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The Study of Tourism Real Estate Marketing Decisions

With the increasing levels of lifestyle and consumption, people increasinglyfocused on the cultural spirit’s enjoyment, which is a higher level than the living level,the oriented marketing way to meet consumers’ spiritual needs-cultural marketingcomes into being. Whether cultural marketing is suitable for tourism real estate, andhow to implement the cultural marketing strategy in the tourism real […]

Study on the Cause and Strategy of High House Price in China

In the current, high house prices attracts the most attention of the people, andordinary income family can’t afford a house, after the people that buy houses spentalmost all of their savings, and even drape into debt, so the public is very dissatisfiedwith the current prices. The government has issued a series of measures to stabilizeprices, […]

Research on Marketing Strategy of Nation Peasants’ Sports Event

Since the first holding of Nation Peasants’ Sports Meet in1988, IT has been held for sixyears so far. The host of the Nation Peasants’ Sports Meet is China farmer sports association,department of agriculture and General Administration of Sport of China and IT is co-organizedby the local government contractors. The Nation Peasants’ Sports Meet will be […]

Research on the Inheritance and Development of Dangyangyu MarbldWare

Dangyangyu MarbledWare with its unique production process and from the inside and carcass decorative effect is so famous, IT will be of practical aesthetics in one set, the shape and decoration combined altitude, from technique to artistic attainments and from forms to the cultural connotation has a unique side. In the modern Social and cultural […]

The Strategy of Baise Tobacco Company for Developing and Enhancing the Retail Customer Value

Customer relationship management (CRM) plays a big part in the modern enterprise management, increasing customers’ satisfactions by creating value for them so as to obtain their loyalty, which is a powerful weapon for an enterprise to maintain the competitive advantage. Currently, China tobacco keep speeding up the pace of internationalization and marketization, tobacco commercial enterprises […]

Research on Airline Operation Safety Supervision Strategy Based on the SMS

In recent years, the number of flight accidents is going up, such as flying wrong routes,landing on wrong runways, overrunning and overloaded operations. The accident whichhappened in Yichun Airport is an exact example to show those existing problems in airlinesthat includes violations, flaws in the security management and imperfections of operationsupervisions. The Safety Management System, […]

Research on the Industrial Development of Cultural Resources of the Tang Tomes

The Tang Tomes, which is in the Guanzhong area of Shaanxi Province, is anational key cultural relics protection, and a typical representative of the ancientChinese imperial tombs with very high research value in archaeology, history,art and politics, also its rich cultural resources has high value for the industrialdevelopment. At present, only the cultural resources of […]

Research on Development Strategy in Private Banking Business of Bank of China Based on the Concept of Service Marketing

Private bank is a kind of business that banks supply High Net Worth Individual with the top professional, to wealth management and financial security as the core package of financial services. IT becomes a most important service that the business of private bank of a commercial bank for its characteristic of low-risk and high-return business […]

Strategic Study of Kaimei Group to Operate Economic Hotel Industry

After30years of rapid development, whether political, economic, cultural, science and technology, management methods, have created very favorable conditions for the development of China’s hotel industry, hotel industry, the market had a strong demand. Focus on the major needs of the guests budget hotel, with its concise and complete facilities, the environment is clean, functional and […]

Development Strategy Research on Private Training Institutions for Enterprises of Fujian Province

Enterprise training,as the emerging industry,is an important part ofthe education market in today’s society which is filled with competition.The enterprise training market in the developed countries such as Europeand America is relatively developed.Since the government of Chinapromote vigorously the economic development of Fujian province,Fujianprovince made great progress,with the rapid economic development,thecontinued increasing amount of enterprises.Particularly,the […]