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The Research on Debt Risk of the Local Government Investment and Financing Platform

The research on debt risk and prevention mechanism of the local government investment and financing platform has important theoretical and practical significance for China’s economic development. The local government investment and financing platform is a great mechanism innovation of investment and financing system, which meets the fund demand effectively for the rapid development of economic […]

Research on the Discerning System and Preventing Mechanism of Strategic Alliance Risk

【Abstract】 Strategic alliance, regarded as the most important organization innovation in the 20th century by F.Druker, is one of the most important means of corporation competition and growing. Strategic alliance presents diverse characteristics and tendencies after internet bubble economy and the international M&I wave in the 21st century. The research on the strategic alliance was […]

Study of Risk Prevention Mechanism in Commercial Banks

【Abstract】 Financial risks may arouse financial crisis, or even create a tremendous effect onthe macro economy of a country. The purpose of this paper includes the followingparts: (1) With the frequent happening of financial risk cases and the development ofthe financial renovation of the countries around the world, risks have been the focusof human beings. […]

The Research on China’s Financial Risk Prevention Mechanism

【Abstract】 Financial risks of the financial market and financial activities of the inherent attributes of the financial and economic activities with biological inevitable. Along with economic globalization and market integration of the rapid development of countries in the world financial business, Monetary policy mutual exchanges and coordination and mutual penetration and expansion, competition and constraints […]

Research on the Formation and Precaution Mechanism of Enterprise Strategy Risk

【Abstract】 With the economy integration process’s accelerating, most large multinational corporations established global strategy and integrated resource in world-wide, which made the enterprise in the world-wide enter into a super-competition condition. The external environment which the enterprises faced became more complex and dynamic. Then enterprises faced bigger internal uncertain factors because of rapid technology development, […]

Innovative Research for People-based Operational Risk in Commercial Bank

【Abstract】 Since IT come into existence, bank struck up with the risk. Whether the collapse of Barings Bank, or the Societe Generale’s huge losses, are all related to how to keep up the personnel based operational risk on commercial banks. Compared to overseas, few domestic studies on such risks. However, this does not mean that […]