Shenzhen Population Life Trajectory and Telecom Strategies-The Project Management in Market Research Applications

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Relative to the market project is more focused on qualitative judgment and trend of the research, it is not consistent with other project, if can project Management through further enhance the project execution efficiency, market promotion project use value, we are learning project Management needs to learn and stressed.International well-known consulting company accenture reference international advanced Telecom management and marketing idea, as China Telecom shenzhen branch established efficiency of the marketing process system, all of the marketing should be based on the study on the client, client understanding to formulate marketing strategy, channel policy, evaluation index, etc. “Efficient marketing flow” profound are pointed out in marketing Telecom operators, the existing problems are put too much emphasis on product, emphasize its policies, ignore customer demand.In order to better implement efficient marketing flow, improve the marketing ability, we in the market research, the theory of advancing with project management requirements, organized a whole population sampling investigation of shenzhen, for the whole population of shenzhen studied thoroughly, grasps the population situation, life trajectory, telecommunication demand, etc., and guides the marketing strategy formulation telecommunications.Based on the content of several aspects discussed:high efficiency marketing flow and market research theory guidance, project management methods of work, shenzhen population research project organization arrangement, telecom strategies, the emphasis is on the market marketing strategies for judging the reference value.


Analysis and Solution on Problems of the Party Construction of Students in Colleges and Universities

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Party construction on campus is one of pillar policies that aim at training qualified individuals and cultivating youth party members to in colleges and universities. Only by doing this well,a group of young Marxists holding strong Communism belief can be formed. The article is made up of four parts:the first part puts forward the question of evaluating the work and pointing out the achievement and shortcoming of party construction on campus. It also analyzes the theoretical and practical significance of it. The second part demonstrated the importance of party construction from such angles as the nation,the colleges and universities,and the students themselves. The third part studies the major problems existing in the party construction on campus. The last part raises some suggestions on how to solve the problem from the aspects of ideology construction,theoretical Education,system perfection,and innovations. Finally,it advocates the training and Management of student party members so that they would march in step with the time.


Empirical Study on the Impact of Working Memory on Interpreting and Its Coping Strategies

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Most researchers claim that a better working memory helps an interpreter deliver a translation with high completeness and quality. There are, however, few empirical statistics to prove or disprove this claim. Even though empirical analysis and researches have been launched, the impact of disparities in working memory among interpreters at the same level on interpreting has rarely been studied. To fill this research gap, the thesis studies the impact of working memory among interpreters at the same level on interpreting.Through clustering large collection of literature, the thesis gains insight into the trend of related studies and expounds on the theoretical bases of the study, the background, current situation, challenges and future development of working memory and interpretation. On this basis, the thesis further analyzes the impact of working memory on interpreting, especially on consecutive interpreting, through scientific and systematic experiments and analysis. Finally, the thesis proposes strategies to weaken such impact.In the end, the thesis gets following conclusions:first, working memory does influence the quality of interpreting. Good working memory helps improve the quality of interpreting while bad working memory impairs the quality of interpreting; second, working memory is not the decisive factor of the quality of interpreting, and its impact can be weakened by other means.


Hefei XR Co.,Ltd.Wheel Chair Investment Project Business Plan

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Business plan is not only the financial documents of venture, but also strategy of venture ,Establishing business plan is just the same as carving out , both are complicated system project ,We not only need the investigation on the field , market, it almost include all the content that the investor has interest .from the growing period ,product service ,market , selling, managing team , stock structure ,administration ,finance , function to financing strategy. Regarding to the developing venture, professional business plan is the necessary material of finding Investment, it’s the whole process that the venture think over for self current situation and anew itself.This thesis is for Hefei XR iatric Medical Appliance Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., product is wheel chair .Hopefully to analyzing the establishment of project scientifically , perform and function goal and plan, help investor understand the Investment item carefully ,encourage the confidence of Investment ,meanwhile helping originator to have clear thought, stick to future managing thought.At first this thesis introduce the rough idea of the project initiation, meaning of the project, Then introduce the establishment of the project, managing team, organization system, strategy of venture development. These two parts can make reader have first prompt understanding about the whole project.Then emphasis is market analyzing : focus on analyzing on field background ,oversea and domestic market situation ,competitor ,after full investigation and analyzing, we can make sure of the aiming market and sales target, then make product strategy ,price strategy, channel strategy , promotion strategy to realize sales plan . this two parts are the full strategy, helping venture to know their position ,where and how to develop themselves .And then introduce selection of product and item ,capacity of the venture and production plan .focusing on the characteristics and competitiveness of product, scientific Management and advantage of the production processing , Making investor know the fund connected with venture establishment and function clearly, investigate the plan of colleting fund and the return after the venture have the margin ,calculating and forecasting about the charge of whole project, cost and future benefit ,analyzing correlative finance . and evaluating many kinds of risk , Trying to make sure the venture can develop in healthy way.In the thesis of business plan, it make plenty of market investigation and market analysis, from the production to sales making scientific plan ,from staff to finance making full preparation . making comprehensive consideration about all the venture factor .so finally judge market of wheel chair project of Hefei XR iatric machine co., ltd is broad ,Economic efficiency is huge, project can be completely successful , Venture will have a bright future . it can bring more Economic efficiency and Social value for venture, meanwhile encouraging investor and originator’s confidence .

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Research on Character Tables in Chinese Teaching Syllabus for Secondary Schools in France

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Chinese character is a combination of sound, form and meaning, thus there is a certain particularity in the aspects of reading, writing and recognition. As the characters of Chinese language are completely different from the words of English, French and other alphabetic languges, the teaching of characters has always been the most difficult in Chinese teaching.With the “Chinese fever” and the international promotion of Chinese, remarkable achievements overseas has been made. Compared to other countries, France has been leading in the development of Chinese language teaching. With a long history of Chinese language teaching, France has achieved rapid development with a large size of learners. And with rich teachig experiences, French has formed the Chinese teaching tradition with attaching great importance to the characters.In the1980s, the sinologists led by Bellassen first proposed the concept of “character based” Chinese teaching, and compiled many textbooks with great emphasis on Chinese characters(sinograms) learning and teaching, via the character-to-word approach permitted by the character-formation function. In France, the teaching of Chinese characters follows the “character based” teaching Philosophy, emphasizes on the features of the the characters. According to the usage frequency of Chinese characters, the word-building capacity, the characteristics of learners, they divide the Chinese characters into two catagories, namely “active characters” and “passive characters ” and then make out five character tables aiming for the different learners taking Chinese as the first, a second or a third foreign language in the teaching syllabus, which provides clear guidance to Chinese language teaching in France.This paper gives an introduction of the Chinese teaching syllabus for secondary schools in France and makes detailed statistical analysis on the five character tables contained. In this paper, according to the analysis results and the situation of learners, some referential strategies for Chinese character teaching and learning are presented.


[Objective] There are large number of Traditional Chinese Medicine c…

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[Objective] There are large number of Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics in Beijing, having their own characteristics in operation and Management, these Chinese medicine clinics located in the urban core and suburban and rural areas in Beijing, supplying the society with Chinese medicine services together with Chinese medicine hospitals, clinics and other large and medium-sized Chinese Medical institution. There are both famous aged traditional Chinese medicine doctor and Ordinary TCM doctor; The Medical range concludes both Chinese Internal Medicine, but also acupuncture, massage, orthopedics and traumatology, etc; the Economic situation of the patients are both high-level consumers, and low-income people; patients from both Some local residents, but also the floating population; the form of ownership is private clinics, stock cooperative, but also shares in the company.In this study, through survey research, make a more comprehensive grasp of the development status of Chinese medicine clinics in three counties, facing the internal environment and external market and policy environment, summarize experiences, identify problems, offer proposals to promote the Chinese medicine clinics to have the Health and long-term development.[Method] This study made a survey research about the status and problems of the Chinese medicine clinics in Xuanwu, Xicheng, Chaoyang three districts in Beijing, the major informants are Chinese medicine Clinic operators and Health administrators of related district. In results analysis combined the quantitative and qualitative data analysis, not only describe the situation, more deeply analyze the root causes the current situation.[Conclusions] This study found through survey research that, the area of Chinese Medicine Clinic in three counties of Beijing are generally higher than the requirement in “Basic standards of Medical institutions”; the service object has a broader coverage; have not form a reasonable echelon personnel, mostly elderly TCM doctor, youth The second, middle-aged at least, appear a “two big middle small ” situation.The main service projects are medical therapy, acupuncture, massage, cupping, bone setting and scraping, the average of Chinese medicine each Chinese medicine clinics use are 3.7 species; 61.9% of the Chinese medicine clinics carry out telephone reserving service.This study attempts to use “clinical time efficiently’ to study the Chinese medicine clinics,by comparison, the “clinical time efficiently” of traditional Chinese medicine clinic are higher than hospitals; in Health status, the Chinese medicine clinic are general good; in the privacy of patients, half of the Chinese medicine clinic separate treatment clinic environment, but there are Basic not clear patient privacy protection system; in the form of ownership, main the individual and joint stock-based; in operating conditions, the cost of clinic per time in the investigated Chinese medicine clinic is 142.381 yuan, daily average attendance is about 22, staff wages and rent of hydropower is the two largest of clinic expenses, taxes fees in most Chinese medicine clinics is not the proportion of total expenditure.This study divided Chinese medicine clinics in accordance with three dimensions of the core competitiveness of Chinese medicine clinics:Service winning type, Curative effect of winning and Convenience winning type. Chinese medicine clinics patient population is very stable, clinic operators are mostly consciously or unconsciously used patients relationship Management strategies to protect their own groups of patients.Strictly access for examination and approval limit the number of Chinese medicine clinics, medical insurance policies excluded the Chinese medicine clinics and brought great difficulties to the part of the clinic, But Chinese medicine clinics run by corporate still exists operating pressure. Doctor’s multi-sited licensed system can enhance the flexibility of flow of talent, but the specific implementation still requires the related systems gradually adjust and coordination.[Suggestions] This study put forward development proposals in aspects of Chinese medicine clinics Management and health administration management.The clinic management proposals include:providing value-added services, keep patients loyal(optimize service processes, to protect patient privacy and strengthen management of patients); identifying critical patients, expand communication channels; strengthen personnel training, promoting sustainable development; optimize treatment environment, reflects Chinese characteristics establish two-way referral, set up the development platform; carry out horizontal exchange, to create the overall brand.The health administration management proposals include:Accelerate the development of health planning, and guide the development of Chinese medicine clinics; to actively implement the doctor’s multi-sited licensed, encourage the rational flow; level authentication information public, to guide selection of patients for medical treatment; pilot covered by medical insurance, give full play to industry self-regulation, to enhance supervision and management; to strengthen regulation of illegal clinics,to protect the legitimate rights and interests clinics.


Theory and practice are always studying enterprise how to manage cri…

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Theory and practice are always studying Enterprise how to manage crisis to facilitate Enterprise standing in the complex and changeable and cruel fierce economy environment. However, many enterprises have not ability to control effectively crisis earlier when it happened. It is so easy to fall into marshes and can’t recover again. Crisis contains itself the root of the failure as well as gestates the seeds of success. Under the background, enterprises must strengthen awareness of crisis Management and establish scientific system of crisis warning early. They should regain from passiveness to initiative and destroy crisis nipped in the bud or calmly face to defuse the crisis.Firstly the thesis illustrated research background, significance, present situation of domestic and foreign research, the Basic framework of thesis as well as research methods and features, then studying some relevant theoretical basis. The content of the thesis is key point shortly. That is using BSC theory from strategic height to analyze crisis, setting up the system of the crisis index warning early, determining the model of crisis warning early. When we establish the system of indexes, not only considering the traditional early-warning indicators of financial crisis, but also considering the non-financial crisis early-warning indicators, forming whole new strategic indicators system including 46 indicators, covering two dimensions of strategic perspective and seven dimensions of BSC expanded and developed, total nine, including the establishment of strategies, the implementation of the strategic, financial benefits, operation of assets, compensation ability, ability to grow, customers layer, human resources and information resources and R&D. When we form the model of crisis early warning, learning the soul of practice results from the theory of crisis past and strategic BSC, with investigation procedures of Delphi method, using factors analysis and hierarchy analysis, using SPSS statistic software to process samples and data. So we can choose six key factors from the 26 key indicators early warning selected (including the strategic factors, financial support factors, internal operating factors, the level of growth factors, the customer factors and learning and innovating factors). We should row them according to their importance and determine impacting of factors of crisis, building up the Model Based on multiple analysis of Enterprise crisis early warning, and then we should check them. In addition we should explain whether the models have certain accuracy and reliability or not. In the end, the thesis concluded the study progress and pointed out the weaknesses of research process and put forward research prospects.


Research on Pingdu Brand Cultivation of Characteristics of Agricultural Products

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Along with the continuous development and improvement of our country’smarket economy, Competition in agriculture transformation has changed from pureprice competition to brand competition. Agricultural products’ brand and higherquality have become a modern Agricultural high-level competition performance to winthe favor of consumers. In the early days of China’s founding, the shortage ofagricultural products was very serious due to China’s particular political, Economic,diplomatic background. And this had a negative impact on national production andsocial stability. Our country adopted the policies of purchase and sale and limiting thedevelopment of commodity economy and other policies, and this had seriously hurtthe farmers’ enthusiasm for production of agricultural products and the agriculturalproducts was in short supply. People focused only on the agricultural products’number and prices. They had no choice of brand. After reform and opening up, thegovernment implemented rural Economic restructuring to mobilize the farmers’enthusiasm.The number of agricultural products was increasing and could basicallymeet people’s demand for the amount of agricultural products. With the continuousdeepening of reform and opening up, people’s living standards greatly improve. Whenpeople purchase agricultural products, they no longer just focus on the prices.Thequality and nutritional value of agricultural products have become important factorsfor people to choose agricultural products. After China’s accession to the WTO, theforeign high-quality agricultural products enter China’s market because of theprinciple of national treatment. Then have been very great impacts on the sales ofagricultural products in China. In order to stand out in the fierce market competition,we must cultivate the brand of agricultural products and improve the quality of them.This article studies brand cultivation of agricultural products of Pingdu to exploreeffective ways of cultivating brand.This article first introduces the research background, purpose and significance,domestic and foreign research of agricultural products brand, the research methodsand technology roadmap of the article. The second chapter describes the basicconcepts and theories of the brand. First introduces the definition of brand,agricultural products brand and regional public brand, followed by the definition andprocess of brand cultivation, and finally introduces the theory of industrial Management of agriculture, the theory of comparative advantage and geographicalindication protection. The third chapter analyzes the status quo and problems of brandcultivation of agricultural products of Pingdu. The fourth chapter describes theexperience of agricultural products brand nurtured by the United States, Japan andTaiwan–three developed countries or regions to provide a reference for Pingdu brandcultivation of agricultural products. Chapter V details the advantages, the Basic ideaand measures of Pingdu brand cultivation of agricultural products. Chapter VIanalyzes the successful practices of Majiagou celery to provide a reference.


Study on Integration of Performance Evaluation and Salary System Based on Strategies

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With the rapid development of information technology, great changes have beenconstantly taking place in enterprises’ business environment, which pose greaterchallenge to Management of Enterprise. Strategic Management of Enterprise hasbecome the central task of Management of enterprise. Effective strategy is the actionprogram of every level of the corporation and the critical factor in any successfulenterprise as well. Only when all the business activities are under the guidance ofcorporation strategy, can introduce resource into the most valuable link and makegreatest use of limited resource to upgrade the performance of corporation and ensureits long-term development.In essence, performance evaluation system and excitation mechanism are twosides of the same coin. The result of performance evaluation is the basis of salarysystem as salary will be out of work without performance evaluation; and theinspiration and guiding function of salary is the guarantee of performance evaluation.Being effective strategic management tools, performance evaluation system andsalary system are both in the system of enterprise strategy and playing their role understrategic guiding. Only by integrating each other can both of them function well.Related research and practice based on performance evaluation and salary systemhave come to the fore in related theoretical research and practical enterprisemanagement, which, combines the employees’ salary with the enterprise’s strategicperformance evaluation index to inspire the employees to effort to complete theenterprise’s strategy. However, relevant theoretical research and management practiceare vacant here in further integration of performance evaluation and salary system. Onthe basis of summary of related research results from home and abroad, this articlewill make acute analysis of the relation between performance evaluation and salarysystem, for both of which, build integrate framework, intending to take betteradvantage of performance evaluation and salary system under the guidance of strategy.First of all, it is to utilize balance score card and key performance indicator todisintegrate the enterprise strategy into concrete and practical operational targets byestablishing enterprise performance evaluation system; then, match the salary systemwith enterprise strategy from salary strategy, salary level and salary structure, etc. toset up salary system based on strategy; finally, integrate performance evaluationsystem and salary system under the direction of enterprise strategy.Company H is the one of the number of companies that is developing quickly in the electronic industry. In order to obtain advantage in competition, Company H hasworked out a series of strategy; though the company’s strategic target is not embodiedin its performance evaluation system, and its salary system fails to inspire and guidethe employees to complete its strategy in that effective connections are not establishedbetween its performance evaluation system and salary system and. This article, in thebeginning, introduces Company H’s existing performance evaluation system andsalary system and the problems that occurs, drawing a strategy map of H and utilizingbalance score card and key performance indicator to break down the strategy of H tobuild a performance evaluation system based on its strategy; afterwards, matches thesalary system with H’s strategy from salary strategy, salary level and salary structure,etc. to set up salary system based on its strategy; finally, integrate performanceevaluation system and salary system by using the integrate framework so as to supportthe realization of H’s strategic targets.


The Research on Marketing Strategy of China’s Sport Lottery

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There are two major systems on the lottery market in our country, sports lottery and welfare lottery. Both of them make great contribution to the development of Social public welfare, but that on the lottery market they had the homogeneous competition against the further development of the lottery market. Under the new situation that the government advocates the country and the society to do sports together, the development of the sports lottery is very importment. Because it is the imporment source of funds to the development of sports. In order to avoid the malignant competition with welfare lottery on the lottery market, the sports lottery’s popularity, reputation, loyalty and core competitiveness can continuously be improved through the innovative marketing activities.In this paper, firstly I dicuss the development course, the Management system and the present situation of the sports lottery, and then I analyse the marketing’s macro environment and microcosmic environment of sports lottery. Secondly,I elaborate the present situation of marketing of sports lottery, and then analyse the reasons. Thirdly, I formulate product positioning strategy, communication strategy and crisis Management strategies for the sports lottery. Finally, I put forward the corresponding measures for the protection of sports lottery’s marketing strategy. The results are revealed as the following:1,The development of sports lottery meets the requirements of Harmonious society and initially establishes a nationwide sales network, but also faced with the issues, such as single product,the market structure is irrational and the strong competition with welfare and illegal lottery.2,The constraints of the Management system, issuance fee structure is irrational to use and the lack of specialized crisis management are the reasons to the status quo of the sports lottery’s marketing. 3, The sports lottery can develop marketing strategy through product positioning strategy, communication strategy and crisis management strategies. Through vigorously developing quizzes type sports lottery tickets, the related degree between the sports lottery and the Physical characteristics will be strengthened,the unique personality of sports lottery will be established and the core competitiveness of sports lottery will be built.4, By accelerating the legislative, establishing marketing awareness and costing the cost of the marketing into the issue of management of budget, the sports lottery’s marketing strategy can be effectively implemented.

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