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Research on the Application of Fair Value in Financial Instruments

Along with the sharply development of the world economy, financial instruments, especiallyderivatives have reached the unprecedented prosperity. There are many new types of derivatives hadbeen created in these years, they are not only fulfilling people’s demand of investment and avoidrisks, but also made a huge shock on the traditional accounting, such as confirmation, computationand exposure […]

Improve China’s Mineral Resources Compensation Levy Legislation

China in the1980s has begun to collect compensation for mineral resources with the aim of this specific administrative act administrative levy on the development of mineral resources, mining right to charge a fixed fee to ensure that the interests of the country’s mineral resources, the promotion of mineral resourcesreasonable exploration and development. Mineral resources compensation […]

The Structure of Low Carbon Economy Audit System in China

Recent years,as the global situation of environmental problem became worse andworse, low carbon economy has become the hot point as a new economy developmentpattern to solve the climate problem. Low carbon economy development pattern is toarrange economic activities with low carbon economy theory, based on low cost, lowpollution, low emission and high efficiency and high […]

Research on the Centralized Procurement of Large Real Estate Enterprises

Along with the pressure from the real estate market increased competition andgovernmental macro-control, the real estate industry trends into the state of large-scaleand high concentration development. The scale of the large real estate enterprises willcontinue to expand in a certain period of time,and generally large real estate enterprisestake off-site multi-project parallel development as their rapid […]

Study on the Sustainable Development of Forest Ecological-economic System in Changhua River Basin

Forest ecological and economic systems are the main study object of forest eco-economic system, and how to configure the ecological, economic and Social resources is the focus study of the forest ecological and economic sustainable development. Watershed forest ecological and economic sustainable development evaluation is base on the theory of sustainable development, ecology, regional Economics […]

The Research on Earnings Management of Chinese Listed Companies under the Current Standard of Asset Impairment

With the development of Social and economy and the change of science andtechnology, the risks of operation and financial status of enterprises are increasing,and the profitability stability of the assets of enterprises are especially facing the hugetest, thereby, the earnings management in recent years gradually surfaced and becamethe focus of accounting theory and practice.Through the […]

Studies on the Motor Vehicle Emissions Taxes in China

At present the revenue item of motor vehicle relevant to environmental protection is limited to petrol tax and travel tax. The collection of objects is only for owner of motor vehicles but no automakers and fuel provider of motor vehicle. Due to the lack of normative and authoritative legal document, the coverage of motor vehicle […]

The Research of Marketing Strategy about FLP Blu-ray Player

Since its appearance, Blu-ray player has continuously sold very well in Europe, USA, and Japan market. However, to this day, IT didn’t have a explosive sale at home, like the appearance of VCD, the replacement of VCD by DVD. Blu-ray player has obvious increase in market share every season in2010according to the related figures, however, […]

Knowledge Management Research Based on Database Resource for Changqing Oilifeld

CNPCas the largest domestic oil enterpirses, to study the market competitiveness is notjust limited to the domestic oil market, the more impotrannce is that make IT to theinternational market competitiveness. Therefore, according to CNPC current marketcompetitiveness, in the study of how to enhance the competitiveness of CNPC market, build itbecome dominant position in the market […]

Research on the Improvement and Perfection of the Taxation Agency in China

Taxation agency, as a common agency system, has grown more and more mature, more and more standard. IT also has played a more and more important role on the improving of the tax-law-system, strengthen of the tax-administer, regulation on the taxpayer’s tax-related-behaviors, and so on. Taxation agency is the result of the economy develop, IT’s […]