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The Theory of Value Chain Based on K Municipal Company System Innovation

System Innovation of K Municipal Corporation on Value Chain Through many years’management practice, this paper aims at research and explore how to optimize K Municipal Corporation and management system in order to make IT play a key role in meeting with the vested interest which include Social interest and economic benefit, as well as enhance […]

The Research of the Protection about Landless Peasants from the Institutional Perspective

With the accelerated pace of the process of urbanization and industrialization, the emergence of a growing number of landless peasants, the accounts of landless peasants were converted to urban residents, but they does not enjoy the same treatment as city people, facing the problems of survival and development. Landless peasants known as the “The new […]

Research on the Institutional Barriers and Innovation of Farmers’ Property Income Growth in Anhui Province

Anhui province is a traditional Agricultural province, and the agriculture populationoccupied most.”Agriculture, countryside and farmers” is the core development problems inAnhui province, while the problem of the income of the peasants is exactly the fundamentalproblem. Only the peasants getting rich can we promote the comprehensive construction ofthe great goal of well-off society. But, for a […]

Existing Condition and Counter-measure Research for the Land-lostfarmer’s Problem in the Process of the Urbanization

With the high-speed of the urbanization and the further implement of the reform andopening-up policy,the problem of losing land for farmers tends to be more and moreserious.IT’s no doubt that,without the suitable solution, IT will be a big threat to the stability ofour society,the development and harmony of the rural areas,and of course,the construction ofour […]

Research on a Perfected Subsidy System for Advancing Modern Agriculture

The development of modern agriculture is the primary task of building the new socialist rural, is the inevitable requirement of rural work based on the scientific concept of development. The positive development of modern agriculture and making solid progress in new socialism countryside construction, are the inevitable requirement of carrying out the scientific development view, […]

Economic Deyelopment,System Innovation and the Formation of Regional Finacial Center

The financial center plays an increasingly important role in the economic and Social development. In recent years, more than30cities which proposed to build a regional financial center began to adjust their strategic thinking, put forward a more clear and realistic targeting to avoid disorderly and vicious competition. Under this new background.the article attempts to explore […]

Financing Model Innovation of China Investment Bank

【Abstract】 China investment bank rose from eightieth last century. Investment bank plays an important role in capital market which works as a financing agency of companies and investors. Investment bank is a special institution with condensed capital and technology. At present, our investment banks are mostly in bad conditions,one because they haven’t enough money, other […]

The Sustainable Development of the Economic Society

【Abstract】 The sustainable development is a great economical and Social concern. IT has far-reaching theoretical and realistic meaning to establish the sustainable development theory , to practice the sustainable development thought, to seek the sustainable development countermeasures.Sustainable development question was put forward with the introspection of the modernized road and the traditional industrialization. People know […]

An Economic Analysis on Local Protection in China

【Abstract】 Local protection is the one of significant problems of economic transition in China, Local protection have promoted the fast growth of local economy and the process of marketization at the beginning of marketing reform .which hinders Chinese economy function normally. IT obstructs not only the normal development of economy but also optimization and distribution […]

The Research of the Agricultural Structure Strategic Adjustment of Our Country after the Accession to the WTO

【Abstract】 With the appearance of the phenomenon supply exceeds demand of main Agricultural products of our country and joining of WTO, the strategic Agricultural structure adjustment has become an economic focus at present in China.This dissertation has announced the current situation that the Agricultural structure of our country faces and the impact on agricultural structural […]