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Research on Optimal Incentive Model of Government Leading Enterprises to Invest in R&D Based on Principal-Agent Theory

In the face of ever-changing pattern of global competition, the world is paying moreand more attention on innovation and development of economic and scientific strength,China is also on the track of innovation-oriented country to explore and advance R&D(Research and Development, R&D). As an important factor to measure a country’stechnological development and innovation, R&D should arouse […]

HR Compensation Design for SL Company

With the development of modern market economy, the competition between enterprises has gradually evolved into the competition of human resources. As enterprises’first resources, human resources are more and more valued by enterprise managers. There is an urgent need to improve human resources administration and shape the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Compensation management is the […]

The Stimulation Study of Hotel Industry Human Resources Low-cost Incentive

The purpose of this study is to provide some operational cost motivate staff for the hotelindustry human resources, thereby reducing the hotel staff turnover, improve the jobperformance of hotel staff, own modest contribution to the development of China’s hotelindustry.This research method is two-fold: first, investigation and study. I surveyed the five-starhotel employee motivation, five hotel […]

The Marketization Process, Control Properties and the Effectiveness of Executive Pay Contract

With China’s listed companies the increasing number and scale expand, the executivecompensation, although in general enterprise show a rising trend, there was some abnormalchange in individual: some loss of company executives are still getting rich high salary;Instead, the performance good company executive pay is not extrude; Some companyexecutive pay much faster than the growth of […]

The Re-design of the Compensation System of Z Corporation

Valuable resource of human resources is the era of knowledge economy, is also crucial for survival and development of enterprises, strategic resources. Enterprise economic profit growth and competitiveness of enterprises is of decisive significance. Therefore, the management of human resources has a significant place in the enterprise management; compensation management is the core issue of […]

The Attribution, Incentive and Restraining of Purchasing Behavior

Purchasing plays an important role in the production and operation of enterprises, which is connected to the bond part of the manufacturers and suppliers. Quality purchasing not only reduces production cost, but also improves the utilization of funds, and increases profits. As the main body of the implementation of the purchasing, the buyer plays a […]

Research on Incentive&Restrictive Models of Cooperative Innovation in Complex Product System

Since the beginning of the21st century, complex product system becomes more and more important in the development of the national economy. At the same time, because complex product system is composed of a large number of subsystems and modules, the system integrator need to join forces with other enterprises and research institutions which are responsible […]

The Study of the Salary Design in Digsur

With the development of Chinese market economy and graduallyimprove, more and more enterprises take part in the activities of market economy andincreasingly engage in business activities of the industry. The various components ofeconomy widely get into the field of economic activities. They have become the importantfeature of Chinese economy and society, and will promote the […]

Theory and Practice of People-first Modern Enterprise Management

【Abstract】 Some of state-owned enterprises operate with low cost-efficiency. The employees are not active with the work assigned. How to change the situation? The author thinks that the key is to apply the people-first management theory in the operation. This thesis introduces the contents of this theory, and the application in manufacturing management. The author […]

Analysis on Principle-Agency Theory of State-Owned Enterprises’ (SOEs) Reform in China

【Abstract】 Stated-owned enterprise’s reform plays a central role in reforms of economic systems in China, which has experienced many steps, such as gave more power to SOEs, allowed SOEs to retain a portion of profits, replaced the submitting of profits with the paying of taxes, adopted contract system, established corporate system and so on. And […]