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An Assessment of Syrian Economy for Accession to WTO

Syria is a low middle income country and its economy based on a diversified economy that revolves around agriculture, oil, industry and tourism. Recently, Syria’s economy is seen emerging from central planning towards a true market economy and reducing dependence on oil.Liberalization has allowed for new products and the private sector seems more able to […]

The Opportunity and Challenges for Lao PDR in WTO Accession

One of the most important factors consist to the economic field which is a part of country development and concerned to politics of the least developed countries in order to integrate to international community as well as international organization. Lao PDR is one of the least developed countries and also a land-locked country made slowed […]

Analysis on Trade Protectionism of Post-crisis Era

In the course of the development of international trade, the two forces–trade protection and free trade–have been alternately dominated the shift. Intheory, free trade is a win-win trade mechanism, also the development trendadvocated by different countries. Still every country is more or less to take acertain amount of trade protection measures. After the1990s, with thecontinuous […]

The Comparison Study of China and India’s Agriculture Trade Policies in WTO’ Agricultural Agreement

Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, is the premise of the country’s stability.In every country’ national economy, agriculture’s position can not be underestimated. China andIndia had always paid great attention to agriculture. Because of requirements and guidance of theWTO’ Agricultural agreement, China and India both need to adjust their domestic agriculturalproducts trade policy […]

China’s Financial Markets Opening and the Development Strategies of Korean Banks in China

With open-door policy of China’s financial markets, from the20th century90s,Korean banks began operating in China. For the first time, Korea exchange bank builtthe office in Beijing on July1992. By the end of2010, the number of branches ofKorean banks in China reached to sixty, and the size of the investment funds alsogreatly increased. However, Korean banks […]

Research on the International Marketing Problems of Green Food of Heilongjiang Province

【Abstract】 Since the trend of thoughts of sustainable development has emerged and developed, the awakening and strengthening of environmental protection awareness have exercised direct and indirect influence on the national developmental strategies of any country in the world. With the patterns of people’s thinking, view of values and consumption being changed, the surge of green […]

Study on Optimizing of Export Commodity Structure and Upgrading on Industrial Structure in Hebei Province under the WTO

【Abstract】 This paper aims to study optimization of export commodity structure and upgrade of industrial structure in Heibei province under the WTO. The current situation and problem on export commodity and industrial structure are analyzed and the WTO influences on export and all kinds of industries are also studied. By utilizing the relevant theories of […]

Study on International Marketing Strategy of Tianjin Wantex Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

【Abstract】 China is the world’s largest textiles producer and exporter, and the production and exportation of textiles are of vital importance both to its economic development and foreign exchange balance, as well as to the balanced supply and demand of textiles and trade pattern in the world market. Tianjin Wantex Import & Export Co., Ltd. […]

The Key to the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Engineering Enterprises is to Strengthen the Three Main Benefits After China’s Entering into WTO

【Abstract】 After China entered into WTO, state-owned Engineering enterprises should learn the fundamental knowledge of WTO, face the opportunity and challenge and adapt to the environment of WTO, to keep sustainable and healthy development.Based on the reality and character, this dissertation suggests that the key to sustainable, healthy development of Engineering enterprises is to strengthen […]

Research on Countermeasure for Agricultural Products Exportation under WTO Rules

【Abstract】 The economic globalization is the main trend of world economic development. IT is an inevitable trend by economic globalization development that the Agricultural products in our country take part in the international trade. In the beginning of 21 qentury, after the joining of WTO, the exportation of Chinese Agricultural products is facing severe aggression […]