The Study on the Protection and Development of Eco-to Urism Resources of Liaohekou Eco-economic Zone

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To keep the ecological tourism resort’s effective functions and the beautiful scenery, it is very important to protect the environment and the eco-tourism resources of ecological tourism resort. It is necessary to apply industrial base and eco-tourism resources of ecological tourism resort of Liao He estuary to modest development, play ecological advantages, taking into account the protection and construction, for it is the key to protection and development of eco-tourism resources of Liao He estuary.With the development of economy,”ecotourism” has become a hot development around the world, ecological tourism resort has been the main tourism way. However, eco-tourism area is very fragile ecological environment, and correctly grasp the degree of protection and development to avoid inappropriate exploitation to impaction and destruction of the resources and ecological environment.So the conservation and development of eco-tourism resources are the emphasis in the construct of ecological tourism resort. The thesis take the measure of the system integrity、 nature-based、local conditions characteristic development, special protection appropriate and integrated the principles of efficiency, the use of district planning and district protection, etc. to well protect and develop eco-tourism resources and put forward to concrete measures of the conservation and development of eco-tourism resources monomer of ecological tourism resort of Liao He estuary.The first part of the thesis introduces the Basic attitude of the ecological tourism resort and the development process and the development experience, summarize and analysis the problem of the ecological tourism resort. The second part of the thesis introduces the theory of conservation and development. The third part of thesis brings forward Strategy, according to the case of conservation and development of tourism resources, we can comparative analysis and characteristics of the summary for reference, leads to outcome. The fourth part of the thesis introduces study on classification of ecological resources and tourism resources to obtain the classification and characteristic of eco-tourism resources. The fifth part of the thesis is the focus of the study the article. Through the analysis to Liao He estuary ecological-tourism resort, the thesis probe into protraction of eco-development on the proposed strategy. From the point of eco-tourism resources’conservation and the development, the use of district planning and protection, put forward concrete measures of the conservation and development of eco-tourism resources monomer of ecological tourism resort of Liao He estuary. The ecological tourism resort should make the favorable ecology environment. The last part is the summary of conservation and development of ecological tourism resort of Liao He estuary.


The Strategic Study on Public Diplomacy for Multinational Corporations

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With the third wave of globalization, multinational corporations are playingforceful roles in the arena of international politics and economy. To a great extent,multinational corporations change human society`s production and exchange modesand fortune`s creation and distribution structure. They also transform the structure andexercise mechanism of power during international and domestic political developmenteven though every citizen`s way of living and consumption.The rapid development of information technology causes the failure oftraditional inter-governmental diplomacy to meet the demand of new situation.Therefore Public Diplomacy, the imperative supplement of inter-governmentaldiplomacy, is rising on the stage of international relation.The development of public diplomacy breaks the pattern that governmentmonopolizes diplomacy. The more close interaction between governments andnon-government organizations introduces multiple subjects into the diplomatic realm.This study aims to solve two issues as follows. Firstly, what are the roles ofmultinational corporations during public diplomacy? Secondly, how do influentialmultinational corporations function during public diplomacy?Through method of literature reading and case analysis, this study combinestheoretical research and practical research. The literature review was based on theresearch of multinational corporations and public diplomacy in International RelationsTheory. After that, approaches of multinational corporations to function in publicdiplomacy was elaborated from the aspect of their influence on both mother and hostcountries. These approaches include political cooperation, political lobbying, politicaldonation, information communication, political negotiation and value communication.Then the public diplomacy case between Japanese businesses and the United Stateswas analyzed in this study. The case displayed that the roads for one country to take advantage of its multinational corporations to conduct public diplomacy. Also the caseof McDonald`s, the biggest fast food company in the world, was discussed to showthe way and effect of multinational corporations to convey mother country`s value topeople of host country.Based on the discussion of public diplomacy`s theoretical and practical analysis,suggestions and reflections were worked out in this study including integration ofmultinational corporations as subjects during public diplomacy, development oforientations which are tailor-made for Chinese senior corporate executives inmultinational corporations, improvement of research on multinational corporationsand foreign countries adopting investments of China`s enterprises, establishment ofdepartment dealing with public diplomacy in multinational corporations andmultinational corporations`active participation in charity and community program ofhost countries. Eventually, deficiency and outlook of the study was figured out.


Resource Sharing Strategy of”Three Rural”Distance Education in Shandong Province

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Driven by continuously building a moderately prosperous society,”three rural”issue(issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area) has been the major concern of the society. WhileShandong Province is a major Agricultural province, it is the top priority to solve the”threerural”issues. Distance Education, is a new teaching mode which is quick, cost effective,widely-covered, and free from time and space. Thus, it has become the main way to solve the”three rural”issues. However, due to various kinds of reasons, there is no effective utilizationand sharing of the existing resources of distance Education within and between projects ofdistance Education of”three rural”issues, which potentially has reduced the efficiency ofutilization and the overall Social benefits of it. Faced with this problem, how to promote thesharing of resources of the”three rural”distance education has become the key to solve the”three rural”issues in Shandong Province. Therefore, it is of important theoretical andpractical significance to study the resource sharing strategy of”three rural”distance educationin Shandong Province.This thesis has adopted the approach of network survey, documentary research,questionnaires, interviews, comparative analysis, system analysis, field investigation andtheoretical analysis. And the author researches this project in four aspects as follows:(1)Define the related concept of”three rural”,”three rural”distance education andresource sharing of”three rural”distance education. Moreover, it also elaborated on theresource types of”three rural”distance education and the realistic basis to realize the resourcesharing of”three rural”distance education.(2)First of all, elaborated on the purpose, subjects, method and main contents of thequestionnaire. Then, the author has made an analysis of the reclaimed questionnaire based oncategories of Basic education and adult education. Based on these two categories, the authorhas analyzed the situation in progress, hardware and software building, human resources and resource sharing building of both sides.(3)Focused on the factors hindering the resource sharing of the”three rural”distanceeducation in Shandong Province, including objective factor, awareness factor, financial factor ,resource factor and sharing factor.(4) Proposed the strategy of promoting the resource sharing of the”three rural”distanceeducation in Shandong Province. From macroscopic view, we should strengthen thelegislation and the construction of administrative agent. Also, we should complete theevaluation system, incorporate farming institutions and achieve comprehensive resourcesharing through network and adopt a diversified sharing mode. At the middle level, this thesishas put forward the strategies of software and hardware resource sharing and human resourcesharing. From microscopic view, this thesis has brought up the financial strategy, softwareresource building strategy, hardware resource building strategy and human resource buildingstrategy.Through a series of research works, the major findings of this research can besummarized as follows:First, this thesis has defined the concept of”three rural”distance education and resourcesharing of”three rural”distance education.Second, based on the investigation and research, this thesis has explored the factors thataffect the resource sharing of the”three rural”distance education.Third, about the restricted factors on the resource sharing of”three rural”distanceeducation, this thesis has put forward detailed strategies of promoting resource sharing of”three rural”distance education in Shandong Province.


December 25,2008, ARATS and SEF signed the three agreements on cross…

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December 25,2008, ARATS and SEF signed the three agreements on cross-strait direct shipping, air transportation, direct mail entered into force and became a reality. The realization of “Three Direct Links” is a very important turning point in the cross-strait relations, It not only provides a more convenient between the two sides’Economic and trade exchanges, More importantly, it will have a crucial impact on the overall development of cross-strait relations.This paper based on the cross-straits exchanges in respect of political, Economic, cultural and military since “Three Direct Links” became a reality, and then analyzes the current problems between the two sides. Finally, provides a comments on the the future development of cross-strait relations. The paper concludes four parts.The first part discusses the new background of the development between the two sides, the reason and significance of “Three Direct Links” became a reality. The second part, through combine the major events of cross-strait relations between 2008 to 2010 to summarize some of the rules and characteristics. It mainly from four aspects of political, Economic, cultural and military. The third part, point out the major issues during the development of cross-strait relations, including the differences between the two sides, political changes in Taiwan and external factors. The fourth part, based on the analyzed and summarized in the first three parts, puts forward countermeasures for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, continue to increase the political mutual trust, consolidate the basis of economic exchange, increase the strength of cultural exchange, maintenance the peace and development environment.


In recent years, the probability of crisis events’happen has a clear…

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In recent years, the probability of crisis events’happen has a clearly upward trend, the research to government crisis Management become more and more importent. However, in crisis Management, government in the weak sense of public relations, leading to the government,the public and the media should not create good interactions, the use of public relations strategy is limited in the crisis.Development of science and technology, the means of information delivery become diversely and conveniently, citizens’ability to access information improve, cause”controlled”and”closed”methods of treatment to traditional information are faced with severe challenges in crisis, the strength that government wants to hide or control news becomes weaken. If do this would only be called into question that legitimacy of the government.In past, government in the practice management of crisis through the adoption of the leaders visit affected areas in depth, condole people, pay attention to foster a friendly image of government, especially the leader’s image, strictly control the media reported and blockade adverse information of government and so on. Those contradict to the development of modern society. Growing civil society, civil rights consciousness and politics awareness gradually increased, request the government to operate effectively public relations in the crisis. Governmen must provide true, accurate information of the crisis. The public has the right to know the case and participate in public policy development and implementation in the crisis management, forcing the traditional Government’s one-way operation mode to dialogue and discussion model change.This paper’s perspective is government public relations in the crisis management, focusing on the transformation of public relations strategies. Front two parts of the main article are summary of literature and theory; third part through two cases of the SARS epidemic and the Wenchuan earthquake analysis the strategy’s change of the government public relations in the crisis management; fourth part explain the reasons for the government’s public relations strategy in transition, the environment changes cause the adjustment of strategy, the adjustment of strategy to make the environment more optimization; final part make proposal to improve government’s public relations strategy in the crisis management based on the previous chapters, mainly elaborate from the main body, the object and the media three aspects, specify direction.for government public relations strategy full play in the crisis management.Broadly speaking, the traditional government public relations strategy in the crisis management has been unable to adapt the requirements of the Social development, there is an urgent need to change the strategy. On this basis, this paper advise the government public relations strategy’s transition in the crisis management, from the strategy of government single image shape to the strategy of absorb the main Social forces to participate crisis management; from the strategy of control public opinion by the media to the strategy of cooperate with the media, in order to set up responsible government’s image and service government’s image in the crisis, and enhance the capacity of government’s management in the crisis.


The era of knowledge economy and economic globalization has come. Th…

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The era of knowledge economy and Economic globalization has come. The new time sets more and higher request to the government. But the traditional Management system、administration model、administrative procedure、government idea are very difficult to follow the new time step. So we must strengthen the reform of administrative system and speed up the transformation of the government functions. To construct public service-oriented government is the government reforming direction. This is not only the tendency of contemporary world administration reform, also the Basic value orientation and goal pursue of our country government organization reform.The Enterprise and the government are both of the most influential organizations in the modern society. On the occasion of Economic integration coming into being, the relationship between them is becoming a crucial realistic issue during the course of developing socialist market economy and Social productivity. On the one hand, the productive forces have been further emancipated and developed by transforming the government functions; on the other hand, what we have to know is that there is an unclear line between the functions of the government and enterprises, also, the functions of public service-oriented government are weak.On the feeling of central government’s concept to build a harmonious socialist society, I think building a harmonious relationship between government and Enterprise accord with the government idea. I advance three strategies to build a harmonious socialist society-service、cooperation、regulation.Service strategy means local service-oriented government should supply enterprises with harmonious environment. Cooperative strategy means strengthen co-operation in the field of supply system of Public Goods between government institutions and enterprises is very necessary. Regulation strategy means local service-oriented government must regulate the Enterprise behavior to advocate public interest.Nowadays, public service-oriented government should put a new premium on the relationship between the government and enterprises, and take effective measures to shift the government functions energetically. What harmonious relationship between the government and enterprises can be realized is benign interaction、win-win cooperation and full of life.


The housing issue has been not only one of the vital problem which a…

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The housing issue has been not only one of the vital problem which affect the interests of the people,but also one of great concern to governments. This is because housing is not only closely linked with national survival, but also related to a country’s Economic development and Social stability. Our country is in the Social transition. With the deepening of reform, more and more social problems exposed.For example, gap between rich and poor, rural-urban gap, increasing regional disparities and so on. Health care, housing, food safety the vital interests of the people of these relationships is increasingly cause for some concern. Government to formulate and implement affordable housing policies, the purpose is to solve our housing problems of low-income families. However, in the process of policy implementation there are a lot of departure from the original intention of the policy issues. In the perspective of public policy implementation, this paper analysis the reason which led to the implementation of affordable housing policies and propose a number of suggestions for the deviation countermeasures.


Liu Zhenyun is one of the most influential contemporary authors in C…

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Liu Zhenyun is one of the most influential contemporary authors in China. His plentiful and meaningful works artistically flash before us, which evokes our interest in studying them. From a longitudinal study of his works, we can easily come to a conclusion that error-correcting mentality is considered the clue of all his books. As a Chinese contemporary novelist, Liu Zhenyun conveys to us his love for life and deep concern about society with comparatively extensive and deep words which arouse a lot of meditation in a philosophical error-correcting mentality theme.This paper is divided into three chapters to elaborate:The first chapter mainly focuses on the whole error-correcting conversations in Mr. Liu’s works to show the relationship between the author and the world which changes from nervousness to mutual understanding. Meanwhile, techniques and rhetorical devices most in use are enumerated. Both are the keys to understanding Liu Zhenyun’s works.The second chapter analyzes Mr. Liu’s latest book A Word for Ten Thousand from an angle of narrative literature. The use of the narrative theory to make an analysis of questions about the book is the extension of the first chapter, which initiates the discussion of the value and meaning of Liu Zhenyun inevitably.The last one criticizes the work of Mr. Liu’s value and meaning, analyzes certain limitations of his writing and forecasts his writing future.


Study on Improving the Teaching Validity of Students Participation in Maths Class Activity in Vocational-technical School

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The primary duty of Education in Vocational-Technical School is to train professionals with not only practical abilities, but also Basic professional knowledge. As a required course for the vocational school students, Maths is a professional Basic course as well. There are still some questions to be resolved in the practical teaching process. For example:There has been a steady decrease in quality of the students in vocational schools; they are lack of confidence on learning maths; the interest of learning maths is low; The maths teaching materials are not adapted to the students’actual requirement, which are not closely related to the professional knowledge; the teaching methods are looking blue; the teachers’academic level remains to rise; it is lack of good interaction between teaching and learning; the validity of students participation in class activity is not good enough, etc. As teachers in the vocational school, in view of students existing situation, we must analysis it seriously and try to find out the solutions, We should try to arouse the enthusiasm of students and improve the teaching validity of students participation in class activity, so as to complete the teaching task. The thesis begins with the posing of a problem and the study purpose, according to the working experience of being a maths teacher, the author sums up the chief signs and features of the low teaching validity of students participation in maths class activity, which chiefly includes the following aspects:anxiety, absent-minded, lack of will, unwise use of self-cognition and assessment methods, lack of self-confidence and experience of feeling success. The author focuses on exploring some useful methods and strategies to improve teaching validity of students participation in maths class activity, which chiefly includes the following aspects:revising the teaching material, paying great attention to the target Education, stimulating students motivation of learning, enhancing mass participation in class activity, encouraging the students to learn effectively, using the multi-media Computer-assisted teaching reasonablely, livening the class up, arousing the students’motivation, improving the teaching quality, playing a positive role in Feeling, strengthening learning interest and confidence, based on the teaching practice and teaching examples in learning process, with the survey study of active evaluation on students, to broaden their horizons on improving students existing situation of low participation rate.


As a more advanced management mode at present, ERP system has dealt …

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As a more advanced Management mode at present, ERP system has dealt with the modern Enterprise activities of operation and Management to some extent. Although the implementation of ERP is still the stream trend, the successful rate of the Chinese enterprises’ERP to implement is not high in the present. The issue about who will play, how to play, how to minimize this risk, has received wide attention. So far, the theory of risk-sharing at home and abroad has done well in the financial and Engineering field but this study on ERP project for the implementation of ERP project specific risk-sharing between the various partners of systematic is very scarce. Therefore, the implementation of the ERP project risk-sharing between the partners is the big problem to ensure that our Enterprise information process works well, and is the Basic problem to improve their competitiveness.This paper introduces the view of risk-sharing. The ERP project of The Nanjing Digital China Co., Ltd is our target for analysis. This paper is aimed at controlling effectively the key risks in the operation in our company’s ERP project. In the analysis of objects and subjects of the company’s ERP project’s risk-sharing, the new strategy about how to share risk will be built, though the analysis of the current Digital Nanjing risk-sharing company’s ERP project status. A new risk-sharing mechanism will be designed based on this new strategy. The risk-sharing system for the project implementation measures will be informed in a contract, which will institutionalize the results of risk-sharing. It will be benefited to ensure the effective implementation of risk-sharing results, and push forward constantly the Management of risk-sharing implementation of ERP projects in Nanjing Digital China Co., Ltd, and improve the initiative and enthusiasm in project risk control.