Title The Asset Securitization Operation Research of Infrastructure of Our Country

【Abstract】 Since reform and opening-up, the economy of our country has been developed fast, the infrastructure lags behind more and more serious to the restriction of the Economic growth, because the Economic characteristic of the infrastructure and technological characteristic, how to concentrate enough fund on guaranteeing it is a difficult problem that governments of various countries are facing that the essential infrastructure has been invested all the time, our country is no exception. Traditional financing way, for instance utilize the foreign capitals, financial institution and grant the loan, because of the limitations of all sorts of factors, the function given play to is very limited too, and strengthen infrastructure Investment and so as to ensure the urgency of sustainable Economic development becomes inevitable to make the financing way innovate, asset securitization to realize this goal one of the most effective tools.The asset securitization is one of the most important kinds of financial innovation in international finance field in near these decades, its theory is being developed and perfected constantly too. The foundation of asset securitization financing is assets that steady cash that can expect flowed into, this is a kind of better way of cashing to less liquid assets of stock of operational infrastructure. This text attempts to combine the asset securitization with infrastructure project, make on the foundation that is analyzed in operation principle, mode, risk and control to the asset securitization of the infrastructure, etc., hope to seek a infrastructure asset securitization road to accord with the national conditions of our country.The paper is divided into three parts mainly:First part made up of chapter 1, begin from explain the overview of infrastructure construction of our country, have introduce the current situation of infrastructure construction of our country, has analyzed the capital source situation of infrastructure construction and financing predicament, point out the asset securitization is effective ways of solving the infrastructure fund in short.Second part make up from chapter 2 to chapter 4, has described to the Basic conception of the asset securitization and some key problems mainly. Including some Basic situations produced and developed in assets securitization; asset securitization financing structure; operation procedure of the asset securitization, etc., and has carried on the comparatively detailed discussion to the income, cost and risk of the asset securitization. To discussion of these questions, can understand deeply to the realistic meaning of using this finance tool of asset securitization in infrastructure constructing.The third part make up from chapter 5 to chapter 6, has carried on the substantive discussion to the concrete operation mode of asset securitization of the infrastructure. Explain the great meaning of developing the asset securitization market in our country at first, then analyze the feasibility and difficult of developing the asset securitization in our country, expect to launch the asset securitization financing business in our country’s infrastructure constructing. Then based on conditions, such as our country’s present law, market, policy, etc., have proposed launching two kinds of transaction forms of the asset securitization financing business of the infrastructure in our country, namely ” domestic assets–overseas investor” form and all take in at home form.

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Subject Asset Securitization, Asset-Backed Security, infrastructure, infrastructure constructing,
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