Study on the Grey Model of Shaanxi Province Economy Development

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Region-economy system is a complicated, huge system. With the establishment of Chinese socialistic market economy, it is especially important in academic significance and practical value applying techniques and models of quantitative Economics to research of region-Economic estate and forecast of economical development trend.In 1982, Prof.J.L.Deng founded the Grey System Theory, which studies the uncertain system on the “small sample”, “poor information”, i.e. “partial information known, partial information unknown” we have. Through creating and excavating the limited information, we could understand the real world, describe its evolvement rule and grasp its running behavior exactly. It has also given us another way to build the Economic model with limited datas. In 20 years’ development, Grey System has been applied in many scientific fields including industry, agriculture, society, economy, environment, Education, military affairs and finance, etc. It also has solved large mount of practical problems concerned with production, life and scientific research. During the time, Grey System itself has formed as a new subject of a self-contained structure system through incessant development. It is full of vital force and foreground that is increasingly recognized by internal and international countries.Firstly, this paper introduces the basal methods of Grey System Theory and its applicability in economy, and secondly studies and analyses Shaanxi economy in many ways. Through clustering analysis to 10 provinces’ Economic power, definitudes the truth that Shaanxi’s economy is in arrears, analyses existed problems in economy developing according to correlative references; secondly, applies the model GM (1, 1), GM( 1 ,N)and GM(0,N)to simulate and forecast economic development trend; Thirdly, with the grey synthetic evaluation method finds out the relational factors which influence Shaanxi development of region-economy; fourthly, discusses the relations among the economy development, environment and resources, and at the same time, offers some feasible and scientific information for reducing the gaps, constituting further economy policy and promoting the whole province’s all-around development.


Research on Difference of Regional Economy and Harmonious Development of Jiangsu Province

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【Abstract】 Expansion of the Economic difference in region has become a serious Economic problem, it impacts on the economy development and Social stability, everyone has paid great attention to it .Jiangsu province although is one of the most prosperous province in our country, it also has the same problem. Expansion of Economic difference in it’s interior impacts on the speed and permanence of total economy development in Jiangsu province, it also affects the target of the”two initiatives” of Jiangsu province.To begin with, author selects two index from the angle of statistic in this thesis, one is gross domestic product per person which measures the region economic power, the other index is resident income which measures the actual wealthy degree of the resident in locality area. The two results have a few difference according to author’s calculation, but it can be educed in the thesis that the economic difference in three economic region gradually expand. In addition, because the economy has obvious duality characteristic in our country, author analyses the difference of the village and tow of the three economic region in Jiangsu province. Accdording to the result, the difference of the village in the three economic region is gradually expanding , but the difference of the town in the three economic region is gradually reducing.Secondly, author analyzes the various reasons of the economic difference in three economic region. Author analysises the reason in large quantity from the angle of historical, realistic and subjective, objective aspect.Thirdly, author analyses the various factors which affect the economic development of each economy region. Combining from the angle of the quantitative analysis, author forecasts the trend of the economic difference in three economic region from now on.Finally, in order to alleviate even to eliminate great difference of three economic region in Jiangsu province, author puts forward some measures. Author also brings forward the strategy of economic development of undevelopment region from the macro view in this thesis.


The Logistics Cooperation between Guangdong and HongKong under the CEPA

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【Abstract】 Logistics has already become an important mode of business operation in the current business world. Globalization and the advancement of information technology contribute to the transnational logistics operation. The subscription of CEPA provides GuangDong and Hk with an excellent system arrangment, whatever for the whole economy relationship or logistics industry cooperation.The aim of this paper is to clarify the present relationship of logistics cooperation between GuangDong and HK, and point out the problems in the developing logistics industry. Then seek after the new cooperation mechanism and approach under the CEPA. First,this paper analyzes the actuality of logistics cooperation between the two regions; Secondly, puts forward the necessities and possibilities of logistics cooperation between the two regions after the signature of CEPA On that basis, the author brings forward the new logistics cooperation mode and how to reorganize the logistics resources between the two regions. In the opinion of the writer, she thinks the logistics,including HK, in the PRD is discrete whatever the logistics industry or resources. And the present status of logistics cooperation becomes the restrict factors to limit the further development of economy cooperation between GuangDong and HK. Owing to the CEPA the logisctics cooperation would form a new kind of pattern.


Options on Development Approaches of Chongqing Economy Cooperative Region

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【Abstract】 In the process of building up its Socialist Market Economy System in China, the country has been in the critical period of constructing the unitary national market. Under new Economic conditions and competitive circumstances, the economy integration model in a specific region within a country may offer a new economy development path for the economically and socially underdeveloped West with noticeable dual system. This paper summarizes the historical trend in region Economics theories and reviews China’s historical experience in making region economy strategies. After exploring international economy integration in the context of globalization, the particular reasons of practicing region economy integration in China have been given out. Based on the analysis of current conditions of Chongqing Economy Cooperative Region and the experience of Eastern China in region economy integration, the author argues region economy integration as a development strategy for Chongqing Economy Cooperative Region. Specifically, the author proposes the direction and focus of development in this region. Further, the author provides two policy suggestions according to his professional practice in economy.

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Land Use Strategic Studies on Economical Developed Area

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【Abstract】 Our country is occupying the economical fast development time. This time also is our country economy reforming, the Social switcher time. Now the land question has become the world significant Social economy question, which aspects the land use structure and the land development pattern, and so on. The land use strategic study takes as the important part of land use plan, which not only is restrained the region social economy development request on the different development time, but also is restrained the region history background, correlation factor influence & land resource condition, and so on. Then using what kind of land development pattern, choosing what kind of land use direction and related question aspect, it will have the important influence to the social, the economical and the environment sustainable development. This article take as main research object of the land use strategic on the economical fast development time. Take Jinhua as an example, which locates at Zhejiang Province that is a developed zone in china, the article unifies which the author participation to readjustment of land use plan overall plan ( 2004-2020 year) in the Jinhua urban district, conducts the land use strategic research. The main research content divides into three parts.The first part is introductory remarks. This part mainly reviewed the domestic and foreign strategic research course and the land use plan, the land use strategy research tendency. In the narration foundation, the author thought that also formulates the land use strategy while the readjustment of land use plan, but because also studies insufficiently thoroughly, is comprehensive, like land utilization development pattern and strategic aspect and so on research mentality. Therefore the author carries out this topic research, to make up the research area in the certain degree the insufficiency and the certain theory significance or the practice value.


Research on the Strategy Planning During the Eleventh “Five-year” Development Period in Siyang

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【Abstract】 The regional economy planning is the product when the economy develops to certain degree. It is also the objective needs to improve the local industry structure and its distribution. The eleventh”five-year”development plan is the first economy development planning when Chinese economy rises to new turn and the end of transition-period in WTO. On the foundation of the above environment, the author takes the Siyang in Jiangsu province for researching object. According to the economy development of Siyang in recent years, the author establishes the forecasting model to further analysis and hopes the coordination economy development, rationalization of industry structure and the decision rests on the macroscopic economy development in Siyang.Firstly, the thesis describes the background of formulating the eleventh”five-year”development plan and the great significance of the regional economy planning. Then, the author uses the theories in such multi-disciplines as the regional economy planning and strategic Management to analyze the situation of the tenth”five-year”in Siyang and finds its own problems, and then confirms industrialization stage of Siyang. According to the guiding development ideology, the author makes the strategy development choices. On top of above, the author uses the grey system GM (1, 1) model to predict the GDP and the three industrial development goals, and then proposes several suggestions on the economy development countermeasure.This thesis is an important part of the eleventh”five-year”development plan in Siyang and it offers scientific basis for economy development decision. This project has been verified by the 14 session of National People’s Congress fourth conference in Jan, 2006 of Siyang and has obtained favorable comments. What’s more, it has certain reference meanings to the similar area’s economy development planning.


The Research of Connection Effect of Listed Company with District Economy and the Substantial Evidence Analysis of Xi’an

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【Abstract】 The formation and the development of listed companies have closely-related relation with the region they are, region’s economy increation also vitally related with business enterprises. One hand, business enterprises, the corpus of the market economy, espasially listed companies’s development will push rises of the region’s economy development; On the other hand, such as inside of the nature resources gived by the circumstance Economic condition and industrial structure circumstance etc. also make a affect on the listed company, and the special features of the region usually is headspring of the listed companies’s core competencies. This article based on Economic thories of region, region economy development theories, the economy increases theories and the modern company Management theories, from the angle of connection effect between listed companies and region economy development, passing the method of the substantial evidence research, from analysis the effect of listed companies affect on region economy and region economy development affect the listed companies, writer want to find the mechanism proceeding of an interaction between them. In analyze process using dig with realistic dada region economy analysis tools and the method of Econometrics to make a result.In the aspect of substantial evidence analyzing is base on Xi’an city economy development and the listed companies. With the analysis of recent 11-years’s economy data of Xi’an city, and the same period of listed companies’s finatial dada, using Econometrics tools to find the relation-ship between them. And pass to carries to the recent years’s condition of Xi’an city economy’s operation, analyzing the listed companies recent year’s accomplishment. Writer put forward the suggestion of region development, listed companies development and some issues they need to resolve together.


Study on Development Pattern of Region Economy Based on the Integrated River Basin Management

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【Abstract】 River valley is the core region of national Economic development, which affects the regional Economic and national development. For the effect of naturally endowed of water resources, shipping conditions and other factors, industrial river or river-line layout has become a more widespread phenomenon. The economic development of river-line areas should be fully taken into account the carrying capacity of nature, which need to coordinate the relationship of development and the protection. Guided by the principles of integrated Management of basin, we should coordinate the leading industries layout scientifically, and the relationship between up-downstream and two side of the river, taking fully into focus polluting enterprises to pollution emissions. At the same time, according to the carrying capacity of ecosystems, determining the direction and patterns of the population, industry and the resources.For these purposes, this article leads the integrated river basin Management concepts into development model of traditional regional economic research framework on the special regional river basins. And establishes several different pattern of economic development based on talent and regional water distribution, population size, and the resources level. Then, we choose a downriver basin, a representative of the typical river basin, as a research goal to assay. Based on the analysis establishes the pattern of economic development for the typical river basin. This offers the basis and protection for further regional development planning in a sense of sustainable development.


The Study on Co-Development of Qingdao Port Economy and Region Economy

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【Abstract】 Co-development of Qingdao port economy and region economy is studied in this thesis. The economy center concentrates along the coast in 21th century. The port economy is playing an important role in the development of the hinterland economy. Port economy ensures strongly the implementation of opening to the outside World and the growth of foreign trade. The rapid growthr of container transport has made our country become one of the hub of this advanced transport way. The development of city and port are becoming an organic whole. Fort not only strengthens the transport hub function of the city, but also becomes the most advanced area with the policy of opening to the outside world, and bringing forth new ideas. The enhancement of the port transport function and improvement of port economy promote effectively the development of hinterland economy and opening to the world, and determine the economy development pattern of our country. Port services the hinterland. The deeper development of the port economy contributes to the industrial structure advancement and the change of increment pattern. On the contrary, the scale of region economy, especially outside-oriented economy determines the port economy to a great extent. As a part of the ocean economy, port is characterized by its comprehensiveness. Port economy must develop in coordination with city and region economy.Port economy is the distinctive economy of Qingdao. Qingdao port faces such problems as there are many densely distributed small and medium-sized ports in Shandong peninsula, which lack rational division. They compete intensely in source of goods and transport installations. Qingdao port also faces the pressure of other port cities around the Bohai sea circle. How to settle the problem inside and Outside Qingdao port? We should put port economy into the city and region economy, and seek solutions from Qingdao city economy strategy arrangement and the needs of region economy. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent that we should study how to break up the region division and strengthen the connection of Qingdao port, city and region economy.The thesis relates the implication and the overall effects of port economy, the origin of port economy strategy, the relationship of port and region economy. Based on region economy theory, the thesis analyses the co-development relationship between port economy and region economy. By citing some real examples, it summarizes the achievements of Qingdao port, exposes the main problems of Qingdao port economy and obstacles from city economy and region economy. Then, it relates the experiences of the port economy development in foreign countries(Europe, Japan and Korea) and their enlightenment to Qingdao port economy.


A Study on the Coordinated Development of Urbanization and Regional Economy of Fujian Province

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【Abstract】 Urbanization is the result of Economic and Social development, and it also gives an impetus to regional Economic development. Fujian , located in the southeast coast of China. Under the converging attack of Zhujiang Delta area and Yangtze River Delta area, the economical disparity between Fujian and neighboring provinces is more and more great, since long ago. Studies whether its urbanization and the region economy develop coordinated, has become a current important task.Based on studying the urbanization and region economic development related rationale, this article has utilized the union method to estimate Fujian Province urbanization level from 1990, then analyze Fujian Province’s urbanization and region economic development coordination , and the cities’ urbanization and region economic development in 2004 by mathematics method. The analysis result indicated that our province urbanization and the economic development, the industrialization and the tertiary industrial development has the intrinsic uniformity, they are in the coordinated condition. And in some regions the industrialization degree is higher but the urbanization level is lower. In some regions the urban(?)ation level is higher but the tertiary industry development is inadequate, and in some regions the tertiary industry is not laggard but the urbanization level is very low. In fact, urbanization and the region economic development is in the uncoordinated condition, except Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou.To realize the Fujian Province urbanization and the region economy coordinated development, we must advance the industrial structure optimization promotion, enhance the second industry and the tertiary industry to the urbanized promoter action; Constructs the coastal city belt, impel the non- balanced urbanization, promote mountains area and coastal area coordinated development; Introduce market mechanism manages the city, advance the system innovation vigorously.