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The Game Analysis in the Process of Enterprises’ Knowledge Conversion

In an era of knowledge economy, enterprises’knowledge is one of the important forces to improve competitiveness and to develop sustainability for modern companies, which can also be converted to a vital resource for economic wealth benefits and reforming. The mankind has entered an era of taking knowledge and technology as a core resource to possess, […]

Research on the Relationship between the Practice and Theory from the Modern Concept of Knowledge

The21st century is the era of knowledge economy, bacon once said that”knowledge is power”, the research on knowledge management in academic andcorporate has caused widespread concern. Scholars and managers constantly study inknowledge management theory and application field to make knowledge managementtheory and practice very rich.Besides, the research of knowledge management has itsunique function in explaining […]

Qualitative Research on the Growth of Personalized Knowledge

Michael polanyi first proposed “personal knowledge” in1958, and the conceptsubverts the understanding of objective knowledge in academic community. Based onthe concept of personal knowledge, personalized knowledge is put forward.Knowledge is growing and is inseparable from the individual life, IT is the product ofconstruction of individual significance. The mission of the growth of personalizedknowledge is to […]

Rresearch on Industry Cluster Based on Knowledge Management

【Abstract】 Today, with the rapid development of knowledge, only depending on acompany’s own knowledge basis to realize the internal increase can not meet the needof competition. On the contrary, acquiring the external knowledge positively andeffectively is more significant for the company to face the complex marketing andtechnology environment increasingly. During knowledge economy times, companiesare clustered […]

Knowledge Management Based on a Project

【Abstract】 The dissertation is about “KM (Knowledge Management)”. Its study object, The PSB Project, is a roadbuilding and drainage project. By analyzing the common laws of Project Management at first, using existing Knowledge Management theory combining the PSB’s practical thing, the objective of this study is that we will find out the available and practical […]

A Thought of Knowledge-Based Economy and Sustainable Development

【Abstract】 IT is common hope of all the world people to realize sustainable development, but IT is also a important question that we must solve how to achieve the sustainable development. Advent of knowledge-based economy no doubt brings mankind new hope that man will realize the sustainable development at last. Because knowledge-based economy is the […]

The Firm Boundary Research on Ability, Knowledge and Management

【Abstract】 Following the coming of the era of knowledgeable economy in 21st century, management will be subjected to a grim challenge, especially the diversification and complication of the firm forms, which makes IT important to manage the firm boundary. The point that the relation between the firm and the market is absolute oppose has not […]

The Theoretical and Methodological Research of Knowledge Value Measurement

【Abstract】 Through analyzing, thoroughly and specifically, the formation mechanism of knowledge value, the classification of knowledge and knowledge value, the theory and method of knowledge value measurement, this paper researched how to measure the knowledge with the attribute of goods, and designed the measure indexes and measure models, in order to set up a set […]

The Research of Human Resource Development Management in High Technology Enterprise

【Abstract】 With the accelerating pace for the global economization and more and more keen competitiveness around the world, the importance of human resources management is more and more paid attention to by enterprises everywhere in the world. China is no reception to that. But in many Chinese enterprises, the human resources management at the present […]

The Study of Knowledge Management of Knowledge Enterprise

【Abstract】 Economy is transferring into knowledge -based economy. Society is turning into knowledge – based society. Knowledge – based economy is based on knowledge producing, distributing and using. With economy’s forming and developing, enterprise needs new management mode, theory and organizing form. So enterprise, which is principal part in economy society, has to change traditional […]