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The Research about Market Development Strategy of BYD Electric Bus

This paper studies competitive strategy of BYD electric bus K9,speclizing in product strategy, price strategy and marketing strategy。According to Michael Potter’s competitive strategy,Based onThe five forces model, This paper combines the normative and empirical research method,adopting comparative analysis, SWOT analysis, the general strategy, marketing mix theory toolsThe research is from macroscopical and theory to microcosmic […]

KL Cooperation’s Environmental Protection Plasticizer Products Development Strategy Research

With environmental protection laws and regulations coming on stage and people’s pursuit of Health, environmental protection plasticizer industry has witnessed rapid development along with intense market competition since the21st century. Environmental protection plasticizer is KL’s flagship product. To formulate an effective product strategy which enables the company to dominate the market in new situation is […]

TL Sea Cucumber Original Ecology Brand Concept and Marketing Plan

There are rich protein, mucopolysaccharides and high nutritional, medicinal value insea cucumber. Since ancient times, we put the sea cucumber as a kind of nourishing foodsand traditional Chinese medicinal foods. As the improvement of people’s living standard andenhancement of Health care consciousness, the Health care function of sea cucumber has beenmore widely accepted and applied […]

Market Analyze on Cashmere Industry and Research on Product Strategy

【Abstract】 China is the main export country of cashmere and cashmere products in the world. With the twenty years developing, the civil cashmere industry had changed from the advantage of cashmere material to the advantage of the cashmere product. After being the part of WTO, the cashmere industry of China got the bigger space for […]

The Study of Products Strategy of Group Health Insurance of PICA

【Abstract】 With the setting-up of China market economic system and constant promotion of reform and opening-up, Medical treatment ensured the deep change is taking place in the system. As Medical treatment ensures the promotion of the system reform, the demand for the medical insurance of people are strengthened day by day, the space of market […]

The Research of Marketing of JX Company

【Abstract】 The Chinese pharmacy industry Started from the beginning of last century, and developed sharply for the opening policy since last 1980s. The annual growth rate of pharmacy industry is 17.7%. Comparatively, the annual growth rate of national industry is 4.4%, and the annual growth rate of pharmacy industry of the main countries is 13.8% […]

Competition Strategy Research of Heavy-duty Truck for CITIC Machinery Manufactory Inc.

【Abstract】 This paper intends to make a systematic analysis of CITIC machinery manufactory Inc.(CMMI) with a discussion on strategic management theory. IT aims to provide a basis for scientific marketing policy decision and to offer an optimal competition strategy with assistance of macroscopic and microscopic, qualitative and quantitative discussion.This paper uses PEST method, industrial life […]

Market Marketing Study on New Century Business Park

【Abstract】 With the big development of real estate for businesses, many developers have to realize similarly : competition in this realm is more and more sharp, marketing competition means is diversified, many developers try their best to attract customers, but IT is more and more difficult for sales of real estate for businesses. All these […]

Study on the Product Strategy and Channel Strategy of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Company

【Abstract】 Chinese government will invest greatly on infrastructure construction according to the tenth Five-year plan. With the enlarged infrastructure scale of road, airport, water conservancy and city planning etc. and the actualizing of Western Development strategy, the industry of road Engineering machinery will have broad developing space and good market opportunities during the tenth five-year […]

Product Mix Adjustment Research Based on Enterprise Core Competence

【Abstract】 This thesis is aimed at studying the relation of enterprise core competence and product mix adjustment, adjusting product mix with the theory of core competence, that is to say we will direct product mix adjustment with the theory of core competence and create a core competence-based product mix. With the improvement of socialism market […]