Title The Labor-relationship Management Research of B Stock Company

【Abstract】 The labor-relationship in Chinese Enterprise had been changed into internationalization and marketing from administration with the connection to the international rules and convention after joining WTO. The key character of labor-relations internationalization is the involvement of foreign labor-relationship. And it requires Chinese labor-relationship Management to conform to the internationally recognized labor standard and the convention. Also, the labor-relationship marketing causes the both sides in the labor-relationship become independent Economic bodies and realize their respective Economic benefit through coordinated ways. The predecessor of B Company is one major state-owned Enterprise and became the extant joint stock Company with the state-owned Enterprise reform. After the remanufacture, the proportion of state-owned stock in this company has dropped to under 30%, The labor-relationships also had being in one uncertainty and changing conditions which cause the labor disputes assumes the trend of escalation. At the same time, with the implementation of《Labor Contract Law》, The related laws and regulations to adjust the labor-relationship also changed a lot. All this factors intensified both sides of the labor-relationship to instability and complexity. Currently, the research topics on improvement of labor-relationship are essential to push enterprise’s development and society’s stability. It is also has important significance in theory and practice.By adopting method of theory analysis, this article elaborated the labor-relationship characteristic in stock company and summarized the joint stock company’s development situation simultaneously , By adopting method questionnaire survey, unified the development of B company, Act as the reform product of state-owned enterprise, B company leads family’s-like Management pattern in the remanufacture process. The labor contract management mechanism the human resources department adopted in its labor-relationship management was still insufficiently to consummate. At the same time, the article analyzed the different development stage of the labor-relationship in the company and had pointed out the existing main problems; also the article analyzed the problem formulation reason, and gave the feasible strategy and suggestions for B Company aimed at these problems and the further good labor-relationship development.In view of the management practice of B Company, No related law and regulations to standardize its part management content so it needs the human resources department to innovate them timely and system. when meeting the following aspects such as the formulation, the revision or the decision related payment for labor, the operating time, the rest leave of absence, the labor safety Health, the insurance welfare, the staff train, the labor discipline as well as the work norm management and so on involving the worker’s direct vital interest items, The company must pass the workers’ congress or all staff discusses then proposed the detailed plan and the opinion, then came into the consultation on basis of equality determination with the trade union or the staff.Finally, this article proposed related strategies and suggestions according to the existing labor-relationship problems in B Company. Pointing out that the stock company must standardize its labor-relationship from completely implementation related laws and regulations. To standard its behavior with the marketing rules to enhance the stability of labor-relationship. The both side of the labor- relationship must change their idea on the relationship. The company must perfect the labor contract control system as well as the enterprise collective negotiation and the collective bargain system. Also the company should perfect the labor dispute mediation system. At the same time. The enterprise needed early warning construction concept and system.

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