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The Research of ERP Implementation on Small and Medium Enterprises Based on BPM

Along with the transform of market economy, small and medium enterprises are playing a more and more important role in the development of national economy in China. In the face of the big trend of enterprise informatization construction, small and medium enterprises using enterprise resource planning as the first choice more and more to improve […]

Study on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Financing

Small and medium enterprises has an important position in China’s economy and has made a significant contribution with an important force to stimulate economic vitality, economic growth and China’s socialist economic construction. Small and medium enterprises own flexible operation mechanism and market adaptability, driving force of China’s economic transformation. The shortage of funds is the […]

The Research on Our Large-scale Banks Loans to Small-and-Medium Enterprises

The financing of Small-and-Medium enterprises(SMEs) is a worldwide anddifficult problem. Although our country adopted a series of financial measures toimprove the financing environment for SMES, the problems in financing have notbeen improved effectively. A large gap still exists between the current financingenvironment and enterprises’ expectations. The credit satisfaction rate of SMEs stillneeds to be improved. […]

Studyn on Guangdong Small and Medium Enterprises Industrial Structure

Guangdong economy has created a remarkable miracle as the Reform&Openingstrategy in30years. Small and medium enterprises (brief as SEMs here in after) have makerepid developement in this environment and plays an important roles in Guangdong Provinceeconormy progress. However, Guangdong economy is now facing econormic transition,which effects to the development of SMEs in Guangdong.This thesis have lots […]

Research on the External Financing Environment of Small and Medium Enterprises of China

This paper first gives the definition of SME financing, and financing environment, and literature combing financing situation of small and medium enterprises at home and abroad, and then through the analysis of the the financing status quo of China’s small and medium enterprises, to identify the key issues constraining the development of SMEs in China […]

The SME Network Bank Credit Mode and Risk Control

Under current domestic and international economic environment, the deep-seated impact of the international financial crisisis still apparent. Domestic economy increased downward pressure on the problem of financing has become the bottle neck in the development of many enterprises, especially serious for small and development of many enterprises serverly. Traditionak credit under writing standards and credit […]

Analysis on the Correlation of Private Equity and Short Term Growth of China’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Private equity capital refers the capital that to be invested into the unlisted companies to buy its equity, while the investors providing value added service to the invested companies for the purpose to realize profits by selling the equity according to listing or transfer. With the essence of providing reasonable value judgment and regularity value […]

Henan Province Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Financing Structure Analysis

SMEs as an important part of Henan’s econmy,has increasingly become the backone force thatpromotes the development of Social economy, At the same time also promoted the provincial technologicalinnovation, export, reduce the pressure of employment and other aspects of development. To build theCentral Plains Economic Area, stimulative Central Plains economy span type develops,need to support thedevelopment […]

The Empirical Analysis of Inner Mongolia Small and Medium Enterprises Labor Relations Adjustment in Human Resource Management

With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the Inner MongoliaAutonomous Region’s economy has been rapid development and emergence of a largenumber of outstanding small and medium enterprises, has exposed a lot of problems to besolved at the same time make an important contribution to regional economic, laborrelations management. In an increasingly competitive market […]

Study on Construction of Quality Culture of HI Company

Quality culture of enterprises is a subsystem of enterprise culture, construction ofquality culture in enterprise is a crucial element in shaping the core competitiveness ofenterprises and sustainable development for a long run. Although quality managementtheory is already quite mature world-wide, especially the construction and certification ofquality management system, based on ISO9000international quality managementsystem standard, has […]