The Research of Development, Changes and Influencing Factors of China’s Scientific and Technological Competitiveness

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Technological competitiveness of a country’s scientific and technological strengthscientific and technological potential and the level of expression are the most importantfactors of our country. It not only reflects the potential development of a country (region)of capacity and technology overall level, but also key factors of international competitivenessas a country (region) and an important part of it for the country’s Economic construction andinternational Economic competition decisive role, and also play a crucial role in promoting thesustainable development of human society. From theoretical science and technology at thecompetitiveness of the development and changes, influencing factors, and the concept ofanalysis, we can clearly see that the direct effect of the technological competitiveness of acountry’s international competitiveness. China is a developing country which needs to developscience and technology to promote economic development and productivity. The same time,our resources are naturally limited, and more serious Environmental pollution. We are facedwith the dual task of the development of the economy and protecting the environment, facingthe development of resources and protection of the resources of contradictions. To solve theseproblems, we must rely on science and technology.This article is based on this reality, through the five-part discussion on China’s scientificand technological developments and changes in competitive factors and issues were studiedand analyzed. Article preface to the second chapter, mainly on the research background andrelevant theoretical knowledge elaboration Chapters III and IV are used a lot of theory, dataand case studies analysis of China’s scientific and technological development of thecompetitiveness of change and its impact factors, summarized as follows: the overallcompetitiveness of science and technology in the world in the upper level, there is still a widegap with the developed countries, in the corresponding specific indicators exist on their ownstrengths and weaknesses. According to comparative analysis of the results of this in the finalpart of the proposed upgrading our technological competitiveness Suggestions can be broadlysummarized as follows: people-oriented, attention to personnel training, emphasizing talent inthe technological competitiveness of the important role; develop appropriate technology development strategy, promote appropriate Management system, the most important of whichis to strengthen the protection of intellectual property; promote research integration,strengthening links between schools and enterprises, through cooperation and win-winbenefits. Finally, the conclusion of the full text to summarize, the study pointed out theinadequacies of the process.


Research on FDI Effect on Regional Science and Technology Competitiveness in Suzhou

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【Abstract】 As more and more FDI is entered, the foreign capitals will produce deeper influence on the economy , science and technology of China, Study FDI impact on scientific and technological competitiveness of area , in order to utilize FDI better , brings about an coordinated development in area, nowadays the important problem that China faces. This selected works have fetched FDI and is developed and comparatively fast, the area of Suzhou with comparatively prominent questions of various fields, have carried on research to this area FDI impact on scientific and technological competitiveness .And measures and analyses the method to form with the theoretical research , set up regression model on the basis of the thing that the theory is analysed in this literary grace, draw coefficient of FDI impact on scientific and technological competitiveness , according to this analysis reason , puts forward countermeasure and suggestion.This text analyse Suzhou current situation of the development of FDI at first, set up index appraise to Suzhou scientific and technological competitiveness of area, then analyse FDI impact on scientific and technological competitiveness of area of Suzhou, FDI which sets up the scientific and technological competitiveness analyses models, influence four respects to appraise FDI impact on scientific and technological competitiveness from the overall competitiveness , input in science and technology , scientific and technological output , science and technology, draw FDI is it to impetus , promote obvious conclusion to have to Suzhou regional development in science and technology, analyse the effect that FDI technology overflows from the foreign businessman about the angle of the Investment motive in Suzhou, draw FDI negative effect on the scientific and technological competitiveness of Suzhou, analyse the challenge faced in development in science and technology of Suzhou. Put forward the countermeasure and suggestion of rational utilization FDI finally.This text can be worked out FDI there are certain impetuses to the scientific and technological competitiveness of area of Suzhou, but and its the conclusion that the speed of Economic development does not agree , this conclusion and realistic situation are unanimous, the countermeasure and suggestion that put forward in view of the above, have realistic meanings.


Study on Systematic Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Competitiveness of Chinese Non-state Owned Enterprises

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【Abstract】 After more than 20 years’ development, Chinese non-state owned enterprises have experienced the historic forward leap from “nearly disappearance” to “beneficial complementarity” then to “important component”, and have gone through the period of capital’s primitive accumulation, being transforming to a higher level. Non-state owned enterprises develop fast, and have already become the leading role of the national economy. Though as a whole they have quite great progresses, their lifecycle are mostly short. The reasons for this phenomenon lay in its low technological level and lack of scientific and technological competence. The concept of scientific and technological competitiveness refers to the scientific research capability for higher resource output manipulated by enterprises than competitor, mainly conveying as the total science and technology content, scientific and technological level and potentials, also the synthesis of these following aspects such as the current science and technology resource, research capability, scientific and technological environment and potentials. Scientific and technological competitiveness is both the source and guarantee for Chinese non-state owned enterprises to create continual competitive advantage and the most possible resource to be core competence.What’s more, with the deepening of the extent of global integration, the development of information technology and the quickening of technological innovation and diffusion, China is integrating into the international Economic system gradually, the international uniform market is forming step by step, the Economic resources realize global allocation day by day, which lead to Chinese non-state owned enterprises with short lifecycle, small scale, weak strength, poor capability for resisting risks and weak R&D capability to face more austere challenges. At this time, Chinese non-state owned enterprises, depending on previous strategies, cannot adapt to the needs of drastic competition, only to develop scientific and technological competitiveness