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Research on Tourism Development of Museum Resources

Museum, which has been paid great attention by the tourism circle at home andabroad, is a significant part of cultural tourism resource. Museums, by degreesbecome an important carrier of showing the specific history and culture andpromoting urban cultural tourism attraction, since the tourism function of museumshas highlighted increasingly with the gradual uprising of urban tourism […]

The Protection of the Ancient City of Fenghuang and Research of Tourism Development

The ancient city of Fenghuang is located in southwest of Xiangxi AutonomousPrefecture in Hunan Provence, which belongs to the Ethnic minority area. Its ethnicminority culture as the core of the historical and cultural landscape and scenic naturallandscape, become the country’s101st state-level historical and cultural city. Since thebeginning of2001, Fenghuang has established by the tourism as […]

Research on Enhancement of Tourism Development of Historic Districts in the Old City of Xi’an Based on the Vision of City Culture

Cities are the distinctive mark of the civilization of human society. Cities are not onlyfunctional but cultural. Culture is one of the Basic systems that a city needs to maintain anddevelop.”City” and “culture” are inseparable concept. Their relationship is increasingly closein the course of history. They jointly nourish the city construction and cultural development,and created […]

China’s Modern Industrial Heritage Tourism Development Path

There are large of industrial heritage sites in our country with different distin-ctive features, but overall, IT is yet not enough emphasis on the industrial heritag-e protection efforts, even many industrial sites in a semi-desert state. This paperis based on the development and practical needs of nowaday’s modern industrial her-itage urgent protection, will pay more […]

To Study on Tourism Development Policy in Luangprabang Province of Laos

Tourism is the world’s largest industrial sector which affirms sustainable,rapid and achievable development prospects on21stcentury. As the tourismindustry plays an important role dealing with poverty alleviation, job opportunitycreation, home-exported promotion as well as contribution to national economicand Social development. The tourism industry growth is stimulating crucially foroverall economic growth in the region, in particular Lao […]

Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Tourist Development

Intangible cultural heritage is not only of the protected objects, IT is itself a kindof cultural resources. But cultural heritage tourism development is like adouble-edged sword, IT can be useful to the protection and sending of cultural heritage,IT also can destruct cultural heritage and even lead to loss that can’t be redeemed. Theproblem’s sticking point […]

Study on Demand Transition Period Jiang Xi Leisure Tourism Development Strategy

The leisure tourism is developing rapidly in recent years and is becoming the hottest trend in Chinese tourism industry. Different from the traditional tourism, the leisure tourism is more catered to tourists’individual experience and inner feelings of happiness by offering them a chance to flee/escape from their familiar surroundings. Besides, leisure tourism industry, with its […]

Study on the Development of Incorruptible Culture Tourism

In recent years, the problem of corruption has become a major resistance of the current political, Social and economic development. The anti-corruption struggle has been attached greater and greater importance by the party and government. Consistent with the anti-corruption struggle, the activities of Independent Commission against Culture construction are flourishing across the country. At the […]

Analysis the Development of Shanghai Fashion-Consumer Type Creative Industry Parks under the Perspective of Tourism Resource

This paper is the preliminary study about the82Creative Industrial Parks in Shanghai. Especially about several main parks relevant to fashion&consume area, which reformed from those old industry buildings such as the workshops and warehouse, and focuses on the rebuilding and reusing of the old industry buildings. Research on how to reshape the creative parks from […]

Study San Shenggong Water Conservancy Scenic Area Tourism Development

Tourism has become one of the pillar industries of China’seconomic development, and the tourism output accounted for GDPof many provinces, cities and regions is rising. People’s awarenessof environmental protection is increasing gradually, and in thetransformation period of resource-based economy, tourism is moreto be valued, especially in the north area of our country, which hasthe shortage […]