Influencing Factor on Knowledge Management in Information Technology Enterprise

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Under the background of knowledge-based economy, knowledge becomes the genuine decisive resources and also becomes emerging and the important topic, however, the domestic and foreign scholars have the different opinion in different industry on how to improve the benefit of the knowledge Management. Therefore, the research adopts an empirical study in electronic manufacturing, and has a tentative research on the influence on knowledge conversion, knowledge distribution and the population factors on KM. Multivariate statistical analysis,such as cluster, regression, was employed in this study to test research hypotheses. Finally,the research will have the conclusion and gives the comment and the suggestion.


Research on Web-based Autonomous Learning based on Knowledge Management

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With the rapid development of network technologies, web-based autonomouslearning has become an important way to implement lifelong Education. However, theinefficiencies in web-based autonomous learning have severely affected the process ofeducational informationization and life-long Education. In the background of knowledgeeconomy, knowledge Management is the key measures to improve individualautonomous learning ability and breed study organization. That the paper discusses onthe web-based autonomous learning from the perspective of knowledge Management isonly in line with the country’s strategic direction of establishing a life-long educationsystem, but also meet the need of improving individual autonomous learning ability,which has important theoretical and practical value.The paper proceeds from the present state of web-based autonomous learning andanalyzes its six core elements including learning motivation, metacognitive ability, theability of utilizing resources, cognitive ability, self-motivation and the ability to workwith others. Developing all-around research in-depth for the theory of knowledgemanagement, the article reveals that the implement process of knowledge managementincludes six steps: the identification, the acquisition, the processing, the storage, thesharing, the transfer, the application and the innovation of knowledge. The paperexplains the inherent logical consistency between the six core elements of web-basedautonomous learning and the implement process of knowledge management. Thereforeshows that knowledge management has certain theoretical guidance to improveweb-based autonomous learning.The problem this thesis focuses on: How to apply the knowledge managementtheory to cultivate the ability of web-based autonomous learning. For this reason, the paper introduces “practice community” concept andrespectively expounds the relationship between and among practice community,knowledge management and web-based autonomous learning. So far, the respectiverelationships between the two within knowledge management, web-based autonomouslearning and practice community have been discussed. With that, the paper establishes aweb-based autonomous learning model based on practice community, combing themodern cognitive theory, and has made the empirical research around on this model.Based on the practice model, the paper analyzes the influence factors of web-baseautonomous learning and its stage where the study participants are—-primary stage—-by using the questionnaire (Pretest) and tracks the operation process of practicecommunity. After the experiment, the result of study was validated through thequestionnaire (Posttest), case analysis and so on. The result of experiment and verifyproves that web-based autonomous learning began to have more obvious features ofintermediate stage. Through the empirical survey analysis, the paper bores out that theknowledge management level has positive correlation to the ability of web-basedautonomous learning, and proves that practice community plays a very important role asa bridge in the cohesion between knowledge management and web-based autonomouslearning.


As a modern form of organization, the rational bureaucracy originate…

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As a modern form of organization, the rational bureaucracy originated from the “era of Chimney Industry” has been dominating the administration of each nation’s corporations and government for more than one century. Until now, this situation has not been changed fundamentally. With the coming of information Economic era and post-industrial society, modern high-techniques bring more a radical revolution of ideas and systems than mere material revolution for human society. It is the innovation of ideas and systems that lead to the change of Management mode-the rise of knowledge Management.In the background of knowledge Management, the rational bureaucracy is severely challenged due to its conflict with the characteristics of the age. In the era of knowledge management, the power of knowledge and man’s function are sufficiently emphasized, and personified and individualized management is advocated. These changes pose challenges for the bureaucracy that emphasizes non-personified management. The revolution of Computer and Internet also makes traditional administrative ideas and highly centralized organizational management undergo severe trial. Therefore, to reform the existing bureaucracy, to form and maintain a bureaucratic organization responsible and popular with the public, is one of the difficult problems for modernized and being modernized society-no matter whether they are capitalist or socialist society, developed or developing society.The thesis is composed of six parts:The first part mainly expounds the concepts of knowledge economy, knowledge, knowledge management and the main characteristics of knowledge management.The second part mainly discusses the predicament that Webster’s rational bureaucracyconfronts in the background of knowledge management.The third part displays government’s response to the innovation of knowledge management in administrational ideas, government organizational structure, government functional mode, and it presents as well the fresh changes that come from the construction of new government administration based on law’s authority and fitting with knowledge management.After summarizing West countries quite effective “post-bureaucratic” reformation, the last two parts continue to analyze the problems of administrative management that face China who has also come to the age of knowledge management, and to map the road of bureaucratic development for Chinese government in the era of knowledge management.


The Study of Teachers’ Knowledge Management and the Design and Development of TKM System

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With the development of IT and network technology, Human society has entered the knowledge-based economy era and knowledge has already become the core of Social development. The accumulation, utilization, innovation of knowledge already become the base of Social development, therefore the Knowledge Management arrives at the moment. As we know school is a knowledge-intensive organization, where the most important part is the teachers’knowledge Management. Development of Education reform and information society brings up new challenges for teacher so the KM is necessary for teachers to promote their capabilities in knowledge society. The application and research of KM on teachers will be of great importance and meaning no matter for the teachers’profession, or for the promotion of the school’s efficiency and competition ability.This thesis focuses on the theory studies of teachers’KM systemically, the design and development of teachers’KM system. There are six main parts in this thesis. Chapter one is exordium. The backdrop, the reason for this thesis, and the main contents of this thesis are all in this part. Chapter two is about the Basic theory of teachers’KM. This chapter introduces two related theories: KM and Teachers’Knowledge. Chapter three is the important part of this thesis, where introduces the definition of teachers’KM, the status quo and the problem, the core of teachers’KM: the transform from Implicit Knowledge to Explicit Knowledge, the tools of teachers’KM. Chapter four describes the design of framework of teachers’KM system through the analyze of Basic theories and interviews and questionnaire. Chapter five introduces the technology related to the implementation and the key parts of the system development. Research conclusions and future expectation are at last.


Study on Quality Knowledge Learning System for Bearing Manufacturing Process

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With the flourishing development of all kinds of science, the methiodology, technology, and tools of them tend to interfuse and infiltrate deeply. Now the combination of Process Quality Management and Knowledge Management is to be the core tool which used to improve theirs quality management level and all its technology and methods involved are focused more and more. So this dissertation is titles as “Study on Quality Knowledge Learning System for Bearing Manufacturing Process”, discusses the background of this system, framework for its implementation, steps, whole technology, R&D for support software system and the application of this system.There are six chapters in this dissertation.Chapter one starts from the overview of the Quality Management, Process Quality Management and Knowledge Management. After analyzing some challenges of process quality management which meets when used to model process, introducing the necessity of the combination between Process Quality Management and Knowledge Management. At last, discuss the aim and main context of this dissertation.Chapter two starts from the introduction of GQMM (Goal-Question-Metric-Method). Following, using GQMM Principle to coordinate quality knowledge among Bearing Manufacturing Process from the Goal, Question, Metric, Method Level. At last emphasized analyze Quality Knowledge of Bearing Manufacturing Process which establishes a foundation for the design of system for Bearing Manufacturing Process.Chapter three starts from total model framework of system. Aiming at the model framework, emphasized analyses the quality knowledge configuration for Bearing Manufacturing Process, the designing of the Quality Knowledge Database for Bearing Manufacturing Process and the situational configuring of Quality Knowledge for bearing manufacturing process. At last design and analyze system total technical framework from systematic module, flow diagram, data diagram and so on.Chapter four starts from the research of system encode. According to the encode principle, analyze the designing of Bearing Manufacturing Process, Process Role, handout and case encode. Fellowing analyze the designing of key knowledge alphas and omegas for bearing manufacturing process question, process role, handout and case. At last emphasized analyze how to realize the system scanning and racing function using SQL (Structured Query Language).Chapter five starts from the introduction of the development setting, tool, methods of this system. Aiming at the SQLServer, analyzes from the design of database and the connection between the system software and database. At last citing an example how let the process role learn the quality knowledge to introduce the accomplishment and running of the software system.Finally, chapter six makes a conclusion of the whole dissertation and puts forward the future research in this field.


Research and Application of Knowledge Management in Teaching Resources

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Teaching resources provide a powerful support,which can help teachers to carray out educational activities and help students to do self-learning. Currently, however,with the wide range of sources and various forms and complex content,there are some problems in the construction and Management of teaching resources,such as the low quality,repeated construction and disordered Management.It seriously affectes the effective use of teaching resources.As a new Management ideas and methods,knowledge management adheres to the”people-oriented”,considers that knowledge is the most important resource,and seeks to maximize the mobilization and utilization of knowledge resources,so as to get the most appropriate knowledge in the most appropriate time to pass to the right person to make the most appropriate decision.Moreover,for the purpose of sharing and innovation,it mainly sovles the”information overload and lack of knowledge”.Therefore, knowledge management can bring a new idea to make teaching resources more reasonable and orderly.The construction and management of explicit and implicit teaching resources are the focuses of my paper.In this paper,the guiding role of knowledge management on teaching resources mainly reflectes in the following facts:focusing on people-oriented;emphasizing the organization and optimization of explicit teaching resources;strengthening the sharing between teachers and students so as to fully exploit the value of tacit knowledge;and paying attention to the conversion between explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge in order to achieve the innovation of the knowledge.My paper’s main tasks are as follows:(1) Based on the study of knowledge management theories and technologies,with the combination of the main problems of teaching resources,this paper introduces knowledge management into the construction and management of teaching resources, and gives the knowledge management solutions.(2) Based on the dynamic”flow”concept,the author uses the theory of knowledge management and technology to constructe a teaching resource library,and designs the knowledge management process model and the overall structural framework of the teaching resource library.(3) Based on the task-driven teaching methods and kowledge management,the author optimizes the explicit teaching resources,and provides a good face-to-face environment for fully communicating and sharing between teachers and students.Finally,the author analyzes the teaching effect,and uses questionnaires and interviews ao as to get feedback from students.The results show that knowledge management has an guiding and important role in the management of teaching resources.


With China’s economic and social development, the knowledge manageme…

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With China’s Economic and Social development, the knowledge Management research hasbecome more important. As an object of knowledge Management, knowledge can be divided intoexplicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. Explanation and explicit knowledge are the key for theindividual members in the Education virtual community. For teams, the integration and sharingknowledge is the main task.How the team or individual’s transformed tacit knowledge intoexplicit knowledge? How they accumulated in the Education virtual community and formed anew knowledge resources for a team? To improve the learning efficiency and the ability of teamknowledge innovation,which is the best path for team knowledge management in educationvirtual community?This study is based on the above issue. Using the method of combining theoretical andempirical perspective, we made an explore on team knowledge management in educationvirtual communities based on the course of “Learning Sciences and Learning Technologies”.we defined the concept of Education virtual community and team knowledge management, andsummed up its characteristics, and discusses its theoretical basis. We made an survey on thestudents who take part in the course”Learning Sciences and Learning Technologies”,then weobtained the factors that affect the stimulation on team knowledge management in EducationalVirtual Communication, and gave several strategies for those factors.Though the analysis, we concludes: For knowledge management based on the informationtechnology resources,and the system of the management, including the knowledge, the supporttechnology, teachers’ intervention, teams’ internal factors and so on. They complete the theformation, the storage, the exchange and the application for knowledge resources. Teacher factors,Environmental factors, knowledge, environment, team factors are four factors that affect the team knowledgemanagement in education virtual community. Overall, Environmental factors and knowledge factorsare external factors, team factors are internal factors,which the factors influence team knowledgemanagement. In view of the influence factors, we establishes the corresponding strategies toenhance the team knowledge management level in education virtual community separately.


Research of Process Modelling and Knowledge Management Method in Led Chip Manufacturing Flow

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In the Knowledge Economy, like capital, labor and material, knowledge can be used as a factor of production. In the new century, the competition among the enterprises has transformed into the competition of knowledge they owned. Enterprise has to manage knowledge in order to maintain its competitive power.In the LED (Light Emittting Diode) manufacturing process, almost all the sections such as Craftwork Programming, Manufacturing Process, Maintenance of Equipment and Condition Monitoring have the requirement to execute knowledge Management (KM).Combining with the background of the realization of the information system of Guangdong Fortune Electronical Material Ltd. and the Management requirements of integration, high-eficiency and human resource capital, we advance a manufacturing KM system based on the development of the FEMC and develop a prototype system.First of all, we introduce the research background,present condition of manufacturing knowledge management,analyse the semiconductor lighting industry, advance the thesis keypoints and structure. Then we research the manufacturing process based on the workflow theory, establish the LED chip manufacturing meta-model based on IDEF0 methods, express the workflow in the form of extensible markup language (XML), which create a excellent foundation for the manufacturing flow based on workflow. In this paper we summarize the content of the semiconductor workflow and abstract the main knowledge. Based on the KM of process knowledge based on the instances, manufacturing process knowledge based on the ontology and quality knowledge based on the rules, we implement the knowledge integration founded on the workflow research. Finally, based on the reseach of workflow and knowledge management, we use the Java development circumstance JSDK1.4.2, Java translator tool JBuilder9.0 and web server Weblogic7.0, the workflow engine Shark1.0, Knowledge management platform Protégé3.2.1 to eatablish a prototype system.Its significance of enlarging the application of manufacturing management system is instructive.


Study on Knowledge Management of Medical Team

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The Medical team is becoming the mainstream form of Medical affairs gradually in modern society, with more and more complicated diseases people are faced with. Synchronously under current ardent competitive environment, knowledge Management becomes the inevitable choice of the hospital in the era of knowledge-driven economy. Therefore, it is of practical significance to put forward medical team’s knowledge Management in this dissertation.Based on the research of the theory of knowledge Management and team, the dissertation brought forward the definition of medical team and the medical team’s knowledge, combining the actual characteristics of hospital management. On the analysis of the construct of the medical team’s knowledge, the standpoint is put forward that it is the keystone of knowledge management of medical team to transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. At the same time, the corresponding obstacles in this transforming process and solutions are brought forward. In this dissertation, the process of treatment is divided into three phases: diagnoses, operation, and conclusion on cases. Hereby tactic on process knowledge management of medical team and its three important manners are brought out. Whereafter, the software of knowledge management called Lotus and approximate arithmetic of decision-making table founding on neighborhood system in RS theory are introduced, and it is suggested how to realize knowledge management of medical group. Finally, the dissertation point out that knowledge management of medical team is a new trend of hospital’s information system, based on analyzing its supports to the knowledge management of medical team.With the theoretic foundation of Knowledge management, team work and so on, using the achievement of domestic and international similar research for reference and absorbing them, and according the uniqueness and materiality of this subject, the dissertation analyzes the characteristics of working in the hospital and the content of hospital knowledge and set forth the importance and feasibility of medical team’s knowledge management.


Research on the Knowledge Management Model of Engineering Cost Consultation Enterprise

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After30years of development, Engineering cost consultation industry of China hasbegun to take shape and becomes the important support strength in construction field.On the one hand,with the coming of knowledge economy, Engineering cost consultingenterprise, which is also intellectual service enterprises, takes knowledge managementas core competition ability the key weapon. On the other hand, there are also someproblems in the enterprises contributing to these the core competitiveness not highlight,such as small scale, less power of technology department, poor quality and great fluidityof personnel, and low level of informatization. And with help of knowledgemanagement, these problems can be solved. Father more, the study on knowledgemanagement of Engineering cost consultation enterprises, whose knowledge ismanagement special,is not deep enough. So, this paper has practical and theoreticalsignificance.First of all, this paper summarizes the theoretical research of Enterprise knowledgeresources characteristics and types. At the same time, through the practice research, itcombs the course and the problems existing in the development of engineering costconsultation enterprises development, and sums up the engineering cost consultationenterprises characteristics. Also, this paper analyzes the characteristics, types andknowledge flow of enterprises knowledge resources. Based on the knowledge flow, it isalso constructs the engineering cost consultation Enterprise knowledge life cycle, whichdivided into initial period, incubation period, mature period, decline period. It alsomakes a detailed analysis for each phase of the flow of knowledge.And then, on the basis of above analysis, this paper presents a knowledgemanagement model, which combined with lateral Management and longitudinalmanagement module. The lateral Management module is composed of four units, whichare recognition and acquisition, processing and storage, application and innovation, andthe evaluation and adjust. The longitudinal management module is composed of theenterprise strategy, organizational structure, and Enterprise culture. And this paper takesthe strategy, the steps and countermeasures which each unit need.Finally, this paper puts forward that for the engineering cost consulting enterprise,knowledge management is not the reform. It actually is a method to integrate andoptimize the resource of enterprise, although to help and promote the management of enterprise. And, this paper is insufficient in study on the technology and evaluationmethod of knowledge management of engineering cost consulting enterprise.