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Research on Influencing Factors of Low Carbon Agriculture Development in China Based on the System

Facing the challenges of Global climate change, the world set off upsurge reduction of low carbon emission, as the world’s third-largest country of the economic output, under the pressure of low carbon emissions, the Chinese Government made bold and firm decision to develop low carbon economy, low carbon agriculture came into being. Fundamentally changing traditional […]

Studies on Development Planning of Regional Modern Agriculture Park System

Modern Agricultural park is a new Agricultural modernization of our countryagriculture emerged in the1990s,plays an important role for the development ofagriculture. Modern agriculture is an interdisciplinary areas, with the development anddeepening of the theory,especially for the development of regional Agricultural park,construction of the theory and research is still insufficient. In this case, there are importantpractical […]

A Research on the Development of Caofeidian Port Ore Logistics System

As Hebei Costal Planning become national strategy, Caofeidian Port welcomes new opportunities in recent years. Caofeidian is a golden land in Hebei costal economic development area, and IT plays an important role in ore transport systems of Tianjin and Hebei province. As an international distributing port of energy and raw materials, world-level industrialized base, national […]

Research on Problem of Guangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine

In recent years, competition in international trade has become increasingly fierce due tothe intensifying of global economic integration. The worldwide economic crisis in2008leftthe city of Guangzhou with heavy reality which finds many of its trade partners, such as theUS, the EU and Japan, all taking a firm stand on trade protectionism. Facing an ever difficultsituation […]

Comparative Research about Old Age Pension System and Management in China and Ireland

Old age pension system is not only an important symbol to measure one country’s Social civilization, but also is a key factor that influences political stability and economic development of one country. After more than60years’exploration, China made lots of big achievement and fumbled some experience in old age pension system and management. But comparing with […]

Research on Collective Forest Right System Reformation in Jixi, Heilongjiang Province

Abstracts: Located in the southeast of Heilongjiang province and neighbored the Russia, Jixi hasthree Counties (city) and six Districts. The forest area is620000hectares, and the total volume of liveforestry reached45.92million cubic meters. During the forest right reformation, approximately1.645million acres forest was transferred from state-owned to the township (town) or village collectiveforestry land. About654000acres, accounting for […]

Research on Evaluation Index System of Green Mines Construction, Heilongjiang Province

Green mine is a mining industry development model that IT willachieve optimisation of development of mineral resources and minimizethe influence of ecological environment under the premise of disturbanceof mine environment less than regional environment.《The guidance of Ministry of Land and Resources convention onimplementing the national mineral resources plan and developing greenmining and building green mines》 […]

Research on Organization Model and Influence Factors of Organization Development

The21st century is the century of competition, especially in the talent competition isparticularly important, whether IT is the birth, operation and growth of the organization, orproduction of products or services and innovations, all basis on human. In addition,research on organizations lack overall systematic research, the system analysis hasimportant significance. In this paper, base on combination […]

Mechanism of Economic Cooperation Between the Provincial Government

Regional economic integration is an important trend in today’s world economic development. Economic cooperation mechanism between the Government of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, aims to explore how to establish an effective mechanism for economic cooperation between the Government of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, in order to achieve positive interaction between the development of the economic […]