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Countermeasure Study on the Exploitation and Utilization of Agricultural Water Resources in Qiandongnan Prefecture,Guizhou Province

The water resources is the development of economic society important support andassurance, is the most Basic Agricultural resources, is to realize the agriculturaldevelopment the most important condition for security. The national economy andagricultural water conservancy is the important infrastructure. Though rich in guizhouprovince of qiandongnan precipitation, river system developed, per capita wateravailable abundant, but because […]

The System Dynamic Pricing Model Research of Sustainable Water Resources Utilization in Changchun City

Because the water Resources in China are scarce and unbalanced distributed, theaverage owning amount per capita is very low. Water resource problems becomesincreasingly serious with the increasing growth of population and the constant quickeningof the urbanization and industrialisation process.Water resource shortage problems of Changchun city are always combined with itseconomic development process. First, Changchun city […]

Water Resources in Shanxi Use Analysis

Shanxi Province is a severe water shortage area. As a majorenergy and heavy chemical industry base in China, the requirement ofthe industrial and Agricultural production development, and improvingurban and rural residents’living standard further accelerate thescale and speed of water resources utilization. However, limitedwater supply in Shanxi Province can not meet the requirements of itseconomic development, […]

Water Resources Construction and Development Planning of Dongpo District in Meishan City

Taking new rural construction planning in Meishan country as research object. To research present conditions of the water industry development and reform, development of economy and society of12th5-Year and water industry requirements, guideline, Basic principle, overall thought and main targets of reform, the overall layout of new rural construction and water industry construction, principal tasks […]

The Research of the Yellow River’s Comprehensive Treatment Promoted by Science and Technology

The Yellow River’s Comprehensive Treatment has always been as a major event inChina.The Yellow River meanders through many parts of China. IT not only moist the soil ofChinese nation, but also brings a lot of disasters in history. The severely imbalance of flow,with too much sediment in Yellow River is rarely seen in other rivers. […]

On Water Management Since Qing Dynasty

【Abstract】 Water is one of the Basic materials in human existence and the development of society and economy. Its management has been an eternal subject for the management of human society. In such an Agricultural country like China, How to take advantage of IT has been a big event. And its management has played a […]

The Study on the Management System and Operational Mechanism of the Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia Provinces’s Yan-huan-ding Pumping Yellow River Water Project

【Abstract】 With the market economic and Social development in China, the old water resources management pattern in the planned economy has to be phased out. At present, problems such as awkward and rigid management mechanisms, insufficient funds, overstaffed personnel, coarse and unconstrained authority are widely existing in Chinese water resources management system. These problems not […]

Our Nation’s Water Resources Management Research

【Abstract】 Being aimed at the current severe states for our nation’s water resources problems, first of all, the paper presents the history and present situation of our nation’s water resources management systems, and simultaneously researches and draws the experiences of some countries’ water management systems in the world in the establishment, and after that thoroughly […]

Water Resources Pricing Research Based on Sustainable Development

【Abstract】 AS other natural resourceses, the water resources can be sustainable made use of and the water ecosystem keeps balance or not, are closely related with human beings’ sustainableenvelopment. Today, mankind has come to the ecosystem civilization through agriculture civilization and the industry civilization .In the industry civilization, the ecosystem environment encountered the huge breakage. […]

Research on the Carrying Capacity of Hefei

【Abstract】 According to “100 billion Layout of Hefei”——to 2010, Hefei city populationwill increase to 3,000,000 from 1,560,000 and the city area will expand to 280 square kilometers from 148 square kilometers. Therefore, from 2004 to 2010, the city population will increase annually at least with 200 thousand. IT is obviously that Hefei will be under […]