ofthe Chinese social system. The study uses the methodology of empirical research,comparative analysis of the characteristics of various types of enterprise system and therelative degree of refinement. Analysis of business organizations with the state’s isomorphism enterprise system and the state system structure, social system reform, construction andimprove the theoretical support; sum up the fine enterprise system and implementation of therevelation of the development of social refinement, prompting Chinese society towards thedirection of the system fine, and the rule of law.From the general situation of research, compared to state-owned enterprise and whollyowned enterprise, private enterprise and the refinement of the extent and level of the jointventure system is higher than the state-owned enterprise and wholly owned enterprise to therest system, the employee benefits system is very fine, but other systems, the implementationof and is more extensive, reward and punishment system and the regulatory system is not fine;loopholes in the system of state-owned enterprise, private enterprise and joint ventures aremore bigger, such as the wage system, staff training scheme to regulate the system isrelatively extensive type. The survey showed that the degree of refinement of the system andthe quality of enterprise is closely related to the degree of refinement and quality of enterpriseof the enterprise system, business leaders and staff quality has very close links. Usingempirical methods to study the enterprise system and its degree of refinement, is a prominentfeature of the present study, the study of innovation.In recent years, there are many social problems in China, such as coal mine safetyaccidents, food and drug quality problems, serious traffic accidents, and institutional lack ofextensive and system implementation process closely related to the lack of responsibility. Theinstitutionalization of management and experience-based management of the correspondingmode of social organization of the rule of law and the rule of man. The social system refers tothe social organizations to develop to achieve organizational objectives, regulate andstandardize the rules of the organization members of action or system of norms, the systemincluding the national system (e.g., law) and the system of social organization, such asenterprise and institutions of the Ordinance, Articles of Association and discipline. Meticulousmanagement has become a hot topic in business management, it proposed five fine, theessence, the essence of quality, proficiency, precision; market segments and customers in thebreakdown of business organization, functions and positions. refine the decomposition of eachstrategic decision-making, goals, tasks, plans, instructions, detailed enterprise managementsystem, and even the full implementation of the practice of business management. However,social modernization, the development requirements of the fine of not only the business orother management issues of social organization and, more importantly, it may be a matter ofsocial modernization, global strategic issues. In other words, not only companies andorganizations to achieve a fine, and the whole community also needs refinement. Therefore,there is a new dimension of social modernization, that is extensive-the fine dimensions of social development issues.


Study on the Implementation of the Minimum Living Allowance in Rural Areas

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During the process of the socialist construction with Chinese characteristics, issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers have always been the focus of our Party and country and bear on the overall construction and development of the society. The Party and the government are pondering all the time to find out how to make farmers live better, especially to ensure the Basic life of poor residents in rural areas, by which the vast residents in rural areas can enjoy the significant fruit of the reform and opening up and the stable development in rural areas can be better maintained. The establishment of the system of minimum living allowance in rural areas institutionally provides a way to ensure the Basic life of poverty-stricken farmers in rural areas. Since the minimum living allowance system was established in rural areas all over the country, great achievement has been obtained, and with allowance recipients increasing every year, poverty-stricken people in rural areas can maintain their Basic life. However, due to various factors, many problems appear in the implementation of the system of minimum living allowance in rural areas. How to understand these problems? Finding the reasons and countermeasures for these problems is very meaningful in better promoting the implementation of the policy.Relying on the existing research and taking W county in Henan province as an example, the thesis makes a further study on the implementation of the system of minimum living allowance in rural areas, aiming to offer a beneficial reference for the effective implementation of the system and the final smooth implementation in the whole country. The body of the thesis begins with the introduction of the overall situation of the implementation of the system. Then according to interviews and literature research, the thesis concludes that in the process of the implementation of the system in W county there appear many problems such as difficulty and indexation in determining who should be entitled to minimum living allowance, low allowance standard, low level of informatization Management and weak right awareness of allowance recipients, the reasons of which are also discussed. Finally, the thesis, summing up the experiences of Shangdong province, Guizhou province and Dengzhou city in Henan province in implementing the system, puts forward feasible policy proposals to improve the implementation of the system of minimum living allowance in rural areas from three aspects including improving the frame system of the system itself, improving the Management in implementing the system and improving legislation.


Industrial Restructuring and Layout Optimization of Quipment Manufacturing Industrial in Hebie

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Hebei Electric Power Corporation is an important Enterprise supporting the economicdevelopment of Hebei Province. How to achieve the established production and businesstarget, utilize the scientific systematic and information method, strengthen themanagement and ensure the unimpeded flow of goods, capital and information with fullysharing of information is of great significant importance. This paper analyzes and studiesthe application of the ERP information system in Hebei Electric Power Corporation in thefollowing aspects.Firstly, the Basic principles and characteristics of the ERP system are analyzed andthe application of the ERP system in relevant fields is investigated. Secondly, existingproblems are identified from the aspects of the ERP present situation, businessrequirements and technical requirements. Thirdly, application frameworks of the ERPsystem, including production Management model, logistics Management model, financialmanagement model and human resource Management model, are analyzed and studied.Emphasis is put on the intrinsic link between each model. On the basis of intensive study,the application effect of the ERP system in the implementation phase is evaluated anddifficulties and key points are finally identified. Several solutions are proposed andthereby several feasible choices for the future development of the ERP system areprovided.


Research on Construction of Energy Conservation Control System of Universities and Its Implementation

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Conservation of resources and protection of environment have become the commen issueamong all the countries all around the world and in recent years China has paid more andmore attention on building resource-conservative campus. China attaches great importance tosustainable development strategy, and made a clear statement on speeding up building up theresource saving, pro-Environmental society. In the future, the rapid development of thenational economy in China will further increase resource consumption and the pressure onenvironment, which request us to accelerate the transformation of Economic growth mode, todevelope circular economy, to build resource conservation and environment friendly societyand to promote the national economy sustainable development. Therefore,special attentionon building the economical campus is of far-reaching historical significance. According torelated provential and city laws and requirements, universities have taken their steps based ontheir specific circumstances. In this thesis, according to the research and study on condition ofChangsha Commerce and Tourism College, the author proposed a general design tomanagement of campus energy-saving system and theoretically demonstrated the necissity,feasibility and effects of this system. The author reviewed and analysised informationcollected domestic and overseas policies, books and theses through purchasing, borrowingand searching online. Meanwhile, the author also developed an campus energy-savingprogramme according to investigation to campus water and electricity saving measurescombined with the practical situation of Changsha Commerce and Tourism College, analysison utilization of solar energy, reclaimed water and electricity saving, so that the constructionof campus energy saving Management system could make its implementation. In this thesis,through comparison to circumstance of campus energy-saving Management and energymanagement under Social informatization, the author stated the role informalized energysaving Management system played in campus energy-saving management in terms of actualoperation, Economic benefit and Social effects. Its importance can reflect in the following fiveaspects: advacement, extensibility, instantaneity, economical efficiency and safty. The currentsituation of the administration of energy conservation in China is in an imbalanceddevelopment between different industries and different Enterprise of the same industry. For some enterprises and institutions the imformative saving energy management has developedto an advanced stage, while for a lot other companise and colleges, they have just started. Thisimbalanced development put the current energy saving administration process in front of fivemain problems: the weak foundation of energy conservation management; inadequency of theoverall level and energy-saving awareness, problems caused by eagerness for quick successand instant benefits, low quality of energy saving management personnel, and insufficiency inusage of new energy saving techniques. According to the current difficulties those collegesand universities are facing, these problems could be solve in following ways: firstly, thereshould be a long-term and sustainable development plan. Secondly, leaders should pay highattention and give enogh support. Thirdly, the imformative energy-saving management is amethod other than a purpose, and customization is the guarantee to satisfy differentmanagement level of energy conservation. Fourthly, the renewable technology investmentshould be increased and the efficiency of usage of energy should be improved. The last,people should establish a good foreign cooperation relations.Through the statement of general design of energy-saving administration system inChangsha Commerce and Tourism College in this thesis, we can see that the colleges anduniversities could always find their suitable energy-saving construction scheme, as long asthey do enough reserch on energy efficiency. According to the current trend of development,as long as colleges and universities did careful study, find their own suitable energy-savingmanagement construction schemes and put into part of funds, large Economic benefits andpositive social effects could be easily made, which not only has a great significance inintensive campus development, but also can promote the long-term development of thecolleges and universities themsleves.


Based on the MAXIMO System Beer Equipment an Application of Inventory Management

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With the increasingly fierce market competition, the domestic beer productionenterprises increasingly to collectivize, dimensions to change development, gradually formeda Qingdao, Yanjing, Huarun snowflake, Zhujiang Beer, and other large beer industry group,the group production are close to or exceed1000000tons. Currently the mainstream of beerproduction line of36000bottles/hour glass bottle filling production lines, the designcapacity of100000tons/year, need a number of production lines can reach1000000tons/year production capacity. Glass bottle filling production line for high speed, continuousproduction of automated production lines, moving parts, electrical control requirements, theimport of spare parts category, as long as one kind of key spare parts failure, will cause theentire production line, at the same time as the equipment constantly upgrading, causing thespare parts inventory increases ceaselessly, occupy a large number of company liquidity, howreasonable configuration inventory, better prediction of spare parts demand has become thebeer production Enterprise equipment Management process important work.This paper reviews the development of equipment repair mode, analysis of beerenterprise equipment and spare parts Management features, combined with the company inthe use of MAXIMO system for equipment management in the process of the difficultiesencountered and related case, study how to explore in the implementation of equipmentmanagement system software solutions, finally, in the MAXIMO system using A\B\Cclassification and supplier inventory undertook discussing, put forward the need to continueto improve and perfect place.

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S Bank Storage Planning and Implementation of Management Projects

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S bank has been using the distributed Management for the data, and different business modules is on independent storage Management. Due to Enterprise historical and cultural structure as well as the implementation of scale reasons, the data infrastructure planning and implementation of the system is a huge and complex task. S bank need to explore a set of more science, more suitable for the management and technical Architecture to manage and protect data.This paper fully combined with the actual situation of the S bank storage Architecture system, the original system problem as well as the S bank management information systems, and summarizes the S bank memory Architecture system planning and implementation process, and in accordance with the risk management theory and the methods of information systems planning, put forward the corresponding solutions.Management of the implementation of the storage management system will give enterprises bring benefits, but also challenges. The selection of the storage management system need to consider the comprehensive consideration of organizations insides and external demand. To select a management system in line with the goals of the organization and implementation of information technology and organizational structure is a mutual influence and mutual adaptation process. This paper provides a reference for policy-making and management process for the selection and planning of the relevant Enterprise storage management system.


Mechanism Study on the Immunologic Function of Chinese Government Audit

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Government audit is independently monitoring and assuring the fulfillment of thepublic accountability. The public pay attrition to how the government carries out the auditresponsibilities and keep the state Economic safe. However, there are tons of repeatedscandals, the public are not satisfied with the contribution of government audit, and this isbecause the government audit hasn’t established an effective immunization system.As an important measure of maintaining Social Economic safety, the scholars arefocused on how to establish effective immune system and fulfill immune function, identifythe potential risk. So fulfillment government immune system has important theory valueand realistic value.Firstly, the dissertation reviews the research direction and entry point. Secondly, it isnarrated the related theory and concept of government audit and pointed out the factors ofgovernment audit immune function. Thirdly, it is analysis the cases which include situationof government audit immune with normative research and statistical study in order to findthe defect of fulfillment of government audit immune. In the end, it is associated with thecurrent situation and defect to point out that the government immune system need someregulation to guarantee. In order to keep the regulation operating effectively, governmentneeds reform in target location, audit regulation, audit system, audit department and auditmonitor.