The Internet Research and Analysis of Management Knowledge in Some Hospitals of Guangxi

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ObjectiveIn the larger environment of Health care reform , the hospital Management not only confine to the equipment, facilities and scale , as a typical knowledge organization,hospital should pay more attention to their knowledge Management. Through the hospital knowledge Management research can make hospitals, Medical schools, Health department of hospital knowledge management set a new management idea, use and promote hospital knowledge management this new management mode, overcome existing in hospital knowledge management of Medical obstacles and the defect of traditional management, in the knowledge economy, to improve the medical service quality and core competitiveness, and promote the harmonious hospital construction pace has important practical significance.MethodsThrough the literature about the knowledge management and the hospital knowledge management related literature papers statistical analysis; Self-designed questionnaire using E-mail or site asked to investigate of guangxi medical university the first affiliated hospital, cancer hospital of guangxi medical university, and so on. Investigation on the number of hospital staff, understand health technical personnel knowledge management of the intention and effect; Through the way of network access to the attractors among the 23 home three level of first-class comprehensive hospital website, understand investigation of knowledge management area hospitals in the Basic situation and the knowledge sharing achievement.Result1 Literature analysis results1.1 Based on “knowledge management” as the theme, retrieved by 2010 from 1995 between Chinese scholars study of knowledge management field papers were retrieved, total to 16818 article effective papers. One involving medical institutions, accounting for approximately a 327 article for 1.9% proportion. Visible, compared with knowledge management, research of hospital knowledge management, research started late relatively weak.1.2 Research scholars generally agree that, as the knowledge intensive organization, the hospital need for knowledge management to optimize their service and enhance core competitiveness. The knowledge management research direction mainly in the following aspects: the development of hospital knowledge management present situation, the influence factors of hospital knowledge management, knowledge management effect evaluation hospital.2 survey results2.1 In survey,66.9% staff of hospital spend more than 8 hour a week in Internet time ,and in the study or research time is opposite less, only 28.6 percent online learning in eight hours a week.2.2 Investigation shows that 76.7 person think that use a network knowledge management, and a colleague or counterparts discussions, can make relevant technical information become convenient, quick.2.3 More than 86.4% think that both through the network of knowledge management study and communication adds its own knowledge information reserves.3 network access survey results3.1 Are investigated in 23 hospitals, most hospital websites have department general introduction, news, expert introduction, medical technology, etc.3.2 Various hospitals website greater difference in medical commuication information, Investigation shows, opened a hospital management BBS of academic hospital were two, total of survey 8.6%.3.3 In the construction of the interactive website hospital, opened the doctor-patient communication, health science, medical navigation hospital accounted for 52% of the total ratio of investigation, 69, 82%. This shows nearly half the hospital are paying attention to the hospital and the interaction between the patients. But the author through the site to 12 hospitals contact separately carried on the consultation, only two gave response, accounted for only 16 per cent. Predictably, hospital website construction of the interactivity is not efficient.3.4 In polls, two hospitals in the hospital website information resources are sponsored by the hospital itself issued by the journal or some related academic journal, guangxi medical uniersity hospital web site can see oral proceedings have in English and hospital two versions, most of the rest of the hospital this content vacancy.Conclusion1 Investigation shows, most medical stuff approve technicians for network knowledge management , learning attitude initiative, think the network to learn communication and information transmission provides a good platform, have good growth prospects.2 Investigation shows, medical technicians using the network knowledge management platform to acquiring knowledge, analyzed, reprocessing, setting up their own knowledge. But there are active knowledge sharing obstacles consciousness not strong. 3 Judging from the site investigation, hospital website tend to the overall situation and diagnostic specialized subject hospital equipment and service introduction.4 The hospital on the network platform, opened an online discussion, BBS, E-mail, and other functions, but investigation shows, medical technical personnel in interaction, and give knowledge base knowledge to provide literature’s enthusiasm is low.5 Hospital website haven’t can well integrated into the hospital knowledge management system, in the network environment, the hospital website construction still with institutions introduces and health Education public information resources provide primarily.6 In conclusion,on the one side,the web site for hospital will be incorporated in the knowledge management system, to establish a network based on knowledge, the knowledge are maximum sharing. On the other side, we should respect for knowledge, and encourage sharing knowledge and innovative culture of the hospital.

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Study on Rice Crop Knowledge Management Based on Multi-Agent

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At the present stage, traditional farming methods are still adopted in rice crop in China. Management system of rice crop knowledge based on Multi-Agent, founded on rice experts’ knowledge and with the introduction of Agent technology and knowledge Management conception in rice crop field, is for the purpose of effectively managing rice crop knowledge, promoting the communication and interaction between producers and supervisors, providing a network platform for the dissemination and transformation of implicit knowledge and for the knowledge management of rice crop, and attempting to find out appropriate solutions to the problems existing in current rice crop.Multi-Agent-based knowledge management system of rice crop is a kind of Computer application system with full integration of several rice crop technologies and knowledge on the basis of an integration of the knowledge from rice experts and the imitation of the reasoning and decision-making process of rice experts. It attaches greater importance to the retrieval, discovery, and store of the function of rice crop knowledge than the common Computer information system, and it has a human-like reasoning ability of rice experts. Besides, it possesses a more comprehensive knowledge and higher-speed knowledge processing skills than rice experts, unconstrained by time and space and uninfluenced by human emotions. It can play a guiding role in various stages of rice crop just like multifaceted and high-level rice experts. Intelligence, inheritance, integration, replication, convenience and so on are the characteristics of the system.Through the application of Multi-Agent, model technology, java, distributed artificial intelligence theory and technology, research-based Multi-Agent rice crop of Agricultural knowledge management system, a rice crop of tacit knowledge acquisition method for researchers to provide Rice is a development of knowledge management systems approach, while rice managers, producers provide more convenient, valuable and accurate information.

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Research on the System of Personal Knowledge Management of High Vocationalstudents Based on Blog

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With the explosion of knowledge and the rapid development of networkcommunication technology, personal knowledge Management system emerges as the timesrequire. People want to find what role the individual knowledge Management system can playfrom the perspective of Education. Therefore, how to establish the individual knowledgemanagement system to support teaching, to stimulate interest in learning, to enhance learningefficiency and to promote the individual development has become a research focus in the field ofeducational technology.Blog, also called blog, is a website that consists of individual Management, irregularposted new articles. A typical blog combines texts, images, links to other blogs or websites, andother Medias that relevant to the theme. It allows readers to leave comments in an interactiveformat. Blog has become an important Social media network that contains all kinds ofknowledge.This paper aims at study the individual knowledge management system based on Blogof Vocational College Students. It includes knowledge organization, knowledge presentation,knowledge retrieval, knowledge acquisition, knowledge analysis, knowledge sharing, knowledgeassessment, safety, knowledge application, knowledge innovation and so on. This research workis as follows:1. It studies the knowledge associated with the Blog, the concept and differencebetween Blog and Blog Education, and vocational students’knowledge. Furthermore, it gives theelements of Blog that college students should master.2. According to knowledge organization, knowledge presentation, knowledge retrieval,knowledge acquisition, knowledge analysis, knowledge sharing, knowledge assessment,knowledge safety, knowledge application, knowledge innovation and other requirements, it givesthe individual knowledge management of Higher Vocational Blog structure prototype.3. Through a certain amount of sample data analysis, it inspects the presentedeffectiveness of the Blog prototype which adapts the higher vocational education individualmanagement.Research shows that in this paper, the design of Blog based on higher vocationalstudents’ individual knowledge management system, it can solve how to organize and displayknowledge, how to search and acquire knowledge, how to realize knowledge sharing, how toevaluate and analysis knowledge, how to ensure the safety of knowledge. Therefore, it has beenwidely recognized by the students and has received the expected effects. It can support highervocational students’ self-studies and inspections of defects, improve students’ learning effect,and then promote the individual development.


Research on Knowledge Management of Virtual Enterprise Facing Discrete Manufacturing

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With the deepening of Economic globalization and the development of information technology, the products in the world are getting more and more complicated, The competition between enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, The existence and development of the organization become more depend on the partnership of the organizations, organization as an independent entity cannot win in the fierce competition. At the same time, the innovation comes more from the company, research laboratory, university, the space between the supplier and the customer, not just within the company. It is in this background that the virtual Enterprise emerges. Generally speaking, the virtual Enterprise is a dynamic alliance that is made up of some independent enterprises which are connected by the information technology and network. Each Enterprise contributes their own core competences, in order to share the skills and the cost. The virtual enterprise is very flexible, so it can make a quick response to the market.Nowadays, discrete manufacturing also use the form of virtual enterprise for production, the business that the company is not familiar with or not involves with the company’s core competences will be given to the company which are proficient in this area, this is outsourcing. Through outsourcing the company can make full use of external resources, and reduces losses of enterprise business from non-core competences, then enhances the return on Investment.The society today is already the knowledge economy society, knowledge is capital, and the enterprise can stand firmly in the wave of knowledge economy only through the effective Management of knowledge. While for virtual enterprise, the knowledge Management is more important. The virtual enterprise exists on the depend of the knowledge of each independent company, only by the good Management of knowledge which makes the circulation, share, and use of knowledge smoothly, can make the enterprise operate effectively, can make a win-win situation of the virtual enterprise and each independent company. And the virtual enterprise facing discrete manufacturing is the common form of virtual enterprise at present, its knowledge management is also very important. The study launch in this context.This paper starts from the theory of virtual enterprise and knowledge management. firstly, the paper try to discuss the business process of the virtual enterprise facing discrete manufacturing, then, analyze the knowledge management process of it, combine the business process with knowledge management process, propose an unified frame model based on business process for the knowledge management. Finally, try to construct the structure of virtual enterprise knowledge management system based on this model, including the enabling technologies, function model, and the general framework. At the same time, try to discuss the construction of the system. including how to realize the share of knowledge and how to guarantee the safety of knowledge transfer process.


Research on Teaching Reflection from the Perspective of Knowledge Management

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Teaching reflection, a way of self-renewal and self-improvement for teachers, is considered as an important and effective way to promote the professional development of teachers. However, in reality, teaching reflection shows a kind of phenomenon of passive reflection, superficial similarity and low quality. In terms of current issues, this text uses the theory of knowledge Management to evaluate if teachers reflect on the teaching. By the investigation of teachers’reflection in a number of schools,we would like to found out the existing problems and the causes, try to help teachers manage personal knowledge better from the perspective of knowledge Management, improve the quality of teaching reflection and promote professional development of teachers.In this paper, firstly we sort out the literature of teaching reflection, knowledge Management and relevant content. At the same time, in order to give teachers and schools some promoting recommendations, we analyzed the reflection of teaching problems and the reasons by researching into the theory of knowledge management of teachers and combining with questionnaires, interviews and case studies.In the part of practice research, the author in-depth analyzed the current status of teaching reflection through interviews, surveys, case studies and other methods. The author had the in-depth analysis on the existing problems of teaching reflection by having the questionnaire of 4 schools in District Q, including interviews with a school administrator, two heads of the teaching and researching group and two teachers, the problems are as below:Thin Knowledge management consciousness, Unconscious teaching reflection behavior;Lacking of knowledge management theory, Teaching reflection cannot achieve the desired effect,Superficial knowledge exchange and sharing.Teaching reflection stays low level, Fragmentation of knowledge management.And it’s difficult to guarantee the implementation of teaching reflection. Based on those problems, the author analyzed the reasons from individual teachers, schools culture and the teaching system.For the main reasons, the author proposed to raise the standard of teaching reflection, to build a knowledge management system, to improve teachers’reflective consciousness; to enhance the level of teacher reflection by the guide of knowledge management; to build knowledge-sharing platform purposed to enhance communication among teachers; to improve the reflection management system to ensure promote the teaching reflection better.


The Research on Teachers’ Situational Knowledge

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In our life, people always say that: knowledge changes destiny. Of course this sentence was proved bymany people’s experience. But people are not born with knowledge, this means that knowledge needs tocarry on, the teacher is worthy of the name of “knowledge disseminator”. What kind of knowledge structureshould teachers have? This is a requirement for teachers, the teacher’s situational knowledge is animportant component of teachers’ knowledge structures.Contextual knowledge of the teachers came into being under the influence of postmodernism, in thecontext of the rise of personal knowledge concept and teachers’ professional development aspirations. Inthis context, people have changed their understanding of the concept of traditional knowledge, andrethought the constructions of the teachers’ knowledge. Affected by this background, situational knowledgeof teachers believe that knowledge is not objective and immutable, but generating from interacting withcontexts, influenced by the contexts and through teachers’ discovery, understanding and reflection, it issituational, reticent, personal and uncertainty. It is constituted by the knowledge of the school environment,team of teachers, classroom environment, student characteristics and classroom Management etc. Thisstudy described the background of the teachers’ situational knowledge, and interpreted teachers situationalknowledge with the help of relevant information, and analyzed the characteristics, composition andconstruction, so that we have a clearer understanding of this knowledge; to further clarify teacherssituational knowledge on the value of teachers’ professional development. On this basis, this study exploredteachers’ situational knowledge generation and Management approach from the teachers’ individual andschool level.This study used the literature analysis method and consulted the past research information to interpret the background and content of teachers’ contextual knowledge; and used the method of classroomobservation and interviews in a middle school lectures, observed the classroom environment, studentsperformance, the creation of the teaching situation, the use of knowledge etc, recorded the contents of theclassroom observation and interviewed the teachers after school, tried to understand their understanding ofthe contextual knowledge generating process and Management approaches.


Research of the Government Investment Project Post-evaluation Improvement Based on Knowledge Management

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Along with the theory development and experience accumulation of project Management,post-evaluation affects more and more attention. Because of the government Investment project’Management main body flaw and the one-time project Management and so on, the projectknowledge is very difficult to accumulate effectively which makes it hard to dopost-evaluation and give fully plays to the role of improving Investment decision-makingquality and project management quality for the government investment project. Byanalysing the present of the government investment projects post-evaluation, and usingpost-evaluation of foreign experience, this paper puts forward the ideas of using knowledgemanagement to improve the government project post-evaluation, and constructs the governmentinvestment project post-evaluation Basic framework which is based on knowledge management.This frame fully considers three Basic factors of the government investment projectpost-evaluation: project information, post-evaluation process and implementation environmentof post-evaluation. It said the government investment project post-evaluation must break thetraditional time limit, combine the post-evaluation process with the project managementprocess and proposed the project information processing plan, improved has appraised the flow,and discuss a series of implementation measures for improved process: post-evaluationmanagement organization, government project network alliance, management informationsystem, post-evaluation information system. Finally, through the case analysis, discussed thepossibility of improvement measures.


Study on Repeatable Maintenance Resource Management of Equipment Maintenance Alliance

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With constantly increased intellectualization and complication of the equipment,traditional maintenance model can no longer meet the needs of Enterprise maintainingthe equipment and then the new models like intelligent maintenance and cooperativemaintenance followed. As a new model, the cooperative maintenance model couldbring together superior maintenance resources in the society, improve maintenanceefficiency and reduce maintenance cost. Cooperative maintenance refers to thatdifferent parties like equipment manufacturers, users, maintainers and experts form thealliance to cooperate in work. The alliance cooperation and Management level ofmaintaining resources could have direct effect in the maintenance service efficiencyand quality. This thesis employs the cooperation maintenance model as the basictheory and studies the resource maintenance Management of the alliance from thefollowing aspects:①The organization structure and operation process of the cooperativemaintenance alliance are analyzed. On the basis of this, the maintenance resources areclassified, laying the foundation for the following resource management studies. Whatis more, the problems in the resource management in the maintenance alliance aresummarized.②Based on the maintenance resource classification, in view of the conflictproblem in the physical resources of repeatable maintenance resources, the resourceallocation optimization method based on price negotiation is proposed and the pricenegotiation model is built. Furthermore, heuristic algorithms of price negotiation andresource scheduling are combined and accordingly the solving process based on theTabu search algorithm model is designed.③It summarizes the maintenance structure and knowledge characteristics,analyzes the factors influencing the maintenance alliance knowledge sharing andproposes corresponding knowledge sharing mechanism; on the basis of complicatedequipment structure knowledge, fault diagnosis knowledge and maintenance case, theknowledge representation method is studied; this study also builds the maintenancealliance knowledge growth model and the structure framework and function model ofthe knowledge management system.


Research on the Knowledge Maps of Power Supply Enterprise Customer Knowledge Management System

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With the growing concern of knowledge Management, more and more enterprises pay attentions to knowledge map as a knowledge Management tool. As a knowledge Management tool, knowledge map can retrieval knowledge, information integration, and access to knowledge. At the same time, it can help managers to make knowledge management effective, and then to make appropriate decisions.This study is based on the project “Xiangyang Power Company Customer knowledge Management (CKM) System”, and expert to supply a designing concept of the knowledge map system which is suitable for power supply enterprises CKM system, through a systematic analysis. The one hand, it can provide a platform that can quickly access to and retried knowledge for the different levels of knowledge demanders within the power supply Enterprise, on the other hand, it can improve staff efficiency in the use of the CKM system. In addition, by the classification and associate of knowledge, and the description of types of knowledge within the power supply Enterprise, it can reveal the status of knowledge resources in the power supply Enterprise, and provide managers with a clear list of knowledge resources.This article details the theory of knowledge map, introduces the key technologies that can be used in the knowledge map system, then combined with the power supply enterprise CKM system instance, classified the knowledge within the power supply enterprise. And then, it analyzes the representation of knowledge which based on semantic web, the audit of knowledge which based on VSM vector, as well as the cluster of knowledge which based on fast clustering method, how to classify the simple explore, and it discusses how to build the indexing between nodes, and how to classify the expert.Secondly, this research proposes a frame structure of knowledge atlas which combines different types of knowledge map in power supply enterprise. This frame structure design a three-tier system: data layer, business layer, and presentation layer. And design build by these three aspects, the first is to design a data storage structure of the knowledge map system; the second is to divide the functional modules of the knowledge map to six parts:the system management module, the expert knowledge navigation features modules, the customer knowledge navigation function modules, the expert knowledge navigation function modules, the knowledge atlas functional modules, as well as the management of knowledge atlas function module; the third is to design briefly screen for the presentation layer of the system.Finally, this paper introduces the security design and some Basic pre-code design.This study can improve the efficiency of customer knowledge management for the power supply enterprise, and provide a clear understanding of the knowledge resources within the enterprise and guide how to use these knowledge resources, and also provide a certain reference value for the knowledge map system of other industries.


Strategic Human Resource Management Study of YJ Company Based on Knowledge Management

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With the development of economy and technology, society is enter into era of knowledge Management today, the life of material are replacing of knowledge. The economy of knowledge produce productivity which is taken human as the intellectual core of productive forces, it has the characteristics of human resource obviously. In the process of human resource Management, under the guidance of knowledge Management, with the dynamic integration of knowledge management and human resource management, through the interaction of practice and theory, human resource management will rise to the height of the strategic level. Because the knowledge management and the strategic human resource management have a lot of interactive relationship, knowledge management with a guiding role put forward several new requirements to strategic human resource management. The strategic human resource management is the core of knowledge management, which is the embodiment of theory and practice, the strategic human resource management will become the fountainhead and soil of knowledge management.This paper is based on the knowledge management, to launch the discussion and study of strategic human resource management. Respectively expound knowledge management, human resource management and strategic human resource management based on knowledge management of the research situation at home and abroad, this paper establish the contents and methods. Elaborate the intrinsic relationship from the aspects of knowledge management and strategic human resource management theory, the strategic human resource management and knowledge management influence each other mutual promotion, that could be improve knowledge skill of employee, promote core competitiveness of the Enterprise in common. All this laid a theoretical foundation for further studies. Use the empirical research, combine with the actual situation of the YJ Company, analyze the problems of strategic human resource management based on knowledge management of YJ Company, put forward the implementation system frame of YJ Company. This article is divided into six parts, each section could summarized as follow:The first chapter is an introduction. This paper mainly expounds the background and significance, research ideas, research methods, innovation points and the domestic and foreign scholars relevant research literatures were reviewed in this article.The second chapter expounds the related theory of strategic human resource management based on knowledge management. First introduce the Basic knowledge of knowledge management and strategic human resource management. And then analyze the interactive relationship of knowledge management and strategic human resource management. Discuss the mechanism about strategic human resource management based on knowledge management.The third chapter is the related research of YJ Company. Mainly introduce the Basic condition and employee of YJ Company, put forward several problems about knowledge management and strategic human resource management of YJ Company.Chapter4constructs the implementation system of strategic human resource management for YJ Company, which is based on knowledge management. According to the actual situation of YJ Company and the modular work system of human resource management, put forward the implementation system for YJ Company.Chapter5is about the conclusion and prospect. Summarize the study of this paper, put forward the study of future direction.