The Research about Market Development Strategy of BYD Electric Bus

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This paper studies competitive strategy of BYD Electric bus K9,speclizing in product strategy, price strategy and marketing strategy。According to Michael Potter’s competitive strategy,Based onThe five forces model, This paper combines the normative and empirical research method,adopting comparative analysis, SWOT analysis, the general strategy, marketing mix theory toolsThe research is from macroscopical and theory to microcosmic and practice. Based on this, this paper is structured as follows:The first chapter mainly introduced Michael Potter’s five forces model theory, and the three general strategies of Enterprise competitive strategy and the relationship of the five forces model and the general strategic. The second chapter mainly analysis the Electric bus market exterior macroscopical environment,focusing on public transportation market demand trends, Social environment and policy environment. The third chapter mainly analysis BYD electric bus competitive ability.according to Potter’s five-force model. The five aspects of the five force model are the competitor, buyers bargaining power, sellers bargaining power, the threat of substitutes,and the potential entrants threat.The fourth chapter mainly analysis the market developing strategy of BYD electric bus,specializing in the analysis of product strategy, price strategy and marketing channel strategy,and proposing:adhere to the strategy of product differentiation, a premium price strategy, marketing channels mainly supplement merger and acquisition.


KL Cooperation’s Environmental Protection Plasticizer Products Development Strategy Research

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With Environmental protection laws and regulations coming on stage and people’s pursuit of Health, Environmental protection plasticizer industry has witnessed rapid development along with intense market competition since the21st century. Environmental protection plasticizer is KL’s flagship product. To formulate an effective product strategy which enables the company to dominate the market in new situation is a critical and urgent task. And it is related to the rise and fall the company and of vital importance to Enterprise’s survival.This paper is based on product strategy theory and industry life cycle theory. First, analysis is conducted on environmental protection plasticizer industry and the status quo of KL, which raises product developing issues within the company. Then external environment is analyzed from three perspectives:the plasticizer industry general environment, industry circumstance and competitive situation; while internal environment is specified on interior resources and the core competitiveness of KL. At the meantime SWOT is used to illustrate KL’s advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats. At last, based on the above analysis, the paper probes into product development strategy of KL and puts forward the overall product development strategy, competition strategy and functional strategy.This paper hopes to provide a useful reference to KL and also on building effective product development strategy within the industry


TL Sea Cucumber Original Ecology Brand Concept and Marketing Plan

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There are rich protein, mucopolysaccharides and high nutritional, medicinal value insea cucumber. Since ancient times, we put the sea cucumber as a kind of nourishing foodsand traditional Chinese medicinal foods. As the improvement of people’s living standard andenhancement of Health care consciousness, the Health care function of sea cucumber has beenmore widely accepted and applied since the later1990s. However, along with the rising ofsea cucumber market, brand competition heats up. The industry of sea cucumber like a risingwind and scudding clouds. The brand competition becomes fervorization. Many advancedmarketing means and idea had been applied to the marketing of sea cucumber. Those makethe market pattern of sea cucumber change a lot.Dalian TL aquatic products co., LTD. a company managing in sea cucumber seriesproducts of the sea Jane nutrition food and Health products. Since it was founded in1996, indevelopment of ten years, it has become the earliest sea cucumber breed aquatics, the biggestsea cucumber manufacturing base. TL has the most comprehensive Enterprise production line.However, in furious competition environment, various sea cucumber brands continuouslyexplore new brand strategy and product strategy, seize market opportunities, and fight formarket share. As the oldest sea cucumber brand in Dalian, TL sea cucumber found itselfimperceptibly away on the way downhill gradually.To explore a new development mode, this paper analyzes the development of seacucumber industry in our country, industry characteristics and competition environment,supply factors. Then we adopt the method of questionnaire survey to make it clear about thesea cucumber market customer buying behavior. Select sample, adopt the method of datamining to dig deeper into the psychology of the buyer. On this basis, in view of the seacucumber industry actual situation, TL Enterprise focuses on the current sea cucumbermarket, gives fixed position for their products, packaging design, price, channel, promotionmethod. Then we launch “naked” brand marketing strategy. Through the SWOT analysis ofthe “naked” marketing, we formulate the concept of Original Ecology “naked” brandmarketing and strategic marketing plans in detail. In furious market competition, we expectthe launching of “naked” brand could stand out in numerous sea cucumber products. Forenhancing the popularity and market share of TL in whole industry, we wish to provide feasible and operable thinking and strategy.


Market Analyze on Cashmere Industry and Research on Product Strategy

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【Abstract】 China is the main export country of cashmere and cashmere products in the world. With the twenty years developing, the civil cashmere industry had changed from the advantage of cashmere material to the advantage of the cashmere product. After being the part of WTO, the cashmere industry of China got the bigger space for developing. While at the same time, there are more enterprises and capital investing this industry, making the competition in cashmere industry harder and harder. Facing the situation, the capital which wants to get into the industry and the cashmere enterprises, whether old or new, must make the clear view to the current situation in civil and know what is the need of the customer. So they can adapt the change of the market need and realize the increase of the market share and the expanding of the enterprises.Therefore, it is necessary to conclude and analyze the developing process of the cashmere industry and current situations in China, discuss the developing direction in future, establish the consume model of cashmere products in China and propose the corresponding products strategy. This thesis based on the facts and paid our attention to the cashmere industry. We analyze the market and competition conditions in the cashmere industry in China and compare and study three civil represent list companys in cashmere industry. From these comparisons and studies, we give the references to enterprises in this industry to analyze their advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, we can offer foundation to comprehend the cashmere industry and make decision to invest this industry. We make the paper investigation to the consumer of the cashmere products and use corresponding analysis and cluster analysis based upon the data statistics. Under these analyses, we canestablish the consuming model, market segmentation and provide effective product strategy for enterprises.This thesis based on the study of the mass documentary material. And in the course of the studying, we investigate the NINGXIA ST.EDENWEISS CO.,LTD.,XINJIANG TIANSHAN WOOLLEN TEXTILES CO.,LTD and so on. From these enterprises, we acquired a lot of first hand materials. Otherwise, the Fashion Institute and Business School of Donghua University co-operated with XINJIANG TIANSHAN WOOLLEN TEXTILES CO.,LTD. in the project of brand markrting, the author as a major member participated in and gained the practical knowledge. Since Oct. 2002, the author also has worked part-time for Shanghai Investment and Counsel Company. In this company, the author has taken part in several projects of the industry study and mastered the international industry research methods.Chapter one describes the background of this thesis and introduces the construction of the thesis and the theories and methods which use in the thesis.Chapter two first definite cashmere industry, then based on the Economic and politic circumstances of the international and civil this chapter analyzes market scale^ product condition and competition state and forecasts the development of cashmere industry.Chapter three probes into three representative list companys in cashmere industry and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages.Chapter four investigates the customer of cashmere and based upon the data statistics this chapter establishes the consuming model of cashmere products through the corresponding analysis method.Chapter five uses cluster analysis to segmentate cashmere market based on the product factors and provides corresponding product strategy.Chapter six expounds the conclusion of the thesis and gives some proposes to the next study.This thesis strives to have the value of reference for researchers of cashmere industry to study the industry and for managers of cashmere enterprises to make business strategy.Cui Yueling (Fashion Design and Engineering) Directed by Prof. Yang Yixiong


The Study of Products Strategy of Group Health Insurance of PICA

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【Abstract】 With the setting-up of China market Economic system and constant promotion of reform and opening-up, Medical treatment ensured the deep change is taking place in the system. As Medical treatment ensures the promotion of the system reform, the demand for the medical insurance of people are strengthened day by day, the space of market of the commercial Health insurance will be strengthened gradually too. However, because of the influence of many kinds of factors, the development form of the commercial Health insurance still allows no optimist. Therefore, how to promote the commercial health insurance marketing have already become the whole insurance including safe insurance company and faced the problem that and demanding prompt solution together.This text use relevant insurance theories and marketing theories, combine the real state of the safe insurance company, carry on in-depth analysis to the safe external environment condition of health insurance of group and inside condition , have announced the market situation of the safe group’s health insurance and supply and demand state, thus put forward the safe products tactics of health insurance of group.This text thinks , because of great environment at present being better, the. safe group’s health insurance is facing a fast-developing opportunity. However, must see , in the course of development, too it expose offer by group health insurance not safe it deposit in a lot of problem, such as can’t last innovation, it is relatively low to serve the level, the risk is in charge of accusing of the degree of difficulty bigger etc.. For this reason, safe group’s health insurance should take taking brand as goal innovative tactics mainly. Particularly, should not merely carry on products innovation, the more important thing is thatshould carry on the innovation of marketing idea and service; Brand goal emphasize through products and service of difference , mould group brand image of health insurance. In addition, this text also improves from the mode of selling, organizational construction and personnel training, the marketing way of the network, strengthen and settle a claim to serve, it is in charge of putting forward the concrete suggestion in five respects of accusing of etc. strengthening the risk.This text analyses and studies to the real example that the sureness of the safe products tactics of group insurance department of Xi’an of insurance company is carried on, its achievement not merely has extremely strong realistic meanings to the marketing of the safe group’s health insurance of insurance company, have certain reference value to the research that the relevant department carries on the system of medical insurance too.


The Research of Marketing of JX Company

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【Abstract】 The Chinese pharmacy industry Started from the beginning of last century, and developed sharply for the opening policy since last 1980s. The annual growth rate of pharmacy industry is 17.7%. Comparatively, the annual growth rate of national industry is 4.4%, and the annual growth rate of pharmacy industry of the main countries is 13.8% since the newly 30 years. So china became the fastest growing medicine market. The experts anticipated that the annual growth of pharmacy industry will reach 20% in the near future. At 2010, the Chinese pharmacy industry will reach us$24 billion, the fifth medicine market.In the newly risen industry, there are many opportunities. With the China’ entry to WTO, the monopoly of medicines circulation by the government will be broken. The entry of the foreign medicine and the unveiling of the public welfare will lead to the fierce competition in the market. If the pharmacy companies want to be the leader in the market, the specialized and highly-efficiency marketing network are very important. To be frank, national pharmacy companies, especially the private companies is unskillful and pay little attention to it. This lead these companies to the growth bottleneck after some extent. It’s difficult for them to go further.Luckily, I have the chance to working in this kind of private pharmacy company, feeling that the marketing network and the marketing strategy are very important to this company. During the study of MBA, I pay special attention to the effect of the marketing network and the marketing to a Enterprise. In this paper, I studied the advanced experience of the successful designing of the marketing network and the marketing strategy of national and international companies, and linked up China’scharacter of medicine business, design and analyzed the typical JX company. I wish this analysis will benefit the similar companies, helping them to take the chance in the increasingly fierce competition.JX company is a private company specialized in installing of the communication project. Because of the change of the government’s policy, JX need to shift the direction. So JX entered the medicine field. At the beginning, JX was weak at the talent, technique, capital, and Management. In order to exploiting the market, JX carry out the agencies policy, the agencies purchase the medicines at a very low price. Because the high profit, the agencies marketed the medicines actively, and the JX developed very quickly. But the loose relationship of the agencies and JX cannot support the long development of JX. So the relocation of the marketing is need for JX to go further.The paper analyzed the present situation and the trend of the medicine industry, getting united the marketing strategy and the long-term and short-term developing strategy, then bring up the new policy of stabilizing the main agencies, and setting up branch office led by the JX at the high-market-capacity city, building a sales team led by the JX to form the company’s core competence, it’s good for the long development of the JX. In order to carrying out these policies, the paper elaborate detailed how to build the marketing channel, how to manage the channel, how to set up branch offices, how to manage branch offices, and how to adjust the product structure. The paper also tell the modification of the organization structure and the Management of talent in order to match up the purpose


Competition Strategy Research of Heavy-duty Truck for CITIC Machinery Manufactory Inc.

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【Abstract】 This paper intends to make a systematic analysis of CITIC machinery manufactory Inc.(CMMI) with a discussion on strategic Management theory. It aims to provide a basis for scientific marketing policy decision and to offer an optimal competition strategy with assistance of macroscopic and microscopic, qualitative and quantitative discussion.This paper uses PEST method, industrial life cycle matrix, models of five competition forces and EFE matrix to analyze and assess the exterior macroscopic environment, industrial development trend and competition conditions of CMMI, as well as the market chances and threats. Through analyzing internal resources and conditions, core competence, and through utilizing IFE, It also analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the resin Management. By establishing SWOT matrix, the paper initially confirms the products competition strategy. And with OSPM matrix, it quantitatively evaluates the primary strategy, ensures it should be distinctive competition strategy. Finally, the paper forwards the practical suggestions for the resin development in CMMI.Research in this paper has certain value for CMMI to map out and carry out Heavy-duty truck competition strategy, and could be reference for other domestic chemical companies.


Market Marketing Study on New Century Business Park

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【Abstract】 With the big development of real estate for businesses, many developers have to realize similarly : competition in this realm is more and more sharp, marketing competition means is diversified, many developers try their best to attract customers, but it is more and more difficult for sales of real estate for businesses. All these situations show that real estate for businesses enters the sharp competition ages. Facing new market marketing environment, developers must make full use of market marketing tool of theory effectively , pay more attention demands of customers and develop market in view of demands of customers. Establishment and perfection of market marketing theory gets the substantial development, but practice level of marketing theory in industry of real estate for businesses is still waiting for to be improved.On the basis of the background of the present situation in the development of real estate for businesses, this paper analyzes the project of new century business park, which is located in the south of Chengdu. Through this case, we can research many problems of real estate for businesses during the course of market marketing. This paper puts forward the backgrounds of this paper introduces necessarity of market marketing of real estate for businesses, research scope, purpose and method of this paper in chapter 1. This paper inrtoduces characteristic, development situation of real estate for businesses in China and project analysis of new century business park in chapter 2. The method of market segmentation is applied to describe consumers of new century business park , market is targeted, market of new century business park is postioned in chapter 3. This paper emphasizes two pieces of strategyproduct strategy and price strategy in chapter 4 and 5. The fourth chaprer expoundsconcept of total product of real estate for businesses, use analysis of product and characteristic of new century business park. The method of dividing the list price is adopted to price the product and concrete practice methods of dividing the list priceare introduced in chapter 5. Above the market marketing strategy becomes focus of the whole project.This paper tries to carry on useful discussion and research in market marketing of real estate for businesses, and expects to summarize a correct and feasible frame of market marketing so as to help enterprises of real estate for businesses .At the same time, by way of concrete practice in market marketing, I put theory into practice to test it, combine theory and practice ,and sincerely hope that the discussion on the topic of market marketing of real estate for businesses is helpful to guide practice in a certain degree.


Study on the Product Strategy and Channel Strategy of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Company

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【Abstract】 Chinese government will invest greatly on infrastructure construction according to the tenth Five-year plan. With the enlarged infrastructure scale of road, airport, water conservancy and city planning etc. and the actualizing of Western Development strategy, the industry of road Engineering machinery will have broad developing space and good market opportunities during the tenth five-year plan period to 2010.Being a famous road Engineering machinery Enterprise, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. is facing more and more competitions in the market. How to possess the market, improve the market share, increase sales volume, are the key subjects of the marketing work. Going ahead with the market economy, the marketing strategies is getting more and more important.In this paper, the author analyzed the marketing environment and the industrial status in quo and tendency of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. with the objective marketing theory, competition theory and marketing mix theory. For the marketing strategies, the author focused on studying product strategy and channel strategy. About the product strategy, the integral product consciousness must be emphasized. Besides the tangible products, the intangible products should be provided to the customers as well. Strengthen the service concept, improve quality of the service, diversity service, new product development and product combination must be emphasized to provide the market with high correlativity, high technology, high reliability product.We also put forward some ideas about channel choice, channel Management and channel control according to the agent system adopted by Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. I also put some practical advices of a series of marketing strategy.I wish my research could play an important role in the development of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Company.


Product Mix Adjustment Research Based on Enterprise Core Competence

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【Abstract】 This thesis is aimed at studying the relation of Enterprise core competence and product mix adjustment, adjusting product mix with the theory of core competence, that is to say we will direct product mix adjustment with the theory of core competence and create a core competence-based product mix. With the improvement of socialism market economy and the accelerated process of industrialization, especially the boost of globalization, product mix adjustment has been an emergent task in order to adapt to this kind of development swim, keep the firm’s competitiveness advantage and maintain the firm’s sustainable development. Most of the former researches about the product mix adjustment are based on the macrocosmic level, while those from the microcosmic level are very few. The theory of product mix adjustment roots in the theory of portfolio. Adopting the dynamic product mix adjustment is one of the important strategies for the firm’s development. The firm’s core competitiveness contained within the firm’s organization which has the characteristics of uniqueness, value superiority, integrity, duration, extension, universal faintness, twoness, etc. is the source and groundwork of the firm’s sustainable development. Product mix adjustment is an inevitable choice during the firm’s development. developing the core competence does not mean that the firm can only focus on the production and operations in one certain field. Analyzing the relation between the core competitiveness and the product mix adjustment, this paper gets the result that there is indeed a close relativity between them which supplement each other. The strategy of product mix adjustment is based on the advance of the firm’s core competitiveness, and the strategy of core competitiveness also has to use the continuously optimized product mix to enlarge its competitiveness t advantage. Setting up and then analyzing the quantitative optimized model of the firm’s product mix adjustment, this paper makes sure the effect factors during the implementing process and analyzing the effect factors. As there are a great many of non-solving factors in the process of the adjustment of product mix, this paper mainly discusses the qualitative models. Based on these models, many trap problems which are possibly met during the process are discussed. Finally, taking XX machine manufacturing company as an example, this paper researches its strategy of product mix adjustment, analyses the necessity of implementing product mix adjustment strategy which is based on the core competitiveness, and then discusses the project of product mix adjustment. This paper places emphasis on the research of implementing frame and process of product mix adjustment, and finally establishes development strategies.