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With Transaction Costs the Optimal Consumption and Investment Combination Model

Since Magill and Constantinidesde study of the optimal consumption and investment problem, optimal consumption and investment problem has been a hot research subject for the financial Economics. How to establish mathematical model to describe the financial market friction and what’s the investors’investment strategy in such case is a very challenging task. The effect of the […]

The Research on Governmental Governance Structure of Rural Land-purchasing Market

The configuration of rural land resource, not only affects the economic development of a region, but also determines the Social and ecological benefit of a area. If the disposition of rural land resource is not effective, IT will cause a series of problems such as the costs of rural land market increasing, food security hiding […]

Merger and Acquisition of TUV and LGA

Under the market economy in China today, the competition between enterprises in various sectors are becoming increasingly fierce. Merger and acquisition is one of most important relationship of business connection. If the merger is successful, then IT will make the success for combination of both previous individual companies:reduce the competitors, lower the reset cost and […]

Study on Evolution and Optimization of Raw Milk Production Mode in China Based on the Contractual Relationship

Dairy industry is one of the important pillar industries in China’s national economy. Since reformand opening-up, the total output of milk and dairy had continuously increased. Dairy industry graduallybecame a focus in Agricultural development, played an increasingly significant role in some aspects,such as promoting Agricultural structure adjustment, increasing the income of farmers, expandingdomestic demand, stimulating […]

The Research on Internal Audit Outsourcing Theory and Economic Consequences

This paper assumes that the internal audit is outsourced to certified public accountants,because many CPA have not the internal audit outsourcing sector. In general, a projectteam will be set after receiving outsourcing, and team members are basically the originalpersonnel engaged in external audit, so the second assumption is that from the originalpersonnel engaged in external […]

Research on the Growth of Farmers’ Net Operating Income: an Organized Operation Perspective

The issue of “Agriculture, Countryside and Peasants” in China has beenhindering the improvement of agriculture productivity for a very long time, IT hasbecome one of the factors that restricted the overall development of socio-economy,balancing development between rural and urban areas and well-off societyconstruction. The central government has already attached great importance to”agriculture, countryside and peasants” […]

Discussions to Problems n Accounting Principles from Perspective of Transaction Cost

【Abstract】 Accounting is one of the branches of Economics and the Basic hypotheses are the same both in Economics and accounting. So better understanding of accounting requires the application of the tools of Economics, such as “Transaction Cost Theory”(TCT). From transaction cost perspective the dissertation explains formulation and modification of accounting principles.Transaction cost which is […]

Manufacturer’s Decision on Export Patterns

【Abstract】 According to the China commitment to WTO, the system of Foreign Trade Registration will substitute for system of Foreign Trade Approval, and results in foreign trade entry barrier’s reduction. MSE are facing the problem how to decide their export pattern. Product factor, market factor, government factor and involved parties factor, which are derived from […]

The Evolvement of IC Industry and Its Enlightenment to Industry Policy

【Abstract】 The IC industry, one of industries which are experiencing tremendously rapid development and enjoy an overwhelming influence towards the world, enjoys constant recognition from arbiters of various science fields, and governments. Now, the scientists of management and Economics pay more attention to the evolution of the IC industry. The phenomena of IC industry such […]

Analysis on Transaction Cost of Agriculture Restructuring in China

【Abstract】 First of all, the thesis introduces the definition of agriculture mix and that of restructuring, as well as the underlying theory: Theory of Transaction Cost in New Institutional Economics (NIE). Then, the author makes a brief review on the history and the present condition of agriculture restructuring in China. On basis of pinpointing some […]