Study on the Vendor Management of M Company for the Support on the New Product Development

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With the development of global laser industry, the leading manufacturers are alldevoted themselves to independent develop the middle-end and high-end equipment toenhance the key competitiveness of themselves. How to joint development with thevendor is the development direction of vendor management.Firstly, the thesis introduces the research background, pointed out that the Mcompany appeared low effectiveness on material procurement in NPD stage.Research on vendor management supporting NPD on the M company has a greatguiding significance. Then, based on the Team-based Organization Theory, the CoreTechnology Theory and the Vendor Collaborative Development Theory,the thesisstudies their application on the vendor management. After that, by using the model ofvendor-buyer satisfaction index, the thesis analyzes the features of relationshipbetween vendors and buyers, who supporting NPD. Based those researches, the thesisputs forward the vendor early involving NPD of cooperation model and the basic flowprocess.Based on the researches, the thesis analyzes the features on the vendormanagement in the NPD stage in m company.According to the model of vendor-buyersatisfaction; the thesis designs the vendor and manufacturer satisfaction investigationsheet and analyzes the mutual satisfaction status of M company and its vendors. Thenit selects out five vendors, who have the problems. The thesis uses the processmethodology, affinity Diagram, to identify four root causes of poor performance onthe incoming material purchasing on the LG-003project. After that, through using thetactics of vendor early involving NPD of cooperation model、 cross-functionalprocurement team and cooperative relational with key vendors, the thesis set upmeasures to solve M company’s problems on the low effectiveness of materialprocurement. By using those tactics, M company improves its flow process of crossfunctional joint procurement; establishes its flow of vendor early involvement ofcooperation model; improves the quality information system on material procurement;establishes a strategic cooperation partnership with the key vendors. After those practices in M Corporation, it verifies this tactic effective. In the end, the thesis sumsup and evaluates the vendor early involving NPD of cooperation model and points outthe direction for future research.


The Research on the Process of Automobile New Products Development

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With the rapid development of Chinese automobile manufacturing industry in recent years, how to develop high quality new products has become the key for the auto parts suppliers. The success for the development of new product is the key factors for enterprise’s competitiveness. On the contrary, the delaying of new products development will come to be the great loss in costs, technical inputs, etc and greatly affect the OEMs corporate brand recognition, thus the crisis is near. Therefore, the process of new product development is the most important, and have an impact on cycle, quality, development costs and others.The existing process of new product development is a mature development from the Europe and America. In the learning process, there are some shortcomings in meeting the actual needs, or wasting resources for lacking standardization, or some redundancy and non-value added processes for the domestic enterprises.The essay is concerning about the example, Shanghai HT Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Within the external environment, operational status of new products development, system status and the problems in-depth research and analysis, it adopts these ideas and theories in the existing process management, project management, satge-gate theory, and combines with concurrent engineering management thinking in the business process reengineering and optimization of in-depth study. In the process optimization, taking shape a new avenue management based on concurrent practices is beneficial to improving enterprises competitiveness, and shaping the brand image.


A Study of IPD Management for SANGFEI New Product Development

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In mobile terminal Industry, along with the rapid technological development,product replacement speed up significantly, consumer demand for diversified andpersonalized. But on the other hand, the domestic mobile terminal manufacturers dueto historical reasons, lack of the knowledge in product planning, product development,to make it at a disadvantage in the fierce market competition. How to introduce theexcellent R&D management model to enhance R&D capabilities, and improve theefficiency of product development became the main problem for the domestic mobileterminal manufacturers.The paper first reviews the evolution of R&D management theory. With deeplystudying the Integrated Product Development (IPD) management model, andanalyzing SANGFEI ‘s internal and external conditions and the R&D strategy,organizational structure, development processes, we point out the problems ofSANGFEI R&D. Then we give the proposal of the SANGFEI implementation of IPD.Specific proposal includes the following aspects:1) product line and productplatform planning;2) R&D strategy;3) company management system;4) MarketManagement processes;5) IPD process6) company human resources.Finally, we offer the plan for deploying the IPD management model inSANGFEI base on eight steps change management theory.I hope the key findings of this paper, will be useful for SANGEI to introducenew R&D management model, and provide a reference for domestic mobile terminalmanufacturers to build up a efficiency R&D management system.


The Research of Improvement Strategy of New Product Project Management Process in China Market of BR

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Along with the rapid development in automotive market in China recent years, autosales increased again and again. Sales volume was over achieved13.6million in2009and18.1million in2010, rose was above45%and32.37%. With the peak trend of auto market,auto parts industry in China is developing day by day. Some global leading auto partscompanies such as Bosch, Delphi, Continental, Visteon, Denso flooded into China’s automarket, transfer their main business from Europe and America to China which is the highpotential market.While according to data, local government canceled some macroeconomic policiessuch as abolition of purchase tax, increase vehicle purchase tax, cancellation of subsidiesof selling car to countryside. On the other hand, oil price is maintained a very strong trend,and the prices have increased by several times within one year. All these cases bring asevere test to China’s auto industry. In any case, with the driver of automotive industryglobalization chain, China undoubtedly has become an indispensable part of automotiveindustry globally. However, the competition is more and more serious in the auto market.Recently, purchasing cost, labor cost is increasing dramatically which deeply impacton production, R&D, sales in automotive industry. Auto companies have to continuousresearch and develop new product which help to attract more customers. Moreover, in themeantime of developing new product, auto companies also need to shorten productdevelopment cycle, improve product quality, control R&D cost of new product andmanufacturing cost. The best way to leverage all the staffs is project management of newproduct development. A good project management process is very important tool whichcan strictly control all aspects of new product development, monitor and reasonableresources utilization. We can say that the main key and the foundation for leading a newproduct development success and competitive or not is not only the ability for newdeveloping of different companies, more important is an highly effective project management process system setting during the whole procedure of new productdevelopment.The thesis introduces how BR sets up their own new product development process ofproject management, how to leverage limited resource, how to control new productdevelopment fast and effective, complete new product development with no defect, highquality within limited time. It should be a good reference for peers.


Research of New Product Developing Model Based on Quality Function Deployment and Association Rules

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Product innovation becomes more and more popular. People are looking for kinds of ways to develop new products. Among which quality function deployment (QFD) applied abroadly in new product development (NPD) because of its special characteristics. When we are applying QFD, we got the weight of left side from the avaragc of all individual’s appraisal of the customer requirements, which was the substitude for the all people. But according to Arrow’s Impossiblity Theorem, this process was not supported. This paper presented the NPD model based on QFD and association rules, which correlates the customer sementation and customer requirements and creatively puts forward the customer segmentaiton house of quality. Not only it simplifies the House of Quality, but also makes newly developing product targeted to some customer. Extracting the according customer requirements based on the customer segmentaion makes the left side of the house of quality, the most important input, more accurate and targeting, and provides the right direction for product improving.In this paper, Affinity Diagram was used to systemize, induce and classify the customer requirements. Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) was used to measure the importance of customer requiirements. The author also used the principle of association rule to select the valued criterio and the according customer types. What’s more, customer requirements value was proposed in this paper to analyze, select and extract customer requirements. Based on what has been done above, customer segmentation house of quality was constructed to transform the custoemr needs to the product design. This NPD model was also applied in a mulitlayerd wood flooring program successfully.The researching findings are:(1) Proposed the new product development model based on QFD and association rule.(2) Proposed the “customer segmentation house of quality” and connected the customer requirement with customer segmentaion.(3) Applied this model in a mulitlayerd wood flooring program in a board company successfully.(4) Creatively put forward the concept of “customer requirement value”


Study on the Tacit Knowledge of New Product Development in the Method Based on Knowledge Map

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In today’s economic globalization and the rapid development of technology,enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition. YieldDiversification of product demand, complexity, shorter product life cycle,acceleration of the rate of innovation and market.Ball and urgent requirement toprovide the best quality products and the best service with the fastest speed,lowest cost.Service to respond quickly to market. For these reasons, requireenterprises to accelerate the speed of development of new products, reducedevelopment time, and ultimately to obtain a competitive advantage in themarket. But the business has always been faced with the experts turnoverresulting in the loss of corporate knowledge, because there is no full use ofexisting knowledge or not the design knowledge accumulation and result in repeating mistakes…… these phenomena seriously weakened the marketcompetitiveness of enterprises. To solve these problems, new productdevelopment knowledge management, especially for the sharing of tacitknowledge reuse a higher demand.In this paper, the research status of the new product developmentknowledge management, tacit knowledge management and new productdevelopment of tacit knowledge externalization existing methods for analysisbased on the summary of its problems, and combined with the new TacitKnowledge demand in the product development process, as well as knowledgemap theoretical knowledge, Tacit Knowledge method in new productdevelopment based on knowledge map and build based on knownKnowledge map system-level model for the development of new products,based on this model, the introduction of knowledge grid, knowledge reuseprocess model to build the Knowledge Grid assisted in the development of newproducts. Papers tacit knowledge acquisition process and means for the modelanalysis, knowledge-cells as the smallest unit of storage knowledge repository and build new product development in the knowledge-based repository of tacitknowledge acquisition model, while the introduction of artificial neural networkKnowledge Acquisition, technically tacit knowledge acquisition in the newproduct development process, Tacit Knowledge. Finally, the combination ofthese research results to the mobile phone design, for example, access totechnology11artificial neural network knowledge acquisition techniques toconduct applied research on the tacit knowledge in the development of newproducts based on the knowledge map, symbolic space and numerical space dataconversion and given BP network design.In this paper, it is based on the knowledge map collaborative product chainTacit Knowledge, the product design chain consider as a whole, including thedemand from the market analysis to product delivery process management, laborneural network knowledge acquisition technology effectively to achieve theacquisition of tacit knowledge and its dominance. The use of the method in thenew product development process, the effective conduct of tacit knowledge search, access, share, reuse, reduce product design cycle, improve thecompetitiveness of enterprises, to win market share.


Technological Innovation Path of Industrial Enterprise–an Empirical Study Based on the New Product Development of Industrial Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

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In the era of knowledge economy, as the business environment is gradually opening up to international competition, the traditional foundation of business success has generated tremendous changes, and the enterprise technological innovation has become an important factor to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage in international competition, technological innovation is the basic resource of survival and growth of industrial enterprises. New product development is an important part of enterprise management and the key factors of sustainable competitive advantage for enterprises. In the process of participation in the global value chain integration, the development of new products of industrial enterprises because of the value chain competition environment is different, and different technological innovation mode adopted by different scale of enterprise. This paper attempts to explore the motivation, factors and performance of the technology innovation behaviors of the DNP in different scale stage.This paper is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter is the introduction, mainly describes the basic characteristics of the DNP, the relationship between enterprise scale and technology innovation, and research ideas. The second chapter is literature review. The third chapter has carried on the descriptive statistical analysis of technology innovation behavior on different types of enterprises in accordance with the large and small scale. The fourth chapter puts forward three hypothesis of the technology innovation behaviors for industrial enterprise. The fifth chapter derived the econometric model of the whole innovation process, then selected variables according to the actual situation of the sample data. The sixth chapter examines the factors affecting knowledge acquisition activities, technical innovation and enterprise performance. The seventh chapter is the summary of the whole thesis, and puts forward policy suggestions.The main conclusions of this paper are:(1)Small and medium enterprises technology innovation motivation to meet the market demand, the technological innovation activity intensity depends on the degree of utilization of external resources.(2)Medium-sized enterprises has the motivation to improve the independence of technology innovation, based on the limited resources, they strengthens the original and integrated innovation strength, but the effect is not obvious, in reducing the re-innovation activities, generally fall into technological stagnation.(3)Under the influence of the differential strategy by the advanced foreign technology of large enterprises, the polarization of the Technology innovation between large enterprises is serious, large and new product development enterprises at the enterprise level slided into catching-up stagnation, the enterprise who developing domestic or international new product could improve performance by technology innovation.


Research on the Mini-Automobile Development Process of CA Motor Ltd.

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【Abstract】 Lately Chinese automobile industry have meet high speed increasing period along with the development of national economy . In this five years from1999, automobile persisting developing speed of two numbers , persisting increasing speed of 30 percent especially in 2002 and 2003 ,and the developing trend is persistent and steady . The object to build a maturely society this century was confirmed at the 16th conference of Chinese communist party. National economy has earn the another area of personnel and quickness . From automobile industry development of view , urbanization of rural area which was brought forward at the 16th conference ,this will become the biggest hope and way to solve the problem of farmer angular carry tale and become the only crazy to build entirely moderately well off scarily, which will promote the course of Chinese urbanization in 2020 , the ratio of Chinese urbanization will exceed 50 percent realization of city and urbanization of rural cause will promote automobile popularization greatly , which process development of automobile industry tremendous space . To foresee increase at a high speed of automobile industry will persist 20 to 30 years.At the same time, the motor corporations are facing the huge challenge from imperfect forecast and changeable market with shorting product innovation cycle and forming global market. Only are market demand reacted rapidly and are individuation product offered, they may win the competition. Auto market has been transferred from bargain market when The CA Ltd. entered auto market to purchase market. Now, the power of new product development mainly comes from market nor technology. Therefore, it is key successful factor for the CA Ltd. to win the competition, redesign the CA product development system and implement the CA Ltd. product from technology-driven to market-driven.Firstly, the principal theories of the enterprise business strategy and product development strategy are discussed with market economic environment in this paper. And our enterprise’s strategy management keystone that will be implemented be indicated. Then, this paper addresses on the design method of activities of product development and discusses the principal method of business process reengineering for product development process. Finally, a detail assessment for existing product development strategy and process of CA Ltd.. is given. Based on above the assessment, <WP=6>an new product development pattern, Multi-product and Multi-layer concurrent new product development, is introduced for CA Ltd. Finally, the CA Ltd. product development process is reengineering and the process includes three sub-processes: strategy plan, engineering development, fabrication and sale.


New Product Development of Our Small & Medium Sized Medical Instruments Enterprises

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【Abstract】 New product development(NPD) plays an important role in the developing process of small & medium-sized medical instruments enterprises.Compared with the advanced company of developped countries,we are still backwards on capital,the risk analysics,production system,engineering technology research etc.Therefore,based on the method of quantitative analysis,a solution is given about the above problem.This paper includes six chapters.Firstly,it briefly introduces the characters of our medical instrumnts industry and analyses the present situation existing in the small & medium-sized medical instrumnts enterprises,pointing out the developing direction.Secondly,by the methods of failure mode effect analysis(FMEA),fault tree analysis(FTA) and reliability assessment,this paper analyzes the risk in the development of NPD.Thirdly,through systematically,particularly and comprehensively analyzing and researching into the financing difficulties existing in our small&medium-sized medical instrumnts enterprises,this paper proposes a feasible solution which is how to attracting and using the adventure capitals.Finally,the author summarizes the whole paper.


Research & Application on Marketing Research for New Product Development

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【Abstract】 Facing the pressure of buy-side-market and global competition, almost corporations have placed New Product Development ( NPD ) in prominent position. At the same time, Market data and its further analysis conclusion are all the key guidelines of NPD. The essentiality of Marketing Research to NPD has been illuminated by a great deal of experience and lessons in China and oversea enterprises.In this dissertation, based on the research of ‘ Study on the marketing research for new automotive product development’, the author expatiates the important status of marketing research in NPD, and analysis the current situation of mainland automotive industry on NPD marketing research. Author point out that: Compared to the foreign enterprises’ advantage on marketing research in NPD process, our domestic enterprises still stay at junior stage. Even many companies do some survey on the purchase, they have little marketing research experience for NPD. At the same time, they are in great need of some things: theory frame of marketing research on NPD, marketing research model, and integrated marketing information platform.After study the weakness of domestic enterprises in marketing research, the author put forward a integrated marketing research implementation theory faced domestic automotive industry by using foreign successful example for conference, and improve related marketing research model, which supply the reliable basis for concept designing. The whole frame includes some modules such as: market opportunity identification, customer measurement, product position, etc.In the market opportunity identification module, author establish multi-dimensional hiberarchy marketing model and multi-dimensional net marketing segmentation model to cut the whole market space according the product and customer characteristic, which make it more easier to find market blank. At the same time, a kind of matrix analysis method, competition advantage – market attraction, is introduced to enrich the multi-dimensional marketing segmentation theory.In the customer measuring, author introduces the principle of quality and quantity survey, and put forward a series implementation project includes questionnaire designing, sample designing, scale table designing methods. The author also employs related research models, such as Multi-dimensional marketing segmentation, factor analysis and Multi-dimensional scaling analysis (MDS), making the blurry customer <WP=7>demands more specific, which lead a graphic decision supporting.Finally, the author induces a series of implementing process and develops a type of web-based marketing research software. In this way, this paper introduces a new method and software to the domestic enterprises in marketing research in NPD process. At the same time, the author makes a helpful attempt to implement marketing research with internet.