Chengdu Dreamland Theme Park Visitors to Experience the Satisfaction Promotion Strategy

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Theme park with the rise of tourism and the growing, breaking the traditional sense of resource-oriented tourism development model, to win more and more attention and love, with the strong momentum of development in tourism this year.The theme park is bound to usher in a new one.According to the World Tourism Organization predicts that the future theme park in one of the trends of the new tourist attractions.This study comprehensively reviewed the relevant literature and analysis on a regional, recreational classes, privatetheme park research purpose, significance. According to preliminary studies, visits and investigations, this study chose Chengdu the Nanhu Neverland regional, recreational classes, private nature theme park as a research object. Positions in the pre-internship field on the basis of questionnaires and in-depth analysis, this study chose to use descriptive statistical analysis, variance analysis, factor analysis of the proposed relationship model for evaluation, testing and comparison, the conclusions of this study were answered the following issues:(1) regional, private recreational sex theme park in the identification of the target visitors(2) regional, recreational private nature theme park in the perceived quality of the elements of the recognition and importance of the definition.(3) regional recreation private theme park visitors travel behaviour intentions constitute the definition of the element(4) a regional recreational private theme park visitor satisfaction constitute the definition of the elements of its importance.(5) enhance the theme park visitor satisfaction can come up with how the results of these findings, the Fantasy Island theme park, What kind of advice?Research findings for the development of regional, private recreational theme park, What is the significance? Thus this study to select the Dreamland theme park, enhance their visit by satisfaction research, and propose appropriate research questions: Third, the purpose of this study include:Through literature research and discussion, summed up the impact Dreamland visitors satisfaction dimensions, combined with other scholars on the basis of the specific characteristics of the research object impact Neverland tourist satisfaction dimension.Neverland theme park visitor satisfaction dimension model, according to the model design of survey questionnaires, conducted a questionnaire survey.An Empirical Study of Neverland, verify that the build Neverland visitors Satisfaction dimension.(3) Neverland visitors overall analysis to find various types of tourist satisfaction concerns.Based on the findings, Neverland, and this type of theme park development, Management give advice to improve the function of this type of theme parks in the context of tourism development on people’s leisure role.The contents of this study consists of five main parts.The first part of the introduction, the main details of this study background, purpose, research innovation, research ideas, research methods.The second part is the definition of the concept of this study and related literature review, mainly domestic and foreign scholars on the theme park, satisfaction, quality perception, travel experiences and travel behaviour intention of the sort.On the basis of literature review, this study Neverland theme park purpose and significance as the object of this study.The third part is the assumption of this study, based on literature collection and field internship research to understand the impact of Neverland theme park tourist satisfaction perception factors, the resulting model Neverland theme park tourist satisfaction, perceived value factors,According to the model to design the questionnaire and the questionnaire pre-surveys and formal research.The fourth part is an empirical analysis of this study the data analysis process, the Neverland theme park visitor satisfaction factor data through factor analysis built before visitors satisfaction dimensions verified by analysis of variance to identify a variety type of tourist satisfaction differences between the factors.The fifth part is the conclusions and recommendations for the descriptive statistical analysis, factor analysis and variance analysis, findings, summary of the research process; the corresponding proposal for the conclusion.Neverland theme such regional characteristics of the recreational private theme park starting in the process of development of the new theme park a better chance of survival and development to give the corresponding revelation, for this type of theme park business provide the basis for Management and development.The research methods used in this study are:depth interview, literature survey, questionnaire and statistical analysis method.According to the meaning and purpose of this study, extensive literature collection and reading in the pre-established on this basis, the theoretical models and assumptions of this study, this design the survey questionnaire.Although in this study every aspect of attention to academic rigor, but because some of the reasons I theoretical knowledge and time, there are certain limitations and inadequacies.


The Analysis to Realistic Background and Demand Expansibility of Building Large-scale Theme Park in Wuhan

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Theme park, as an important tourism product, has become the trend of the development of tourism industry. Many countries and regions are committed to the development of effective urban tourism products, and theme park has been one of the focuses of the spotlight. The facts have proved that the success of theme park can greatly enhance the active role of tourism industry in promoting the development of other industries, improve the level of local residents’leisure entertainment, promote the construction of a city, and realize the sustainable development of an area. It is also an effective way to develop the city tourism.During late1980s, along with the huge success of Shenzhen theme park, China’s theme park had a very impressive development both in speed and scale. Because market location is very important to a theme park, the theme parks are mainly located the east coast of China, the economically developed areas such as the Yangtze River delta and the Pearl River delta. In recent years, with the support of policies such as “the strategy to develop western regions” and “central China’s emerging strategy”, the economy of central and western China has developed rapidly, gradually forming the central plain urban cluster, Wuhan city circle, Chongqing urban circle, and etc. Theme park should be promoted in these areas step by step. Wuhan, as a typical city in central China, has made great efforts to construct theme parks in recent years, but failed to create a successful theme park. The current situation without impactive theme park is not in compliance with Wuhan’s status in central China.In this paper, I analyzed the spatial location and function position of Wuhan’s theme park in China on the basis of theme park’s space structure of China, by applying the location theory of geography, the life cycle theory of Economics, the stakeholder theory of psychology and the resource integration theory of Management and using literature analysis, spatial analysis, questionnaire and graphic charts. I made a questionnaire survey on the potential demand for Wuhan’s theme park and gave some rational suggestions to the construction of theme park in Wuhan. Based on the results, I concluded:it is necessary and feasible to build large theme park in Wuhan; it is imperative for Wuhan to build a brand theme park which can play active role in central China.


Research on Operation Strategy of Theme Park–“Dead Sea of China” Project

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【Abstract】 With the rapid development of national economy and the visible improvement in the people’ s living standard, tourism, one of the pillar industry of national economy, is experiencing a vigorous growth and has become one of the major choices for the people to spend their holidays nowadays. To meet customers’ varying demands, theme parks emerge in China as the times calls. From the very beginning, theme park, being in existence in China for almost 20 years, had gone through many ups and downs. As a project characterized with great Investment and comparatively long return cycle, the operation and Management of theme park faced high risks and opportunities at the same time. This article aimed at analyzing those risks and opportunities by focusing on one of its key factors–operation strategy.The author believed, it was true that the preliminary construction concepts and planning was indispensable for the successful operation of a theme park. But more importantly, the layout and implementation of its operation strategies was the essential finishing point for the final success of the project, especially for a new theme park. By combining theory and practice, this article discussed the operation strategy of theme park and analyzed it as a whole process. Besides, some technicalquestions during the process also had been put forward for argument. From the above, we could find how the operation strategy and tactics strategy supplemented each other. Finally the decision had been made through discussion. That is, strategy operation layout was one of the most effective tool for decision-making and the park’ s daily operation, which assured the harmony of theme park and its target market. But it was not omnipotence. The determinant factor for the success of theme park was the market response.This article is composed of six parts. The 1st part is a general introduction about the definition and origin of theme park and its development, current status, etc. ; the 2nd part analyzes the fundamental reasons contributed for the gap between the theme parks overseas and that in China and then point out the necessary need of theme park development in China; the 3rd part explains the important function of the operation strategy for theme park from the theoretical aspect; the 4th part discusses how to set up the strategic operation layout for theme park; the 5th part expounds the implementation of the operation strategy layout for theme park in detail; the last part lists some existing problems in current marketing strategies by taking China Dead Sea as an example, in order to provide some theoretical direction for operation strategy layout and implementation of theme park.


The Theory and Practice of Constructing Minority Culture Theme Park in Minority Regions–Taking Kangbalingga as an Example

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【Abstract】 Through over ten years developing, the theme park industry in china has been in large scale and many theme parks conforming to native market demand which have Chinese native feature have been shown in china. At the same time, china tourism development regards western regions tourism developing as the later developing advantage. The minority culture tourism resources in south-western china have good quality. How to exploit the resources especially on the condition that there are landscapes everywhere in minority regions is a key. It is a useful probing to reveal minority culture by the means of theme park in minority regions. This thesis provides theory frame about developing minority culture theme park in minority regions on the basis of analyzing the theory of minority culture tourism and theme park and the practical case.The thesis is composed of 6 chapters.In the first chapter, the author puts forward the selected topic and research thinking, the goal of research and the organized system of the thesis.The second chapter states the definition of minority culture tourism and analyses the arising of minority culture tourism and gives an detailed account of the present conditions and problems of minority culture tourism in our country, then the author further states the characteristic and the Basic developing principle ofminority culture tourism.The third chapter introduces the definition of theme park firstly, and gives a comparison for other conception concerned. Then it analyses the connotation of theme park concept and presents the past and the existing conditions of theme parks in china and outside, gives the developing tendency of theme park, and provides theory frame basis for developing minority culture theme park in minority regions.On the basis of former chapters, the fourth chapter provides the theory frame about the developing of minority culture theme park in minority regions in which it expounds the feasibility and necessity of constructing, factors affecting exploitation, exploiting model, the selection and deciding of theme, product designing, and then it gives an analysis of the practice.The fifth chapter concentrates on the difference between the minority culture theme park in Han ethnic regions and minority culture theme park in minority regions, which focuses on landscape construction, authenticity of minority culture, market, and it deepens theory understanding about the developing of minority culture theme park in minority regions.The last chapter describes the conclusion of thesis and the unsatisfactory part and the fields which need further research.The appendix gives the background connecting with the research of the practice, which benefits to the cognition on necessity about the minority culture theme park construction.In all, this thesis analyses the concerned theory about the minority culture theme park in minority regions and the practice in minority regions, after which it puts forward comparatively complete theory on the construction of minority culture theme park in minority regions.


Research on Creative Marketing Model of Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park

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【Abstract】 The theme park is as one kind of travel attractions, calling at present as one of three main trends that the international tourism develop in the future by World Tourism Organization. The development of theme park in China is very fast, but because of ignoring the important function of marketing, cause a lot of theme parks to manage gloomily, end in failure. Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is a new developing extremely representative characteristic ocean theme park in our country, collect visiting, viewing and admire, amusement, popular science, shopping, culture in integrative modernized theme Ocean Park. Laohutan Ocean Park have good travel attraction resources, after establishing formally, make the good market achievement, received more than 2,800,000 visitors in that year. But because of ignoring the important function of marketing, have been continuing to use and having outmoded, rigid marketing modes originally all the time, have caused the market achievement to glide, thus suppressed the development of Ocean Park. In order to change this current situation at present of Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, the construction that I have chosen the innovative marketing mode of Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park has been further investigated.This text is divided into six parts altogether: First part is mainly about a theory survey of marketing of theme park; Second part have analysed the domestic and international marketing current situation of theme park mainly; The third part have introduced the Basic condition of ocean park and current marketing mode of ocean park mainly; The fourth part compared marketing mode of Dalian Laohutan Ocean park with domestic and international theme park succeed marketing mode, and have pointed out problems of marketing mode of Laohutan Ocean Park; The fifth part have structured out the innovative marketing mode of Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park. The last part is conclusion.


The Relation between Theme Park and the Improvement of the Competitive Power of Urban Tourism

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【Abstract】 It has been 50 years for theme park to be a kind of tourism form. The first theme park is called Disney, it was built in June, 1955. It was identified and accepted by the whole world. In the 50 years, the number of theme parks has increased and the concoctive technique has improved. Theme park has become an import and indispensable part of tourism. Now many cities develop theme park to improve its competitive power of tourism. Theme park is becoming more and more important in improving competitive power of urban tourism. At present the study of the relation between theme park and urban tourism and the relation between theme park and competitive power of urban tourism is deficient. Whereas this, we will observe theme park development and bring forward scientific development approaches from the view of improving competitive power of urban tourism to direct our county’s theme park development. In this thesis, firstly the concept of competitive power of urban tourism is defined by the theory of region competitive power. Secondly the concept, the characters and the influencing factors of theme park are analyzed at the Basic of the phylogeny of theme park. At the last part of the thesis we discuss the joint between theme park and competitive power of urban tourism and the function of theme park in improving competitive power of urban tourism by the study of the connection between theme park and competitive power of urban tourism. Except foreword, the thesis consists of five parts. Part one is the analysis of competitive power of urban tourism. The concept of competitive power of urban tourism is defined. Based on using “diamond” model of E.point, the author sets up a “competitive power of urban tourism” model. Then the author reviews the research progress of competitive power of urban tourism in the world and discovers the demerits in those researches. Part two is the summarization of theme park. In this part, the background and the phylogeny of theme park is introduced, and the characters of theme park are summarized. Part three is the analysis of the influential factors of theme park. The author analyzes the influential factors of theme park from the view of Investment and resource. Part four is the function of theme park in improving the competitive power of urban tourism. At the beginning of this part, the relation between theme park and tourism city is analyzed. Then the joint of theme park and competitive power of urban tourism is analyzed. At last, the author sums up the effects of theme park in improving competitive power of urban tourism through the resource allocation, the image-building of urban tourism, the brand-formation of urban tourism, the consumption structure of tourism and the economical and Social function ect.. Part five is the strategy to development theme park to improve competitive power of urban tourism.


A Study on Theme Park of Urban Tourism Development

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【Abstract】 Theme parks and urban tourism are the present sports tourism develops inside and outsidechina .clrbar tourism is typically systematic and theme park arevery important parts ofit .Todevelop theme parks ,a good unban surounding and regional contional are necessary andthe development of urban tourism needs the developant of its different parks,which needstoexamine developing conditions and increase the good interaction between there parks andurban tourism.This artide analyzes the interaition between theme parks and urban tourism and discussescountermeasures of developing theme parks based on urban tourism acording to the paracticalexample of Changchun ,on the basis of using synthetically Economic geograply,urbangeography and tourist geography,started with primary theorise of theme parks.The content of this article can be divided into three parks on the ubole:The first part is the sunmmarization,features,and elments ofoverallarrangement.Moreover,italso states the situation of development of theme paras inside andoutside.The second park explores theores of interction belongs to important,diffcutt creative pointof this article including the stucture of urban tourism system,theme parks,leading of urbantourism and urban tourism’s responses to theme parks.The third park analyzes the interacticaction between the two sides,based on the pacticalexample of Changcun theme parks development and from its present situation,on uhichbasis,puts forward some counter measures of developing Changchun theme parks.Itties toconnect theories with reality and has some certainl meanings.

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A Study on the Development Strategy of the Theme Park

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【Abstract】 The theme park emerging unceasingly already becomes a major tendency of the world tourism development. Many countries and areas all devote to develop the fruitful city traveling product with the construction of theme parks always a focal point. Facts proved that a world standard theme park can strengthen the local traveling and its international emissivity, impelling the correlation profession and international connects rails regarding the enhancement local inhabitant amusement and rest entertainment level, promoting the urban construction, realizing the region sustainable development to have the vital significance as well as being one of the effective ways for urban tourism development.The domestic theme park introduces the amusement project in the late 70’s with Shenzhen “Splendid China” (Jinxiuzhonghua) as the official ripened fruit garden. Its business is representative since 1989 having the true theme concept. At present we already entered the industrial production development phase. Only in 20 years, our country’s theme parks transited gradually from the original blind low-level development to the standard market-oriented Management time. But at the same time also exposes very many questions to wait for the discussionIn the theme park development, the region economical level, government’s manner and the policy, the source of tourists market scale and the consumption level, the theme park gathered the competition condition, the economical distance, the theme content and so on got up the leading role.Hunan Province is a traveling development start early interior province, but the theme park traveling still was in goes sightseeing the stage, although has already constructed window of and the seabed world two medium scales the world theme parks, to took the Changsha tourism the pillar industry function, this existence multitudinous question. This article emphatically will carry on the analysis he long deep pool theme park development, and in this foundation proposed will develop the Hunan Province theme park suggestion, hoped will make the tribute presentation copy paper to Hunan Province’s tourism.The paper includes six parts:First part: Papers submitted for the selection of subjects to identify research content, methods and innovations papers. This part has laid the rationale for the under research.Second part: Is the theme park Basic research, introduced the theme park origin, has and the popularization process. The limits theme park Basic concept, the analysis theme park rationale, the discussion research theme park development and the position guidance


Theme Park Cluster Research Based on Niche Theory

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【Abstract】 Since the renaissance of Disneyland in 1955, the concept of Theme Park came into being for the first time. Undergoing by half a century, theme parks are widespread all over the world, welcomed by tourists from alternative districts. As the rapid development of the sector, it becomes increasingly competitive between theme parks. In order to analyze the competitive relationship among them, this thesis investigates the operation structure of theme park based on niche theory, and sets up a theme park niche model to calculate the niche of Southern California theme park cluster so as to make some suggestions for Chinese theme parks. Concretely, four aspects are studied.Firstly, by the research to sector characteristic, we advocate that theme park operation factors consist of inner resource which is substantial truss, tourist demand which is existent Basic, and operation Management which is evolutive impetus.Secondly, according to the three factors above, a four dimensions model of theme park niche is raised, which includes resource element dimension, tourist demand dimension, technology innovation dimension and operation Management dimension.Thirdly, taking southern California theme parks cluster as a case, we calculate their niche by principle components analysis utilizing the model.Fourthly, from the southern California theme parks niche research, tactics on market competition structure, target market location, theme identity, product technology and amusement pattern for Chinese theme parks are inspired by looking through their competitive strategies.


The Study on Theme Parks’ Co-opetition

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【Abstract】 The industry of theme park has assumed a scene of prosperity and developed fastly since Disneyland was opened in California of U. S. A in 1955. China’s theme park development began from the first theme park “Splendid China’ was founded in Shenzhen in 1989. And since then , more and more theme parks spring up in the whole country. However, many parks among those closed down in 7 to 8 years while some succeeded. Pearl river delta is an important area of theme parks in china and had become a model of success in the past.But now, the industry also has got into trouble and many parks bust up because of financial problems. Unfortunately, much funds is discharging into the market of theme park.As times changes from a traditional industrial economical age to a new economical age, the competitive pattern has become “cooperative competition from antagonistical competition. And the paper studies the co-opetition model of theme park and finds an effective method to sustain its development.The paper discusses the model, the conditions , the motivative factors of theme park co-opetition, and then propounds a theoretical frame. Additionally, the paper also raises the co-opetition strategies of theme park in the base of analysis of environment and objects of co-opetition;finally, the paper does a positive study based on the theme park of Panyu Changlong Corp.

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