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Research on the Management Mode of Information Pipeline on the Basis of GIS Platform

China is currently experiencing rapid economic development period,City modernization change rapidly. As the national capital of Beijing, more to world attention speed rapid development, to construct a Basic framework of international metropolis. Informatization is an important prerequisite of city modernization. Taking telecommunication industry as the representative of the information industry as a strategy, Basic, leading […]

Based on the Location of the Project Zhanjiang Zhongke Refining Environmental Studies

Based on the scientific development view as the research guiding principle. Thescientific outlook on development takes development as its essence, the core ispeople-oriented, Basic requirements is comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable andoverall consideration as its fundamental approach, IT pointed out the us further promotingChina’s economic reform and development of thinking and strategies, the scientific concept ofdevelopment […]

Research on the Application of China Standards of CPAs’Services in Practice

With the economic globalization, the international companies are emerging, and theinternational movement of capital is more and more frequent, as well as the trade betweencountries is more and more closely. The international convergence of auditing standards isthe trend. Countries all over the world are also working to make their own standardsconverging with international standards. As […]

Study in the Perspective of Supply Chain of Infant Food Safety Regul a Tory Issues in Jiangxi Province

The safety of the infant food is not only the responsibility of a department or a unit, but involves all of key from from the manufacturer to consumer,any a link in the food source produce pollution may be as big range circulation and spread to the national or even the world. Therefore, to ensure the […]

The Research of Franz Brand Management

China is the hometown of porcelain, with a history of thousands of years, IT imprints deeply in the world ceramics industry. Entering the21th century, China keeps the great status in manufacturing and exporting daily-use porcelain, but most are mid-range and low-end products, and in the fields like production technology and products design, there is a […]

Study on the Coordination Mechanism of Tanboocel Union

In the rapid development of global economic integration era, management guruPeter F Drucker said:” the competition among the enterprises is the product ofcompetition but the business model competition”. People’s idea, Social environment, theshortage of resources, ecological change…… Alliance does well resource integrationbusiness model. At present domestic and foreign research but the actual operation is notmuch, […]

Research on the Intellectual Property Rights of China Real Estate

Usually when people come to the intellectual property issues, they tend to think of other aspects of computer software, audio and video products, as well as written works, but very few people linked to our own living in the house or some construction work related to intellectual property. The reason of this myth lies not […]

The Research of Chinese Refined Oil Pircing Mechanism

As the “blood” of modern industry,the petroleum, which has important economicsignificance and strategic significance. With the development of economy, the last10yearsour country from a net exporter of oil into a net importer of oil, and oil imports in thedomestic energy consumption in proportion to grow day by day.At present, China’s oilimports, the processing capacity of […]

Research on the Design and Development of Red Tourism Products in Hebie Province

With the rapid development of red tourism industry during recent years,the red tourism product is becoming increasingly important in the red tourismindustry. However, due to the indisputable fact that IT developed in arelatively short period of time, the design and development of the red tourismproduct is facing many problems, mainly including lack of professionals,relatively low […]

Research on the Centralized Management on Fund of China Communication North Road and Bridge Corporation Limited

With the deepening reform of the state-owned enterprises, the ways to manage fund are continuously developing and creating. How to lower the input of an enterprise and increase the efficiency of using fund is an important task for an enterprise runner. When the enterprise is exiting, the inflow and outflow of fund will happen every […]