A Study on Human Resources Management and Control System Improvement of Zhu Zhou New Material Technology Co., LTD

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With the accelerating globalization, the human resources Management system which functions in helping corporations gain competing edge and improving the working efficiency has become an increasingly hot topic concerned and researched by a large number of corporations. As a state-hold listed corporation, Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter briefed as TMT) has developed into an industrial group consisted of multiple main industrial units, expanding her reputation to a higher level in the field. However, with the increasingly fierce competition, talents internationalization and the change of the control and Management mode of corporation, TMT has encountered greater challenges in optimizing the human resources Management system. In the current circumstance, it is of significance that TMT could create and keep the strengths in managing and controlling human resources to maximize the Economic profits.Based on the analysis of current status and existing problem of human resource management in TMT and applying Social System Theory, Organization Development Theory, Corporate Organization Structure Design Theory and Strategic Human Resources Management Theory, this paper has analyzed and designed the management structure, managing and controlling function, strategic planning system, recruitment and distribution system, training and development system, compensation and benefit system, staff relationship and talents development system in TMT, and proposed a plan for improving the corporate human resource managing and controlling system. What’s more, from the aspects of software and hardware, this paper has put forward some guarantee measures for human resources management and controlling system in TMT to ensure effective implement of the system.The new human resource management and controlling plan can help the human resource staff in headquarter to get the related information quickly for reference by optimizing the process. Meanwhile, all human resource departments of subsidiaries can aware of her own responsibilities. By doing this, the efficiency and autonomy of management will be improved; the reaction of human resource management will be quicker, more flexible and normative. TMT can make full use of the existing talents, maximize the human initiative, and realize the effective management in human resource so that fast development can be achieved within a short period of time. Combining the theory and practice, this paper aims at benefiting the human resource work for managers and staff.


Study on Optimization of Organization Structure of Changshun Engineering Corporation

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In the last decade, the development of construction industry in China enhances the emersion of supervision of construction industry. The supervision industry has a consecutive progress in last ten years based on drawing lessons from the developed countries. On the other hand, modern firms live in a stiff environment which forces the firms’ managerial framework to cater to their external operation environment, so that can they hold endless edge. Changshun Engineering Corporation (CEC), as a experienced construction supervision firm in Hunan province, its organizational structure resists and restraint its development in the near future. Just under such background, we suggest to take the development of supervision industry as the basis and take the progress direction of supervision mode as the guidance for designing the program of optimizing the CEC’s organizational framework.In this paper, the theory of Enterprise structure Management and the theory of project Management are reviewed, and the study of the paper put forward ideas and research methods. This paper makes a systematic analysis of the company’s current status of internal organizational structure Management, in particular, the CEC’s organizational framework and the functional departments currently being implemented in the problems and to explore the possible causes for these problems. Through the company’s internal and external business environment as well as the structural features of the CEC’s project mechanism analysis, the paper put forward the company’s new organization framework design ideas and principles; and designs new organization framework program. At last, the paper evaluates the company’s new organization framework program’s implementation and control and puts some suggestions about the implementation of the program specific measures proposed, and the effect of implementation of the program to make the design.The result of this study provides an important reference in guiding the CEC’s development in future. But it also should be noted that corporate organizational framework should keep stable in some years and should only be made appropriate adjustments according to the change of practical issues.


Research on Multi-project Management System of Company Z

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In current China, new creative enterprises are becoming the key driver for economicdevelopment. IT industry, the most energetic field of national economy, has become thelargest industry in China. China needs new creative enterprises, especial for IT field. However,the life of most new creative enterprises in IT field is very short and very few of them havesucceeded. With the globalization,information development and technology update, thelife cycle of IT products is getting shorter, therefore, the key factors of competition is how todevelop successful product efficiently. Since strategic target of enterprises are generallyachieved through a series of projects, multi-project has become the key successful factor of ITenterprises.The research is based on multi-project Management of medium&small scale ITenterprises. According to the multi-project Management theory and project managementpractice of company Z, the research and analysis is based on combination of theory andpractice. The research approach adopted: secondary information analysis, qualitative analysisand case study. Chapterl introduction describes the background,significance and methods ofthe paper,then put forwards the total thoughts and general framework; Chapter2introducesthe relevant existing theories of multi-Project management interface; Chapter3introduce Zcompany’s business strategy, current organization and project management;Chapter4mainlyanalyzes the existing problems of multi-project management of company Z,Key existingproblems:1) The coordination among projects is imbalance because the project did notestablish a clear priority;2) Matrix type of project organization causes that the authority dutyof project members is unidentified;3) Management mechanism of multi-project is not mature,and it causes low efficiency, poor quality during project process. Chapter4regarding to theabove typical problems, the report finally establish the multi-project management system forcompany Z. Firstly, to introduce portfolio decision-making mechanism to solve projectselection and resource allocation problems. Secondly, to establish multi-project supportorganization to solve the power fuzzy and organizational conflict problems. Finally, tooptimize implementation mechanism of multi-project management process, and starting from the project process, performance assessment and information support platform, to improve thecompany’s project management maturity through the improvement of key sectors. Theresearch aims to provide multi-project management of small and medium scale new creativeIT enterprises with practical and reference value.


Study on the Application of the New Segment Report Standard

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It has been a major trend toward Enterprise groups to operate in differentindustries,in different regions in the worldwide, now only the simple consolidatedfinancial statements can not meet the decision-making needs to the users ofaccounting information, due to the high degree of generality of diversified operationsinformation, segment reports have come into being. After50years of development,the patterns of segment reports disclosure have gone through the “industry approach”,”risks-and-rewards approach” and “Management approach”, because the”Management approach “agrees with more decision usefulness view and also to relivesthe managers′responsibilities,so it has been applied all over the world.The “Management approach” is a substantial improvement, but it also has someproblems, in addition to reducing the comparability and verification of segmentinformation, the most important, it gives more autonomy for companies themselvesto disclose their segment information,therefore, it can easily make the disclosure ofaccounting information into the dilemma of contradiction and pain, for example, forthe reason of their own management structure, they can regard the whole Enterprise asonly a operating segment and then will not need to disclose segment reports, or tocover up some operations with poor performance, etc. Therefore, it is needed to makecertain norms under the guidance of the idea of this method. In this paper the authorreexamines he determination of the operating segments and thinks it should be basedon which can ensure the performance evaluation and (capital) resource allocationmechanism of different segments in normal operation. In addition, the author thinkoperating segments which companies have determined can be verified by theirstrategy and management structure which are closely related to the performance evaluation and resource allocation mechanism.The inherent defects of the “management approach” is an important reason forthe poor condition of the application of the Segment Reporting Standard, but it is themain reason that enterprises do not pay enough attention to the standard, on the caseof domestic electrical power listed companies in2007–2010, the author analyzes thesegment information disclosure in the two stages of the Segment Reporting Standard.Under the industrial background of the rapid development of the new energyelectricity and other related industries, there are only a small part of those listedcompanies to disclose segment reports, the majority only briefly report sub-industries,sub-products and sub-regions information in accordance with the SEC which are notreported perfectly also. In the “management approach” stage,the division ofoperating segments should be improved in the future, combined with their strategyand organizational structure, new energy electricity segment is seldom disclosed.Moreover, companies audited by the international firms disclosed segment reportswell, while companies audited by the domestic firms disclosed rarely, the SegmentReport Standard is an important part of the Accounting Standards for BusinessEnterprises, the auditing firms have the responsibility to assurance reasonably thecompanies to disclosure segment reports. Therefore, the enterprises themselves andthe auditing firms should be to strengthen the importance on the Segment ReportStandard.The condition that the Segment Report Standard is not implemented well is dueto the developing capital market in China which can not form the Anti-drivingMechanism to disclose segment information. Of course, it is related with China’senterprises management level as well as the “management” itself defective. In thefuture, users of accounting information, third-party service organizations and theregulatory bodies should work together to promote application level of the SegmentReport Standard.


Research on Yantai Power Supply Company Five System Construction

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With the development of national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, Social demand for electricity has increased and power supply and demand situation is grim.So,the task to meet the growing Social demand for electricity is becoming more arduous and onerous. The issues of power laws and regulations,supporting for the electricity market, electricity prices and other issues become more prominent.The new situation put forward a higher demand for power supply companies.Besides,the business environment changes to the power supply Enterprise has brought new issues to improve and strengthen Enterprise Management.Accompanied by the power industry to break the monopoly and introducing competition, power companies began to enter the market.To change from the production and operation type into the Management efficiency type, there is an urgent need to adopt modern Management methods to improve Enterprise’s management level.Therefore, we must crack the principal contradiction of the existing management systems and the rapid development of productive forces,optimize the core business of the integration grid,and achieve the change in the mode of development of the company.The construction of five systems is to speed up the concrete practice of transforming the way of company’s approach to development.This article on Yantai power supply company, construction planning, operation, maintenance, marketing five core professional, in-depth analysis, analysis of one by one out of Yantai power supply company in the existing mode existence problem, based on the analysis of existing problems, to find the crux of the problem occurred in the cause, put forward to build.large planning body, large construction, operation, maintenance, marketing five system as the way to solve the problem. The project management organization pattern theory, the theory of system support, combining the situation of Yantai Electric power company, determine the company organizational structure pattern. In view of the Yantai power supply company the five major problems, one by one of the five major system of organization structure model for research, and the system of the corresponding function analysis, culminating in the formation of Yantai power supply company organizational structure design, a practical example is given to prove the effectiveness of the five system construction. This paper studies the municipal power supply company, companies realize the transformation of development mode has an important reference value.


Study on Design Change Management Procedure by BPR

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Jiangling Motor Co., Ltd (JMC) is a holding subsidiary company of JianglingMotor Company Group (JMCG) and it was set up in Nov.1993. It appeared in AStock Market in Dec1993and B Stock Market in1995, and made cooperationrelationship with strategic partner Ford Motor Company. Along with the fast growingof JMC and deep-cooperation with Ford, especially the Product Develop System andQuality Management System was introduced from Ford, the current organizationstructure of JMC and the Design Change Management Procedure (DCMP) don’t meetthe requirement of the JMC anymore. So, it needs to use the BPR theory to redesignthe organization of JMC&revise the DCMP now. How to design the organization andassign the responsibility of LVT (Local Vehicle Team), and how to revise the DCMPassociated are the emphasis of this article.The business process reengineering was theorized by the America MichaelHammer and Jame Champy. It helps company make great improvements of businessin terms of cost, quality, service and speed, by using state-of-the-art manufacturingtechnology, information technology and modern management tools, maximizing thefunctional integration of technical and management functions of integration,establishing a new process organization structure to replace the traditional functionalorganization structure, stressing the business processes for the transformation of theobject&the center and the customer’s need&satisfaction as the goal, andfundamentally rethinking&radically redesigning the existing business processes.The former design change management procedure was running under theconditions: no united management organization with high efficiency, no team workwith cross-multiple departments, low level on work electronization, networking&informatization, which lead to a slow transmission of work flow, the lead-time of adesign change getting longer, bad information communication among departments. Itwill affect the Product Develop Team to focus their energy on the forward modeldevelopment and also the Quality Improvement Team to solve issues on the currentmodel more professionally.To solve all those issues that JMC faced in that time, JMC had set up a neworganization called LVT in Apr2008, based on the successful experiences that Ford have achieved. The responsibility of LVT was assigned and the DCMP was revisedsynchronously to meet the JMC requirement.The role and responsibilities for LVT are: leading place in continuous qualityimprovement, leading development of Special Vehicle Order (SVO) vehicle, leadingOngoing Product Development (OPD), leading Total Value Management (TVM)through design optimization&cost reduction etc. The LVT is consist of ProductManagement Team (PMT) engineer, Vehicle Function Group (VFG) engineer,Engineering Change Coordinator (ECC), manufacturing process engineer, FunctionBuild (FB) engineer, quality analysis engineer, TVM engineer etc. By the way, theLVT has connection with other departments in JMC and bridge to Ford globalengineering team such as Ford PVT, Ford APA VFG and REC. The DCMP wasrevised according to the role and responsibility of the LVT. Some segments of theformer DCMP has been optimized and integrated to fit the changes.BPR is a continual process and eternal topic. Every company should applyBusiness Process Reengineering as guidance to reform its organization structure andoptimize its procedures anytime and anywhere, because the customer, the competitionand the environment they face are changing all the time.After the process of BPR, the new organization structure LVT and DCMP arerunning inside JMC. Some achievements in continuous quality improvements, OPD,SVO vehicle developments and TVM has been made and commended by the JMCmanagement.It’s expected that JMC will apply and develop BPR in every fields to make thedevelopment and growth of JMC bigger and stronger.


Contingency Theory’s Perspective of Association Organization Structure Research

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With the continuous development of China’s reform and opening up,the Social structure has been divided. Government, Enterprise and thethird sector go hand in hand, forming a new national pattern. Amongthem, the development of Social organizations in the third sector isparticularly robust. As an important branch of social organization,associations have played a significant role in the coordination and service.However, since these organizations are still in the initial state, there arestill many problems, which may hinder the road forward.In the beginning of S, it was stalled because of the unscientificinternal organizational structure and imperfect Management. Thenthrough continuous internal adjustment, the association is gradually be normal and have enjoyed good social reputation and profound influence.This research applies contingency theory in the case of S, finding thatthere are internal and external contingency factors which impact thechanges in the organizational structure. With further case study, the elitesof S, as the contingency factor, have made a key function on the changeof organization structure. As a result, the dynamic matching process ofTransmutation-Selection-Reconstruction has formed.Through the study of association organization structure, we hope toprovide some reference to those similar organizations. Therefore, it canfurther contribute to the development of the third sector with Health andorder.


Quality Management Study on Product Manufacture Change of Company in Supply Chain Environment

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With the emergence of supplier chain, quality Management extended from inside thecompany to the whole supply chain, this lead to the supplier chain quality managementdeveloped. For communication and network equipments, manufacture change is animportant way to solve product problems and improve product features, and keep pacewith the rapidly changing market. In the environment of the supplier chain, new problemshit the quality Management of manufacture change process. This article study themanufacture change process of a large communication and network equipmentmanufacturer, company C, find out problems inside the process, then propose solutions.This article starts from discussion the current supply chain situation of company C,figure out the characteristics of its supply chain through analysis, then find out thedifficulties of quality management on the supply chain. Then the article studied themanufacture change process of company C, explained how it manages its change processand control quality during the change, discussed how the supply chain environment affectthe manufacture change process. Then the article used the existed supply-chain qualitymanagement and satisfaction relationship model to find out the key factor which affects thesatisfaction level. Base on this model and the manufacture change practice of company C,builds a modified model. Apply this modified model on company C, the article discussedthe connection between those key factors and the problems of manufacture change, figureout root cause. Base on those analyze, the article proposes the solution to solve theproblems during the change process. The solutions take consideration of the affection fromsupply chain, start from the root cause of the problem and aim to raise the satisfaction level,they will improve the current manufacture change process of company C.


The Study on the Application of Management Information System in Enterprise Strategy Implementation

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After an Enterprise strategy is developed, the success of achieving thegoals of the Enterprise strategy depends on the effective implementation ofthe strategy. Management factors, such as organization structure, corporateculture and business process flow, provide the necessary supports for theimplementation of the strategy. In order to adapt and support the needs ofcorporate strategy, organization structure needs to be restructured to ensurerapid response to the strategic environment; business process flow also needsto be reengineered according to the strategic requirements, so that it canprovide the support of business process for the implementation of the strategy.But the restructured organization and integrated optimized business processflow require a supporting system to ensure no deviation from the strategicdirection during the process of implementing the strategy which has thecharacteristics of long-term, comprehensive, whole organization participationrequired in the functional level. Management information system as animportant fundamental strategic supporting tool can provide support to theimplementation of corporate strategy by profound impact to theorganizational structure, process optimization and reengineering,performance evaluation. Under fierce competition in the industry environment, Company TSingapore is facing great market opportunities under the background oftechnological upgrading in electronics industry, so she combined theopportunities with its own resources and capacity, developed a new strategyto become a “total solution provider”, and in order to achieve strategic goal,Company T acquired an equipment design and manufacturing company tocomplement the shortfall, so the next is how to integrate the company’soriginal Materials Division with the newly acquired equipment division, tocreate a strategic synergy effect, which will reinforce the company’s positionas a “total solution provider”. This thesis, basing on the alignment modelbetween management information systems and enterprise strategy (StrategicAlignment Model, referred to the SAM model), is to study the supportingrole of the management information system of company, which is developedby aligning to the company’s strategy, and then a conclusion is drawn: thecontinuity, long lasting, complexity and detailedness of implementingstrategy requires a supporting system to ensure the implementation of thestrategy. Management information system aligned with the company’sstrategy can improve the ability of implementing enterprise strategy throughthe support to the organizational restructure, business process reengineering,and the ability to execute a strategy is the key to achieve strategic objectives.


Research on Internal Organization Structure of Project Members Participating in the R&D Network

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Information variability, disciplines and cross, limited resources and technicalcomprehensive, research institutions and organizations are gradually realized that onlyrelying on their own strength is difficult to deal with cross and fusion of informationand knowledge development needs, more can’t maintain their competitive ness.Network R&D becomes a effective mode of innovative R&D with the aid of powerand resources outside the organization, being widely applied to the research anddevelopment in project Management.Network R&D project is thought to have strategic and tactical two dimensionalfeatures: on the one hand, R&D of network and dissolution is mainly dominated byproject, often through the development and completion of this project was establishedand then dissolved; On the other hand, due to various resources and technical sharingbetween members knowledge “spillovers”, makes each members of the network, evenif end of the project is still can continue to use the “share” to develop knowledge, to anew round of related areas of research and development. Networked de velopmentmode, therefore, become the international on a quite promising mode of the high levelof technical cooperation in research and development, more and more to get the actualapplication.The promotion of R&D project network also attract domestic and foreign researchscholars actively to explore and study, but the research mainly focus on how to ensurenetwork stability and equilibrium of profit distribution, etc., to all members of thesubject in the process of participate in network research and de velopment, the internalorganization of the structure can adapt to the changes in the external situation, how to reasonable the existing type of organizational structure innovation, optimization,members of the body to make it better so as to realize the best performance ofcooperation, achieve the purpose of participation in research and development ofnetwork, study is less. For members of organization structure, therefore, a positiveinnovation research is extremely primary and unavoidable problem. This as thebreakthrough point of the research are presented, and make the further analysis in thispaper.First, this paper sort out and summarize the literatures on previous studies, inorganization theory as the support of the project organization and Management theory,summarizes the influence organizational structure of participation in network researchand development project members subject choice of factors, from the members of thebody is analyzed from the two internal factors and external factors. Internal factors aremainly involved in research and development of network resources, participate inresearch and development of network and the purpose of the members of the mainbody of internal organizational culture from several aspects carries on the analysis;External factors is refers to the members of the main body of research anddevelopment network stability and complexity, the cooperation mode between varioussubjects and their locations in the network analysis. Using qualitative analysiscombined with quantitative analysis method, empirical analysis and test themechanism of the influence factors and the choice of organizational structure;Secondly, in view of the common R&D project of the three forms of organizationalstructure innovation improvement. Dominant form of organization structure in thenetwork function is put forward after the R&D project, to appoint a right above thefunctional departments, project coordinator, head of the project who is responsible forexternal communication and internal coordination, and implementation ofmanagement by objectives management methods, improve the ability of functionalorganization structure lateral coordination; Dominant form of organization structurefor project, adding a project management office, to realize the integration of the organization management, increase resource utilization rate. To overcome the matrixtype organizational structure form of the dual membership, multilayer leadership,under the interactive functions and project organization structure form, each projectdefined inside a core member of the core staff are under the leadership of projectmanager not only function head and the rest of the project manager’s leadership anddispatch, can make full play to the advantages of matrix.Finally, this paper in the fifth chapter mainly combining previous researchresults,summed up the organization structure choose the evaluation index system, uses theanalytic hierarchy process (a) to determine the weight of each index, in view of thethree types of organization structure in the form of innovation, using comprehensivefuzzy evaluation method and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. Evaluation resultsshow that the matrix organization structure is the best choice of participation innetwork research and development project members subject, although project typeand the functional evaluation belongs to the good and the general, but also has beenadopted by practical, subject better choices for different types of members andinnovation internal organization structure, improve the efficiency of the projectcooperation development, achieve organizational cooperation performance has greatpractical significance.