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Research on Difference of Regional Economy and Harmonious Development of Jiangsu Province

【Abstract】 Expansion of the economic difference in region has become a serious economic problem, IT impacts on the economy development and Social stability, everyone has paid great attention to IT .Jiangsu province although is one of the most prosperous province in our country, IT also has the same problem. Expansion of economic difference in it’s […]

The Logistics Cooperation between Guangdong and HongKong under the CEPA

【Abstract】 Logistics has already become an important mode of business operation in the current business world. Globalization and the advancement of information technology contribute to the transnational logistics operation. The subscription of CEPA provides GuangDong and Hk with an excellent system arrangment, whatever for the whole economy relationship or logistics industry cooperation.The aim of this […]

Options on Development Approaches of Chongqing Economy Cooperative Region

【Abstract】 In the process of building up its Socialist Market Economy System in China, the country has been in the critical period of constructing the unitary national market. Under new economic conditions and competitive circumstances, the economy integration model in a specific region within a country may offer a new economy development path for the […]

Land Use Strategic Studies on Economical Developed Area

【Abstract】 Our country is occupying the economical fast development time. This time also is our country economy reforming, the Social switcher time. Now the land question has become the world significant Social economy question, which aspects the land use structure and the land development pattern, and so on. The land use strategic study takes as […]

Research on the Strategy Planning During the Eleventh “Five-year” Development Period in Siyang

【Abstract】 The regional economy planning is the product when the economy develops to certain degree. IT is also the objective needs to improve the local industry structure and its distribution. The eleventh”five-year”development plan is the first economy development planning when Chinese economy rises to new turn and the end of transition-period in WTO. On the […]

The Research of Connection Effect of Listed Company with District Economy and the Substantial Evidence Analysis of Xi’an

【Abstract】 The formation and the development of listed companies have closely-related relation with the region they are, region’s economy increation also vitally related with business enterprises. One hand, business enterprises, the corpus of the market economy, espasially listed companies’s development will push rises of the region’s economy development; On the other hand, such as inside […]

Study on Development Pattern of Region Economy Based on the Integrated River Basin Management

【Abstract】 River valley is the core region of national economic development, which affects the regional economic and national development. For the effect of naturally endowed of water resources, shipping conditions and other factors, industrial river or river-line layout has become a more widespread phenomenon. The economic development of river-line areas should be fully taken into […]

The Study on Co-Development of Qingdao Port Economy and Region Economy

【Abstract】 Co-development of Qingdao port economy and region economy is studied in this thesis. The economy center concentrates along the coast in 21th century. The port economy is playing an important role in the development of the hinterland economy. Port economy ensures strongly the implementation of opening to the outside World and the growth of […]

A Study on the Coordinated Development of Urbanization and Regional Economy of Fujian Province

【Abstract】 Urbanization is the result of economic and Social development, and IT also gives an impetus to regional economic development. Fujian , located in the southeast coast of China. Under the converging attack of Zhujiang Delta area and Yangtze River Delta area, the economical disparity between Fujian and neighboring provinces is more and more great, […]

A Study on the Relationship of Human Resource and Region Economy

【Abstract】 The appearance of the northeastern old industry base strategy shows the northeast region will become another economical increasing region in China, the function of every factor especially the human resource in economical increasing region is obvious. As the main path that promotes the economical increasing, human resource is not an empty conception, but IT […]