Study on the Construction and Operation Model of the Public Rental Housing in Huangshi

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With the reformance of Chinese urban housing sysytem which oriented by housing commercialization, marketizatio and socialization, Affordable housing has undergone profound changes. The traditional welfare housing security system ceased to exist.A new housing security system which make the low income residents as the main protection has established.Eventually, the housing security system which take Economic applicable housing system,and low-rent housing system as the main body has formed. The Economic applicable housing system and low-rent housing security system plays an important historical role in realizing the housing security of low income residents.But as the result of the problems of system design and system operation,the development of Economic applicable housing system and low-rent housing faced with many problems.The development and the function of housing safeguard also been limited.In general, the housing security system which take the economic applicable housing system and low-rent housing system as the main body is not sustainable.lt need innovation of housing sateguard system to provide the necessary system foundation for the sustainable development.Public rental housing make up for the defects in the guarantee object of economic applicable housing system and low-rent housing system,but this kind of public rental housing is not the new model of housing security,it is just a complement of economic applicable housing system and low-rent housing security system,it does not involve the reform and integration problems of different kinds of housing security system,also does not related to the whole innovation of housing security model.In fact, the whole design on Chinese urban housing security model hasn’t appeared right now. China is in the process of rapid urbanization. The population in urban is increasing rapidly, and the problem of housing has become the outstanding problem in economic and Social.In the background of sustained high prices and uneven distribution of housing,how to make the urban residents who has problems with housing receive housing security is not only an important livelihood issue, but also an important Social and political issue.There is not a small distance from principle policy guidance to practical implementation plan of public rental housing. Especially in the microscopic mechanism, how to connect the supply of public rental housing and original affordable housing. How to achieve its entry and exit, how to formulate and distribute its rent and subsidy, how to operate and manage it, more important is how to embody the unified of justice and efficiency in above mechanism. To realize the sustainable development of public rental housing, the city of Huangshi has done a lot of exploration on innovation and development of housing guarantee system,gradually formed the “Huangshi model” which not only with Huangshi characteristics but also has the value of popularization. This article aims at the adoption of the Huangshi public rental housing construction and operation mode and experience, to promote the healthy development of public rental housing in China.


The Current Water Resources Investment and Financing Mechanism

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Water “upstream” as the Social life of the production chain, has always been the base of the various countries and periods of Social and national security, to be ruling. Of China as a major Agricultural country and the current performance of the outstanding problems of water resource, for example, serious water supply and demand lagging behind the construction of farmland water conservancy, water pollution, water pipe system urgent need for reform. Makes it even more urgent to strengthen the importance of water development. The need for stable long-term Investment mechanism to protect water development, water conservancy Investment and financing mechanism is not perfect, short board of Water Funds are still restricting the construction of water conservancy facilities, the impact of rapid Economic development. Therefore, the establishment of water conservancy Investment and financing system has become an important topic.Development and Present State of China’s water conservancy work, this paper, citing relevant theoretical knowledge, and foreign investment and financing case, pointing out the problems of China’s water conservancy investment and financing mechanism, and propose solutions. First, improving the investment and financing Health development is closely related to the legal guarantee, Health orderly market system; two is the solution to the investment responsibilities and obligations of wrangling between the long-standing division of powers is not clear, leading to water conservancy projects of investment, buck-passing phenomenon. proposed a clear division of powers between the government and the market, as well as all levels of government; water conservancy investment in unstable, the funding gap issue, holding that government led to extensive study and absorb the advanced experience and practice, to motivate Social capital to participate in the establishment of the steady growth in the long-term investment mechanism; scientific optimization of water conservancy project Management model, including the review mechanism of decision-making mechanism of the water projects, water projects, water conservancy investment Management mechanism.


The Study on the Investment and Financing Mode of the Civil Air Defense Engineering in the Less Developed City in Pearl River Delta

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As the deepening of the Reforming and Opening-up policy as well as the fastening of theurbanization, the construction of fundamental equipments in the cites has been fully developed.The Civil Air Defense Engineering construction also changes a lot. Civil Air DefenseEngineering is not only an important part of the national Defense, but also a crucial part of thedevelopment of a city and its economy. The Civil Air Defense Engineering construction is anoverall expression about all the planning, prospecting, designing, building, conserving progress.Due to the restriction of the traditional system and knowledge, the Civil Air DefenseEngineering construction in our country has been undertaken completely by the government.The fund for the construction comes from Civil Air Defense’s strategical fee, charges from thefunds that can be used both at peace and at war, and the central and regional financial budget.Limited to the shortage of the financial Investment, the governmental Investment mode hasgreatly obstructed the development of the Civil Air Defense Engineering, and led to theconsequence that the construction of the Civil Air Defense Engineering being left behind theconstruction of the city construction.By studying documents, analyzing specific cases, and taking researches, this articleintroduces the outstanding experiences of Investment and financing mode of the Civil AirDefense Engineering construction in foreign country, analyses the present situation ofinvestment and financing mode of the Civil Air Defense Engineering construction in the lessdeveloped areas in the Pearl River Delta, and expounds the possibility and necessity of theinvestment and financing diversification in the Civil Air Defense Engineering construction, bytaking Jiangmen, one of the less developed cities in the Pearl River Delta, Advanced city in theCivil Air Defense Engineering construction in China, test city of the scientific outlook onDevelopment of the Civil Air Defense Engineering in Guangdong. The article provides specificdata and examples and analyzes both the advantages and shortages of the investment andfinancing mode of governmental investment, BOT, TOT, PPP, and also the running progress andadvantages of the ‘government plus Enterprise equal to construction to operation to transferring’mode. In current status, if the Civil Air Defense Engineering construction uses Social foundationand diversifies its investment mode, it will come into a great amount of difficulties. This articlegives practicable advices basing on the reality by analyzing the problems about theadministration system, property right, and Management.


The Analysis of Chinese Cartoon Industry Chain Financing in Modular View and the Design of Credit Evaluation Model

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The animation industry is the newest industry which has been attached by the government, and the output of animation industry is increasing. Meantime, the quality of animation industry has improved, animation industry chain become completed day by day, and it has been more widely used in various fields. The development of China’s animation industry is facing extremely favorable condition and situation, but there is a big gap compared with the other animation powerhouses. In this paper, it explores financing channels and methods for the animation industry and their respective cultural industries in China by the analysis of financing model of the animation industrial chain with modular perspective, as well as enterprises credit evaluation model in the financing process.First of all, by the definition of the concept of the animation industry and its products, the organic combination of the modular theory and industry chain theory introduced, the history of the development of China’s animation industry and its main form characteristics in each process reviewed, it put forward major problems in the new era of China’s animation industry, including the plight of the Investment and financing. It researched the main features of the animation industry, and found out the reasons of the plight of the Investment and financing in the animation industry due to high input, high-yield and high-risk industry characteristics. Moreover, the reasons included:the information asymmetry problem of Investment and financing, the lack of copyright protection measures, the lack of financing guarantees and a single way of credit rating.Subsequently, it explained the source funding and capital needs of the animation business from two aspects of supply and demand, through the analysis of the current status of China’s animation industry investment and financing. From the’supply’point of view, the funding sources of animation business included own funds, financial subsidies, bank loans, venture capital, special fund, public financing, and the future development of the animation industry should be obtained from the funding source of bank loans. From the’demand’point of view, the funding demand of animation business included fixed investment, the costing of animation production, the marketing and development of derivatives. It gave an insight into the corporate capital supply and demand situation, through the analysis of the present situation and the plight of China’s animation industry investment and financing.The financing mode of animation industry chain with modular perspective aimed at China’s animation industry characteristics was presented by the developed forms analysis of China’s animation industry chain and the development model analysis, the industry chain analysis and financing mode analysis of the animation industry in Japan and United States. Enterprise credit evaluation model was designed by comprehensive comparison of historical experience, expert scoring method, fuzzy assessment method in the financing process of China’s animation industry chain. The innovation of this model was that:First, the financing model of traditional industry chain creatively applied to the animation industry. Second, according to the characteristics of animation industry, financing contract or guarantee financing form was presented based on the conditional industrial chain. Third, the upstream and downstream enterprises were defined by the modular perspective, and different characteristics of enterprises would be more obvious. Fourth, the corresponding characteristics index was increased which has industry characteristics and apparently reflect the future development ability of enterprises.


The Research on Rural Infrastructure Investment and Finacing of Jianghua County

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Rural infrastructure, as an important carrier of the construction of new socialist countryside and the development of rural economy, makes a great contribution to strengthen the comprehensive Agricultural productivity and improve the level of farmer’s income. For a long time, due to the existence of the “dual Economic structure” in urban and rural areas and the long-term implementation of different fiscal policies on Investment into urban and rural areas. After the “three-agriculture” is put forward, our country has paid more attention to rural infrastructure.Looking at the results of existing researches on rural infrastructure development home and abroad, they are mainly concentrated on the urban infrastructure, the research for rural infrastructure Investment and financing is less. In recent years, with the continuous development of economy, Jianghua County has gradually strengthened the Investment on rural infrastructure construction and achieved something. But for all that, rural infrastructure investment is still insufficient, financing is not smooth. The contradiction, between the demand of building rural infrastructure and fund supply, is very outstanding in Jianghua County. This problem will also become the “bottleneck” of the rural Economic development. Therefore, it will be a theoretical and practical significance for the rural Economic development of Jianghua County to study the investment and financing issues on the construction of rural infrastructure.Judging from the current situation, the major sources of investment in Jianghua is financial, villager collective and financial institutions. Forever the Jianghua is a large Agricultural county with large rural population and cardinal, government limited financial resources, financial investment alone to develop rural infrastructure is clearly not realistic and the government is powerless. Because of various reasons, the financial funds from outside are difficult to inflow in rural infrastructure. According to these situations, establish a diversified investment and financing of rural infrastructure to form a government investment, guiding Social idle capital investment, supplemented by the investment and financing mode, which is especially important for Jianghua County. The main difficulties the county faced are lack of funds on the construction of rural infrastructure, insufficient financing channels, unclearly property rights of the infrastructure and so on. Through the construction of rural infrastructure investment and financing at home and abroad advanced experience to sum up, this paper argues that on to develop the county rural infrastructure, the government should play the role of principals in rural infrastructure investment, to broaden the financing channels, make up the lack of financial capital. At the same time, the government should encourage people participate in the construction of rural infrastructure through making some preferential policies to attract Social organizations and enterprises to participate in the construction of rural infrastructure.


Investigation Report on Investment and M&A Activities of Sichuan ZH Industry (Group) co.

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【Abstract】 Sichuan ZH Industry (Group) Co.(hereinafter called ZH Group), is a collective Enterprise specializing mainly in metallurgy, and international trade. ZH group also involves in business of real estate, hotel, futures, marine shipment and restaurant.Established in 1990,ZH group expanded from a pure international trade company to an industry group with asset value of nearly RMB1.2 billion (US$145 million) after rapid growth of 7 years. The development of ZH group is typical in the enterprises founded in the 1990s in China. Through investigation and study on the Investment Management, financing methods and activities of M&A of ZH group, we can find out the reason why ZH group succeeded and failed and how ZH group cope with the difficulties and overcome it. Then from the Investment financing and M&A experiences of ZH group, we will try to find the right way of Investment, financing Management and try to avoid the same errors ZH group has made. <WP=7>In order to fully understand the investment, financing and M&A situation of ZH group, the author has done a lot of work, gathered and studied all files, reports and finance data of ZH group.In this report, the author focuses on the study of the investment strategy decisions,financing and M&A methods of ZH groupThis report is divided into three parts:Chapter 2: to introduce the group structure, history of investment and financing, and to analyze the reason why it failed in its investment. Chapter 3: to analyze the M&A activities of ZH group(mainly about the ChongQin ZH aluminium) and make a deep study about how ZH group actualize its M&A work.Chapter 4: to summarize experiences enterprises should pay attention to from the experience from ZH group. Because of the length and the focus of this report, the author doesn’t go further into the details of how ZH group make the other M&A activities except for the ChongQin ZH aluminium.


The Study of Zhejiang Urban Infrastructure Investment and Financing System

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【Abstract】 Infrastructure construction is not only foundation of urban Social and Economic operation, but also a leading part in the urban modernization drive. Since reform and opening-up, the urban infrastructure construction in Zhejiang province has made considerable progress. However, it is still generally hard to meet the needs of Social and Economic developments for various reasons. Among all the reasons, Investment and financing defect has become a “bottleneck” that curbs Zhejiang’s infrastructure construction. First of all, serious fund shortage makes infrastructure construction fall into vicious circle. Secondly, financing channel for construction capital is single and financing cost is high. Thirdly, bad system and operating mechanism leads to low efficiency and heavy waste. Finally, improper Management and maintenance cause current urban infrastructure run at high cost and, thus, waste off rapidly.Based on above analysis and armed with the theories such as public product, program distinguish, infrastructure sellable assessing and etc., the article put forward suggestions that could hopefully break current bottleneck and establish a stable Investment and financing system for urban infrastructure construction. With reference to relevant experience both from home and abroad, diversified source of capital should be introduced to invest in urban infrastructure construction. Besides government fund,the infrastructure financing channel should be expanded and social capital should be attracted to take part in urban infrastructure construction. Meantime, current infrastructure operating approach should be altered to improve investment efficiency of government’s fund .In addition , sources of capital and their application should be standardized as well. Generally speaking, ideas in the article could be concluded as “market-based operation, socialized investment, plural debt, direct financing, limited withdraw of government and positive intervene of private capital.” The article also put forward six measures to make all the ideas and suggestions operatable.


The Research on Investment and Financing System of Urban Water Resource Infrastructure in Shenzhen

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【Abstract】 Public infrastructure, the pulse of a city, is the foundation stone of the whole urban Social economical activities. The water resource infrastructure in Shenzhen is playing an enormously important role in the urban development due to water lacking and easy to floods. In recent decade Shenzhen municipal has carried out water resource infrastructure construction in large scales. But compared with the rapid urban development and the requirements of future society, water resource infrastructure in Shenzhen is in relative shortage. In the next decade, a large sum of money will be invested in to Shenzhen water resource infrastructure construction. In addition, there remains the problem of fund use efficiency. On the whole, it’s very important to further broaden the financing channel, to improve the fund use efficiency, to consummate the Investment Management system , and the last not the least to establish a steady-going infrastructure construction system.The thesis analyzes the conditions and the problems remains in the water resource infrastructure of Shenzhen with the aid of public goods theory, project division theory and the infrastructure distributionability theory. And in the end it puts up new designs of consummating the Investment Management system.Firstly, with the project division theory, the water resource infrastructure will be classified into three categories: the public project, the profitable project and the quiz-profitable project. Then the three categories will be supervised respectively from the angle of investment-financing and the policies. So as to establish a healthy mechanism of investment and financingSecondly, based on the public goods theory and the infrastructure distributionability theory, the thesis designs the investment-financing channel form four aspects: broadening the sources of fiscal funds, attempting new ways to finance in public project, enlarging the non-government investment in the water resource infrastructure and constituting profitable project financing main body authorized by the government.Finally, this dissertation conceives of new ways to consummate the investment Management system in four ways: standardizing government investment activities, establishing the main body status of enterprises in profitable water resource project, boosting project biding and tendering mechanism vigorously and improving the supervision of water resource infrastructure constructions


Study of Zhuzhou City Construction of Investment and Financing

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【Abstract】 City Basic equipments as the coagulation of alive work and materializing work is the important material Basic of the city existing and developing. The city Basic equipments are managed and constructed by the government according to the government plan for a long time, so that the financing source is very exclusive. Accompanying by the setup and perfect of the market Economic system, the system of Investment and financing has taken placed a certainty change. The channel of nongovernmental capital taking part in the city basic equipment construction has opened step by step, and the market system has entried gradually the field of city basic equipment. But the problems, such as the market of city construction capital opening not enough and the investing units being less and the financing being not much as well as the basic equipment managing effect not satisfying, are still existence. It has became the impending problem, which has been studied by the city basic equipment organizations, how to create the conditions to make city construction investing units diversify, to diversify the financing channel, to have the construction process implement market operation and change the situation of Investment effect being very lower.Using the related theory of city construction and Investment and financings system analysis, statistics analysis, SWOT analysis, case analysis, compare analysis and other analysis methods in this article writer analysed the problem facing to Zhuzhou city construction investment and financing and reason caused by it, and pointed out that Zhuzhou city construction investment and financing system is converting planning modal to the market modal, but it is facing the problems of which financing is not enough, investment units are lack of, the channels of investment are blocked, managing means are single, and the investment effect are not satisfied. The reasons are that the function of government is fuzzy, the system of income compensating is short of, the construction Management and administration is not science as well as the capital market opened not enough. On the basic of methods succeed in abroad and combining with the actual situation of Zhuzhou, writer has explored and thought actively this problem and put forward a number of countermeasure and plans which possess of a certainly value and some of practical significant, in order to solve the difficulty of the city construction investment and financing, reform the system of investment and financing, exploit the channel of investment and financing as well as adopt diversiform channel of investment and financing. And also put forward some of newviewpoint about of implementing the city investment and financing according to sort of it, and expatiated the ways of investment and financing, which suit for zhuzhou city construction, such as BOT、 bond、 bank loan and the operation of city construction capital.The thesis is divided into seven parts: Unit 1, Generality, introduce the background of selecting subject, study aim, significance, methods and main content. Unit 2, Introduce the related theory of the city construction and investment and financing. Unit 3: Talked about the current state and existing problems of zhuzhou city construction and investment and financing as well as analysed the its reason. Unit 4: Synthesis analysed the succeed methods and revelation of the city investment and financing internal and external. Unit 5: The developing countermeasure suit for Zhuzhou city construction and investment and financing. Unit 6: The case analysis to construction Engineering of Zhuzhou Donghu cloverleaf junction. The end: Conclusion, writer concluded to the main study content of this thesis .The filed and the problems dealed with the city basic construction equipment and Management are very vast, writer has studied only from the point of view of the investment and financing, and hope to promote the development of system reform of Zhuzhou city construction and investment and financing.


Overlly Strategic Research of Nanning Urban Construction and Invests Develop Corporation

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【Abstract】 Economic marketization and globalization , make the strategic research more and more important for a corporation seeking development in the market competition because it concerns the vicissitudes of the corporation directly. Because of the problem of channel of fund and project, nanning urban construction and invests develop corporation feel greater and greater pressure in developing too. This text attempt to provide the suitable strategic mode to Enterprise by using the strategic Management theory and analysed tools after analysing its domestic and foreign environment. According to the result of study, Enterprise’s development strategy is divided into two stages. In frist term, it takes the strategy of marketing penetration and industry develop, in the second term, it will take the strategy of market development and pluralistic. The researchment has also set up a strategic security system model.