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A Study on Human Resources Management and Control System Improvement of Zhu Zhou New Material Technology Co., LTD

With the accelerating globalization, the human resources management system which functions in helping corporations gain competing edge and improving the working efficiency has become an increasingly hot topic concerned and researched by a large number of corporations. As a state-hold listed corporation, Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter briefed as TMT) has developed […]

Study on Optimization of Organization Structure of Changshun Engineering Corporation

In the last decade, the development of construction industry in China enhances the emersion of supervision of construction industry. The supervision industry has a consecutive progress in last ten years based on drawing lessons from the developed countries. On the other hand, modern firms live in a stiff environment which forces the firms’ managerial framework […]

Research on Multi-project Management System of Company Z

In current China, new creative enterprises are becoming the key driver for economicdevelopment. IT industry, the most energetic field of national economy, has become thelargest industry in China. China needs new creative enterprises, especial for IT field. However,the life of most new creative enterprises in IT field is very short and very few of them […]

Study on the Application of the New Segment Report Standard

IT has been a major trend toward enterprise groups to operate in differentindustries,in different regions in the worldwide, now only the simple consolidatedfinancial statements can not meet the decision-making needs to the users ofaccounting information, due to the high degree of generality of diversified operationsinformation, segment reports have come into being. After50years of development,the patterns […]

Research on Yantai Power Supply Company Five System Construction

With the development of national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, Social demand for electricity has increased and power supply and demand situation is grim.So,the task to meet the growing Social demand for electricity is becoming more arduous and onerous. The issues of power laws and regulations,supporting for the electricity market, electricity prices […]

Study on Design Change Management Procedure by BPR

Jiangling Motor Co., Ltd (JMC) is a holding subsidiary company of JianglingMotor Company Group (JMCG) and IT was set up in Nov.1993. IT appeared in AStock Market in Dec1993and B Stock Market in1995, and made cooperationrelationship with strategic partner Ford Motor Company. Along with the fast growingof JMC and deep-cooperation with Ford, especially the Product […]

Contingency Theory’s Perspective of Association Organization Structure Research

With the continuous development of China’s reform and opening up,the Social structure has been divided. Government, enterprise and thethird sector go hand in hand, forming a new national pattern. Amongthem, the development of Social organizations in the third sector isparticularly robust. As an important branch of Social organization,associations have played a significant role in the […]

Quality Management Study on Product Manufacture Change of Company in Supply Chain Environment

With the emergence of supplier chain, quality management extended from inside thecompany to the whole supply chain, this lead to the supplier chain quality managementdeveloped. For communication and network equipments, manufacture change is animportant way to solve product problems and improve product features, and keep pacewith the rapidly changing market. In the environment of the […]

The Study on the Application of Management Information System in Enterprise Strategy Implementation

After an enterprise strategy is developed, the success of achieving thegoals of the enterprise strategy depends on the effective implementation ofthe strategy. Management factors, such as organization structure, corporateculture and business process flow, provide the necessary supports for theimplementation of the strategy. In order to adapt and support the needs ofcorporate strategy, organization structure needs […]

Research on Internal Organization Structure of Project Members Participating in the R&D Network

Information variability, disciplines and cross, limited resources and technicalcomprehensive, research institutions and organizations are gradually realized that onlyrelying on their own strength is difficult to deal with cross and fusion of informationand knowledge development needs, more can’t maintain their competitive ness.Network R&D becomes a effective mode of innovative R&D with the aid of powerand resources […]