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Study on Repeatable Maintenance Resource Management of Equipment Maintenance Alliance

With constantly increased intellectualization and complication of the equipment,traditional maintenance model can no longer meet the needs of enterprise maintainingthe equipment and then the new models like intelligent maintenance and cooperativemaintenance followed. As a new model, the cooperative maintenance model couldbring together superior maintenance resources in the society, improve maintenanceefficiency and reduce maintenance cost. Cooperative […]

Research on the Knowledge Maps of Power Supply Enterprise Customer Knowledge Management System

With the growing concern of knowledge management, more and more enterprises pay attentions to knowledge map as a knowledge management tool. As a knowledge management tool, knowledge map can retrieval knowledge, information integration, and access to knowledge. At the same time, IT can help managers to make knowledge management effective, and then to make appropriate […]

Strategic Human Resource Management Study of YJ Company Based on Knowledge Management

With the development of economy and technology, society is enter into era of knowledge management today, the life of material are replacing of knowledge. The economy of knowledge produce productivity which is taken human as the intellectual core of productive forces, IT has the characteristics of human resource obviously. In the process of human resource […]

Study on the Relationship among OCB,Knowledge Management and Innovation Performance in High-tech Enterprises

Recently, thanks to restriction of limited resources and direction of sustainabledevelopment strategy, the global economy is turning from the elements-drivendevelopment mode to the innovation-driven model development mode. As coresubject in the development model transformation, High-tech enterprises’development issue has become concerned in many fields. Renewal cycle of the hightechnology products and services is short and they […]

Building E-learning Training System Based on Knowledge Management in Enterprise

This paper is based on existing research at home and abroad, and uses the method ofsystem analysis questionnaire, interviews and other research methods, This article isfrom the perspective of knowledge management, and base on intellectual capital theory,theories of knowledge and organizational behavior theory, This article is fusion of theidea of constructivism, and uses In-depth study […]

The Evaluation of the Enterprise Competitive Advantage Based on Knowledge Management

How to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market, to maintain the company’s core competitive advantage is the important issue of enterprises of all countries, the fate of bankruptcy of numerous enterprises in the market attracting the attention of many scholars.How companies can jump out of the short-term fate, how companies can achieve […]

Application Research on the Performance Evaluation of Project-oriented Enterprises Knowledge Management

Since the beginning of the21st century, with the development of scientific andtechnological progress and productivity, competition is increasing among enterpriseswhich engaged in a fierce market and scramble for resources worldwide. In order todeal with complex and competitive market environment, improve the competitivenessof enterprises, knowledge has been concerned in enterprise as a scarce resource. Howto tap […]

Research on Knowledge Push of Construction Project Management Firms

With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the speed and scale of information dissemination have reached unprecedented levels。 At the same time, the operation and the development of the enterprise don’t primarily depend on the capital, labor and other traditional resources。 Unimportant knowledge is becoming the most active and important part in the […]

Research on Establishing Learning Organization of Enterprise Based on the Perspective of Knowledge Management

With human society from industrial economy to the evolution of the knowledgeeconomy era, the management and development of the enterprise no longer depend oncapital, natural resources and traditional labor resources, but pay more and moreattention to the role of knowledge. Knowledge gradually becomes the main resource ofthe enterprises in the fierce competition of the market […]

Laboratory Knowledge Management System Functional Modules Selection and Demand Analysis

In recent years, the growth of cooperation between business, government and research institutions increased a lot. Some scholars gradually became aware of the importance of knowledge management use in the field of academia. Colleges and universities have a lot of opportunities to apply knowledge management in dealing their tasks. Knowledge management is used for managing […]