Problems and Solutions of Xiangquan Street, Dalian Construction of Community Culture

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Community culture is an important part of the Social and cultural, is an important carrierof China’s urban construction of spiritual civilization. Strengthen community culturalconstruction and exploration, whether in theory or in practice, have very important practicalsignificance and far-reaching historical significance.Community cultural construction is the core of the community building played a pivotalrole in the construction of a harmonious socialist society. Dalian Jinzhou District advancedstreet rang Springs Street Community cultural construction of the status quo, for example,found that since the reform and opening up, China’s community cultural construction hasmade gratifying achievements, enrich the leisure life of the residents, the pleasure of theresidents in mind and body. However, due to irrational government departments attachimportance to the lack of community status is unclear; the theme of the cultural constructionof community status is not recognized; backward Management models, old and not suited tothe needs of the community culture; the construction of community cultural lack of long-termoverall planning; community cultural resource allocation and other reasons, the constructionof community cultural lag there are ideas running mechanism is imperfect, community andcultural resources to develop the problem of irrational use, the lack of humane care andlong-term mechanism.Strengthen the building of community culture, we must correctly understand theimportance of community culture; clear development objectives and Basic principles ofcommunity cultural construction; transformation of government functions; strengthencommunity cultural development of qualified personnel; the mechanism of sound andcommunity cultural development in China to adapt Education, resources optimizationmechanisms and information and communication mechanism.

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Research about China’s Food Safety Detection

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People attention to food safety degree greatly increased since the Sanlu milk powderincident in2008. The National People’s Congress on March14,2011Fourth Conference oneconomic and Social development in the Twelfth Five Year Plan in the resolution, theforty-first chapter, strengthening public security system construction in the first quarter of thecontent is to guarantee the safety of food medicines and chemical reagents, which referred tothe most is the supervision of food, and food inspection and food regulation in the mostimportant link. Plan referred to in, strengthen the food safety risk assessment and monitoringof early warning and supervision of law enforcement, improve the supervision validity andcredibility. Continue to implement the food regulatory infrastructure construction project. Tostrengthen the inspection, certification, inspection and monitoring of adverse reactions such asfood safety technical support construction. Strengthen Basic level construction of rapiddetection ability, Social integration testing resources, set up the social public service platformbased on. Visible food detection is the current government in food safety Management is veryimportant, this article research goal is to the government how to manage and use the fooddetection of this important line of defense, to effectively solve the problem of food safety.China’s food safety situation is not optimistic now, the reason basically has: one is in thesocial transformation of our country environment, easy problem; two is the legal laws andregulations gradually perfect, constantly improve the information transparency, easyappearing problem; three is the supervision system of government is not keeping up with thetimes the development of, not the maximum extent to prevent the problem. The first two arebig environment caused by, is the external cause, want from set out actually solve the problemof food safety, the key lies in third factors–the regulation system of government, and thefood inspection in this system is the most important link, must give height to take seriouslyand strengthen, a lot of food safety incidents can be found in this the weakness anddeficiency.The research on public policy analysis method as the Basic theoretical foundation, in thestudy of food production and consumer interests balance and in accordance with theprovisions of the system and the procedure for decision-making basis; to play a personaldecision role, put forward some own ideas. I prepared from the government for food safetyinspection Management point of view, discuss a government in food detection of the mainproblems existing in the Management and the corresponding countermeasures.

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As the reform and opening-up has further promoted, private enterpris…

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As the reform and opening-up has further promoted, private enterprises hasdeveloped with unprecedented speed and scale, and private economy has also grownfast in the national economy. Strengthening and improving private enterprises’ partyconstruction work which is gradually included in the agenda of the Party committeesat all levels become an important and urgent task in the grassroots party construction.How to play the party’s political core role in private Enterprise and enhance thetimeliness of the party construction work effectively has also become a new topic ingrassroots party construction. Using private enterprises’ party construction situation inMinhang District, Shanghai as the main reference, this paper use literature analysis,induction and field research method to research the problems and improvingcountermeasures in the private enterprises’ party construction work.According to the style of writing logic structure, this paper can be divided intofour parts. The first part reviews the developing process of private enterprises’ partyconstruction work since the reform and opening-up on macroscopic and summarizesthe effectiveness and driving factors that have been achieved. These can foundtheoretical basis for the following parts. Based on the field research, the second partintroduces the practice of private enterprises’ party construction work in Minhangdistrict, Shanghai. Using the research achievements as the main foundation, the thirdpart analyses the main problem and reasons which exist in current private enterprises’party construction work. Aiming at the above-mentioned problems, combined withmy vision, the final part puts forward four countermeasures to improve privateenterprises’ party construction work. Among these four countermeasures, creatingelectric cards for party members, adhering to combine party construction work andnurturing advanced corporate culture all have certain innovation.


Zhoushan City to Enhance the Capability of Independent Innovation Talent Supports Problem Research

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Into the twenty-first century, innovation has become the world’s researchproblems related to an area the future of a country’s development. Independentinnovation is refers to innovative subjects through their own study and research at thecutting edge of technology up mendelevium technical problems, developed withindependent property rights in science and technology, promoting science andtechnology quickly into the process of market goods, the innovation center is ahigh-tech, high-tech access to technical talent to support, therefore, personnel supportsystem in many ways to explore the special features to enhance the capability ofindependent innovation.Zhoushan City, less competitive, the capability of independent innovation, formany reasons, one of the most core personnel supporting force is not strong on theeconomy, talent development with low efficiency, these factors largely restrictedZhoushan Island New construction. Major breakthrough in independent innovation,the current research to enhance capability of independent innovation talent support,personnel support system enhance the capability of independent innovation methodsand measures presented in Zhoushan City, has some practical significance..The article around Zhoushan city to enhance the capability of independentinnovation and talent support problem this one center, to independent innovation,talent and talent to prop up the connotation and related Economic attributes systemanalysis; on the development of domestic and international main experience wassummarized and reviewed; the ability of independent innovation in Zhoushan, talentknowledge quantity and quality as well as human capital quantitative assessment ofthe stock, and then to the Zhoushan city and whole nation and develop area owninnovation and human resources to carry on the comparative analysis; analysis of theindependent innovation of Zhoushan city and current situation of human resources;talent from the quantity and structure of the two aspects of Zhoushan city to dopoineering work independently to talented person’s demand forecast; on the regionalinnovation capability and human capital correlations were analyzed; put forward compose to build Zhoushan City independent innovation talent support system vision,goals, ideas and strategic route, from the culture, the introduction, managementmechanism, service, incentive, market and so on to build talent support system policymeasures.Studies on biodiversity status of fishery community in lower reaehes of YangtzeRiver were carried out, and Primary evaluations of the Spring Closed effect on fisheryeommunity in the sections of Chongming, Changshu and Anqing were also done.


Research on Left-behind Children in the Perspective of Rural Culture Transformation

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With the transformation of Chinese society and the integration of urban and rural areas, the “Left-behind children” appeared as a new group. The research of this group involved many disciplines such as the pedagogy, psychology, anthropology and sociology. According to the research, many scholars found that left-behind children group appeared all sorts of problems for long-time lacking of parents’care or the disintegration of the family structure. The problems included school playing truant, odd character and accident casualties which seriously affecting their healthy growth. In fact, the existence of left-behind children problem is not only related to structure and systems, but also closely related to the country culture.With the accelerating the process of the integration of urban and rural areas, modern culture crashed the rural traditional culture. The rural culture gradually declined and even trapped in a relatively serious cultural crisis. This kind of circumstance also led directly to the waste of the country children’s spiritual home. Then it aggravated the seriousness of this problem of the left-behind children. Therefore, this article research from the angle of view of the village culture change, choose the children and the guardian from YJ the village E city Hubei province as the investigation object, applied case study, interview and observation methods to analysis and discuss the rural left-behind children problem and causes, in order to truly understand the left-behind children’s survival and development of the status quo.During the Period, through the literature research, case study and interview, we found that rural cultural changes affects the left-behind children from the main three aspects such as rural community environment, Education and their families. Then it caused t the left-behind children’s life, family, Education and personality. To some degree, it increased the severity of these problems. Finally, according to the consequences of the changes of the rural culture to left-behind children, in order to effectively solve the left-behind children problems, the article gives some advices and solutions from different aspects such as the fusion of the village culture and city culture and the rural culture reconstruction.To sum up, with the Social transformation, the rural left-behind children group appeared with problems. And Social transformation involved in political, Economic, cultural and Social aspects. Thus, the analysis and study of this problems of the left-behind problem should not only involve dual system structure and institutionalized level. We should pay more attention to rural cultural change and the influence of the problem of left-behind children. In addition, if we want to solve left-behind children problem basically, we can’t take it as a problem, we should recognize the change of rural culture and pay attention to the construction of rural culture. Finally, we will solve the problem.


Study on the Problem of Rural Home Remaining Elders

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Population aging is a Social problem which attached extensive attention by world today. China has the largest aging population in the world. Elderly aged endowment issues have become a hot Social concern. In the past30years since reform and opening up,with the increase of population mobility,a great number of the young rural labors have been migrating out of rural areas to work in urban areas.At the same time,most of the elders choose to stay at home in the rural areas for various factors. Thus the special group named “home remaining elders “came into being.At present,in the double impact of ageing population and urbanization,rural home remaining elders endowment issues have become a hard part and hot point, cause the academic and Social concern. In the course of this thesis,I read many of the basis of related literatures,adopt questionnaire and depth interview way,went to Mingli village Taihe county Fuyang city to do investigating. It analyzes the elder’s endowment issues in Mingli village Taihe County. The material was gotten through in-depth interviews and questionnaire survey.then I analyzed investigation data, found the problem Of rural home remaining elders. On this basis,I come up with the suggestion which construct demand for the center of rural home remaining elders endowment system.In rural areas, we should promote energetically respect for the respect of traditional virtues;Constantly,perfect the relevant laws and regulations, perfect countryside social endowment system. The legal and institutional guarantee the lawful rights and interests of rural home remaining elders; Use family pension mode, in rural areas,we conduct neighborhood cooperation and community supporting. Establish the rural elderly organization, rich life of rural home remaining elders. By increasing Investment promotion, completes the “chicken also nest” work, in order to outdoor-workers employment opportunities. In physical and mental, to build a Health rural home remaining elder’s harmonious living space and endowment support network. Thus, in theory and practice for our country rural endowment on the development of the cause of old man endowment to provide the reference.This thesis is divided into six chapters.The first chapter mainly describes background, cause and significance of subject, research status in and outside China.It expounds the Basic theory of this institute deals, research methods and research framework; The second chapter contains mainly related to the rural home remaining elders of Basic concept definition and basic introduction; The third chapter analysis mainly the questionnaire survey result of Mingli village; The fourth chapter based on the questionnaire survey result and in-depth interviews with relevant case analysis in rural home remaining elders security problems. The fifth chapter is the core content and is the purpose and foothold of the thesis. On the empirical analysis results and national policies and regulations of study is proposed, based on the perfect rural home remaining elders endowment countermeasures and Suggestions. Namely, I come up with the suggestion which construct demand for the center of rural home remaining elder’s endowment system. From several aspects such as the social environment, legal, institutional, rural home remaining elder’s children, neighborhood cooperation and community supporting, I came up with countermeasures, constructed a healthy and harmonious solid network system. The sixth chapter is conclusion.It concluded shortage of the research.


Legislative Research on Public Participation of the Local Food Safety Standards

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Food safety standards are very important for each one of us the life and Health. How to make scientific and reasonable food safety standards, not only need the raising of standards, also need the process open and transparent on setting standard and the public participate in the standard setting. This article analysis the necessity of the public participation in local food safety standards, and explains present situation of the public participation in local food safety standards in formulating legislation. At the same time, this article presents the main problems. For example, the main body is not clearly defined, the information disclosure is not in place, the public participation mode is single, and the feedback mechanism is not perfect. To solve these problems, this article from defining the subject of public participation, perfecting information disclosure procedures, broadening public participation, and sounding feedback mechanism, puts forward the countermeasures to perfect the local food safety standards of public participation in formulating.


The Research of the Collection、the Use and the Countermeasures of the Social Compensation Fee in the Rural Community under the Perspective of Resource Fairness

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Family planning is a long-term Basic state policy of China. In order to maintain this Basic state policy, protect citizen’s legitimate rights and interests and realize the coordinated development of the population, the economical, the Social, the resources, the environment, State collects the Social compensation fee on the citizen not in conformity with the legal provisions. Taking “S” County in Anhui Province as an example, through the full and accurate data, this article has first unfolded the present situation of the collection and the use of the social compensation fee in the rural community:The disbursement rate of the collection is low and the use distribution is unreasonable; Then based on the investigation in the interview, it discusses the existing problems in the collection and the use of the social compensation fee in the rural community. The collection problems mainly include:Policy advocacy is not in place; There are “three difficulties” about the illegal action of birth—-that is difficult to find, to obtain evidence and to execute; The collection team quality is not high. And the use problems mainly stem from the type of distribution of the social compensation fee— “raises little returns much”; Finally from the perspective of rectifying the resource fairness, this article proposes the countermeasures of the collection problems:To strengthen policy propaganda, to make the citizens realize the necessity to collect the social compensation fee from the perspective of intra-generational equity and inter-generational equity of resource fairness, to change the unreasonable type of distribution of the social compensation fee; And also it puts forward to three main ways of using the social compensation fee:social security for family planning, Investment in Education and Investment in Medical, so that the social compensation is worthy of the name and return to the correct purposes.


The Study on Problem and Suggestion on the Practice of Civil Servants with Duties

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Since the 20th century, since the 90’s to train exercise testing exercise of the civil service system for rapid development of civil legal system has become an important part of the process. In this process, the civil service testing and tempering the work in practice has made remarkable achievements, greatly promoted the new recruitment of civil servants and growth of young cadres, and became the government human resource development is an important way. However, testing exercise of civil servants in the implementation process is also found in some parts of letter to be improved. Since the implementation of civil law from around the civil service recruitment, training and examination system of many,The AC system in research testing exercise has involved little. Testing exercise of our civil service is of great theoretical significance and practical significance.As a unique form of training and training civil servants, sending civil servants in order to speed up the training, the establishment of a progressive thinking, wide vision, concept art, high capacity prominent national civil service, improve the civil service governance, reduce administrative different regions Management is an important gap between the implementation of the system. At present, training of cadres has been sending high-quality cadres and form an effective means for the different parts of China’s cadre system and the development has brought vigor and vitality. In this study, the majority of provinces and cities across the country part of the testing exercise of civil servants based on interviews and surveys,Found that the system of cadres in the practice of sending many of the disadvantages and problems exposed, making cadres attachment system aliasing distortion. Explore why, explore leading cadres sending aliasing and distortion of the root causes, which proposed by strengthening ideological Education, merit selection, enhanced training, strengthening supervision, supply systems and other means of sending the system to further improve the civil service to ensure that the civil service testing and tempering effective personnel work to deepen the reform of the innovations can be.In this paper, the legal rules and regulations, testing and tempering sending unit, sending units, and sending personnel to receive training in these areas of knowledge testing exercise of practical problems, through the analysis of these issues, identify appropriate countermeasures.


The Current Situation、Problem and Countermeasures Research of Community Health Services in the City of Xiangtan

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Urban community Health services are an important part of Health work. Urban public health and Basic Medical service system basis.Is to achieve universal access to primary health care goals for the link, but also promote Social equity, maintaining Social stability and an important content of building a harmonious society. Great efforts to develop community health services, build community-based health services, community health services and preventive health care institutions and Medical services division of labor is reasonable, in close collaboration with a new urban health service system, for the implementation of prevention first, combining prevention with control approach, optimization of health service structure, and facilitate the people’s health care, reduce the cost burden to establish a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients to alleviate the Medical care difficult and expensive issues are of great significance.Xiangtan City Community Health Services After nearly a decade of development, has made great progress, in order to improve people’s health played an important role. But the community health service functions is not fully developed, community health services in urban health work in the “net at the end of role has not really materialized.The main purpose of this study:summary analysis of Xiangtan City,2005-2009 health reform and urban community health services to carry out the status quo, the actual results and problems to explore the urban community health services to carry out the feasibility of carrying out the process to identify the constraints that exist in,combined with a new round of health care reform goals and the current medical insurance system to explore the effective promotion of community health services in Xiangtan City, the healthy development of countermeasures.This study used cluster sampling and purposive sampling method of combining of Xiangtan City,18 community health service centers, three community health service stations, 50 health service centers (stations) staff,697 local residents and 15 community health service Management personnel research. Data collection, qualitative data and quantitative data using a combination of methods, quantitative data analysis is mainly used descriptive statistical methods for processing.The study found:Xiangtan City, community health service network has basically taken shape; community health service institutions an obvious improvement in the infrastructure; the training of community health service personnel have achieved good results;community health service institutions in the service mode and service content has basically achieved from the traditional medical model to change the way community health services; preventive health care and public health services has also been made to carry out major breakthrough. However, the launching of community health services, there are some problems:an integrated community health service agencies service capacity is not strong, with six large gap between the requirements of integration; community health service coverage is low; the service technical level is not high, the residents recognized low; practitioners low quality of personnel; the service function and practice of the need to be further improved and standardized; scientific performance appraisal system and incentive mechanisms are not yet established. Because of these problems:The absence of public health Management functions;community health service system standards are not perfect; service quality is low, general shortage of medical personnel; the community’s first diagnosis and two-way referral system were not implemented.Suggestion:Stick to the government-led, promoting community health service system; optimize the operating mechanism, to improve service efficiency, build service networks;to raise funds to expand community health service channels, improve the compensation mechanisms; improve two-way referral and counterpart support work to improve health resources utilization efficiency; to strengthen community health service team building; to strengthen supervision and management of community health services;improve the medical insurance system; universal access to information management, improve the health files; improve performance evaluation index system.