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Study on the Vendor Management of M Company for the Support on the New Product Development

With the development of global laser industry, the leading manufacturers are alldevoted themselves to independent develop the middle-end and high-end equipment toenhance the key competitiveness of themselves. How to joint development with thevendor is the development direction of vendor management.Firstly, the thesis introduces the research background, pointed out that the Mcompany appeared low effectiveness on […]

The Research on the Process of Automobile New Products Development

With the rapid development of Chinese automobile manufacturing industry in recent years, how to develop high quality new products has become the key for the auto parts suppliers. The success for the development of new product is the key factors for enterprise’s competitiveness. On the contrary, the delaying of new products development will come to […]

A Study of IPD Management for SANGFEI New Product Development

In mobile terminal Industry, along with the rapid technological development,product replacement speed up significantly, consumer demand for diversified andpersonalized. But on the other hand, the domestic mobile terminal manufacturers dueto historical reasons, lack of the knowledge in product planning, product development,to make IT at a disadvantage in the fierce market competition. How to introduce theexcellent […]

The Research of Improvement Strategy of New Product Project Management Process in China Market of BR

Along with the rapid development in automotive market in China recent years, autosales increased again and again. Sales volume was over achieved13.6million in2009and18.1million in2010, rose was above45%and32.37%. With the peak trend of auto market,auto parts industry in China is developing day by day. Some global leading auto partscompanies such as Bosch, Delphi, Continental, Visteon, Denso […]

Research of New Product Developing Model Based on Quality Function Deployment and Association Rules

Product innovation becomes more and more popular. People are looking for kinds of ways to develop new products. Among which quality function deployment (QFD) applied abroadly in new product development (NPD) because of its special characteristics. When we are applying QFD, we got the weight of left side from the avaragc of all individual’s appraisal […]

Study on the Tacit Knowledge of New Product Development in the Method Based on Knowledge Map

In today’s economic globalization and the rapid development of technology,enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition. YieldDiversification of product demand, complexity, shorter product life cycle,acceleration of the rate of innovation and market.Ball and urgent requirement toprovide the best quality products and the best service with the fastest speed,lowest cost.Service to respond quickly to market. For […]

Technological Innovation Path of Industrial Enterprise–an Empirical Study Based on the New Product Development of Industrial Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

In the era of knowledge economy, as the business environment is gradually opening up to international competition, the traditional foundation of business success has generated tremendous changes, and the enterprise technological innovation has become an important factor to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage in international competition, technological innovation is the Basic resource of survival and […]

Research on the Mini-Automobile Development Process of CA Motor Ltd.

【Abstract】 Lately Chinese automobile industry have meet high speed increasing period along with the development of national economy . In this five years from1999, automobile persisting developing speed of two numbers , persisting increasing speed of 30 percent especially in 2002 and 2003 ,and the developing trend is persistent and steady . The object to […]

New Product Development of Our Small & Medium Sized Medical Instruments Enterprises

【Abstract】 New product development(NPD) plays an important role in the developing process of small & medium-sized Medical instruments enterprises.Compared with the advanced company of developped countries,we are still backwards on capital,the risk analysics,production system,Engineering technology research etc.Therefore,based on the method of quantitative analysis,a solution is given about the above problem.This paper includes six chapters.Firstly,IT briefly […]

Research & Application on Marketing Research for New Product Development

【Abstract】 Facing the pressure of buy-side-market and global competition, almost corporations have placed New Product Development ( NPD ) in prominent position. At the same time, Market data and its further analysis conclusion are all the key guidelines of NPD. The essentiality of Marketing Research to NPD has been illuminated by a great deal of […]