The Research on Debt Risk of the Local Government Investment and Financing Platform

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The research on debt risk and prevention mechanism of the local government Investment and financing platform has important theoretical and practical significance for China’s Economic development. The local government Investment and financing platform is a great mechanism innovation of investment and financing system, which meets the fund demand effectively for the rapid development of Economic and society, makes up for the shortcoming that local government lacks of financial resources, and promotes the process of China’s urbanization and industrialization. At the same time, investment and financing platform has the potential debt risk、fiscal risk and financial risk, which also cause widespread concern.According to the debt risk of the local government investment and financing platform, the paper analyzes its developing situation, proposes the key factors that caused debt risk: irregular operation, excessive investment and financing which is the form of financial opportunism; Then taking the Liuwu New District Urban Infrastructures Investment Company (UIIC) of Lhasa for example, the paper analyzes its operation status and problems, and builds a debt risk assessment model to estimates the timing and strength of debt risk for Liuwu New District UIIC; Finally, the paper gives advice on debt risk prevention from the government, financial institutions, and Liuwu New District UIIC, while push the operation of company towards marketization, corporatization, diversification and liabilities rationalization.


Research on the Discerning System and Preventing Mechanism of Strategic Alliance Risk

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【Abstract】 Strategic alliance, regarded as the most important organization innovation in the 20th century by F.Druker, is one of the most important means of corporation competition and growing. Strategic alliance presents diverse characteristics and tendencies after internet bubble economy and the international M&I wave in the 21st century. The research on the strategic alliance was forced to change the way and angle or introduce new theories and methods. There have so many academic harvests on strategic alliance because attention both from business manager and Management researcher had been paid on it for a long time, but there has a little academic outcome of strategic alliance risk among strategic alliance research results due to the imperfect of strategic alliance theories, Enterprise risk Management theories and their integration. This paper uses the changed dimension and the new theory of strategic alliance driven force to research strategic alliance.Strategic alliance driven force, which was the force making organization come together to form a kind of alliance in the condition of ever-changing environment, is a new theory bring forward by the paper writer. The strategic alliance driven force is the combination force of Enterprise auto-growing force and the attraction force of anticipating benefit. There have detail illustration of strategic alliance driven force in this paper to demonstrate strategic alliance is the organization result of strategic alliance driven force. The researches on strategic alliance driven force also clarify the high risk characteristic of the strategic alliance among organization forms. Strategic alliance risk means the probabilities and results caused by the difference of practical outcome and anticipate outcome in the uncertain and complicated organization environment. Another innovation point of this paper was clarifying the main kinds of strategic alliance risk and the means to identify and evaluate them, including scanning on the enterprise environment, educing strategic alliance risk elements set, establishing the relevant mathematical model. The strategic alliance risk prevention can not be ignored, so strategic alliance risk prevention controlling mechanism and trust mechanism, alliance partner choosing system and alliance’s performance evaluating system are the main body of the last chapter, especially the introduction of EVA and BSC to strategic alliance’s performance evaluation is a good attempt in business management research.


Study of Risk Prevention Mechanism in Commercial Banks

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【Abstract】 Financial risks may arouse financial crisis, or even create a tremendous effect onthe macro economy of a country. The purpose of this paper includes the followingparts: (1) With the frequent happening of financial risk cases and the development ofthe financial renovation of the countries around the world, risks have been the focusof human beings. As the main body of the financial system, commercial banks havehigh asset and liability ratio. Restricted by the impersonal factors, commercial banksbelong to the banks with high risks;(2) As for the commercial banks in our country,risk prevention is the Basic requirement of their further development;(3) Since thestudy of risk prevention theories needs to be improved, the author of this paper tries tocomprehensively analyze the risk preventions for the commercial banks so as toestablish a systematic and comprehensive prevention model. The meanings of thismodel are as follows: firstly to help solve the long-existing risk matters and to exploreeffective risk prevention mechanism;secondly to help establish better internalmanagement system for the commercial banks so as to standardize the companymanagement mechanism and to improve the performance;thirdly to help establish theall-round mechanism to resist the external compound environment;fourthly to helpstrengthen the supervision of the central bank so as to lead the commercial banks tothe state of standardization and law.The main content of this paper is divided into five chapters: the first chapter isintroduction, briefly presenting the background, purposes, meanings of this paper, andthe domestic and international study in this field, as well as introducing the concept,method and content of this study. In the second chapter, based on the classification ofthe risks of commercial banks, the author summarizes the standing presentation of therisks in commercial banks of our country, and applies Economic theories to analyzethe reasons of the risks. In the third chapter, the author introduces the factors of themodel and establishes the systematic and comprehensive model for risk prevention. Inthe fourth chapter, on the basis of the application of the model, the author analyzes thecountermeasures in five aspects for risk prevention in the commercial banks, whichare company Management mechanism, internal operation risk prevention mechanism,risk prediction mechanism, law mechanism and auditing mechanism. In the fifthchapter, the author cites Agricultural bank of China as an example, presents the basicsituation of the bank, analyzes the existing problems and the reasons, applies thesystematic and comprehensive model and points out the suggestions for riskprevention of the bank. The last chapter is the conclusion part.On the whole, the main creative points of this paper are the following two: (1) toapply Economic theory to analyze the reasons for the risks in the commercial banks;(2) to establish an effective systematic and comprehensive prevention model with theup-down, in-out, macro-micro, short-long, static-activate and inter-operation aspects,to bring forward specific countermeasures to prevent the risks in the commercialbanks, as well as to cite Agricultural bank of China as an example to do case study.

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The Research on China’s Financial Risk Prevention Mechanism

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【Abstract】 Financial risks of the financial market and financial activities of the inherent attributes of the financial and Economic activities with biological inevitable. Along with Economic globalization and market integration of the rapid development of countries in the world financial business, Monetary policy mutual exchanges and coordination and mutual penetration and expansion, competition and constraints has been developed to a certain level, Financial globalization is a trend of gradual deepening. In December 2006, China’s financial industry in accordance with the entry of WTO commitments, fully open to foreign Investment. The financial industry is facing with the developed countries and transnational financial institutions all-round competition is in a crucial transition phase. However, due to various reasons and institutional endemic to China’s national conditions, China’s financial industry is not entirely complete market-oriented reforms; still accumulate a lot of potential financial risks. Faced with a complex and changing domestic and international economic environment, prevention of financial risk should be taken seriously enough. Therefore, China’s financial risks in-depth and detailed analysis of the financial risks accumulated knowledge of the causes and nature, and the establishment of sound financial risk prevention mechanisms, avoid financial risks accumulated suddenly released to cause huge losses for the national economy and accelerate the pace of financial reform. China’s financial industry and the healthy development of the national economy, effective preventing and gradually reducing financial risks so as to safeguard national economic security is of great theoretical and practical significance. From our financial status and the risk of the trend of the evolution of the meaning of financial risks, Features and theoretical sources do an in-depth analysis on China’s major financial risk prevention mechanisms Construction of the discussions, According to financial Engineering system control theory, the financial risk prevention mechanism should be in accordance with prior warning and in the middle of control. After the establishment of three levels of insurance, including specific financial risks as an early warning mechanism to control mechanism and the insurance mechanism 3 together, it is a systematic project.


Research on the Formation and Precaution Mechanism of Enterprise Strategy Risk

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【Abstract】 With the economy integration process’s accelerating, most large multinational corporations established global strategy and integrated resource in world-wide, which made the Enterprise in the world-wide enter into a super-competition condition. The external environment which the enterprises faced became more complex and dynamic. Then enterprises faced bigger internal uncertain factors because of rapid technology development, as well as global culture collision and integration. Uncertain external and internal factors of enterprises brought series risk to enterprises’ strategy implementation, which always made the object of enterprises’ strategy can not be finished and made the Enterprise destruction. In the end of 1990s, an enterprises investigation in USA showed that enterprises’ executing ability of strategy was more important than strategy’s quality; Another investigation by found that less than 10% strategies can be implemented successfully. Therefore, the strategy theory researchers focused on strategy risk and resorted to how to avoid Enterprise strategy risk and realize enterprises’ developing continuously.The thesis studies on the formation mechanism, evaluation and prevention mechanism of strategy risk with strategy Management theory, risk Management theory and several management qualitative and quantitative methods. On the basis of analyzing enterprise strategy management theory and enterprise risk management theory, the thesis gets the general characteristics of risk management and the nature of strategy management. Then it finds the theoretic support for enterprise strategy risk researching; Then the thesis analyses the definition and characteristics of enterprise strategy risk; According to industry organization model, resource basis model and culture basis model, it constructs an enterprise strategy risk diamond model, which concludes external environment, enterprise resource, enterprise ability and enterprise culture. The four elements influence enterprise strategy risk. After obtaining the four elements, the thesis analyses the relationship between each element and strategy risk and uses the operational principle of trigger in physics for reference to explain the formation mechanism of enterprise strategy risk, then it constructs a formation mechanism model of strategy risk (strategy risk trigger model). According to the four strategy risk elements, the thesis constructs an enterprise strategy risk evaluation index system and uses AHP method and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to make quantitative evaluation. As to the anticipant and prevention of enterprise strategy risk, the thesis proposes four pertinence prevention mechanism in the angle of external environment, enterprise resource, enterprise ability, enterprise culture, which are external environment forewarning mechanism, integration of resource, ability and coordination between enterprise culture and strategy.


Innovative Research for People-based Operational Risk in Commercial Bank

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【Abstract】 Since it come into existence, bank struck up with the risk. Whether the collapse of Barings Bank, or the Societe Generale’s huge losses, are all related to how to keep up the personnel based operational risk on commercial banks. Compared to overseas, few domestic studies on such risks. However, this does not mean that it is not important. On the contrary, we believe that the operation of banking business is inseparable from who for personnel-based operational risk prevention mechanism of great significance. Because it enables us to better understand this type of risk for the bank, and improve the relevant idea of the preventive mechanism of reference.Business operations with the bank the relevant personnel, including internal staff and customers. From these two aspects of this proceeding to explore the type of personnel it may lead to operational risk. For research needs, first of all operational risk types of personnel to be defined, and then in the framework of principal-agent theory to reveal the sources of risk, thus summed up the risks with the character.The use of principal-agent theory, the author-depth analysis of bank staff in the prevention of risk-based measures taken, and its evaluation, noting that its staff to enhance efficiency in stimulating the positive role played by, and these measures may bring about inefficiencies, etc. a negative impact on the bank to conduct a comprehensive analysis of risk prevention measures. Then, in order to non-performing loan ratio and profitability as an indicator to study the effect of bank risk prevention mechanism.To enable readers to have a more intuitive impression, this paper finally takes ICBC’s branch–bank in Yueyang as an example, to explore its internal staff and customers in the prevention of operational risk with regard to the measures taken and fruit effect. This study, an attempt to offer reference ideas for prevent commercial banks’people-based operational risk.